Tessa Ch. 01


I) Travel

Tessa awoke to the sound of her hated alarm clock. Five-thirty a.m. was as late as she could put off her morning and still make it to work on time. Groggily, she pushed back the down comforter and spun her legs over the side of the bed. The worst part about being the boss was having to make it in early. The ends justified the means, and she thought that in the pay-check it was worth it. That was of little comfort to her now as she stood and shuffled out of the bedroom and her feet felt the cold-hardwood floor. Now in the bathroom, Tessa started the bath and let it run to heat up. She untied the cloth strings on her loose green yoga pants and let them slide to the floor. She was short, but in good proportion and knew that her legs looked fine when doctored by a good skirt and high heels. She crossed her arms and pulled the white tank top up and over her head. Her breasts were full, and at a “34C” looked busty on her petite frame. She still had a young woman’s light-pink nipples, despite being twenty-nine, and they barely rose off the curve of her chest unless she was chilled or aroused.

She leaned over the tub and adjusted the water to the correct temperature with the cold tap. Satisfied, she pulled back and tugged the chrome ring that sent the water flowing up to the shower-head. With a few pulses from air-bubbles, the water stabilized and Tessa put one leg over the bath’s edge and stepped into the flowing warm water. She pulled the double shower curtain closed and put her head in the current to wake up. It was a personal ritual, her morning routine, and she had acquired many products for this part in particular. Stepping away and turning her bare back to the water, she reached for her mask and massaged the product into her fine face. It had taken her an eternity to find a skin product that kept the pores along her pleasing features clean and soft. She left the mask on as the steamy bathroom filled with the smell of her fruity shampoo. She worked it into her shoulder-length dark brown hair and rinsed both the shampoo and the face mask from her body.

Tessa applied conditioner that would make her hair feel like silk once it was dry, before taking up and soaping her loofa. She started at her neck and gently scrubbed over the curve of her shoulders and the lines of her arms. She moved the soapy pink puff around her breasts and her nipples responded by hardening and rising to twin light-pink peaks. Her abs and back received the same treatment and she began to wash her sex. She liked the feeling of being totally smooth and had found a good spa that would happily wax her every two weeks. Her pussy matched her nipples in that it looked young and delicate. The two outer labia were more pronounced than the inner and the pink of her was only visible when she spread her soft lips apart. She rubbed the loofa on her and twisted back to soap her firm butt from behind, not forgetting to rub the cleft of her ass and sensitive anus clean.

She finished moving the suds over her smooth legs and feet, re-hung the loofa on its chrome hook, and moved under the warm cascade of water to rinse her body free of conditioner and soap. Tessa reveled in the way the warm water washed over her skin and thought to her-self that the hot shower was the crowning achievement of western society’s progress. It was reluctantly that she twisted the knobs of the shower off and pushed the curtain aside to step onto the floor towel. She grabbed a towel and twisted it into her hair. Before toweling her body off, Tiffany applied lotion generously over her moist skin to make sure that it was absolutely luxurious for this weekend. It felt like it was a long way away, but Fridays after the week is done are what everyone’s living for, right? It was for her. She may be corporate to pay the bills, but she needed what was coming tonight to make her feel alive, powerful, and fulfilled.

She finished the long litany of becoming clean and working her hair straight, and walked into her bedroom closet. Comfortable short-heeled black shoes, a grey knee-length pencil skirt, nude-colored pantyhose, a white blouse, and a black sweater made up her work dress for the day. Tessa believed completely in separating her business and pleasure. She would not be one to be caught having a sordid affair at work and become the subject of water-cooler gossip. Perhaps it was this trait that had allowed her to become successful at such a young age. She finished putting on the last of her clothes and set the alarm as she prepared to leave her small colonial home. Her job acting as director for a contract firm that does external accounting paid her enough that she could live much more lavishly than she chose, but Tessa liked to keep things cozy. Anyways, as long as where she lived had a walk-in closet, what use was all the extra space when it was just her?

She left out of her front door and used the key fob to open the doors of her silver Ford Escape. She swung her Coach handbag past the center consul and pushed herself into the driver’s seat. Closing the door with her left hand as she keyed the ignition, Tessa heard the engine catch and the first few words of her audio book start narrating Maltepe Türbanlı Escort again. She had read in the Washington Post that the D.C. area officially had the worst traffic in the country. Her coping mechanism was to check out audio books from the library and zone out while she braved the stop-and-go traffic of the congested highways. She caught a look at her blue eyes and pulled-back hair in the rearview mirror. Just past seven-o-clock and she was on her way to work, with a short layover in store at Starbucks for an early morning caramel macchiato.


The day was done and Tessa had made it to the long weekend. She got into her Ford Escape and turned on the vehicle. Her eventual route would take her on interstate highway number ninety-five, but to start off in that direction in Friday rush hour traffic was a recipe for frustration. She was ready to break free and relax so she put the car in drive and turned toward one of her favorite restaurants instead. She pulled up to the Arpeggio Restaurant and locked the car. Her rolling-suit case was in there along with a hung garment bag and, as unlikely as it was that they would be stolen in this suburb, she double checked the Escape’s door handle to be sure it was securely locked before walking up to the front door. In a very classy fashion, a host dressed in a uniform-style tuxedo opened the door for her from the inside.

“Good afternoon miss,” said the man in a friendly tone, “how many in your party today?”

“Just me, thank you, and a table in the back if it’s available,” replied Tessa not wanting anyone at the little wine bar near the front to recognize her and distract her from her weekend plans.

“Of course, of course, right this way,” said the host as he snapped up a menu from behind a cherry-wood podium and motioned for her to follow him.

He led her back through the half-full restaurant that was stylized with tan-stucco walls that had a mural of ivy drawn to wind its way up to the vaulted ceiling and stain-glass covered lights. It was still too early for couples to be arriving on dates and Tessa knew that soon every one of the white-linen dressed tables would be filled with chattering people. In another hour, at seven o’clock, there would be a wait to be seated and reservations would have priority. This suited her timeline perfectly well, as this was just a stop over to get a good meal and let the road rage die down. She had told the clerk at the retreat that she would be checking in late so there was no real hurry.

“Will this be alright for you?” asked the host as they reached an empty table with four chairs around it.

Tessa nodded her approval and the host pulled out a chair for her. She sat her dainty frame down and allowed him to scoot her up to the table’s edge. He told her that Greg would be seeing to her today and departed, leaving Tessa to the company of the menu. She was well schooled in its Italian-Mediterranean contents and had sampled a number of its dishes. She already knew that she was going to go light on tonight’s meal so she placed the closed menu down after a cursory look. Very quickly a young man came up who probably couldn’t legally have a hard drink. She guessed that this was Greg. He regaled her with the often rehearsed hospitality speech before offering to get her something to drink. She went ahead and made her whole order in addition to the house-white wine.

Again Tessa was alone with her thoughts and the sound of piped-in soft music. This afternoon it was a guitar quartet playing arrangements of lighter classical works. She looked around at the people seated near her. A group of three men discussing the week’s work and joking. There was also an elderly couple eating “early bird,” and a younger married couple smiling and exchanging glances. She guessed the woman’s age at around twenty-three but could only see the back of the man. The woman she could see was a pretty, athletic thing with brunette hair done up in a bun. Her hazel eyes worked well with the make-up and fake lashes that she was wearing. Her shoulders bore tan-lines from a wide-strapped bra that Tessa guessed she wore while running. The copper colored, strapless dress she wore tonight looked good next to her tanned skin and it must have been altered to cling tighter to her chest because her small breasts filled out the fabric well.

This well-toned woman sent Tessa’s mind off to another such form that she had gotten to know well. It had been four or more years ago and her name had been Sade. This was before Tessa had learned of the retreat and its activities and she had been visiting places in DC frequented by the swinger scene. The bar where she had met Sade had been a modest affair with a relaxed atmosphere. The music was classic-rock and the dress had been tight jeans and denim skirts for the ladies, flannels and plaids for the men. She had first seen Sade at the bar wearing long, tight jeans and an emerald green halter top. She had long graceful arms, bleached-blonde hair in a ponytail, and a kind-looking face. Tessa had chosen a red button-down blouse and a denim skirt that just barely covered her ass. She had unbuttoned Maltepe Otele Gelen Escort and tied the two lower ends of her blouse once she had gotten off the street. She wore a pair of cork wedge heals with brown leather tops to keep in the pseudo-country look. She had put her hair up in a messy looking bun that was held in place with a wide, silver pin.

She knew that Sade had seen her “seeing her” but she played it cool and had just wandered over to the square wood tiles that passed for the dance floor and started swaying her body to the music in time with the pulsing rock beats. Once Tessa was loosened up and feeling the music, she started to step, spin, and move her arms as the music struck her. She admitted, in recollection, that she may have turned away from the bar and popped her butt a bit more than was lady-like, but she had wanted to put on a little bit of a show. Teasing was part of the anticipation, and how to really get someone’s attention. Tessa couldn’t remember how long she had danced, but she had gotten hot and wandered over to the bar to get a drink.

“Water, please,” Tessa told the bartender.

“That’s not very festive,” a woman said from next to her in a voice that was like honey. Tiffany didn’t even need a moments glance to know that it was her athletic blonde from earlier.

“Well, I’ve been really working hard out there,” Tessa quipped. “Can’t a girl get a little healthy refreshment?” She took the bottled water that the bartender had held out and turned around to face Sade. The water was wet with condensation and with her eyes locked on Sade’s, moved the wet bottle up to her neck and let out a little shiver as it touched her flesh.

“Well, when you put it like that…” Sade said as her eyes dropped to Tessa’s neck and then down to where little rivulets of sweat and condensation ran between her breasts. She had introduced herself then and the two had gone over to a high bar-table with stools to talk in private, Tessa with her water and Sade with a bottle of beer. They had talked for a long time about all kinds of things, and Tessa had switched to bourbon as they ordered several rounds of drinks. Finally there came that point where someone had to take a gamble and put themselves out there. Tessa was really turned on and a little drunk, so she made the proposal.

“Do you want to come back to my place? I won’t beat around, I think you’re beautiful, and you’ve got me really hot, I think we could have a lot of fun together.”

“About time!” answered Sade, “you think you’re the only one who’s dripping wet? I’ve been soaked since your little act on the dance floor when you showed the bar your tight little ass.”

That was more than enough approval for Tessa, and she settled up with the bartender before they went outside and hailed a taxi to take them back to her apartment. The ride was less than ten minutes, but there was a silence between them punctuated with anticipation that made it unbearable. They started kissing in the elevator. Their needs were clear and the kissing was urgent. The hallway was just a blur as they stumbled down it. Their hands explored each other as Tessa pushed Sade against the door and managed to get the door keys out of her purse and open the lock. This was not going the way she had thought it would. In the bar, she had imagined Sade bending her over and pulling her panties aside before roughly putting her fingers inside her, but now she had Sade pinned beneath her on the floor of her apartment and had one hand firmly fixed around Sade’s slender throat. She was holding tightly enough that she could feel the pulse of her blood and hear just a little resistance to her breathing. She would have stopped if there had been any sign of discomfort, but Sade just kept kissing and squirming her hips against her.

Tessa felt powerful and she liked it. She had always been the passive player with the women she had made love to, always the receiver. Now she was doing as she wanted and it felt incredible. She sat up with her legs to either side of Sade’s chest. With the hand not softly choking her, Tessa reached and roughly pulled down the front of Sade’s halter top. This exposed her petite breasts, and Tessa grabbed the little handful of one and began to knead it. She felt both while Sade gazed up at her and watched as her breasts were squeezed, her nipples pinched and flicked. Tessa then suddenly released her and stood up. Sade just laid there a moment, mouth slightly open and at a loss for words.

“Take off your clothes,” Tessa said gutturally, her voice shaking with lust. Sade scrambled a bit before righting herself and moved to comply with her lover’s order. Off came the top, shoes, and jeans. There had been no bra or panties underneath. Sade stood there naked and exposed, with the cool air of the apartment chilling the sheen of sweat on her body. Her nipples were taught and her body quivered a little with the anticipation.

“Take off mine,” Tessa said, and Sade closed the few feet between them and kissed her, while her hands worked the buttons on Tessa’s denim skirt. It dropped to the floor around Tessa’s legs and Sade’s hands went to the Maltepe Ucuz Escort knot and buttons of her red blouse. It too slid off and without pause Tessa reached behind her back and unhooked the white bra. With a shrug all that was left was a pair of white panties. The moment didn’t last because Tessa grabbed Sade’s head and pulled it down to her full breasts. Sadie’s hands didn’t come up to try to stop her, she just went to her knees and let her face be pressed first to one breast, and then the other. Tessa was pressing so hard that Sade couldn’t breathe until she let up the pressure. The smothering went on long enough for both to be really conscience of it, and the game of deprivation was setting the tone.

Again without the slightest warning, Tessa forcefully (and with intentional roughness) half pushed and pulled Sade to her bedroom, where she knocked her onto the bed. Taking only a moment to drop her panties, she was again straddling Sade’s chest and leaned down to kiss her eager mouth. The kiss was wet and passionate. The two women’s tongues intertwined and explored. Tessa broke the kiss to straighten up. Then the first blow came. It wasn’t hard, but it was deliberate. She had just smacked one of Sade’s little breasts. She placed her left hand back on Sade’s throat and proceeded to smack and pinch her chest and nipples until they started to turn an angry red. She could see that Sade’s eyes were tearing, but she didn’t know if it was because of the choking or the pain of the slaps. Tessa raised Sade’s arms above her head and released her throat. She scooted her legs up to Sade’s head and pressed her wet pussy against her face.

“Use your tongue, fucking lick it!” Tessa spat at Sade, “oh fuck yes…”

She started to grind her hips over Sade’s slurping tongue and nose, and leaned forward to hold her arms down. When Sade would start to buck for air she would let up just long enough to give her a single, hurried breath. Sade’s face was covered in her juices and Tessa’s vulva were plump with the extreme arousal. Finally, Tessa shifted her hips backward and put her clitoris directly in the path of Sade’s mouth and busy tongue. This was the last push over the edge that she had needed and the orgasm that had been building released is waves. The world dropped away as she became unaware of anything accept the feeling that was pulsing back and forth inside of her. She came down from the ecstasy, and dismounted her lover’s face.

Sade was covered in Tessa’s girl-cum and her skin was flushed from the exertion of licking and being smothered by that wonderfully soft pussy. She looked at Tessa’s heavy-breathing form next to her and crawled so that she was across Tessa’s legs. Tessa propped herself up on her elbows and looked at Sade’s ass that was popped up in the air. She sat up fully and put her right hand firmly on the small of Sade’s back and pushed her down. With her left hand, she made a cupped-shape and brought it down hard on the un-tanned rump in front of her. Sade cried out and Tessa realized that it was making her hot again. She continued to spank. She alternated the cheeks and amount of force before ending in a finale, using her full strength to brutally punish Sadie’s cheeks. When she was done, Sade was an exhausted heap on her lap, crying openly.

“There, there,” purred Tessa as she ran her hand over the hot red flesh of Sade’s ass, “it’s okay. You needed that bad, didn’t you? You did so well. Now you deserve a little something.”

Continuing to soothe the abused backside with her right hand, Tessa licked her middle and index fingers of her left. She moved the wet digits between Sade’s cheeks and traced her crack up and down. She felt Sade’s response beneath her. Tessa slowed as she let her fingers slide over the puckered anus and the dripping wet opening of Sade’s quim. She paused at this opening and pushed the two fingers into the hot, wet sex. Tessa found that Sadie was tight, but just gushing with juices. The brutal spanking had affected her more than Tessa could have imagined. She moved her fingers in and out. She rotated them around while noting which places brought shudders of pleasure from Sade’s body. She pulled her hand out and tasted the juices. It was just heavenly, that womanly taste and scent. Tessa put her hand back to Sade’s waiting pussy and added a third finger. There was resistance from the narrow opening, but also moans of pleasure.

Tessa started moving her hand faster, finger-fucking Sade’s poor bruised backside. She would bury her fingers deep and then try to spread the digits apart, slowly stretching Sade’s pussy open wider. After she felt Sade’s sex relax and accommodate her, Tessa added yet another finger. The wedge of her hand now battered at Sade’s vagina and juices flowed freely around this huge invader. Tessa thought that she almost had Sade’s body relaxed enough and, tucking her thumb up in a wedge, forcefully applied pressure until the whole of her hand was inside Sade’s throbbing pussy. Sade was moaning and shaking with each little movement and Tessa slowly curled her fingers around into a fist. Tessa started rotating her arm back and forth in the warm, soft flesh of her lover. She started a “fucking” action too, although Sade was so tight that she couldn’t move in and out very far. Tessa kept at it and was feeling burning in the muscles of her arm as she fisted Sade harder and harder. Causing her to shake with every thrust. Both women felt the building and finally were rewarded.

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