Taking it for Granted Ch. 02


Over the next few weeks, I didn’t have much time to spend with my son. We eyed each other often but never had a chance to be alone until one Saturday. My wife was going into town, leaving us to ourselves and soon after she left the house, my son and I headed down towards the beach. We didn’t say much as we walked the short distance until the log we had fucked behind came into view. I looked over at him and he was looking towards the ocean, watching a gull fly lazily over towards us.

He must have felt me looking at him as he turned his head towards me.

“It’s ok Dad,” he said. “I know what you’re thinking.”

“How can you tell?” I asked as we continued walking.

“Just from the look on your face.”


“Come on, let’s hurry. I want your cock inside me.”

We almost ran the rest of the way, my son leaping over the log and landing on the other side. As I got to him, I looked around to make sure we were alone. When I looked down, he already had his shorts off and was on his hands and knees, waving his ass at me.

“Come on, Dad. Fuck me now,” he said as I slowly lowered my shorts over my erection.

I fell to my knees between his legs and lifted his ass up by his hips, thrusting myself into him. He groaned loudly as I pushed further up into him until I was fully inside him. I stopped and waited, enjoying the feeling of his tightness and the heat radiating around my cock. He moved back against me and I started to thrust in and out. He pushed against my every thrust and was hanging his head and groaning as I fucked him harder and faster than the first time.

“You feel bigger than the first time,” he said as I pounded in and out of him. “You are filling my ass full with your cock this time. It’s feels so good. Please, fuck me harder.”

I pounded away at his ass. I wanted to come so badly inside him but I also wanted to keep sliding my cock in and out of him, his tightness felt so good.

“I love your cock inside me,” he said, puffing a little. “Oh yeah. Fuck that feels good.”

I suddenly erupted inside his bowels, my head spurting hot come as far up inside his ass as I could reach. I felt it splash against my head and start to coat my cock and his walls as I thrust in and out him a few more times. I slid so easily inside him from the heat and the slipperiness of the come that I accidentally popped out of him as I tried to thrust one more time into him.

Hr groaned when he felt my cock pop out of him. I leaned back on my heels and watched my come slowly slide down his legs to the ground. I tried to catch my breath quickly but was panting and my sweat was running down my neck and face.

“God, Dad,” he said, rolling over to look at me. “That was the best fuck I’ve ever had. You were really horny today, weren’t you? You really wanted it, didn’t you?”

I smiled and tried to speak but I still couldn’t catch my breath. After a few minutes, I relaxed and looked at him.

“All I could think bursa escort of the past few days, was your ass and how it looked to see my cock sliding in and out of it. Yes, I was horny but most of all, I wanted to feel myself inside you again and fell my come explode inside you.”

He got up and crawled over to me, putting his arms around my neck. We hugged for a few minutes until we had both settled down. He then leaned back and looked at me. Before I knew it, he leaned forward and I felt his lips on mine. His kiss was soft and I couldn’t help myself. I responded and soon found his tongue exploring my mouth, his mouth covering mine, his tongue playing with mine.

His lips were smooth but rough and his tongue felt hot. I could see, watching him with open eyes, that he was starting to breathe harder and I heard a small moan come from him. Lying beside him with his mouth covering mine, I felt myself getting hard again, but I had decided earlier that if it came to him or me, I was going to let him do whatever he wanted to me. The kissing was just the beginning.

I groaned softly as he lifted his head and ran his tongue tip, gently around my mouth, jabbing it in and out of me like he was tongue fucking me. It felt wonderful to have someone want me as much as he seemed to. He was moving down my chest, nibbling at my nipples and teasing me. I knew where he going and I didn’t care. All I wanted was his tongue and mouth on my cock.

“Oh Dad,” he said as he reached the hair at my crotch. “You smell so hot.”

I could feel his breath in my hair and then his tongue, touching me and licking me as he continued down my body. He didn’t stop at my crotch but kept going and as he did, he lifted my ass off the ground and pushed my legs up over his shoulders. I wrapped them around his neck as he settled between my legs, his chin inches away from my straining cock.

I closed my eyes and waited for him to start. First he flicked his tongue against my head and then ran his tongue through my slit, lapping up the precum that had gathered there. Then, he started running his tongue up and down the whole length of me, stopping to suck on my head before moving back down to lick my balls. He gently pushed my legs away from him and lowered his mouth to my ass hole. I felt his tongue touch me and I jumped a little but he held me tightly, running his tongue up and down my crack, stopping only to circle my hole.

“Dad, hold on to your legs,” he said, as he thrust his tongue against my hole. “Hold them against your chest so I can get at your hole.”

I did as he said and held my legs against my chest, which opened up my ass to him more. I felt his tongue licking and sucking on my hole and then he entered me. I can’t explain the feeling of having something in your ass for the first time. Something foreign but something I wanted to be there very much.

He furrowed his tongue so he could thrust it in and out of me and I tried to spread my legs wider, opening up myself bursa escort bayan to him, giving him complete control over me. Control me he did. He replaced his tongue with a finger, after a few minutes but kept licking and sucking all around it. He moved it in and out of me slowly, making sure that I was comfortable with it.

“Dad, does that feel good?” he asked between slurps of his tongue against my skin.

“Oh, yes,” I almost yelled. “Keep tonguing me and fucking me with your finger.”

“Dad, tell me if you want me to stop.”

“No, don’t stop. It feels too good.”

He continued licking up and down my crack. I could feel the wetness he was leaving with his licking but I was concentrating on his finger moving in and out of me. I felt more pressure as he added a finger and was pumping two of them, slowly in and out of my hole.

I groaned as he sped up his thrusts and tried to hold my legs tighter against my chest. He put a third finger in me and I groaned again, this time louder that before. The feeling was incredible. The feeling of his fingers and his tongue on me at the same time, was something I never imagined I would ever feel. I wanted to be there with him and I wanted him more than ever at that moment.

“Son, I want to feel you inside me,” I said, puffing a little. “I want to feel your cock up my ass. Please, fuck me.”

“Are you sure,” he asked quietly.

“Yes. I want you to fuck me.”

I felt him stop his thrusts and then his fingers leave my hole. I looked down between my knees and saw my ass hole wide open, ready for his cock. He moved slowly but deliberately, running his head around my hole, teasing my ass before I felt his head against me.

“Yes, that’s it, son. Put it in me.”

I felt the pressure as his head entered me. Surprisingly, there was a little pain but it was tolerable. I wanted to help him but I wasn’t in any position to do anything but let him push his hard cock further up into my ass.

“Oh, Dad, you feel so tight,” he said quietly as he continued pushing into me. “I’m going to enjoy fucking your ass.”

“Yes, fuck me, son. I want your cock sliding in and out of me, fucking me. Yes, yes, yes.”

He finally hit the end of my canal with his head. The pressure was tremendous but it felt so good. I wanted to tell him to go ahead and fuck me but I also wanted him to take his time. I was going to enjoy this as long as I could.

“Oh, Dad, my cock feels so hot,” he said as he waited, his head as far up into me as he could get and his balls resting against my skin. “It feels so good and tight around me. I want to fill your ass with my come.”

“Yes, son, fill my ass with your hot come. I want to feel you explode inside me and fill me up.”

He started to pull out of me and then thrust back fully up into me. I groaned the first time he did.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” he asked as he started to slowly fuck me with short thrusts.

“Oh, yes.”

I escort bursa looked down between my legs again and watched his cock disappear and reappear from my ass as he thrust in and out. Never in my wildest imagination, would I have ever thought this would be happening and I never thought the feelings would overwhelm me as much as they were. To have a hard cock inside your ass, pumping in and out of you, trying to fill your ass with hot come, was something, only few people get to experience.

“Oh fuck, Dad. I’m coming,” I suddenly heard him say as he grunted and thrust one more time into me.

“Yes, son, do it. Come inside me. I want your come up my ass, filling me.”

I felt the first throes of his come, spurt out of his head. I felt a warming around my hole more than just from the friction of his thrusting. He spurted over and over again and each time, I felt his head twitch far up inside me, his hot come splashing against my walls as he emptied his balls into me.

“Oh God,” he groaned as he came. “Oh god, oh god. Dad, I’m filling your ass with my come.”

“Yes son, fill my ass.”

He finished and fell forward against my legs, making me grunt from the sudden weight. Then, slowly but steadily, he pulled out of me. The release of pressure was tremendous and I felt the cool air against my hole after his cock had popped out of me. I lowered my legs a little but he leaned forward and ran his tongue down my leg, cleaning his come off me.

He finally let me lower my legs to the ground. I was exhausted and as I lay, trying to catch my breath as he rolled away from me with a groan. I could hear his rasping breathing as I lay on the ground, my ass still feeling him inside it. After a few minutes, I was relaxed enough to raise my head and look at him. He was watching me, his eyes full of love, a big grin on his face.

“Dad, that was the best. You were so tight. Do I feel as tight?”

“Oh, son. You feel wonderful around my old cock.”

I smiled at him and he moved over to me, laying down beside me, letting me wrap an arm around him, holding him, tight against me. As I lay resting, I watched a lone gull, circling up over us and thought about what had just happened. I could still feel my ass twitching a little but it felt so good. I was a little sore but I didn’t care. I wanted to remember the feeling of him inside me as long as I could. Having him beside me, feeling his breath across my chest, his sweat mingling with mine, his come on the back of my legs, made me close my eyes and savor the moment.

I realized that I had just let my son fuck me in the ass. What I couldn’t get over was the feeling of a cock inside me. No man ever knows the feelings unless he has been fucked and I was happy in the fact that, my son had been the first and had introduced me to what it meant and felt like. A tear ran down my cheek as we lay still, holding each other. At that moment, I felt so complete, so loved, so wanted that I couldn’t help but feel a warm glow all over my body. I knew it would happen again and I knew I would want it to. My son and I had become lovers and I couldn’t have cared less. It felt right and it felt great. What more could a father want?

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