Thanksgiving Playdate Ch. 01


I can’t believe I am posting this, considering we had a close call about a year ago. Second I can’t believe we went through with this.

We had gone home to visit family and managed to setup a play date for Friday after Thanksgiving. We arranged to meet with a stud at a very nice hotel. He would have his own room and we booked our own room.

We are a professional couple in our 40’s and have been involved in the lifestyle for several years now and discretion has been our key part of our indulging the lifestyle. The interracial aspect of our play is by far the most rewarding and erotic. Call us racist, call us whatever you like, but the black on white taboo is strong and drives our passion for interracial sex. The whole white wife/black lover taboo heightens everything about this.

Prior to our leaving on our trip I had talked with the stud we were going to meet, he had always been real aggressive with Pam each time we had played and this was not going to be an exception. One thing he requested at the time was to have a collar and leash for Pam so I could lead her to him and present her to him at the hotel. This seemed like a good idea at the time, seemed like a fun thing to do, lead her out of the bathroom on a leash and take her to the bed, or so I thought.

I received a txt from him on Thursday during our dinner and he wanted us to call him as soon as we could. I txt back that we would call him later Thursday night. Once we were ready to leave and in the car I told Pam we needed to call her stud. She called him from her cell and put it on speaker so we could both talk as I drove. It was good to hear from him and we had some regular chit-chat, how was the holiday etc., typical stuff, and then he asked the question.

“Did you bring the collar and leash?”

“Yes, I packed it with our things.” Then he asked a question I wasn’t expecting.

“Pam, did you pack they outfit I told you to bring?”

I looked at Pam; she smiled sheepishly, cleared her throat and said “Yes.”

“Good, Dave, I took the liberty of telling Pam what I wanted her to wear a few days ago, hope you don’t mind. Now, there is going to be a small change to what she will be wearing. Pam, do not wear any bra or panties and do not wear any shoes. I want you barefoot when Dave brings you to me.”

Pam smiled “Oooh, that sounds interesting…”

“Oh, it is going to be very interesting, Dave, once y’all are checked in send me a text and I’ll call you with further instructions. Looking forward to seeing you both tomorrow, this should be a very fun time for all of us!”

We got back to our hotel and talked about the meet the next day, we had a bit of a drive but we had made reservations at the hotel where we would be meeting our friend. Pam showed me the outfit she had packed, really nice short skirt and white blouse, black panties, bra, and thigh highs which unfortunately would not be worn. All in all a very sexy outfit. I always enjoy her dressing up for her studs, she keeps her pussy waxed and works out to keep fit and in shape to keep up with her studs demands. We kissed and played around a bit before drifting off to sleep, just enough to heighten things for tomorrows drive.

We woke early and had breakfast then went back to the room to pack and get dressed for the drive. Looked like the average couple heading home from a Thanksgiving holiday, nothing flashy just jeans and comfortable shirt for me and jeans and a blouse for Pam. We had been on the road an hour or so when we got a text from her stud wanting to know how things were going and that he would be arriving early to the hotel and letting us know which floor he would be on so we could request a room on the same floor.

Pam texted with him during the drive and during lunch when we stopped. She read me his texts and she spoke aloud what she texted back, it was so fucking hot listening to her and her stud in that manner. I loved it when she snapped a picture and sent it to him. Once we were back in the car and on the road she took more pics, each one she would slide her jeans a little lower or unbutton her blouse a little just to tease him. He eventually told her to make sure we asked for a room on the third floor when we got to the hotel. Just something about watching my wife texting with her lover as we drove to the hotel, seeing her smile and hearing her read everything to me was very erotic.

We arrived at the hotel and checked in and asked for a room on the third floor. We were given a room that was a bit of a walk from the elevator. The room was really nice, Hilton properties are really fantastic in the upscale hotels and this was a very nice room. Big king bed and a nice walk-in shower and living room area. We got unpacked and Pam hopped in the shower to freshen up as I texted her stud to let him know what room we were in.

“Hey, just wanted to let you know we are checked in and in room 346.”

“Good to hear Dave, I’m up in 524. You’ll be bringing Pam up here to me on the leash…”

I couldn’t believe what I was reading

I called him

“Hey, look Escort bayan ah this is a bit of change, little more than we expected”

“Pam, knew. She liked the idea, I told her to keep it between us until I told you.”

My heart was in my throat, I couldn’t believe she would agree to something like this, such a public display.

“Dude, this is a bit much, way too public.”

“Don’t worry, Dave, you are way out of town, it’s a holiday weekend, shouldn’t be any issues and will make it far more exciting. Just think Dave, you’ll be leading your slut wife on a leash to get some black dick all inside her. So just calm down and things will be cool, relax and enjoy the walk. Call me when you are headed this way.”

He hung up. Pam finished her shower and walked out drying herself and smiling.

“Guess you know what he wants?” she said with an impish grin on her face

“Yeah, sounds erotic, but I’m not sure about the public aspect.”

Pam closed her eyes as she toweled herself dry, “yes very erotic” as she ran the towel slowly over her breasts, “led around on a leash, down to the elevator and to his room, mmm, what would anyone think if they saw us?” Pam just looked at me as she absentmindedly dried herself

I was getting hard thinking about it, the risk and the reward, the total eroticism of the entire meeting.

“You sure you want to go through with this?”

Pam nodded and smiled.

She dropped the towel and walked over to me and we embraced and kissed. Running my hands over her soft ,smooth skin, kissing her and feeling her respond to my touch, breaking the kiss just to ask once more “you sure about this?”

Pam looked into my eyes “Yes, lead me to him on a leash, take me to that big black dick, I want to be his whore and be used by him”

“Get dressed” I let her slip from my embrace and watched as she got dressed.

I retrieved the leash and collar, “Kneel”

Pam got down on her knees and I put the collar on her and attached the leash. “Stand”

I had her stand in front of the mirror to get a good look at her.

“Babe, unbutton the blouse completely and tie it across so your tummy is exposed, that will enhance the fact you aren’t wearing a bra”

Loved how the white fabric was nearly see through, her bare breasts just beneath the white fabric.

“Still want to do this? Still time to back out”

Pam pursed her lips and nodded

“Ok” I called him and let him know we were about to leave the room…

“We are about to leave and head to your room”

“Good, I’ll be waiting”

I looked at Pam and nervously smiled and opened the door. We walked down to the elevator, my wife slightly behind me on a leash, her thin white blouse barely containing her breasts and black mini skirt barely covering her. Each step to the elevator was absolutely frightening, what if someone left their room or came down the hall. What if we were seen? All those thoughts and more were running through my mind, I could tell Pam was a little nervous too as we finally got to the elevator. Her nipples were firm and straining against the fabric of the blouse, her cheeks were a bit red and both of us were breathing heavy by the time we made it to the elevator.

“You ok?” My voice was cracking a little

Pam nodded, her lips pursed. She was glancing around nervously as I pressed the button for the elevator. The door opened to a thankfully empty elevator and we entered, just as the door was closing we heard a door open and someone walking towards the elevator. I hurried to press the button and just as the door was closing we caught a glimpse of a couple coming around the corner, talking to each other.

Pam moved close to me, I could tell she was very nervous about that near miss. It was the longest two floor ride on an elevator we have ever taken. I put my arm around her and could feel her shaking a little. I stroked her back and gave her a quick kiss.

“We’ll be to his room soon”

Pam whispered out a “yes”.

Looking at my wife standing there barefoot, knowing in a few minutes she would taken completely by a black man, was so very erotic. The elevator stopped at the fifth floor and we exited. We walked slowly towards his room, wary of any noise that might indicate a door opening or elevator opening. We made it to his room door, I had hoped he would have propped it open but it was closed. I knocked on the door.

“Be right there”

I could hear him walk up to the door but he didn’t open it.

“Now, have her stand where I can get a good look at her”

I nodded at Pam and she moved in front of the door. I had her turn around and back to face the door.

“Good, now open your blouse”

We were still standing in the hall, fully exposed to anyone who came out of their room or down the hall. Pam untied her blouse and exposed her breasts, I could see her chest moving from the deep breaths she was taking, she was obviously nervous and excited about what was happening.

“Good girl, now, you should not be wearing any Bayan escort panties, lift the skirt and turn around slowly.”

Pam slowly lifted her skirt, exposing her bare pussy and began to turn around to show him she had complied with his demands.

“Good, you’ve done as I have asked. Now, Dave, remove her blouse and skirt…”

The door was still closed, so I knew he was watching through the peep hole as I undressed her.

“Very nice and obedient” He opened the door and I led my wife into his room, naked except for the collar and leash. It was a nice two bedroom suite; I led Pam into the middle of the room and had her kneel beside me.

“Would you like some water? I’m sure it was an exciting walk to the room!” The black bastard smiled as he said that. He was wearing sweat pants, his muscled chest exposed. He handed me bottled water and walked over to be beside Pam. He opened his water bottle and grabbed a handful of Pam’s hair and tilted her head back. He began to slowly pour the water into her mouth, careful not to pour too fast, but just fast enough to cause it to splash on her. It was like he was giving a pet some water; he even poured some into his hand and had her drink from there. He sat the bottle down on the counter.

“I made sure there was plenty of water as the heat is set to 80, I want to make sure we get nice and sweaty tonight, so drink plenty of fluids, you’ll both be losing a lot tonight, no need to get dehydrated.” He grinned; I had noticed it was a bit warm in the room when we walked in.

“Your wife is very beautiful very sensual. I want you to know I enjoy every time I meet with her. Her body responds so well, she is such a great kisser”

He smiled and looked down at Pam

“Those sensual lips are so enjoyable”

Pam smiled and looked at meshed extended his hand and helped Pam to stand. He took her in his arms and pulled her close. The contrast of his dark skin to hers was just exquisite. He looked into her eyes as they embraced and then he kissed her. It started slow then became more impassioned, his hands running all over her bare back and down to her ass, squeezing her butt and running his hands back up her spine. I could hear Pam as she broke the kiss and her breathing, he lifted her and she wrapped her legs around him as he kissed her again. I watched as Pam arched her back and offered her breasts to his waiting mouth, Pam made eye contact with me as a small gasp escaped her mouth and she closed her eyes as he continued to suck on her nipples.

I watched and listened to the gasps of pleasure as they kissed each other, hands roaming over each other. It was beautiful watching my wife wrapped around her black lover, kissing him and offering her breasts to him.

He broke the kiss and held her there, then looked at me

“See, told you how she responded and how great a kisser she was”

I could see Pam’s chest heaving a bit, she had really thrown herself into the kissing. He eased her down to the carpet, she knelt in front of him and looked up at him and then at his obvious bulge, she reached out to touch it” Not yet, babe, not yet, you’ll get to touch it soon enough”. Pam lowered her hands and stared at the bulge.

“First you are going to finish this water, make sure you are well hydrated.” He took the bottle and pressed it to her lips and tilted it to allow the water to flow into her mouth. Pam greedily swallowed the water. I finished off my water as Pam drank the rest of hers.

“Let’s head into the bedroom, shall we?” He walked into the bedroom and I led Pam on her hands and knees with the leash. He was sitting on the bed as we entered. It was fun watching my wife crawling in on her hands and knees. She crawled towards him and just as she got near he took her chin in his hand and had her halt.

“Dave, feel her and see how wet she is. Tell me how wet and ready your lovely wife is.”

I reached down and ran my hand along her butt and slowly spread her ass a little, feeling the warmth of her skin and slowly moving my fingers to her cunt. Pam gasped as my finger lightly touched her sex and slowly slipped along the wet lips of her pussy. She gasped and arched her back and moved her hips as my fingers slid into her.

“She’s soaking wet, James. You really got her worked up and ready.”

“Good, now Pam, your hubby loves you a lot. I want you to show him how much you love him. I want you to slowly fuck his fingers, take it nice and slow, and tell him how much you love him. Do you understand?”

My loving wife, on her hands and knees, her chin held up by her black lovers hands so he could look into her eyes, her face just inches from a huge black cock that would soon be taking her moaned as she rocked her hips slowly back, easing my fingers further inside her.


“Yes what?”

“Yes, master. I love you Dave, ” I could feel her pussy tighten on my fingers,” thank you for bringing me tonight, mmmm, I love you, mmmm, thanks you for letting this black stud use me like his whore, Oh…” I could feel her rocking Escort her hips, milking my fingers, “I love you so much…” I could tell by how wet she was getting that she was completely aroused, a light glow of sweat was forming on her body as she slowly fucked her cunt on my fingers, I was getting hard and I was beginning to sweat.

“She’s wet, James, her cunt is milking my fingers like the slut she really is!”

He smiled

“Baby, I love you, but tonight this pussy is James’ to do with as he pleases, oh!” Pam squeezed my fingers, “My lips are his, my body is his to use!”

I could feel my wife turning into a black dick loving slut…James smiled.

I knew that shortly my wife would be in the throes of passion as she was fucked hard by a big black dick, I knew that soon her lips would be wrapped around a huge black dick; her tongue would be licking the shaft. I was hard as a rock. My cock was straining against my jeans and I was starting to sweat as Pam fucked my fingers, her moans and her describing how she was going to submit to James was erotic and degrading at the same time. Here we are a professional couple, white married couple, about to engage in swinging and to top it off, my wife would be fucked by a black man. The taboo of this is still strong for us both and it drives the eroticism of what we are doing over the top. I don’t care if it sounds racist or if it is racist, but the taboo of a black man fucking a white woman is strong, much less when that white woman is your wife! The wife you kiss each day, make love to, share the same bed with. A wife who is now on her hands and knees fucking your fingers because some black man wants her to.

“Dave, I want to feel James cum inside me, I want him to fill me with his cum!” Hearing her say that was just surreal.

“Sounds like your wife is ready for some nigger dick, Dave. You like that? Big nigger dick spreading her cunt? Big nigger dick sliding between her lips? You like that?” James smirked as he said that.

“Give me her leash and you strip down” I handed James her leash and took my clothes off. My cock was hard, throbbing.

“Now, I’m gonna fuck your wife’s face with my nigga dick and you are going to hold her arms behind her, all the bitch is going to use is her lips, face, and tongue, got it?”


I knelt behind Pam and grabbed her arms, James grabbed her hair and started rubbing the bulge of his cock on her face, “Hehehe, you know what’s beneath these sweat pants bitch? A big nigga dick!” James laughed as he rubbed it against her face, “You are going to use just your teeth to pull these sweats down and then use just your lips and tongue on my dick!” He kept rubbing his bulge across her face, Pam would open her mouth and he would press his sweat pant covered cock against her open mouth and hold it there.

“Yeah bitch, warm it up with your breath, get that black dick hard, now tug these sweats down!”

Pam licked along the bulge until she reached the waistband and gingerly used her teeth to begin tugging the sweats down exposing James’ dick. Huge black dick bobbed before Pam’s face, easily nine inches and thick. She closed her eyes and leaned her head back as James rubbed his cock all over her face and lips, he laughed, “Well, looks like your wife is enjoying having a nigger dick rubbed all over her face!” he traced the head of his cock along her lips, Pam opened her eyes and looked up at him as she parted her lips and began lightly licking the head of his cock.

“Aahh, your wife knows what to do, lick my dick, bitch. Lick all over my dick”

My beautiful wife began licking all over that big nigger dick, brushing her teeth along the shaft, teasing it with her tongue, licking to the base of his shaft and then licking his balls. No hands, just her lips, tongue and face pleasuring that massive black dick.

Watching my wife pleasure that huge black cock was very exciting, she licked all along the shaft, taking her time and using her tongue to get it all nice and wet. Using her face to rub along it, her tongue to tease it, lips to kiss along it. She looked up into his eyes and slowly took the head of his big black dick into her mouth. She began easing it further into her mouth, pausing to look up at James for approval as his dick went deeper into her mouth.

“Ahh, that’s right, swirl your tongue along my dick”

Pam started slowly moving her head back and forth, taking his dick deeper each time, I inched closer behind her so her hands could feel my cock. Grasped my cock and squeezed it just a little, holding it while she attended to the massive black dick in her mouth. I began running my hands along her sides and across her tummy, moving ever closer to her breasts as she sucked James deeper into her mouth and down her throat.

“Ah, your wife knows how to suck a nigga dick, mmm feels good going down her throat, and knows what to do with her tongue!”

James grabbed the back of her head and began to slowly face fuck my wife. Holding her until she gagged then slowly pulling back before forcing his cock back down her throat. He held her head with his cock all the way in her throat. I could feel Pam’s body tense each time his cock went down her throat. He pulled out; his cock covered in spit then rammed it back into her mouth, grinding against her face.

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