Tempting Vixen-Next-Door


This is my first story! I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed fantasizing about it.

Xx Kit


That Summer morning had begun as any other. Pamela put on her yoga leggings and sports bra and took her mat into a shaded part of her front yard to practice. She was a 20-something online yoga teacher, with long red hair and a tight waist that curved out into a sexy bubble butt.

The rural properties on her road were set on 2 acre blocks. Where the houses were built towards the back of the properties and each had large front yards overflowing with lush gardens framed by white horse-fence. From her front yard, Pamela could watch her sexy neighbour Tom. He was in his 40s with the body of a rugby player and dark hair. Standing at 6’4″ tall, with his broad muscular physique he cut an intimidating figure. His personality, she came to find was kind and gentle. He had given up his cafe to become a stay at home dad which allowed his wife to climb the corporate structure of an international construction company.

Tom’s wife Eddie was a successful 40-something businesswoman. She wore pants suits with her hair neatly trimmed in a short pixie cut and even on her rare days off she exuded a corporate air.

On the few times that Pamela and Eddie spoke Eddie seemed to be standoffish and curt. She’d look Pamela up and down and narrow her eyes at her long messy red hair and tight yoga pants in a disapproving “stay away from my husband” glare.

Pamela laid down on her mat and began stretching. The slight breeze was warm on her skin. She was coming up from standard half forward bend when she glanced Tom in his yard. He was shirtless and appeared to be ripping out plants from his garden bed. Eddies Mercedes drove out the driveway with their 6 year old son in the back and sped down the street.

Although he was 100 meters away she could see that Tom’s movements were rough and seemed tense. Rolling up her mat she decided to stroll over the road and suss out what was going on.

“Morning Tom, how’s it going?”

“Oh Hey, Pamela” he said as he tossed a daisy bush into the wheelbarrow.

“Yeah just um gardening. Eddie doesn’t want a messy garden, she prefers order.” His voice absentmindedly trailed off as he noticed Pamela’s figure.

He’d never seen her wearing tight grey leggings up close. Only catching glimpses of her bubble butt from afar. He knew she was a vixen with her blue eyes, cute button nose and pouty lips, but seeing her up close took his breath away.

Pamela tried to change the sensitive subject. “Oh Eddie, how’s she going? I hardly ever see her anymore”

“She flies out of state for 3 days a week for meetings now. So I’m stuck here playing ‘stay at home dad’. It’s actually pretty hard, especially now that Jed is having problems adjusting at school. It can be isolating not having a second person to defer to.”

“Yeah that would be hard.” Pamela sympathised.

Tom, realising that he was staring into Pamela’s cleavage broke his gaze and stammered “Hey I have a camera lens that I never use and was wondering escort ataşehir if you wanted it. It’s pretty expensive and in good nick.”

“Okay sure that’d be great” The young woman smiled surprised that Tom was inviting her in. It was an unwritten rule of Eddies that no women ESPECIALLY ‘that little whore across the road’ speak to, befriend or be around Tom. Ever.

He lead the way along the garden path to the front door. It was large and broad like Tom himself.

“This way” He smiled.

He lead her down to a bedroom and flashed his gorgeous smile again saying “You first”

The room was plainer than Pamela had expected. Navy walls, a king sized bed with black covers and a mirrored wardrobe along one wall.

Tom leaned his back against the door slowly shutting it behind them. He sat on the edge of the bed and motioned to the wardrobe.

“The lens is in there. Good luck finding it, my wardrobes always been a mess.” He laughed

Pamela slid the wardrobe open. Inside was overflowing with shirts and pants. She was taken aback with how messy it was since the rest of the house was so incredible neat.

Watching Pamela bent over rummaging through his clothes, knowing what she was about to find made his cock throb. Her legging covered bubble butt barely hid the shape of the soft mound of her lips. Her long hair draped forward, wavy and red like some fuckable mermaid.

“Wow. I’m not gonna lie this is a messy situation in here. Where on Earth does your wife put her clothes?” Pamela queried.

“In her room” Tom replied curtly.

Pamela looked in the mirrored door at Tom. His blue eyes piercing her with a somber look.

“Her room?…I’m sorry it’s none of my business!”

“No it’s okay. It started in our old house when Jed was born. I would bottle feed him during the night. Eddie needed to get her sleep for work so I moved into a separate bedroom for night feeds. When we moved here, Eddie wanted to carry on the ‘own room’ tradition so I can’t ruin her sleep.”

Bemused, Pamela continued to rummage through the wardrobe. “Where is this lens?”

“In the black box on the shelf”

Pamela found the box and opened it. Inside wasn’t a camera lens but a leather mask.

“Oh!” The sight of it made her breath catch in her chest and butterflies churn in her stomach.

“Do you wear this or do I?” Pamela blurted out. Feeling her face go bright red at her forwardness.

“I do. Eddie never liked anything other than missionary. And I wouldn’t even know anymore, it’s been years…” He said bitterly.

He stood up and approached the young vixen standing before him. She barely reached his chin and her eyes were wide with curiosity.

He took the mask and put it on. It covered his hair, and upper face making him look like an executioner with his mouth and chin uncovered.

“Does this scare you?”

“A little” she whispered. The butterflies surged in her belly and began to make her pussy wet.

Tom grabbed her wrists and held her hands above her head. He walked her backwards and pressed her kadıköy escort into the cold mirrored door.

“I’m a man who likes to be in control. I’ve long fantasized about feeling you underneath me as I pin you to the bed. I want to take your gorgeous hair in my fist and pull it as I fuck you from behind. I want to make you mine and have those pouty lips do whatever I ask of them.”

Pamela was mesmerized. Tom stood before her sexy, strong and commanding. His abs glistening with beads of sweat that mixed with his chest hair. He was so much more masculine than any of the other guys she had dated. She was no virgin but Pamela felt vulnerable to this man.

Tom let go of her wrists and placed one hand on the back of her head pulling her pouty lips in for a passionate kiss. He began to grind his bulging erection across her belly.

Pamela let out a moan into his mouth as his tongue tenderly caressed her.

‘Mmm he can be gentle when he wants to be’ she thought.

Suddenly Tom broke the kiss and grabbed a fist full of Pamelas hair to tilt her head up to him.

“You know what you do to me. Waving your ass in the air doing those yoga poses every morning. You’ve been a little cocktease for months. Is this what you want?” He asked as he grabbed his erect bulge in his hand.

“Mmmm yes” She replied breathlessly.

“No try again.” He said curtly while pulling her hair to create more of an angle “You will reply ‘yes Daddy’. Do I make myself clear?”

“Y-yes Daddy” Pamela replied feeling a little scared.

“I want to see those juicy breasts. Get on the bed and strip for me.”

Pamela feeling so wet and intoxicated with lust kicked her shoes off and stood on the bed. Tom brought an armchair out of the corner of the room and sat down at the end of the bed.

She slowly slid one strap of her sports bra off her shoulder and winked at Tom. If he was going to be so forward with her she was going to be a fucking tease.

‘we’ll see who begs who’ she slyly thought.

She slowly gyrated her hips and ran her hands up and down her body while staring into Toms eyes.

His face was still covered by the mask but the way that he was sitting on the chair. Legs extended out, one hand on the bulge in his pants and the other hand up supporting his chin. She knew that he was soaking in every second of this moment.

Pamela turned her back to him and started to twerk her bubble butt. Her curvy flesh jiggled seductively. Tom would have been happy with an amateur display but he was astounded that his little vixen neighbour could dance so dirty! Her strict morning Yoga routine paid off. She started to get down on her knees and back up towards Daddy sitting in his chair. She placed her ass inches from his face and continued her twerking display.

He reached out his hand and ran his finger along the crevice of her ass feeling her pussy.

She turned towards him and reached behind to undo her bra. Out popped her two gorgeous breasts. They were a generous C cup with soft pink nipples.

“Oh baby you have no idea what maltepe escort bayan you’re doing to me. I need to fuck you. No more games.” He breathed heavily with a look of desperate lust on his face.

With that he stood up and pushed Pamela’s small frame down onto her back. Taking every ounce of control within him he crawled on his hands and knees up the bed. Pamela instinctively crawled backwards keeping just out of his reach. They both moved, he like a lion stalking his prey and she with her heart beating out of her chest at this strong masked man about to devour her.

Suddenly her shoulders hit the bedhead and she was cornered. Tom forced a passionate kiss on her lips, trailing down to her breasts he sucked each of her nipples as she let out a low moan. He reached the top of her leggings. Pulling them and her thong down. He threw them on the floor. It revealed a shaved pussy with a little trimmed landing strip.

“The carpet doesn’t match the curtains!” He said with a smirk.

“No. I wish ‘wine’ was a natural hair colour, but alas” she smirked.

“With that he plunged his face to her pussy and ran his tongue from her velvet hole to her clit. She was so wet and it must have been the ecstasy of the moment but he swore that she tasted like strawberries and cream.

“Now my little slut I’m going to make you cum. You are going to be screaming my name before we’re finished!”

She dutifully spread her legs further apart granting her Master access to all areas.

He slowly flicked his tongue back and forth over her wet lips. Making his way up to her clit and gently sucking the nub. He plunged two fingers in and curved them up to caress her gspot. Pamelas breaths became more shallow as she rode the feelings of pleasure through her sensitive pussy. The feeling was so intense. His tongue was licking and sucking faster.

She cried: “Tom I’m cumming I’m cumming! OH FUCK TOM YOU FUCKING KING!!”

Her pussy spasmed as he removed his hot mouth from her.

“Tom I want to see your cock. Uh, mmm give it to me! Please Daddy. Please!” She mewled as she twisted and stroked her nipples.

Tom knelt over the girl’s waist and pulled his shorts off. His rock hard cock sprang forth pointing directly at her. It was at least 8 inches long and very thick. This was the biggest cock that she’d ever seen up close.

“Oh, let me taste you!” Was all she managed to stammer.

His cockhead glistened with his salty precum. Pamela looked up at Tom and smiled as he shifted himself over her chest and rubbed his cock over her lips like he was applying lipstick.

“Mmm you taste yummy” She smiled up at him.

She reached up and grabbed his shaft, plunging his cock to her hot mouth. Her tongue seductively licking his head like it was an ice cream. Her other hand reached up to cup his large balls.

Her expert tongue and firm strokes sent him over the edge.

“OH FUCK! I’m going to come baby!” He moaned as jet after jet of his salty cum squirted into her mouth

She gagged and spluttered as his cum fell from her lips and down her cheeks.

“Open your mouth. Show me my cum” He demanded.

Obeying his order she parted her lips and poked her tongue out to reveal his white seed.

“Swallow” He mewled and patted her hair.

“Good little slut.”


To be continued…

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