Ted and Harriet


When anyone met Ted and Harriet the same question always came to mind, “What on earth is a good looking, successful guy doing with a woman like her?” Now don’t get me wrong, Harriet is not what most would call ugly, but it’s just that she’s what most people might call plain, while Ted, well Ted could be a model. He actually did have his image appear in a few ads while he was in college, so it just didn’t seem to fit that he would be drawn to Harriet. And it always seemed, wherever they went, they were followed by the interested glances and then the inevitable whispered questions.

It wasn’t money, hell Ted was loaded, inheriting considerable sums from both sides of his family in addition to being a partner in several high profile real estate deals. He was the one driving a Lexus while Harriet tooled around in an old Chevy Malibu. It was a complete mystery to their friends and even relatives and yet, the two always seemed too happy and loving when together. Of course as the people really thought about the situation they finally figured it out, or at least they thought they did.

The ataşehir escort bayan consensus, among most of the guys that knew them, was that Harriet had to be a complete slut in bed, slaving to his every desire. The women were perhaps a bit more delicate in their theories, but the consensus with them amounted to pretty much the same thing the guys thought. It did perplex the women, because to talk to Harriet and see how she acted and dressed, she was anything but slutty. Frumpy perhaps, but she certainly showed no signs of that type of behavior in public.

Of course, if any of them could take a peek into Ted’s and Harriet’s bedroom they would quickly learn exactly how wrong they were. What they would see was that Harriet was completely in love with Ted, and enjoyed making love with him. She enjoyed it so much that most afternoons she’d begin to get turned on while he was still driving home, often meeting him at the door with a kiss and then something more.

More than once she’d draw back from the kiss and whisper, “I want you right now, right here.” escort kadıöy She’d run her hand behind him and grip his ass, kneading it in her hands as she kneeled down and rubbed her face against his cock as it hardened in his pants. Moving her hands to his belt, she would unfasten his pants and within two minutes of him entering the door, she’d have him in her mouth, sucking greedily.

Ted would let her suck him for a while and then he’d reach down, pull her to her feet and quickly undress her, removing her bra and kissing her breasts while he unfastened her pants. As he moved his hand to her pussy, he’d find her already wet, ready for him and so when she sat down and then leaned back on the floor, he would pull off his pants and kneel between her legs and slip easily into her.

As always, Harriet would come, wrapping her legs around Ted, completely satisfied by the way he touched her, kissed her and made love to her. Ted was all she could ever want in a lover and she enjoyed every moment they were together. Of course Ted benefited from Harriet’s love and maltepe escort desire for him, but this wasn’t what drew him to her.

Ted saw something different in Harriet, something that made their lovemaking something more than anything he could experience with another woman. When Ted crawled into bed with Harriet and nestled his face between her legs, slipping is tongue deep into her pussy, Harriet became Angelina Jolie. When he moved up and she took him in her mouth, Angelina’s large lips wrapped around his cock and drove him to ecstasy.

When she opened her legs for him, she became Sharon Stone as in the scene from “Basic Instinct,” when she kneeled and he took her doggie style she became Tyra Banks and when he licked her nipples she became Janet Jackson. While she enjoyed being with him, she was every woman to him. With her he could fuck the barely 20 year old check out girl at the local grocer, he could eat the pussy of a Lauren Bacall in her prime, just after she finished fucking Bogart.

When people looked at Ted and Harriet, they continued to wonder how they stayed together. They could see how much Ted pleased Harriet and understood how she could love him so completely. They never could understand how in Ted’s arms, Harriet became any and all of the women he fancied and in being that for him, she kept him from ever wanting to leave.

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