Tales of a Knicker Thief


The Knicker Thief is someone you know. It could be a friend or a relative. Or a workmate. It might be you. When you next hold a dinner party, or a barbeque, have a good look around. The chances are that one of your guests is a Knicker Thief. How will you know them? You won’t. They will be a most perfectly ordinary person, not strange or peculiar or sinister in any way, they will be a person you are happy to invite into your home and share your life with.

You won’t suspect anything or notice any untoward behaviour, and there will be absolutely no reason to suspect that they have rifled through and taken pairs of knickers belonging to your wife and daughters. You will not have noticed that they take a little longer than might be expected to go to the toilet, or that their willingness to fetch and carry things to and from the kitchen is in any way suspicious. You will be continually delighted that they volunteer to look after your house when you go away on holiday because you can trust them explicitly to do the right thing by you and your family.

You are not to know that this person has developed an intimate knowledge of every single pair of knickers belonging to the females in your family. He probably knows things about the personal habits of your women that you don’t.

I know all this because I am a Knicker Thief and have plied my trade for 25 years and never been caught, or even suspected. Many people I know would be astonished, appalled, to know what I get up to, but I plan to continue my devious ways until I am no long able to get an erection from seeing and handling a pair of women’s knickers, and until what lies between a woman’s legs no longer holds a fascination for me. I am hoping that will be the day I am laid to rest.

I remember the day my knicker fetish began like it was yesterday. My schoolmate Richard had a sister called Anna, and in my 18 year old mind Anna was the most beautiful and beguiling girl in the world. She was tall and slim and had long black hair, and she had the most beautiful smile. She was a year older than Richard and I and was hoping to go to university to study medicine. Richard and Anna lived with their parents who ran a veterinary practice and a commercial horse stables from their farm in the countryside. I had just discovered motorbikes and used to visit Richard whenever I could. We’d play motorbikes and board games and roam about the farm just mucking about.

One time Anna was home for the weekend and Richard and I decided we’d go out and diyarbakır escort shoot a rabbit and then cook it up as a rabbit pie for dinner that same night. We didn’t have very much cooking experience or skill so Anna volunteered to help us in the kitchen with the pie once we’d shot the rabbit. I don’t know if she half expected us to fail in the hunting department, after all why would a goddess want to spend time with two spotty things like us? But we succeeded in killing a rabbit, I was actually a good hunter and an even better shot having spent all my childhood on the family farm and around guns.

So there we were, Richard, Anna and a nervous me, in the kitchen together. Anna was being gorgeous as she always was, and she and Richard were constantly sniping at each other in a typical sibling sort of way. I fancied the pants off Anna but of course was far too shy to say anything. Richard knew and kept making little comments that seemed to go over Anna’s head. Either that or she just didn’t want to acknowledge them.

I skinned the rabbit and Anna made up the pastry for the pie. I was in seventh heaven being in the same room as Anna, even more so because she was showing a lot of interest in my skills with the carcass and my stories about life on the farm. Oh how erotic is the attention of a gorgeous woman!

We got the pie into the oven and tidied up the kitchen. Then Anna’s father came in and asked if she and Richard could go and give him a hand to feed the animals that were staying overnight in the surgery. Anna’s mother suggested I might like to go and have a shower while they were busy – it would get mad later when they all wanted to use the bathroom at the same time, so I should grab the chance while the pressure was off. So I was dispatched upstairs.

Which meant I had to go past Anna’s room. I walked slowly along the carpeted landing, the deep soft pile deadening my footsteps. Anna’s door was slightly open, just enough for me to see inside. Inside a girl’s bedroom! My heart was thumping as I stopped outside. Should I go in? What would happen if I was caught? What would I say? But they were all busy downstairs, so what were the chances of being disturbed?

I put my hand on the doorknob. Ok. Nothing risked yet. Shall I go in? I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted in Anna’s room, other than just feeling closer to her. The knowledge that she wouldn’t know was a strong incentive, that I would have a secret about her, some sort escort diyarbakır of additional intimacy with her that she would be unaware of. Very powerful emotions were playing with my heart and mind. Well, it was either now or never. With a quick push I opened the door, slipped inside, and closed the door behind me.

I stood just inside Anna’s room, heart thumping so loud that I was sure everyone in the house would know what I was up to. But there were no noises of feet running up the stairs, or calls of anger or betrayal from my friend. A moment passed. I realised I was holding my breath, so I exhaled and had a quick look around.

I don’t recall anything much about the room, nothing particular comes to mind looking back, the only thing that I can still see in minute detail is the chest of drawers to the side of Anna’s bed. It had five drawers, three long ones and two half drawers at the top. The reason I noticed this immediately was because the right-hand drawer was half pulled out, and lying on top of it, also half in and half out, was something that caused an intake of breath the depth of which I have never experienced in my life since – a pair of Anna’s knickers!

Anna’s knickers! Just lying there. They were white, I remember, tiny, and they had a motif on the front, a cartoon character, Micky Mouse or something like that. Would a 19 years old girl have Micky Mouse knickers? I had no idea, but that’s what I remember. I stepped towards the chest of drawers and stretched out my hand, very slowly, nervously, I was so nervous but so excited at the same time. My heart was now thumping like a drum in my head.

My hand touched the material, and I picked it up. It was so light, so soft, I had never experienced anything like it before. I put my other hand on the back of the knickers and pulled them into shape in my hand. I held them up, imagining them on Anna. That’s where her… oooh, too much too much…, that’s where her pussy would be, right there, nestled into the double fabric part, the part that went between her legs.

I was breathing deeply. I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to smell her, smell them, it was not something I had really done before with a girl but it just seemed like the obvious thing to do next. So I did. Trembling, I brought the knickers to my face, and sniffed the crotch of the garment. Put my nose there and inhaled deeply. I don’t know what I really expected because this drawer was obviously the diyarbakır escort bayan clean knicker drawer, nobody keeps dirty clothes in a drawer, but I was such a novice at all this that I didn’t think.

But it didn’t matter, the knickers still had a lovely smell, a combination of clean clothes smell and the unmistakable scent of Anna. I don’t mean scent as in perfume, I’m not sure whether she wore any particular perfume, I imagine she did, she was a 19 year old girl after all, but no, it was the smell of Anna and I was intoxicated with it. I just stood there, smelling Anna’s knickers, holding them tight to my face. It was wonderful. Wonderful, wonderful.

The next five minutes I remember as a blur. I think I took out all Anna’s knickers and inspected them and sniffed them, I might even have kissed some of them, then I put them all back in the order that I took them out. And so my knicker fetish career began as it has continued to this day – meticulous attention to detail so as not to raise suspicion. Anna would not notice that anyone had been there. Would any girl know in which order her knickers were arranged in her drawers? I wasn’t to know it then, but then answer to that question is, astonishingly, in many instances, a great big YES, as I have discovered over the years.

The other thing I unwittingly discovered that day was that a girl is more likely to notice a pair of knickers out of place (what? I haven’t worn them recently, what are they doing on top?) than a missing pair (I’m sure I washed them recently?).

Did I steal a pair of Anna’s knickers that day? No I didn’t. That aspect to my career was to develop later. I did however, start a practice that has become a standard for me, and still is – I took out my throbbing cock and wrapped a pair of Anna’s knickers around my tool, and I masturbated myself. That day I didn’t cum, I was probably too scared to, but I loved the idea that the next day, or the day after, Anna would be wearing a pair of knickers that had been wrapped around my cock.

Not only that, but I do remember with absolute certainly that I did produce a little precum during the knicker masturbation experience, and I deliberately wiped the precum into the crotch of a pair of Anna’s knickers. It did not make a very big damp patch, tiny in fact, and I put the knickers back in the pile towards the bottom to give them plenty of time to dry out. After I left Anna’s bedroom and made my way to the bathroom I was able to release my pent up frustration with a spray that left me weak at the knees.

The rabbit pie did not turn out so well – we should have precooked the meat before putting it in the pie dish, so it was in fact inedible, but I was beyond caring and Anna must have wondered why this friend of her brother’s spent all evening with a grin on his face.

More Tales of A Knicker Thief to follow.

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