TF Quickies: Heroine


Content Spoilers: This story is rated “not for everyone”. It features fetish material involving shapeshifting, a woman endowing herself with a penis and balls of enormous size, heavy breast expansion, absurd amounts of both sperm and milk and some messiness involving said liquids. Several laws of physics were harmed in this scenario. Enjoy!


“Danger! Danger! The city is under attack!”

Members of the Valkyrie Squad dashed out of the changing room one by one. Throughout their base, the justice alarm blared and viewscreens displayed scenes of the city under attack by Zauroids. One of the heroines, a svelte, long-haired redhead in golden armor, finished lacing up her boots but lingered behind a moment. She addressed the last one remaining besides her.

“Nira? Why are you suited up? Isn’t this your day off?”

Nira, alias Star-Woman, was a petite, short-haired blonde wearing a gold-and-silver, high-booted and long-gloved Spandexium bodysuit. The fabric had a texture of polished chrome, and enveloped her entire body without even a single wrinkle. Of course, with Nira’s relative lack of curves and her short stature, there wasn’t much to envelop. While in civilian life this made her thoroughly unremarkable, she ironically stood out among her statuesque superheroine friends.

Nira smiled. “Hi Athena. It is, but I reserved the pool for a workout session today.”

“OH! Your…” Athena blushed, making a circle with her thumb and index finger and motioning vaguely. “The usual, right?”


Athena raised an eyebrow. “Does that mean you’re going to ruin your costume again? Vicki’s going to be so mad!”

Nira shrugged. “It’s fine, it’ll regenerate. Anyway, don’t you have a city to save?”

“Oh! Right!” Athena nodded, pivoted and gave Nira a little wave as she ran after the others. “Enjoy your me time!”

With a returned wave and a small grin, Nira made for the base’s indoor pool area. She filled herself up a large bottle of water and picked up a beach chair on the way, tucking the latter under her arm.

As she walked, she took a deep breath and began to concentrate her power. She felt her body get warm as it shifted in her Spandexium suit, slowly, her legs grew longer with every step. She shifted her grip on the chair, too, as her muscles filled out and made it light as a feather in her grip. She whistled, playing with the chair with one hand while she continued to get taller and her hips grew more pronounced. Her short hair cascaded down the small of her back, wavy and golden.

Her transformation concluded, she passed by a mirror as she entered the pool area and smiled at her reflection. About eight feet tall, she now looked like she perfectly belonged with the Valkyrie Squad, and how. She was a vision of statuesque power and beauty poured in a shining suit.

Nira was an alien from planet Zamaon. As such, she had shape-shifting abilities… to some extent. This transformation was the one she underwent every time she went out for superheroics. She had learned to do it long ago, and could switch back and forth with minimal effort. Becoming a super-strong, invincible demi-goddess certainly came in handy, but she had always been interested in venturing outside of her usual boundaries. And like a muscle, her power was something she had to exercise from time to time so she could better use it.

Hence, today’s gaziantep escort training. What she had planned was certainly unorthodox, but the actual form of it didn’t matter, only that she exert her power. And what she had in mind should be a lot of fun!

And so, she set the beach chair next to the edge of the pool, which had been drained as per her request, set her water bottle down and sat. She didn’t lean the chair back fully, but still relaxed, spread her legs and concentrated her power between them.

A shudder ran through her body as she felt herself shift. It began.

Nira smiled as she watched- and most all felt -the nub of her clitoris swell enough to become visible through her Spandexium suit. It grew further, lengthening into an erect phallus and stretching the material with a creaking sound. The shiny fabric was immensely resilient, meant to stretch to accommodate any humanoid body type and withstand virtually any punishment. But today, she would be putting it, and herself, to the test.

Her phallus grew inch after inch. Ten, eleven, twelve. Each one strained the Spandexium even further, its creaking increasingly insistent. Nira shuddered as she felt the suit embrace her member so closely, practically wrapping around it. She reached towards it with her hand, before stopping herself. The urge to stroke was strong, but she wasn’t ready yet. First she had to win this battle.

Her growth was slowing down as the high-tech fabric did everything in its power to stop her. But while Spandexium was the strongest material on Earth, Nira was also the strongest woman on Earth. Sweat beaded as she took deep breaths, one after another, concentrating her willpower in that area of her body. Pleasure was just- Just! -starting to turn into pain now. She bit her lip, her phallus twitching uncontrollably as the Spandexium gave one last hurrah, and-


It gave way, finally. A long tear appeared as Nira’s foot-and-a-half phallus burst free, as thick as her arm. It bobbed in front of her eyes, in time with her pants of relief.

Nira reached down to pull the tear in her suit further apart, revealing the rest of her sex. She fingered her pussy, already so slick with arousal, but pulled her hand away to rub the base of her clit-turned-dick. Glistening skin stretched and swelled beneath her fingers, and soon she was cupping balls the size of raisins, then grapes, then tennis balls.

Nira didn’t stop there, however. Gently, she caressed her balls, willing them to slowly grow further to match her enormous cock. It didn’t take long for it to feel as if she was cupping a pair of warm, slick oranges. She was satisfied with this, for now, and lifted her hand away.

The real fun was about to start.

Already, the engorged tip of her member was dripping generous amounts of precum. She caressed it with her slick right hand, coating her hand in lubrifying liquid. She ran it down her member, licking her lips…

And went to town.

Her hand, which had been known to casually destroy brick walls and throw cars, was working its full Zamaonian strength on gripping and pumping her slick member. She should have shown a little more restraint, she knew. She could have started out nice and slow, and worked up to a climax. But Nira wasn’t a very restrained sort of woman to begin with, and one downside konya escort to her usual uniform destruction was that it always left her, well, horny as hell. Besides, there would be time to take it slow later. She had all day.

After just a few, very intense seconds, her hand stopped. She was feeling the wave rushing in and, with the last of the control she could muster, made sure to angle her dick towards the center of the pool…

And she screamed, as a thick stream of white cream burst out with the force of a firehose, shooting past her mark and towards the other end of the pool. There, gallons and gallons of her alien sperm gathered, sticking to the vertical surface, then slowly glopped back down. One thing to understand about Zamaonians like Nira was that their bodies were anomalies to reality as we knew it, which could and regularly would tell certain laws of physics to go fuck themselves.

Conservation of mass was one of them.

The waves and waves of cum finally abated, having left a long, goopy white streak across the entire length of the pool. By Nira’s estimation, she could have filled a bathtub, maybe more with just this. And she hadn’t even really gotten going. She had never filled the pool before, but it had been her long-term goal, and with every ‘workout’, she got closer to it.

Her dick went limp, still dribbling globs of cum, but it didn’t shrink. Zamaonians’ refractory period was shorter than humans’, but it was still a thing.

Of course, Nira had planned for that. It was time for her second favorite part of all this. She took a quick drink from her bottle and leaned her beach chair back. She caressed her chest, a chill running down her spine at what was coming next, and rested her hands on her stomach.

Her nipples were already tingling, and it took very little mental prompting for them to start poking out solidly enough to be visible through the Spandexium. Nira started breathing intently, gaining a cup size with each breath. C, breath, D, breath, E…

She met no resistance. Superheroines were, after all, superheroically buxom, and their suits had been designed accordingly. Even as she reached into G and H-cups, the Spandexium fulfilled its function, pushing her breasts up flatteringly but remaining comfortable. She had a few friends who were naturally that large, after all.

She only started to feel some strain when her breasts became the size of basketballs. The fabric began to protest then as she kept making them swell, deciding to go for a somewhat elogated shape, making her aerolae protrude in a nearly conical shape. This concentrated the strain on her titanium-hard nipples, but also gave her an angle of attack.

A breath, then another, and another. Her breasts were swelling to the size of football helmets even as the Spandexium tried everything it could to try and flatten them. Nira’s face was red with strain as her boobs almost seemed to shrink before her eyes-

There was a loud bursting sound as the right breast of her suit gave out, starting from her nipple, then tore itself apart, as if being peeled off in the space of a second. Her second breast’s followed a second later, and Nira moaned as two incredibly perky breasts sprung free, exploding to the size of beach balls in an instant from Nira’s pent-up effort.

She panted, sweating. But by kayseri escort now, her dick was rock-hard again.

She wasn’t ready to go just yet, however. She took a long gulp from her water bottle, caught her breath, shifted to the edge of her seat so her balls would dangle off the edge… and focused again.

This time, both her penis and breasts were growing, pulsing in unison with her breathing. Her balls were back along for the ride, too, continuing to grow to match the size of her member. She leaned forward, shuddering as her penis and breasts grew large enough for her to nestle the former between the latter.

Nira ran her breasts up and down her member as they continued to grow, coating it in a slick mix of sweat and precum. She had meant to grow more before she continued, but the pleasure was too great. She squeezed her breasts together, using her control over them to clasp them around her penis firmly, while keeping a very soft surface. She pumped and pumped, sweating as her breasts grew so large that she could only barely reach her nipples, and her penis was now long enough for her to kiss and lick, with girth to match.

Meanwhile, her attention briefly shifted to her testicles, now the size of bowling balls. She felt liquid swirling through them, another almost literal wave forming within her own body, rushing for the shore as it gathered, dwarfing the previous one in intensity. Her hands returned to the side of her breasts, kneading them along her shaft, using her titanic strength to provide herself the ultimate pleasure…

She forgot to breathe for a second.

Her entire body tensed up. Her arms hugged her breasts, fingers digging deep into her malleable flesh.

She screamed, gushing tremendous amounts of cum and milk into the pool.

Sperm shot up, its volume dwarfing Nira’s previous output. It arched in the air, some of it even grazing the ceiling and sticking there for a brief moment at least before plopping back down. Milk sprayed forward, less controlled, shooting every which way from engorged nipples her thumb and forefinger could barely wrap around.

Nira lost track of time again as waves of pleasure washed upon her, and into the pool, seemingly endless. Pleasure took ahold of her for… how many minutes? She didn’t count.

But when she regained her full awareness, white liquid was now covering the entire bottom of the pool, a mix of alien sperm, milk and even a non-negligible amount of vaginal juices (though those had mostly ended up at Nira’s feet, dripping into the pool by accident). Nira’s weight in lewd liquid, several times over, had been discharged into the largest container she could possible find. She panted as she continued to squirt, slowing down but still pumping out prodigious amounts from the same orgasm.

She nearly passed out from sustained pleasure and fatigue before she started to feel spent. Finally, her erection was leaving her. With a wet, sloshing ‘plop’, Nira pulled her member out of her milk-and-sperm-stained cleavage, while the trickle of her breasts’ milky discharge finally died down.

She then realized, with a hazy, annoyed grunt, that she had forgotten to bring some towels. Oh well. A break might be in order, anyway. This had been even more intense than she was used to. She was improving.

She grabbed for her bottle, wiped liquid off of it with her hand and took a very long drink, nearly emptying it. Careful not to slip, she staggered to her feet and stretched out, her cock, balls and breasts shrinking back down as she contemplated the pool, now filled up to about… one tenth?

She grinned, already looking forward to the following nine. She still had all day in front of her, after all.

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