That’s What Neighbors Are For


it was three years ago Sean and Karel Burns moved in the neighborhood next to the newly married couple, Jerry and Susan Evans. The Evans were so lucky to have the Burns as their new neighbors, since Ben and Karel were unusually friendly and enthusiastic about any get togethers. In fact, during the first two weeks, the Burns invited the Evans to their luncheons twice.

Though the Evans did gave them a welcome basket full of common goods from nearby shops, they were surprised to find that the Burns gave them two of their freshly baked dishes, vegetarian shepherd’s pie and honey baked apple tarts. Susan felt guilty of the possibility that she had to send a large thank you card, while Jerry was shocked that a vegetarian recipe can taste good.

Eventually, the Evans invited the Burns for one of their special brunches, while Susan was conscious enough to make sure her dishes were vegan approved. It was not long that the Burns and the Evans were the closest friends.

It was the middle of March when Jerry came back from his job with some news. Susan was in the kitchen scrubbing the last plate for the dishwasher before she heard that familiar creek in the door and those jangling keys.

“Hay hon! How was work?”

Susan shouted with glee knowing that she herself had some news.

Susan started to dry her hands and was telling Jerry while he was grabbing a special white wine from the pantry.

“Guess what? Sean and Karel invited us again to their grill out. Hopefully this time, I’ll remember to bring our dishes…”

Susan widened her eyes after turning around and seeing their most expensive wine uncorked.


Susan flustered.

“What are you doing with that? We’ve been saving that for five years….”

Jerry grinned with a giggling response.

“Today… I guarantee those five years were worth it…

” “What are you saying?” Susan asked with skepticism.

“Today, I’ve been promoted with a raise!”

“Are you serious?” Susan shouted with excitement,


Susan came over to embrace him with a wide hug.

“Honey that is wonderful” she replied.

“Yes. I’m now appointed to work on a special project over in Nevada.”

Susan’s face slowly froze with sadness. Jerry was noticing this strange reaction as she started to slowly walked back to the corner of the kitchen counter.

“Babe… What’s the matter? We’re getting more benefits than most people… and that’s more than anyone can say in this economy… Babe… What’s wrong?”

Susan muttered “Honey… That’s really far away… Are you suggesting that we have to move?”

“Well, Yes” Jerry said calmly “I know we had some good times in this house, but I don’t understand why you’re so upset.”

Susan spoke with frustration “The Burns!… What are we going to tell them? We have spend so many years with them as our closest friends… What are we going to tell them?”

Jerry’s stomach suddenly turned upside down as he stared at the floor regretting the very moment he uncorked the bottle that they have been saving for so long.

It was now during the weekend that the Evans were spending time with the Burns at their grill out. Susan told Karel all about the promotion while Jerry was the more quiet type just so that he can enjoy being in the moment with his friend and neighbor, Sean.

That night, while the Evans were sleeping, The Burns were up in the middle of the night trying to cope with Jerry’s news.

“What?.. He didn’t told me that…” Sean said sadly, “When was this?..”

“It was just yesterday he told Susan.” Karel explained. “I don’t understand either. I’m just as confused as you bursa escort are. I’m sure they did not mean to do this.”

“I know.” Sean replied, “But it just sucks that they of all people have to go… Why can’t the Hannitys go? they’re a bunch of scripture spouting Fox News fans… I can’t stand them.”

Karel interrupted Sean and said “Babe… You’re rambling right now… The Hannitys are not the problem here, it’s our friends.”

“Well, what can we do?” Sean asked, “We can’t argue against Jerry’s promotion, especially if that’s what he wants.”

Karel was grabbing some pajamas to change in from the closet while she listened

“We could give them a personal good bye party.” Karel suggested

“Well, we had so much parties with them. How can we make this different?” Sean asked.

While Karel reached for a fresh pillow case, a few condoms dropped on the floor. As Karel saw these condoms that were recently expired, a rush of excitement gave a naughty smirk on her face and even a much racier idea in her mind.

“Babe… How naughty are you willing to be?”

“Not tonight.” Sean moaned.

“No… Babe… I mean… For their party.” Karel implied.

“What? Karel… Are you being serious?” Sean asked.

“Oh come on babe… Lets be honest.” Karel sassed. “You’ve been checking out Susan’s ass without knowing that I was watching you…”

Sean was almost speechless. “Well…. Yea… But how can anyone not notice it?.. I mean… No offense, but they’re really plump and out there. I mean… It’s hard not to notice that.”

“Can I tell you something?” Karel Asked. “I have been checking out Jerry’s ass as well. Maybe if you are o.k about me hanging out with Jerry for just one night, then I’m o.k about you with Susan… After all, It’s just for one night.”

“You’re right. I think this will be a hot experience for both of us. So I guess the decision is made then?” Sean asked.

“Well, we still have to talk about this with them first.” Karel replied.

Soon enough, on the following Monday night, Karel was chatting with Susan as the guys had their night out.

“Wow. He was checking me out?” Susan said. “But how do you feel about this Karel?”

“It was my idea believe it or not. So, are you up for the idea?” Karel asked.

“I really don’t know. It’s so weird trading someone you’re with in exchange for a casual night.” Susan said with discomfort.

“But we know each other so well since we moved. So it’s not casual if you know someone really well.” Karel explained. “I want you guy’s to have as much fun for you to remember us by.”

Susan suddenly had a peculiar facial expression and asked “I do have a request to make this party more interesting.”

Karel smiled “Oh… Well… What do you have in mind?”

Susan muttered “You guys have known for a while that we don’t have children. Right?”

“Oh my God… Susan… Are you being serious right now?” Karel asked.

“Well, I really wanted something to remember each other by.” Susan explained while Karel suddenly said with enthusiasm.

“Damn Susan. I had no idea you are able to do something that far.”

Susan then chuckled “Well, Sean is pretty hot. Plus, I think the diet he’s in will be beneficial for a healthy baby.”

Karel then replied with a large grin “Oh… Well, in that case… You don’t mind at all if I take Jerry’s seed? I really love the idea of having Jerry’s genes. He has such a cute butt, if you don’t mind me saying so…”

“Thank you, not at all… But… What do you think the guys would say?” Susan asked

“They’re guys!!!” Karel shouted. malatya escort “Their sex drives are always running and we will always have the keys to their ignition…”

They both laughed and decided to watch a movie while the guys were out.

As predicted, it wasn’t long until both Jerry and Sean agreed to their wive’s proposal. So the night of the awaited event was scheduled on the following Friday at the Burns. By the time Friday night rolled around, Sean and Karel looked their most provocative.

Sean shaved his face nicely and had his privates waxed prior to Wednesday before. His light brown hair trimmed and combed while wearing shorts with no underwear underneath and a skin tight, deep green top exposing his firm packs.

Karel had the most sultry look. Her dark, red, wavy hair was ironed straight and conditioned to have a silky sheen. She was wearing a backless, black jersey top with a slit to expose her belly button. Karel also thought she could wowed Jerry by wearing skin tight black short-shorts.

Both Sean and Karel made their house perfect for such a taboo occasion. All the bright lights in the house were off except for some strains of LED lights around the mantle piece and deep red colored candles all around with a bowl of ripe strawberries on the coffee table.

The doorbell rang and Sean, being a guy, was having a rush of nervousness. Karel Opened the door and was stunned to see their neighbors so “hot” for the occasion.

Jerry had skin tight black tank top with dark shorts wearing an intoxicating cologne. Susan had dark eyeliner with dark blue metallic stretch pants and a strapless bustier top with a thin jacket over it. The look Susan had worked very well with her naturally round butt and her shiny black hair.

When the Evans came to the dimmed hallway, Karel smiled with great enthusiasm and said

“So, you two are at that couch, while me and Jerry take this couch on the other side of the hallway. That way, we both can share our last moments as a group…”

Susan was kind of startled. But by the time she saw what Sean looked like, she easily followed him to the other room opened to the hallway. Karel slowly grabbed Jerry’s hand and whispered

“So, Jerry, shall we do the deed?

After both couples sat their stationed area, they both savored the moment teasing and mouth sharing those ripe strawberries that the Burns deviously planted. Karel then slowly pressed up against Jerry, pulling off his tank top.

Sean and Susan were exciting each other with mouth watering, tongue waving french kisses.

Karel had Jerry slowly undo her top as she gently took off his belt. Karel was then sliding her tongue down Jerry’s mouth, slowly and sensually.

Susan started to lean back slowly as Sean began to unbutton her bustier. Susan was starting to moisten as she slowly took her stretch pants down herself.

Jerry was now getting friskier than Karel when he started to strip her short-shorts right off as he started to suck and lick on her now tender nipples.

Susan became wetter and muskier as Sean started tantalizing her clit with his tongue.

“Oh God….” Susan whispered laying on her back.

“Oh God….” Karel moaned as her nipples were being teased by Jerry’s licks and nibbles.

Karel was so wet that when Jerry slowly stuck his finger in, it was wet enough to slid in and out with ease.

As Susan crouched down on the side of the couch to use her mouth for Sean’s cock, Karel was sensually stroking Jerry’s cock and said to him

“Let’s not waist any drop of your good stuff. I want you to slid it in.”

Jerry happily çanakkale escort obliged as he easily thrusts into Karel’s sopping wet pussy like butter.

“OH GOD… THAT’S IT BABY” Karel breathed heavily.

While Karel had her legs pressed up against Jerry, Susan was working her magic, pressing her wet tongue as she slide it up Sean’s shaft and gently kissing the tip of the head while gently sucking up his pre-cum.

Sean moaned “Oh God… You do that so well…”

Susan looked at him with a grin as she responded “I have a husband that I practice with… I’m glad you like this hon.”

As Susan started to use her lips over Sean’s cock, she started suck while using her tongue to polish his very tip.

Sean gasped “I can’t cum yet…”

“Alright hon..” Susan replied. “Lets get down to business.”

And there they were. Two women being thrusted by different spouses. Grunts, moans, and shrieks echoed in each room through the hallway. Ten minutes have already passed as the couches were soaking up each drop of sweat.

Karel was moaning with each thrust. The tip of Jerry’s cock can now feel Karel’s cervix as she shrieked. Jerry was getting worn out, breathing so heavily as he started to lean against Karel. Karel muttered with heavy breathing

“I want you to cum in me… please… I want your seed.”

Jerry then gasped for air as he started tell her “I’m cumming!”

Karel croaked “Do it! I don’t want you to pull out! give me every drop!”

Susan was biting her lower lip so she wouldn’t scream as her hair was soaking wet both by Sean’s sweat and her own. Sean suddenly said with a heavy breath,

“I’m cumming… Are you ready?”

Susan couldn’t stand it. She final shrieked “YES!! FILL ME UP!!! FILL ME UP!!!” “Oh God… I’m cumming Sean croaked. “GIVE ME YOUR SPERM! KNOCK ME UP! KNOCK ME UP!”

In that very moment, both Sean and Jerry gave all that they saved up.

Sean plastered Susan’s walls with his strings of pearls,

while Jerry’s cum bursted through Karel’s cervix as she felt his warm, thick, creamy spunk filling up her womb to the brim.

“OH MY GOD…” Karel sighed. “There’s so much, I can feel it.”

Susan hands clasped on to Sean’s butt cheeks as she moaned “Let it all out baby…… Let it all out before you pull out…..”

Jerry almost fallen asleep as he was gently kissing Karel’s lips. As Jerry leaned his packs against her breast, Karel purred like a cat as she giggled.

“Oooh, I like this…” “You did great tiger.”

Susan asked Sean as she started kissing his neck. “Did you like that hon?”

Hell yea.” Sean said.

“How you doing back their?” Karel asked Susan and Sean who were across the hallway.

“We’re great…” Susan replied.

“Just tired…” Sean added.

Since the men were so exhausted, The women agreed for all of them to spend the night with each other in different beds, with their different spouses, to kiss and fondle for the night.

After four weeks had passed, Jerry and Susan were slowly packing up all their stuff. Just for all times sake, they decided to have one last luncheon together, during which Karel and Susan brought the good news that they were now pregnant.

At the last week of April, tears were shared between Karel and Susan before the Evans took their moving vans out of the neighborhood they use to love. All they now have to remember each other by was the love child of their friend’s spouses.

Summer turned into Fall and Fall turned in to Winter. During Karel’s second trimester, a new couple entered the neighborhood, occupying the house where the Evans once lived.

“look babe. Some new neighbors.” Karel said to Sean.

“Well, they seem very nice. They look quite wealthy.” Sean noticed.

“You know… I noticed they don’t have kids.” Karel said while pointing at the attractive woman for Sean to see.”

“Well, in case they leave… We now know what type of party to throw for them.” Sean smiled.

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