The multi corporation, ‘TGirl4Life’ had combined cloned human DNA and Nano-technology in what they called an ‘Androgenous hybrid,’ to all intents and purposes a living, breathing human. This new person, however, was created from artificial bones and flesh and already the equivalent of a nineteen year old.

Their factory was in a discrete area of an ordinary city industrial zone. I parked at the rear door and walked around to the reception door, half way down one side. A small group of people were already gathered there.

“Good afternoon, Buyers, I’m Cora” a young woman said, walking from an inner doorway to shake each hand.

Her immaculate blue silk dress, the sheer black stockings she wore, her mannerisms, even the way she wore her long dark hair declared she was the epitome of professionalism.

“I’m sorry you couldn’t be seen individually today,” she said. “TGirl4Life’ prides itself on discretion which is normally second to none but with so many buyers wanting to collect their sex partners upon completion, we’ve had to relax a degree of anonymity.”

I knew they had sold over two hundred thousand of their creations, beautiful female bodies but bearing male sex organs, otherwise known as shemales. We had all paid in advance and our TGirls were manufactured to our own specification and dressed as required. Customers such as ourselves could withhold their shipping details and take the TGirls away personally, by appointment.

There were five in our group which, strangely I thought, counted among its number, a woman. Another, a short, balding guy said,

“When do we get to see our purchases?”

“Shortly,” Cora responded. “Perhaps I could see your receipts to know which units will be going today.”

She gestured to a young man with red hair, pale skin and a straggly beard.

“Please give me your receipt and if the rest of you would hand me yours, we can start.”

She opened a door in the far wall and ushered us through as she scanned the slips through a machine. A beautiful blonde TGirl turned towards us smiling, my mouth dropped open, she was stark naked. Perfectly at ease showing off her small breasted body, her face was absolutely exquisite and her long legs were to die for. My gaze drifted to her dick which was completely devoid of hair and quite small.

“This is one of our android workers, she is slimmer and less endowed than our regular models for ease of working on the manufacturing lines. All our operatives are androids, their long working hours gives us good data for joint wear and overall duration. Feel her body, explore the tactile softness of her skin and appreciate the harder structural strength of underlying ‘bones’ and anatomically correct joints”

We all took turns feeling her face, her breasts and of course her soft round ass, more than one of our party slipped a finger into her tight hole. I meanwhile had stroked her dick marvelling in the way it slowly reached a turgid state to stand out proud and hard. She smiled and looked down at her member, her pulse creating a nodding erection jutting stiffly from her belly. The woman in our party fondled the swollen dick and bent to suck on it, whilst I pushed a finger into the TGirl’s ass. The blonde accepted my invading finger easily but swayed forward causing the woman to get a bit more than a mouthful of cock. She said,

“I think I’m going to like my model, it’s far better endowed than this one.”

Cora smiled and opened a door, saying,

“Come on in, I’ll show you the manufacturing assembly lines.”

There were several conveyor belts, each held headless TGirls in various stages of completion, we walked towards the start of assembly. The workers were all similar to the blonde shemale we had just fondled. At this early point in production, headless skeletons were bonded onto rubber covered ‘pseudo muscles’ which would replicate the actions of back, ass and calves. The gluteus maximus, or ass cheek muscles, could be altered to suit the customer’s requirements. The skeletal frame was fitted with lungs and a’heart’ within its ribcage with their respective tubing. The ‘stomach’ and other organs were placed in the pelvic girdle, again with accompanying tubing. There was quite a range of sizes of genitalia that could then be added, small tubes were affixed to a chemical process area which soon would secrete tiny drips, to slowly fill the testicles.

Cora explained that the ‘bones’ were a type of liquid foam plastic which formed a skin on contact with the surface of a mould. Embedded in each mould were thin, titanium, bearing surfaces, securely bonding into the liquid plastic to form the hard wearing, light, bone structure. Small protrusions at the ends of the bones enabled the fixing of thin, titanium wires acting as mechanical ligaments. The pseudo musculature, operating pretty much as our own, uses oxygen within cloned cells to contract each muscle, in the process converting the oxygen to carbon dioxide to be breathed out in the usual way.

In place of the stomach are liquid protein 1080 porno filled sacs, each having a movable central membrane divider. In operation the whole of the sac is initially devoted to protein but as it is gradually depleted, the other side of the membrane starts to store dead cells and by products which can’t be chemically converted, that gradually begins to fill the whole of the sac. On a three monthly basis the customer has to replace the protein via a tube down the smooth silicone throat. The tube’s transmitter operates a valve which allows protein to be pumped in, thereby pushing the waste out via the rectum. A couple of pints of water swallowed with antibacterial tablets thoroughly cleaned the disposal route.

I walked forward, interested in the technological components, just as the worker turned to reach for a part and her ass brushed past my hand.

“Sorry,” I said, automatically.

“The skin is the biggest organ of the body” said Cora, It took our scientists years to perfect its texture and even longer to bond it to a silicone sub structure. Inspect it very closely, it has a matt finish, a secret material that contains human DNA. There are literally millions of ‘pores’ in it and it stretches in the way that normal skin would do.”

What else could I do? I was inspecting the worker’s ass closely, so I pinched it. Apart from the yelp of surprise from the android I noticed how flexible the skin was and it obviously held nerve endings, hence the yelp.

At the next station sixteen short strings of foam coated nickel hydride batteries were placed around the ‘stomach’ in a square much like the human intestines. Attached to these were eight small, rectangular chargers, placed in two vertical rows and covered with thin abdominal ‘muscles’ placed each side of the belly button. That inconspicuous dimple held a waterproof hood for the small socket that accepted a multi voltage mains cable. The overall effect was of a reasonably toned athlete, rather than a body builder. I was astonished at the hundreds of yards of thin tubing conducting the ‘blood’ around the various pseudo muscles boosted by auxiliary peristaltic pumps.

This was a whole new version of hybrid chemical recombination units and electronic wizardry housed in the silicone covered, humanoid body. With its mechanical ‘blood’ pump in place of the heart and the protein sacs feeling just like a stomach, the whole creation was as close to the human body as possible – although going shopping wasn’t compulsory.

We were amazed at the sight of so many naked operatives working quietly and efficiently, their bodies fully open to our gaze. They smiled in recognition of our presence and didn’t seem at all perturbed at our laviscous stares.

The model I had ordered was a dark haired Asian, I love coffee coloured skin, medium sized breasts, a peachy round bum and medium sized cock. I had wanted my girl to speak English but with an underlying accent to complement her exotic look.

Cora pointed as we neared the end of the production line,

“At the end of the process, a quad core operating system is installed in the head to ensure each model is fluent in the client’s language and is ready to function fully. The head and neck muscles are attached to the skeletal frame and all tubes and wires plugged in and tested.”

“The models before you are at the peak of looks and durability,” she said proudly.

The red haired guy asked. “What if, say, a session goes on for hours?”

Cora beamed, obviously expecting this type of question.

“We had a TGirl run a marathon, alongside athletic club runners, she finished in a very respectable 3 hours 41 and continued to function normally for another 12 hours before needing to recharge.” She positively beamed as she said, “We wouldn’t want you to wear them out!”

We reached the far end of the plant to see our shemales awaiting us, dressed as specified and standing patiently, waiting to be introduced. The short balding guy strode up his, a tall Nordic blonde, her huge breasts and large dick barely contained in a red bikini.

Cora instructed us to whisper the password we had assigned to our model so she would respond only to us. We each approached our ‘ideal’ girl, mine was so very beautiful, a vision in white balcony bra and garter belt tautly clipped to white stockings, disappearing into white high heeled shoes. Shorter than me, even in her heels, I walked around her, appreciating every curve of unblemished skin. Having whispered the password I suggested she should respond to the name, Almira.

Meanwhile Cora continued,

“Most people want to try out their TGirls right away and this area was designated for that very purpose.”

Thick soft rubberised mats covered the floor, the same material also formed couches scattered about the area. By the time I had led Almira to a couch, the others were already getting to know the ‘TGirl of their dreams’.

One shemale had knelt, gently caressing a guy’s dick, her hands stroking in skilful 2 k porno manipulation of his hardening member. He laid back, his cock standing straight up as the gorgeous creation stroked him now more strongly. Her tempo increased, his hips rising up and down, anticipating the approaching orgasm. He fondled her breasts, the full globes seemed like real flesh, her nipples hardened perkily, tits bouncing as she moved.

I looked around, the woman buyer had fallen to her knees, sucking the rampant member of her large dark shemale, her lips sliding along the solid rod that rose proudly from between the TGirl’s strong thighs. Adept in teasing and sucking the big cock, she used both hands to wank it as she sucked, it wasn’t long before the dark beauty jetted cum all over the woman’s shapely breasts. The musky scent of semen was pervading the room as some were literally ‘overcum’ with their new plaything.

The red haired man was naked on all fours, a close cropped blonde TGirl, filling his ass with her cock, thrusting back and forth in a smooth flexible rhythm. He was moaning and gasping in ecstasy as his TGirl thrust a thick dick in and out of him. He cried out as the shemale clenched her ass cheeks, pumping her juice into him, he too, was soon oozing cum in a steady stream from his flaccid, hanging, dick.

I lay on a couch, Almira astride and facing me, she held my stiff cock and slowly eased her cute ass over it. Sliding up and down with a smooth motion, she was lost in the moment. I watched as her dick waved, flopping up and down as she moved, then to rise smoothly, revealing almost all of my slick cock before sliding back down, taking all of me deep inside herself once more. I grasped her dick, her own movements soon had her hard in my hand, I marvelled at that gorgeous muscle, as real as any sculpted by mother Nature. Almira was so very lovely, she leant forward to kiss me, her long hair cascaded around my head, a dark curtain of privacy as we kissed for the first time. Not an artificial kiss, her lips were soft and pliable, tasting so sweetly I could kiss her all day. I stroked her breasts, hefting the fullness of them and coaxing the nipples to harden, tracing the aureoles, wishing I could kiss them also as she rose and fell over me. The action of her sweet ass stroking my cock soon had me groaning in ecstasy, then, I came, a fountain of cum hosed up inside her, I could feel her ass grip me. A small gasp and she spurted her love juice over me, two generous jets of cum anointed my belly. Then, as she softened, her cock dipped, to slowly trace a tired, wet trail over my skin. Even with her loveliness still before me, I too softened and relinquished her soft ass as she rolled off me.

Cora had stripped whilst watching us and was stroking her thick cock, she too was a truly gorgeous shemale. I had no idea our guide had a hidden ‘agenda’ she seemed so cute and girly. I looked at her and said,

“If I order another TGirl, I’d want one just like you.”

She smiled and walked closer, naked but for black, thigh high stockings and looking deep into my eyes. Her jutting cock, gently swaying to the rhythm of her walk was directed towards my mouth. She cocked an eyebrow quizzically,

“May I?”

“Yes please,” I said, parting my lips to receive her. I felt her warm cock head slip into my adoring mouth.

“Do you want me to cum over your tongue?” she asked.

“Oh yes, I want to drink in your beauty.”

She slid into my mouth, the taper of her cock gently opening my lips until the groove of her glans made a slight pause before the thicker shaft bore into me. She was lodged in my cheek, I tried to get in all I could but failed to engulf even half of her thick, long cock. I drew back a little to hold and admire her lovely weapon, kissing the turgid end and wanting to taste the juice from her. I squeezed the base of her shaft as I licked the tip, tasting just a little precum, an aperitif. I doubt it was a match for the richly flavoured taste of this full bodied TGirl. I continued licking and sucking her organ, then, teasing her, holding back her climax. Shortly I began sucking slowly to bring her back to the brink once again. Her hips were grinding into my face, she was moaning, trying to force my head to suck her deeper, slamming her cock in and out, bruising my lips. I eased the suction once again, just using saliva coated lips to hold her in place, reducing the sensation, allowing her to fall back from the edge once more. She was calling now for me to finish her off,

“Please let me cum,” she moaned, “I’m begging you, please let me cum.”

Her ass was quivering, her thigh muscles tensing as she powered her cock forward, hoping to find any small increase of sensation in my smooth saliva filled mouth. She was so very close, I withdrew from her cock and swallowed, saying,

“The best things in life don’t cum easily.”

She gave a little cry and slammed into my throat, now more eager than ever to take herself teetering over the brink to orgasm. Holding her cock tightly 3 k porno between my lips, I started sucking harder, letting her barge into my warm, rapacious mouth. Raping my head, she fought to peak, pursuing an elusive conclusion. Harder still, she face fucked me, her whole body thrusting wantonly, seeking the satisfaction that only a climax would bring. Suddenly she stiffened, her body went as taut as a bow string, she spasmed, quivering as she spewed what seemed like pints of cum into my throat, topping up my belly with her nectar. I drank greedily, eager to get my fill of this wonderful shemale. I nursed on her cock like a fat nipple, suckling at the milky life giving fluid from her body, the goodness flowed, until she slumped over me, utterly drained.

My newly purchased Tgirl, Almira, was not in the least bit jealous,

“I’m so glad you made each other happy,” she said, “We ‘TGirls4Life’ are really great, aren’t we?”

“You mean Cora is an android?”

“Of course, silly, there are no others here at the factory,” she smiled.

We both kissed Cora and made our way to my car for the drive home.

There was no handbook or instructions with my new purchase, I suppose, after all in any relationship you have to build on friendship and trust.

– II –

When we arrived home Almira asked for a glass of water, adding a lemon flavoured antibacterial tablet she promptly drank it down. After asking for the toilet she explained that it was to flush her rectum in order to keep her insides clean. When she was clean on the inside, we agreed a warm shower would do the same for our outsides, it would allow us to really get to know each other – intimately.

We kissed under the shower, she had such full, sensual lips, my hands softly caressed her body, finding perfect conical breasts, full and sitting high on her chest. My soft swirling fingers soon had her hard nipples projecting perkily from each brown aureole. She was breathing a little more heavily now as she reacted to the sensations building in those sensitive globes. Using some shampoo I lathered her hair, folding the long wavy locks in the lather, careful not to tangle her tresses. I took the wash cloth from her, and gently washed her neck, marvelling at the dainty seashells that were her ears. A semi porous membrane shielded the delicate electronics of her hearing and I carefully washed them with just a damp cloth.

I continued down her left side washing both legs and feet, returning up the other side completely bypassing the centre of her torso. She moved her breasts closer to me as I washed her beautiful face, no makeup here, she didn’t need it. I got carried away with her lips and couldn’t pass up the chance to kiss them, I did so longingly but moved around to wash her back. Lathering her lovely ass cheeks and delicate hidden rosebud, I grew as hard as an iron rod. I turned her around, moving my jutting cock out of the way, as my hands brought more lather to her breasts, she was breathing heavily now, wanting me to touch on a couple of points. She moaned as I lightly washed her full breasts, swirling around the dark nipples and hopefully driving her wild with anticipation. Regretfully I departed that bouncy pliant area and washed my way down a slightly curved belly to find a half hard dick trying its best to reach up to where I had recently been.

I washed this delightful organ ever so softly, moving on to gently wash her balls, endeavouring not to arouse her too much by my washing. I ignored the forward thrust of her hips as I dropped the wash cloth and moved back up to kiss her water sluiced breasts.

Taking one of her nipples into my mouth I began to tease it, nipping, oh, so gently with my teeth and flicking my tongue around stiff the nipple. I paid attention to her other hardened and, by now, extremely sensitive nipple, arousing her passion, stoking the flames of desire.

I then began running the tips of my fingers down the length of Almira ‘s cock, feeling the soft skin sliding back silkily over her hardening shaft. I felt in awe, my touch controlling her lovely dick as it continued to grow, slowly rising in my grasp until she reached full erection. I gently stroked the underside of its solid length, watching as it began to twitch and pulse, her cock head jerking spasmodically before me.

“Kiss it…” she said softly.

There was nothing in this world that I wanted more, I leant forward, slowly pressing my lips against the warm taut shining skin at the tip of her dick. She gave a small gasp, I held the throbbing organ, kissing down its length, cupping her balls, titillating the source of her nectar. Opening my mouth, I began to lick and tease around the groove of her glans, only my tongue touching her. She thrust at me wanting more contact but I beat her back with quick tongue flick ripostes but there was a hunger in me which only this beautiful cock could assuage. I closed my lips over it, savouring her arousal, her dick throbbing within my lips, I tickled the very tip of her, with each little flick I felt it jerk in response. Sliding my hands around her waist I let them fall, to hold her soft round ass, just the feeling of her bum in my hands was more than I could bear, I kneaded those full curves loving the texture and weight of her exquisite derriere.

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