TEENAGE MEMORIES – End of term disco with Miss Smi


TEENAGE MEMORIES – End of term disco with Miss SmiIn 1975 when I left school we didn’t have a prom here in the UK like they do today, we just had an end of term disco. It was on the evening of the disco where all the school leavers was congregating to say goodbye as we were all going our separate ways. Miss Smith, my Geography teacher approached me and we were talking.Then she said “I have a present for you in my classroom” “Ok” as we walked down through the corridors we got to the geography classroom and she unlocked the door and then shut it and locked it when we were inside. She went over to her desk and unlocked a drawer and then gave me a book with all the capitals of the world in it.I said “Thank you Miss Smith” as I looked at it, she smiled at me, and I went to give her a hug. My arms slipped around her waist as her were wrapped around my back. Miss Smith was 55, 5’2” and dumpy in her small frame, and had been a teacher all her life never marrying as she loved her job too much.As we hugged a minute or so then I pulled apart and looked at her, it seemed the most natural thing to do as I leaned forward and gave her a kiss, as I pecked her on the cheek she turned to face me and as we stood inches apart, canlı bahis she said “You were always my favourite ****” I leaned closer and we kissed on the lips, she opened her mouth and my tongue slipped in.With my hands around her waist we were snogging and I thought to myself ‘why not’. We kissed for a few minutes when I moved my hands onto her tits, feeling them she gave a little groan, another few minutes went by and I moved my hands up her back until I found the zip on her dress, pulling it down to her waist and then off her shoulders it fell to the floor.As we snogged more frantically my hands feeling her ample bosom I could feel her nipples hardening, I reached behind her and unclipped her bra, as I pulled it off her shoulders I kissed her neck and then rolled her nipples, she groaned again. After another minute or so I bent forward and licked her erect nipples her hand on the back of my head.As I sucked her tits I moved my right hand downwards and over her chub and nestled nicely on the front of her knickers, running my finger over her slit through her panties she stood slightly apart and groaned again. I carried on this motion for a few more minutes as she moaned more and more.Then I walked Miss bahis siteleri Smith backwards until she was on the edge of her desk, I lifted her up and sat her on the edge my fingers rubbing her as she sat with her thighs wide apart, licking her nipples she gasped. Then I gently pushed her down so she was laid on the desk, she lifted up her legs and I crouched down between them.Running my tongue over her gash through her knickers she gasped and moaned at the same time, after a few minutes I pulled her panties to one side and upon seeing her old hairy minge I flickered my tongue over her clitoris, again she moaned, slipping one and then a couple of minutes later two fingers into her snatch she whimpered louder.I’d only managed about ten or so thrusts and she announced “I’m coming” carrying on my tongue darting over her clit her hands started banging on the desk as she groaned louder, her left hand on the back of my head and then BANG!!!! She let out a loud breath, squealed and released a small amount of juice, my first squirt on my face.I unbuttoned my pants and had my 6” in my hand as she looked down at me, again I pulled her knickers to one side and was soon buried deep in her beaver, and she groaned bahis şirketleri as I entered her and squealed with every thrust. As I was only 17 and had had loads of girls I could easily control myself and was giving her all my expertise.With my arms either side of her I sucked and licked her nipples as my cock glided in and out of her old pussy, her hand running through my hair as I gave her the fucking she needed. Six minutes later she was groaning louder and then she was banging her hands on the desk again. “Oh my God, HARDER, HARDER, OH GOD, HARDER HARDER”.I didn’t need asking twice as I slammed into her. Knowing I was soon close to my climax, she suddenly croaked louder and then for a second time she gave one big sigh, “OHHHH MY GODDD I’M COMING OH YES YES YES YES” as her second climax ripped through her body I couldn’t hold back myself and I shot my teenage spunk deep inside her cunt.As I was shooting I managed to thrust another 12 to 15 strokes before I was going limp, and fell out of her hole. I stood up and pulled her up to the sitting position, we kissed and she said “See I told you you were my favourite”. When she’d got dressed we walked out of the room and back to the party.At the end of the night as I was leaving she came and said “Good luck for the future **** and by the way your seed is running into my gusset” I smiled as did she. I saw one more time 10 years later at a school reunion but that’s a different story.

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