Teaching Demi Ch. 03


I woke up with a shudder as a noisy emergency vehicle drove past the hotel room. It took me a while to realise we must have dozed off after our earlier vigorous love making.

My grumbling stomach reminded me we had skipped dinner too, and a quick look at the wall clock confirmed we had indeed snoozed for over four hours and the clock was a tick past two in the morning!

A bit annoyed that I had dozed off, I looked over at the naked figure of Demi fast asleep on the bed. Gazing over her tight young body was enough for me to forget about food, but the pressure in my bladder reminded me I had to relieve myself. I tiptoed to the bathroom and relieved myself and washed the mixture of both our love juices from my groin. Feeling fresh, and my cock already stirring with anticipation, I walked back to the bedroom finding Demi on her back, fast asleep, with her legs gently parted.

Sometime during the night, she had popped some new panties on, but apart from that she was just as naked as me. I admired her magnificent bosom gently rising with each of her slow breaths. Her nipples, that were a dark shade of red and erect when I last suckled on them, were now much lighter in colour and less plump.

I gently grabbed hold of the nearest tit and gave it a quick lick. Not getting any response from Demi, I took her boob in my mouth and slowly sucked on it. On an otherwise quiet night, I found the noise of me suckling on her tits to be very erotic and in no time my cock was hard as steel and ready for some action. Although Demi was still sound asleep, her nipples were reacting to my stimulation and I could feel them becoming plump and erect again. Once I had enough kissing and sucking on her perked-up tits, I traced my tongue down to her navel. A quick smooch on her cute belly button and I moved down to her nether region.

Her fresh silk panties were the only thing between my mouth and her crotch. I kissed her pussy mound over her panties, before grabbing hold of the delicate material and moving it to the side. Although it was quite dark, I could see and feel her crotch smelling fresh with hardly any remains left of our earlier love making. She probably had a quick wash during the night.

I gently opened up her nether lips and inhaled the fresh smell of her pussy. The smell of her young vagina was such a turn on, I wasted no time and stuck my tongue out and gave it a long lick. The taste was slightly tangy and dry to start with, but in no time I felt her body was ready for sex as the more I lapped the more her pussy seeped fresh juice. By the time I started to eat her out fervently I could hear her starting to moan. I was under the impression she was still asleep, until I found her wandering hand holding my hair as I tongue fucked her tight cunt.

Realising she was awake, I pulled back and grabbed her panties by the sides. She quickly lifted her plump arse and I slid her panties right off her. With no more restrictions, I grabbed her inner thighs and opened her legs wide, before diving back in. With my hands firmly on her thighs, I grabbed her puffed up protruding labia with my mouth and sucked on them firmly.

“Oh Ya, what a lovely way to wake up,” she moaned as I took great care not to bite her nether lips as I pulled them deep in to my mouth and sucked them. My nose was right on her engorged clit that stuck out proud, away from the clitoral hood. As I pushed her legs up all the way to her bosom to give me better access to her pussy, Demi kept on urging me with her constant low moans and grunts.

“Urghhhh…Yeow!!” The moan turned in to a yelp as I let go of her labia and kissed her clit.

“Oh God,” she groaned as I parted my lips and sucked on her engorged love button. Just as she was getting used to me sucking on her clit, I rolled my tongue around the aroused tiny knob stimulating her erotic nerves further.

“Oh Fuck!!,” She screamed as this pushed her over the edge and with a firm hold of my head, she rode her powerful orgasm. I held on to her thighs and continued my stimulation on her clit, until it was too much for her and she gently pushed me away.

Proud of my effort, I let go of her thighs and moved up and rested my painfully erect cock on the sopping wet entrance of her pussy.

Without delay, I pushed myself in and buried my cock to the hilt as my mouth found her sexy lips. As she tasted herself on my tongue, I enjoyed the warmth I felt around my cock as her tight vaginal muscles squeezed my cock like a vice.

I grabbed a pillow and shoved it under her arse as I geared up to make love to her. With her arse raised up and her legs spread out, my erect cock was able to reach a whole new level inside her hot vaginal tunnel. I mauled her mouth not worrying about her morning breath, as I started fucking her in a leisurely pace.

“I so wish I could do this to you each day,” I told her, before sticking my tongue deep in to her throat as my passion for her increased with each stroke.

“Mmm, I’m here for you whenever you want me,” she replied, in between our kisses, as her hands ataşehir escort found my sensitive arse and grabbed them firmly. Ignoring the deep meaning behind her words, I picked up my pace and started hammering her well lubed pussy.

I knew I was not going to last long, as I reached around her and my fingers found her tight arsehole. As soon as my middle finger touched her anus, Demi went mad and nearly bit my tongue off.

Her seeping pussy juice provided plenty of lube around her arse crack as I quickly coated my finger with it, before pushing it inside her snug backdoor.

“Oh, fuck yes yes yes,” she groaned in to my mouth as I simultaneously filled all three of her orifices. Each time I moved inside her pussy, I felt her anal muscles tighten their grip around my finger. For a second, I contemplated pulling my finger out and replacing it with my cock, but I knew I was far too gone, as the familiar tingling sensation around my balls warned me of my impeding finish.

I moaned in to her mouth and sucked on her tongue, and with one final big push I exploded inside her pussy bathing her hot vaginal tunnel with my cum.

“Ooomph,” she groaned back as my orgasm triggered one of her own. Her fingers dug in to my arse cheeks as she thrashed under me, grinding her hips frantically, while my cock squirted cum after cum inside her. Her anal muscles’ vice like grip on my finger had me briefly worried for its safety.

By the time I emptied my balls inside her, she came down from her orgasm. With a tired smile she kissed me passionately, as I gently removed my finger and my cock out of her respective holes, and slid next to her.

What felt like minutes later, the alarm on my phone went off and I looked up to see Demi was already in the shower and the time was well past 8 AM.

I groggily stood up and rubbed my eyes, before realising my finger still had the beautiful musky smell of Demi’s arse from the earlier lovemaking session. I brought my finger to my nostrils and groaned as I took in the powerful pheromones of my beautiful young playmate.

As I got up and went to the bathroom, slowly stroking my semi erect cock, I was greeted by the image of Demi in the shower, naked. No matter how many times I saw her naked, her voluptuous body was enough to stir my loins in arousal. I knew we did not have much time as the first lecture started at nine, but fuck if I don’t do something before that, so I quickly relieved myself and joined her in the bath.

She smiled at me shyly as my eyes feasted on her beautiful figure.

“Let me do your back,” I told her as I grabbed the sponge from her and soaped her sexy back. My hands naturally rested on her plump arse cheeks as I took extra care and time rubbing her arse cheeks and her crack.

As my fingers found her hidden treasures between her legs, my cock was firmly erect and was waving around proudly. I gently kneeled behind her and spread her arse cheeks and admired her cute poop chute. Demi visibly squirmed as she felt my adoring eyes fixing on her private hole.

“Do we have time for this Dan?” she moaned, as she grabbed hold of the shower rails and stuck her arse out, as my tongue pushed out and touched her wrinkled pucker hole.

“We have plenty if we hurry,” I told her as I prepared to eat her arse out. The whole day yesterday I had avoided her arsehole, as I was preoccupied with her pussy, but I was determined to change that today.

I worked my tongue furiously around her arsehole, changing direction and pace from time to time. Demi’s airy moans egged me on as I spread her plump cheeks as much as possible, while tossing her salad.

“Urgh!!,” a loud moan escaped Demi, as my large tongue opened up her sphincter muscle and slipped inside her brown hole.

“Oh yes,” Demi moaned again as I stuck my tongue as deep as possible inside her arsehole. I suppressed a chuckle as I remembered how a couple of months ago, she had thought this was utterly disgusting and here she was begging for my tongue up her arse.

Once satisfied her arsehole was well lubed, I pulled my tongue out of her arsehole. Her grasping hole emitted a pop before it slowly closed up.

I grabbed my throbbing cock and placed it on her arse crack, before slipping down and finding her sopping wet pussy. I pulled back my foreskin and gently lubricated the tip by inserting the first two inches inside her hot cunt, but Demi was having none of it as she pushed herself back in desperation until my cock buried itself to the hilt.

“Oh, fuck yes,” she groaned as I grabbed her by her hips and pumped a few strokes inside her. Once satisfied my cock was nice and lubed up, I pulled out and placed it firmly on the opening of Demi’s tight backdoor.

“Ow gently, please Dan,” she whimpered as I impatiently tried pushing my bulbous head inside her tight anus.

Although I am not used to listening to her, last night changed a few things. I pulled back and spat a large gob of spit in my hands and coated my erect cock. Once satisfied, I gently but firmly pushed the kadıköy escort bayan head until her sphincter gave up and my cock slipped inside.

“Urghhh!!” Demi groaned again as my bulbous head forcefully opened up her backdoor. I could feel her doing her best to relax and then suddenly the crown slipped in fully.

“Oh fuck, I missed this,” I moaned as I enjoyed the tight warmth I felt around the head of my cock as her anus quickly wrapped around it. I waited until she relaxed her arse further, before pushing myself, until I felt my abs touch her arse cheeks. Neither one of us moved, as I enjoyed the sensation of her tight anal passage’s grip around my cock.

Firmly buried inside her back door, I let her get used to my cock before I started to move. I reached around and grabbed her voluptuous boobs as I picked up the pace of my sodomisation.

“I missed your hot arse Demi,” I moaned in her ears as I start giving it to her hard.

“Mmm, cum for me Dan,” she begged me, while her hips pushed back meeting me stroke for stroke.

I gradually started to move rapidly until I was pounding poor Demi’s tight arse without reservation, while her constant moans and the slapping sound of my thigh against her plump arse cheeks filled the bathroom.

“Fuck!! here I cum Demi,” I screamed, pinching her nipples roughly, as I pulled back and buried all my pride inside her hot anus and exploded. I felt her tight anal muscles milk my cock, as I crushed her body against mine and bathed her anal walls with my thick sperm.

Once my balls emptied and my cock started softening, I felt her anus expel my cock out of her back door. I knelt down and opened up her plump arse cheeks and admired her thoroughly fucked pucker hole, all swollen and red. As she moaned and bent her knees, my white cum started bubbling out of her tight poop chute along with a couple of poots.

I think we were both passed any embarrassment as I admired the small flow of cum leaving her hot arsehole. Although, this very private intimate action was threatening to give me another hard on, I resisted and quickly washed myself and reluctantly hopped out of the bath tub.

By the time I finished shaving, brushed my teeth and came out, Demi was all dressed and ready. She looked simply stunning in a smart low-cut blouse and a tight skirt. I gave a quick kiss on her nose without ruining her lipstick covered lips and got dressed, before we headed out and just about made it to the first training programme.

I personally found the entire day boring! Having been in the same field for over 15 years, whatever the new companies were sprouting to me sounded like recycled garbage with few carefully chosen words to make it sound different to what their competitors were selling.

Demi on the other hand, looked like she was thoroughly enjoying the day. I observed her proudly as she answered questions and asked interesting questions back. I knew with the right sort of training she will go a long way. She certainly had the talent and the professional look to do well in retail. In fact, I could see many of my peers, especially the men, looking at me with the mix of envy and jealousy.

During one of the lectures, I sneaked out and went to the nearest pharmacy. I wanted tonight to be a truly un-forgetful experience. So I grabbed some water-based lube for anal sex, some cherry flavoured lube, as well as the little blue pills made by Pfizer for myself. The last time I tried one of those bad boys, my lover and I had enjoyed a 6-hour romp, with my cock simply refusing to go down. After a quick chat with the pharmacist, I bought the Viagra and carefully popped them in my blazer pocket for tonight. I also ended up walking in to the nearest Victoria’s secret shop and bought a cuff and some ropes to play with.

Pleased with my purchases, I went back to the hotel and left them all in the room, before heading back to the show.

By the time I got back, one of our biggest suppliers was adamant they were going to treat us to some lunch and took us to a very nice high-end Italian close by. It looked like it was another experience that Demi thoroughly enjoyed, and I had to gently ask her to go easy on the free prosecco, with the afternoon training session in mind.

I was a perfect gentleman in front of others and maintained my distance with Demi and introduced her to everyone as my colleague. More than one supplier took me to the side and pointed out what a great find she was for me and that they all thought she was very good.

By the time we got back to the hotel, she was positively flying and I just sat back enjoying her excitement.

As we got in to the lift I looked at her proudly and said “I’m so proud of you today Demi.”

She beamed back and said “Thank you so much for inviting me Dan, I did not realise how much more to my job I needed to learn. This was such an eye opener.”

Unable to resist her sexy plump lips anymore, I grabbed her by her lower back and pulled her close to me.

As my lips found hers, she melted in escort maltepe my arms and pushed herself towards my body. We were so lost in each other’s companion, we did not realise the lift had stopped briefly and one of the reception staff had joined us in the lift.

“Ahem,” the staff pretended to clear her throat as she looked at us in amusement.

I felt Demi open her eyes quickly and tried moving away, but I was having none of it, as I held her close and continued kissing her lips. She gave up after a second and continued kissing me back passionately.

I glanced at the stranger who was quickly turning red, as she continued staring at us with her mouth wide open. I gave her a wink, before setting my eyes back on my beautiful staff, who by now had half my tongue in her mouth.

I swear I heard two moans, as my hands that where on Demi’s lower back, traced down and rested on her gorgeous arse.

Thankfully, just as I thought I could not take it anymore, the lift stopped at our floor. We quickly grabbed each other’s hands and rushed towards our room, leaving the Receptionist looking all hot and flustered.

“That was so naughty,” Demi giggled as she looked back at the lift, while I unlocked our room with the key card.

“I hope to be a lot naughtier than that,” I replied back, as I lifted her by her hips and carried her on my shoulder, before dumping her on the freshly made bed.

“Woah!! ” she squealed in surprise, as I quickly followed suit and got on top of her and tickled her exposed belly.

Her fits of giggles, were soon replaced by airy moans, as my hands found her plump arse cheeks and my lips kissed her sensitive earlobes.

I grabbed her hands and brought them above her head and held them there, as I teased her with my tongue. I took turns sucking on her ear lobes and nibbling on her neck.

“Oh, you are driving me crazy Dan,” she whimpered, as I kept on resisting her lips that was searching for mine.

“Good, as I want to make sure you don’t forget this trip anytime soon,” I whispered in her ears, before getting hold of a bit of skin on her neck and sucking on it.

Chances are she was going to end up with a hickey that her boyfriend might question when we went back to London, but by now neither one of us cared. I ran my teeth over her skin while I gently bit her on her neck, almost as if I was marking my territory.

“Urghhhh,” she groaned in passion as her body begged for more.

Just as I felt her hips starting to move fast under me, almost searching for my hard-on, I pulled back.

“I don’t want you to cum until I think you are ready, but for now we are late for our dinner reservation,” I told her and gave her a quick kiss on her lips, before hopping off the bed.

“Oh noooo, come back please.” she whimpered looking at me in pure lust, as I left her hanging and popped my shoes back on.

“Can we not stay here and order room service please?” she looked at me with those pleading brown eyes begging.

“Sorry Demi, I’ve already paid for the reservation, besides it will be fun. Come on move your arse,” I told her and grabbed her arms and playfully pulled her towards me.

She tried kissing me again, but I grinned at her and pushed her away.

“Not yet, all in good time,” I winked at her and excused myself and freshened up in the bathroom.

My erect cock, that was leaking pre-cum, was complaining just as much as Demi, but the night was only starting and I wanted to enjoy this constant feeling of arousal.

By the time I came out, she had changed her blouse to something slightly sexier and reapplied some red lipstick she knew I liked.

I stood behind her and pressed my hard-on on firmly on her skirt covered arse crack.

“Your body is driving me crazy and I can’t wait to fill all your three holes later,” I told her, as my hands wandered all over her body, before feeling up her boobs.

“Mmm, I can’t wait,” she whispered, as she leaned back and sighed, while pushing her arse back on my hard-on.

Realising a few more seconds of this and I would probably rape her, I reluctantly moved away from her hot body and ushered her out of the room.

Back on the lift, I simply could not keep my hands off her as I gently massaged her plump bottom, running my hands occasionally over her arse crack and poking her nether region.

As we walked out of the hotel, I caught the eye of the receptionist who was in the lift with us earlier. She looked just as flustered as us, as I gave her a small wink, before leading Demi back to the car.

The restaurant was surprisingly quiet, which was what I was hoping for. I slipped a tenner in the hands of the pretty blonde waitress and asked her to seat us in the corner booth that was away from everyone else.

I quickly pushed Demi in to the end of the booth and joined her. As the waitress stood there patiently waiting for our drinks order, my hands were already on Demi’s thighs rubbing her naked legs. If she noticed it, she was professional enough not to show it, as I quickly ordered a bottle of prosecco for the table and some nibbles. As soon as she left, my lips found Demi’s, as I tasted her luscious lips once more. As she moaned in to my mouth, my hand quickly parted her legs and found its way up her skirt and rested on her panty covered pussy mound.

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