Thank Goodness for Snowstorms

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Walking into the truckstop, I tried to shake the snow off my coat. Just the short time I had been at the fuel pump, the freezing temps had made the crystals stick together and form clumps that each left a muffled sound as they fell to the tile floor.

Damn it would be good to be back in South Texas, where we never had to worry about this shit. I hated the cold, and the only thing that made it worse was the snow added in. Mother nature played tricks on everyone I guess, and the folks along I-40 in New Mexico, always seemed to get the last breath of winter in mid March.

The freezing rain, then the snow, then temps dropping into the teens. What could make your life more interesting than to have a deadline that required you to keep moving regardless. The added challenges of seeing the 4 wheelers disregarding driving conditions and pushing the envelope to get where they were going, just added to the excitement. I had heard stories from the state troopers of wrecks happening within minutes of their opening the gates to let traffic back on the interstate.

Thank God, I was through with this after getting back home. I had been fortunate over the years, with my OCD and connections I had built over the years, to stay busy the last 15 years. Sometimes busier than I had wanted, but had made very good money. The money combined with owning my truck outright thanks to a lucky streak at a casino in Kentucky, had enabled me to have nothing but clear profit after the first two weeks of the month.

Walking over to the coffee pots, a new face, greeted me. Dark hair, impeccable makeup, and a killer body immediately changed the frosty feeling in my bones to a warm surge. “I am Jayde, I am the new shift manager,” she said as she rearranged the coffee pots. “You must be John,” she said with a laugh.

“I am. Guess my reputation got here before I did,” I replied as I filled up the cup before me. I was a frequent customer of this truckstop. The staff was friendly and they were always helpful when you had a problem. Not to mention that they had the hottest staff of any that I had ever seen. Over the years, I had tried to reward their kindness and professionalism with little tokens of my appreciation. On a couple of occasions, I had ordered in pizzas for everyone there. I had always tried to send flowers on special occasions that seemed to bring the most reaction from them, but generally just friendly thoughtful things.

“Yes, Natalie told me to watch out for you,” Jayde said. Never looking up from the counter she was wiping down. Thank goodness, she didn’t see the crimson color I could feel rushing over my face.


Natalie, had been a previous manager of the truck stop. We had known each other for quite some time before we had inadvertently ran into each other at one of the local casinos. One thing led to another, and we ended up getting a room and spending the night pleasuring each other. There was something about Natalie, that absolutely drove me crazy. When we got together it was like a fire was burning inside of us, and there was only one way to douse the fire and that was with the sweet nectar that came from both sets of her lips.

The only drawback in these little excursions was Natalie’s husband. I did not find out that she was married for the first couple of times we were together, but she let it slip by accident one night. I had decided that I did not need the hassle of a jealous husband, but the next time I had a layover in Albuquerque, we were at it again. We pushed the envelope often and it was always in the back of my mind that we were going to get caught.

Well, it happened… We got caught. Not by her husband, but by the police. I had stopped to fuel and shower, with no intention of doing more. After getting a shower assigned to me, I had gone in and started the water. Getting everything situated, I heard a knock on the door. When I opened it, Natalie pushed in and kissed me. Kissing me, she reached for my cock and immediately I could feel myself rising. I started taking her top off, and when I had her completely undressed set her up on the counter. When she leaned back against the mirror, her beautiful pussy was at the perfect position for some serious fucking. With her pussy tilted up, I was able to take long full strokes into her. Natalie had always been vocal, and I kind of got a thrill that other drivers could hear her outside the shower. Knowing this beautiful woman was in the shower with me, and I was being able to enjoy her beautiful body.

Just as we reached our climax, there was an unbelievable knock on the door. Sounded like they were trying to knock the door down. I didn’t have time to think that it might have been Natalie’s husband, I just jerked the door open. Standing at the door, gawking at me and Natalie naked, with me seeping from her beautiful pussy, this jack ass asked if I drover the burnt orange Kenworth. I said I did, and he said someone had hit my bumper in the parking lot. I told him to hold on, I would bursa escort be right out. Natalie and I got dressed in silence and as I pulled my boots on, she opened the door and walked out.

The damage to my truck was bad, but not enough to keep me from continuing on my delivery. When I looked for Natalie, she was nowhere to be found, I thought the embarrassment would fade and I could make up with her later. I was wrong. The embarrassment of getting caught at work, nearly cost her her job, and definitely caused rumors to run rampant about her. We were friendly, but never intimate after that. ****************

As I sat the coffee and donuts on the counter, Jayde came over to ring up my purchase. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to embarrass you at the mention of Natalie’s name,” she said. “It was supposed to be funny.”

I grinned and said, “no problem. Natalie and I have a history, that goes back a long way.”

“I know,” she replied as she gave me the total. ” I like showers too, ya know.”

I paid for my food and walked out to the fuel island. Just as I started to pull away from the pumps, I heard the tone come over the CB from the state police. I knew this was not going to be good, but listened to the message coming over the radio.”

“Interstate 40 will be closed indefinitely from exit

26 to Exit

94.” “This closure is due to blowing snow and visibility to less than 500 ft.” “The New Mexico DOT will advise of any further details”

Shit, shit, shit. At least there were parking places before the trucks were pushed into the truck stops. As I pulled into the parking place, I tried making a mental list of what supplies were missing from my truck, in case I did indeed get stranded. The only thing I could think of that might make this possibly extended stranding more bearable was some bread for sandwiches, and maybe some chips to go along with it.

As I made my way back to the truckstop, I began bitching to myself again, about this fucking weather. In so doing, I paid less attention to where I was going and stepped off in a damn hole in their parking lot. Falling all the way to the ground, I was covered in the nastiest coldest mud you could imagine. Worse than that, I was barely able to walk. I thought I had torn what ligaments were still attached in my left knee. When I hobbled into the truckstop with help from a couple of drivers, Jayde ran over to us to see what had happened. I told her and she led us into the driver lounge. Sitting down, I looked at Jayde and for the first time, realized just how beautiful her eyes were. She noticed me staring at her and smiled. “What are you looking at,” she asked.

“You have amazing eyes,” I said between grimacing at the pain in my knee and looking at the mess I was with the mud. “I mean damn, they are remarkable.” Jayde smiled and said she would be back in a few minutes. When she returned, she asked what I needed from my truck to get cleaned up. I told her the clothes and where my bag was with all the toiletries for shower. She said she would go to my truck and get the stuff and be back.

When she got back, the first thing she said was, ” I cannot believe how much room you have in that truck.” I knew it had to have a lot for you guys to live in them, but it’s amazing. As she handed me the bag, she said, “We both know, I need to stay as far away from the showers as possible.” Laughing, I agreed and hobbled to the shower. After getting out, I went into the restaurant and ordered lunch. Mid meal, I looked up as Jayde walked upto my table and sat down.

“I have an offer for you that might make staying in Albuquerque more comfortable for you,” she said as a waitress brought her a cup of coffee. “If you don’t want to do it, I understand and there will be no hard feelings.” ” How would you like to stay at my apartment for the night?” “There are two bedrooms, and it would allow you to get up and walk around to keep the stiffness out of your knee.” “I am pretty close and it looks like the streets are being kept pretty clear, so we shouldn’t have any problem getting there.”

My knee’s stiffness was not what I was thinking about as she talked. Looking into her eyes, I saw a sparkle but thought it may have been my libido driven brain playing tricks on me. “That would be nice, Jayde. I will take you up on that, but only if you will let me buy you dinner first,” I said. She said, “actually, I would like to cook dinner, and we had better get going. The worst of this storm is yet to come.”

As she helped me hobble out to the parking lot, a gust of wind would blow up between us and I would take in her cologne. I couldn’t quite tell what it was, but it smelled fantastic and even with her heavy parka, I was able to catch an occasional scent. Getting into her SUV, as I buckled in, I saw Jayde slip on the iced concrete and fall to the ground. I started to step out, to help her, but she popped right back up and came around to the driver’s side. “Did you see me bust my ass?” she asked as she got in. “I told that fucking kid bursa escort bayan we hired yesterday that he had to keep the ice salted, or we were going to get in trouble with a lawsuit.” As she continued to cuss worst than I could have imagined, she finally stopped in mid sentence, and looked at me. We both burst out laughing. “I can’t believe I just called him a kid”, she said. “I am not that much older than he is.”

When she said that, I immediately began to question just how old she was. Sensing what I was thinking, Jayde said,” in case you are wondering now, I am 26.” Looking straight ahead, I saw a smile move across her lips, but she never looked my way. Instead, the rest of the drive, she was talking about different things that were her responsibility at the truckstop now that she was the manager. I asked about Natalie leaving, and Jayde said, ” she packed up and moved to Los Angeles with this asshole.” “She fell madly in love with him, and I think they had gotten into BDSM pretty heavily.” “She showed me a few marks on her that he had put with a crop or something like that.” “I told her she was a fool, that outside of the occasional slap on the ass during sex, a man had better not, put his hands on me.”

When we arrived at Jayde’s apartment, I was still in a fog, imagining slapping her ass while having her face down on the bed. As Jayde opened the door, I was shook out of my daydream, and was quite thankful that her apartment complex only had a ground floor. As she helped me inside, I flopped down in a recliner as she asked if I needed anything. When I told her no, she said she was going to take a shower and would start dinner shortly thereafter. She went into the bedroom and closed the door, but not before turning on some music for me to listen to, and starting a fire in her fireplace.

The warmth and music, soon had me so relaxed that I fell asleep. Not sure how long I slept, but the dreams I was having during this nap, were very vivid, and Jayde was on the receiving end of my attention. During my nap, I did realize that my cock had began straining against my jeans and had became uncomfortable. I woke, and looked and the door to her bedroom was still closed, so I adjusted myself to a more comfortable position. I closed my eyes again, and just as I was dozing off, I heard water running in the sink. Looking toward the kitchen, I saw that Jayde was standing at the sink and said, “hello sleepy head, get a good nap.” I nodded the affirmative and stood, making my way to the bar. Taking a bar stool, I had my first up close look at Jayde since her shower. Even without make-up, she was so beautiful. Her hair wet and cascading down her back. Dressed in a form hugging kimono, I could feel my heart rate increasing.

She asked if I wanted a drink. She said she had beer, wine, and tequila. I told her I would take a beer, and reaching into the refrigerator, flashed me a glimpse of her perfect ass. Taking another drink from her wine glass, she said that she was going to be off for 3 days and was going to start the first day off by recovering from a hangover. She said she had more stress in her life than I could imagine and she had made up her mind to get rid of some starting a month ago with her boyfriend. Said she had moved into this apartment and was going to go on with her life.

Preparing dinner, and talking was a good catharsis for her. She emptied her heart about things that had hurt her recently and how she was going to change them. As she told me about her life, I noticed that she was drinking more and seemed to be putting it away pretty fast. As she talked, I offered feedback on the conversation, but it was obvious that this was more about venting than it was about getting an opinion. While she was talking, she knocked over a bottle of olive oil on the counter and it splashed on the kimono. “Damn,” she said as she walked around the corner of the counter. “Let me change, I will be right back.”

I watched as she walked away and entered her bedroom. She did not bother to close the door, and try as I might, I wasn’t able to pull my eyes away from her as she shed the kimono. Seeing her full beauty before me, as she opened a dresser and took out clothes, I noticed what I thought was a glimmer of moisture on her pussy, before she pulled up the short shorts she had retrieved. Topping off the shorts was a crop top that showed her taut stomach as she turned to come back toward me. Noticing that I had not been able to take my eyes off of her she smiled, and asked, “where was I?” As she walked past, I saw the tattoo on her back, and told her that I thought it was beautiful. She said, “I thought about just tattooing the word harder their, but decided that a nice visual for whoever was back there was better than a demand.” We laughed as she finished her glass of wine and poured another.

When she started talking about her family, it seemed to upset her, and I noticed that she was tearing up. I told her that we all had things involving our family that we wished we could escort bursa do different. She said that she understood that, but just wished that she had been a little more understanding when they were demanding. She said they had moved from New Mexico to Florida to retire and enjoy the sun and warmth. As she was talking, she walked past me to the living room. She said she wanted to show me something. She picked up a photo album and walking to me, she said that she really missed her mom. They had been extremely close, and only were apart because she was so disrespectful to her father. As she described what had happened she started to cry.

I put my arm around her pulling her to me. Holding her close as she cried into my shoulder, I patted her back. Feeling skin, I slowly started caressing her lower back. Not really thinking about it being sexual, but more trying to console her. As the last few sniffles disappeared, she looked up at me, and leaned into me giving me a kiss. What started slow, soon turned into a deep passionate, fever rising, long drawn out kiss. Stepping back, she turned me around and stepped between my knees as she cupped my head to bring me back for another round of kissing.

Holding her close, I could feel her nipples pressing through her tshirt, and she could feel my cock growing in my pants. As we kissed, she began unbuckling my belt. I didn’t fight her, but lifted her tshirt over her head. With her shirt off, I reached for her perfect breast. Running my thumb across her nipple, she moaned as she undid my pants. Reaching into my boxers, she fished my cock out and rubbed her thumb over the precum that was leaking from my arousal. Leaning down, she licked the precum from me, before taking the head into her mouth. The feeling of her tongue swirling around my cock, was driving me wild and I knew I was not going to last long.

I stood her up and pushed her shorts to the ground. Turning her around, I leaned her over the edge of the couch behind me. With her ass upturned toward me, I kissed down her back. Reaching around with one hand squeezing and pulling her nipple, I finally reached her butt. Out of habit, I guess I playfully bit her ass cheek. The second I bit down, the replay of her saying she would never let a man hit her, flashed in my mind. She did not react like I momentarily expected, but let out a playful moan. When I pushed her down farther over the couch, her feet were almost all the way off the ground, and I licked between her tight ass cheeks. When I got to her pussy, I used both hands opening her cheeks looking at her beautiful puckering asshole. The initial lick of her pussy brought a flinch from her moist lips, but when I touched her ass with my tongue, the deep moan I wanted to hear filled the air.

Pushing back against me, she stood up and grabbed my hand. Leading me into the bedroom, she turned the stereo up louder as we walked by it. Approaching the bed, Jayde pushed me down onto my back and straddled me. “We have to do this now,” she said as she rubbed my cock along the wet lips of her pussy. Guiding the head of my cock to her entry, she pushed down and slid the full length of my cock into her beautiful pussy. Leaning forward, she kissed me deeply and started riding up and down on me. Reaching behind her and massaging my balls, she felt my balls tighten and knew the storm brewing was not going to last long. Jayde, stopped her movements and leaned forward again, giving me the most sensual kiss. While I caressed her back, I could feel her pussy flexing around me. After a short time, she raised up and started fucking incredibly fast. Every time she would bottom out on my cock, she would let out the loudest moan, which just drove me closer.

Jayde felt my cock throbbing and quickly picked up the pace. As my cock started to erupt, I felt her pussy tightening and her moan confirmed to me her orgasm was happening. I don’t know how many blasts of cum, I shot into her pretty pussy, but it seemed to last forever. Collapsing onto me, her head on my chest, I heard a soft whimper from her and held her close.

Recovering, we laid in each other’s arms until Jayde got up to go into the shower. Following her, I stepped into the shower with her. Soaping her up while enjoying this masterpiece of a woman was a pleasure and I only wished my cock would react as it would have in my younger days. She did not seem disappointed though and took her time to completely wash every inch of my body. When she kneeled in front of me, lifting my cock up, washing me gently, thankfully it did start coming to life. Continuing her exploration of my cock and ball area, she gently massaged each ball like it was a fragile treasure. When I finally had reached full mast, Jayde took me in her mouth. Slowly working her mouth up and down me, I held onto her head and guided her to pick up the pace. With her mouth and her manipulation of my balls, I could feel the cum boiling ready for escape. She picked up the pace and the sounds coming from her moans acknowledged that she was close to cumming herself just from blowing me. Blasting into her mouth, Jayde did indeed have her own orgasm. When she had got the last drop, she stood and said, “goodness, that was a surprise. How much cum do you keep stored up?”

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