The ABC Game Ch. 04


When Gabby came home she asked me how did my day go, and I explained that it went well. I also made sure to explain that I had ordered new furniture for the office that will be delivered tomorrow. I told her that at first I wasn’t thrilled about going into the office every day, but now I thought it would be a good idea. How I was expecting the new environment would help to rejuvenate me.

As we set down on the sofa with an early evening drink she looked over at me and said, “Just make sure you don’t get any ideas, spending all day with a young college coed. You behave yourself.”

Laughing at her I said “Come on Gabby. Jennifer is Becca’s age, not to mention her best friend.”

“Oh yeah, speaking of the kids, don’t forget we’re having that get together Saturday. So you will be on grill duty.” She said. “And please try to be nice to Jim. I know he can be a bore at times, but he is our neighbor.”

“I will be on my best behavior” I replied while hoping the weekend would fly by.

Jim is Jen’s father. He is a nice enough fellow, until he gets a few drinks in him. Then he tends to be on the loud side, and turns into a know it all. Him and his wife, Cindy, have been our neighbors for about five years. They seem like the typical suburban family, kind of like ours, except I really don’t know them that well.

I slept in the next morning since I didn’t have to be at the office until late, and then it was just to be there for the furniture delivery. Since it was going to be a more relaxed day I dressed casually, jeans and a nice shirt before heading in. When I got to the office I started some fresh coffee and had some danishes delivered for the moving crew. I have found that if you treat people right they will give you better service. Right at 10 o’clock my phone rang informing me the delivery was down stairs, and I gave permission to let them up.

About that time my time my cell phone buzzed letting me know I had a text. Looking at it I saw it was from Jen. It said “Do not reply. I’m sitting in class thinking about your hard cock in my ass. I am so fucking wet!” With it was a photo. She had held her phone under her skirt and took a shot of her obviously, very wet, bare pussy in the middle of class. To say that this had its desired impact would be an understatement. I could feel my cock growing as I looked at the small screen. Then a knock on the outer door broke me from my thoughts. “Oh yeah, furniture.” I reminded myself.

As the movers brought the furniture in I had a surprise. There stood Karen, the saleswoman from yesterday. She was a striking woman herself. She definitely was part asian, with shoulder length black hair, deep brown eyes, and what appeared to be a very fit and athletic body. She was wearing a dress that buttoned down the front, and managed to wear a pair of very tall stiletto heels that drew attention to her legs in a way no short skirt could do.

“Oh, hello there.” I said. “I didn’t expect to see you this morning. So nice to see you again.”

“Oh, this is just part of the service I like to provide for some of my customers. I come and make sure that all their furniture fits the way they want it to, and sometimes help them with decorating if they like.” She said. “I hope you don’t mind?”

“Absolutely not.” I replied. “I could use all the help you can offer. My wife does the decorating at home, and I more or less just nod and agree with her ideas.”

This brought a smile and a slight chuckle from Karen. “I can’t see you ever not being in complete control of anything Mr. Roberts. You seem to be a man who knows what he wants, and goes out and gets it.” She said with her smile turning from friendly, to outright sexy.

After the movers had positioned the new furniture and removed the old furniture I was left alone with Karen. As she was admiring the view at the window I noticed that the sun made her dress almost transparent. I could make out that she was wearing a bra underneath her dress, and that she did indeed have a very athletic body.

“You have an incredible view from here.” She said as she walked over to where I was standing. “I also love your taste. The furniture you chose is very masculine, but also very soft and sensuous.” She said as she ran her fingers along the top of one of the chairs.

“Thank you.” I said as I stared at her.

“You know we can keep playing this game, but I’m like you. I know what I want, and I’m not afraid to say so.” She said as her fingers went to the buttons on her dress. She made very quick work of the buttons, and very seductively shrugged it off her shoulders, pooling around her feet.

About that time I received another text, and glancing at the phone on my desk I opened it and another photo popped up. It showed Jen on a toilet with a dildo shoved in her pussy. “I can’t fucking wait until Monday.” She said.

Between the texts and Karen standing in front of me in her bra and panties my erection was raging.

“You Maltepe Anal Escort can wait for her, or you can have me, right here, right now, anyway and every way you want.” Karen said as she reached behind her and freed her very firm C cup tits.

There wasn’t even a choice in my mind as I started shedding my clothes as I walked over to her. I pulled her into my arms and we both devoured each other with our mouths. Exchanging passionate kisses and exploring each other with our hands. Any question about her athletic body were put to rest with my first touch. She was not the toned cardio woman you might find in any gym. No, Karen had a firm muscular body, that was very sexy. Her ass was very firm as I massaged it with both hands and pulled her into my groin. I slid my hands inside her panties and pushed them down her legs to join her dress on the floor. Then breaking her kiss she stared into my eyes as she held onto my neck and wrapped those muscular legs around me.

I then walked her over to my desk and set her on it. I then started a journey down her body with my mouth and my hands. Licking, sucking and biting one nipple while I pulled on and played with the other one. Then switching. This wasn’t the teasing play I had with Jennifer the first time. This was both hard and sensual. Her nipples reflected that, as they were rock hard and had tightened into little buds atop each tit. As I dropped down between her legs she leaned back and opened her legs to expose a freshly shaven pussy. There wasn’t even so much as a stubble to be found. I slid my hands under her ass and lifted her to get better access and dove in. I closed my mouth over her pussy and slid my tongue up and down her lips. My tongue exploring her pussy opening with each stroke. Then I moved up and pulling back the hood over her clit I captured it between my lips and started to slowly suck on it. Holding it between my lips I continued sucking as I started to tap at it with my tongue. I increased the pressure on her clit and I started to use more force with my tongue. I was having the desired affect as she had grabbed my hair and was pulling me even closer. I heard her saying something, but to be honest I couldn’t tell you what. I had one goal, and that was to bring her to the fastest orgasm she had ever had. My mouth and tongue were assaulting her poor clit with everything I had to give, and that was when it happened.

Her hips banged off the desk and drove her pussy into my mouth. “OH FUCK!! I’M CUMMING!!” She groaned as her ass was bouncing on my desk. “Oh fuck that’s it.” She squealed as she started flooding my mouth. Her juices running down my chin and pooling on my desk.

As I stepped away from her I looked down at her laying across my desk. My hands sliding up and down her stocking covered legs. I reached down and pulled her up in a sitting position and gave her a deep kiss. Her tongue lapping up her juices from my face. After about a minute I pulled her to her feet and turned her around. Bending her over my desk I lined up my cock to her pussy and slowly pushed forward. I was able to enter her in one maddeningly slow stroke, and was buried balls deep before she could catch a breath. With my balls pressed against her pussy, I pulled almost all the way out before plunging balls deep again. I kept this up, and started to speed up my strokes. A noticeable slap every time our bodies came together. Karen had reached across the desk and was now holding on to the opposite edge and pushing back. Our bodies working in unison as we fucked. There was no way this could be mistaken for anything other than just pure, raw sex, and we were both into it with every ounce of our being. As determined as I was to make her cum, she was equally so. Her pussy was gripping my cock like a vice as I pounded her.

“Give it to me baby. Shove that cock all the way in me. I want to feel it when you explode inside me.” She said to me as she looked over her shoulder at me.

She was slamming back into me on every stroke now. Her juices pouring down her legs over her stockings. I gripped her hips tighter as I felt my balls beginning to churn. My cum churning up ready to be deposited deep inside her pussy. With the first shot I buried myself in her and filled her to over flowing with my cum. Her pussy gripping and releasing my cock with every spasm. She was making sure to milk every last drop out of me. As I pulled out of her she spun around and dropped to her knees and took my spent cock in her mouth, cleaning both of our cum off it. Taken it into her hand she made sure to clean the underside of my cock, and then moved down to clean my balls. Licking and sucking each one.

Leaning back and looking up at me she smiled and said. “That was more fucking fun than I thought it would be. I guess that young girl didn’t drain everything out of you yesterday after all.” Then she reached below her legs and ran her fingers along her pussy and getting a generous scoop of cum on Maltepe Yaşlı Escort her fingers. Showing it to me with a wicked smile she brought it to her mouth and licked and sucked each finger clean.

Laughing as I ran my fingers through her hair I said “You ma’am are something else. I hope that you are free the rest of the day because I would love for you to come back to my apartment with me.”

“I would love to.” She said as she took my hand and stood up, making sure to rub her body against mine as she did. “I just wish that we could christen it, but I am sure that took place yesterday. I wish I had been invited, I’m sure we all could have had fun together.”

With that she leaned in and kissed me forcing her tongue into my mouth. After we both had dressed and looked presentable we took off for the apartment. I followed her and she drove like she fucked, fast and frenzied. We pulled into the parking garage, our tires squealing. Once parked we practically ran to the elevator. Once inside the elevator the scent of sex was unmistakable. Luckily we had a fast ride up to my floor as it didn’t make any stops along the way. On the walk to my apartment Karen was unbuttoning her dress, and by the time I had closed the door behind us her dress had again found it’s place on the floor, except now there was no bra and panties in my way.

“Earlier was just the preview.” She said as she went into the kitchen. “Now I’m going to ride you hard and put a fucking on you like you have never had.” She said as she opened the fridge and pulled a bottle of champaign out. Seeing my confused look she explained “I had a relationship with the previous tenant, and lets just say, we had an arrangement. He left this place fully stocked, but I guess you were too busy to notice yesterday.”

She handed me the bottle and I opened it and poured us two glasses. We set on the sofa and enjoyed what turned out to be a very nice champaign. We chatted casually at first, which was strange considering I was sitting with a naked woman, but if anything, these last few days taught me that what is strange one day can seem completely normal the next.

Then Karen decided to broach the topic i knew was coming. “Who is she?” she asked. “I don’t blame you, that girl is one of the finest asses I have seen in a long tim. I’m just curious.”

I set there for a couple seconds and decided the truth was best. “She is my neighbor’s daughter.” I replied. “She is also my daughter’s best friend. She needed a job and I offered. We came to a deal, and even have a contract on what the next few weeks will bring.”

“Nice. A contract huh? That sounds like fun.” She said as she took my hand and led me into the bedroom. Seeing the table still covered with the different sex toys and lotions from yesterday she said, “Well I guess you guys did explore some yesterday. Why don’t we play some?”

“That sounds like fun.” I say as I walk around the bed to where she is standing.

“Not so fast Mr. Roberts. How about we make a deal. You do exactly as I ask today, no questions asked, and I will join you and your friend at your request for the length of your contract with her.” Karen said.

I had to think about this. Here was this lady I had only met yesterday, and she wanted me to do what she wanted without questioning. She was right before, I do love to be in control. I didn’t know what to do, I knew already that this lady was a sexual dynamo. I finally decided, “Okay, I’ll do what you say today, but then you are under contract, just as much as Jennifer is.”

“That sounds like a great plan. Now lets get started.” She said. “I see you and her found the straps, so why don’t we get started with that. Get up on the bed and lay on your back.”

Once I was naked I hopped on the bed she strapped my hands to each bed post, so my hands were over my head. Then she pulled out more restraints and strapped my ankles to them, but these were connected to ropes of thick elastic bands, which were connected to the bed posts at the foot of the bed. It was now that I was seriously rethinking my choice to agree to this. Sensing my concerns she said, “Don’t worry. We will use a safe word and at any time you can use it and we will stop.”

“Okay, that will work.” I said as I checked how tight the restraints were. The hand restraints didn’t allow much movement, but the leg restraints had some play in them due to the elastic bands.

“What is your daughter’s name? Karen asked

“What? why?” I asked

“We need a safe word and I like the idea of using her name for that. It provides a bit more nastiness to it.” She said.

“Her name is Becca.” I replied.

“MMMMM, She sounds yummy.” She said as she leaned down and whispered in my ear. “Just remember, anytime you want me to stop, just say your daughter’s name. If I grab your cock too hard, just moan Becca. If I bite you too hard, use your daughter’s name. With that, she licked my ear and said “Lets Maltepe Zenci Escort play.”

She reached over to the table and picked up the crop I had used yesterday on Jennifer. She slapped her hand with it a couple times and then with a wicked smile she walked along the side of the bed letting the crop slide along the inside of my spread eagle thighs. When she reached my groin area she slid it over my cock which was pointing straight up to the ceiling and bobbing to my heart beat. She then made circles around my cock head with it, before sliding it back down my cock to my balls.

Looking down at me tied to the bed she asked me “Does it excite you to know that you are fucking your daughter’s best friend? Seeing the two of them together, and thinking about fucking her while she is in the same room with your daughter?” She asked as she kept sliding her crop up and down my cock.

The more she talked the more my cock jumped. I thought at that moment that I could cum without her ever touching my cock with anything more than that crop. Then the next thing I felt was a light slap on the upper inside of my thigh, right below my balls. Then another, and another, each one just a little bit harder than the last. Karen then hopped on the bed between my legs and kneeled there looking at me. She then brought the crop up and gave my cock a couple of soft swats, which even though they were a little painful, resulted in a flow of precum to ooze out of my cock head. Running her hands along my thighs she leaned forward and captured one of my nipples in her mouth and sucked on it. She made little circles around it with her tongue and then moved over to the next. She still hadn’t physically touched my cock and it was bouncing like it was ready to spit it’s load of cum at any moment. She then started to lean back, dragging her finger nails along my body. I tilted my head up to watch as they trailed over my stomach and circled my cock, but still didn’t make contact.

I realized right then that this lady knew exactly what she was doing. I had experimented with jennifer, but Karen knew every string to pull, and she pulled them with great skill. As she leaned back on her heels she looked down at me and smiled. Then she bent over and lowered her head taking my cock between her lips and began sucking. The sensation was incredible. She was using her mouth and tongue together in a way that I had never felt. Her mouth felt so warm and wet. Her tongue dancing along the under side of my cock as she swallowed it. Then she would concentrate on the head as she withdrew it. Her movement was so slow it was agonizing. If my hands were free I would have reached out and grabbed her head and just fucked the hell out of her mouth. But that was the entire point of the restraints. She was going to tease me to the point of cumming and back off.

After what seemed like hours, but was actually only about 30 minutes she raised herself up and staring straight into my eyes she licked her lips and made a comment about how nice that was. Then she announced it was time for the main event and she knee walked up the bed until she was straddling my cock. Looking down at me she just rocked her hips back and forth slightly. My cock head making faint contact with her pussy as she did. I was thinking about trying to raise my hips and sliding my cock in, but she read my mind. “Don’t even think about it.” She said. “If you move your ass off this bed I will start all over again, and there will not be any softness to any slaps I give you this time.”

As I realized she was serious and relaxed my body she resumed her rocking motion. She also lowered herself so that more of her pussy came into contact with my cock. Ever so often she would pause and just the very tip of my cock would manage to find it’s way inside her pussy. On these occasions she would use her finger nails and and just lightly drag them across my chest. The resulting sensation would send tremors down my body.

“Very nice.” She said. “You have a lot of self control. Most men would have already tried to bury their cock in me. I think this contract thing that you have with your young friend is going to pay off for you and me.” And with that she reached down and holding my cock between her fingers, she just completely impaled herself on it. The sensation after all the teasing was amazing. She leaned down and pressed her tits into my chest and started just fucking me for all she was worth. Her pussy was forming almost a vacuum like sensation around me, and I just laid there and enjoyed the ride. Her body crashing down on me and sliding back off. My cock sliding to the hilt and then sliding almost completely out the next second. Her nipples pressed into my chest. Her juices pouring down over me as she used my cock as a dildo and pleasured herself with it.

Then she gripped me tighter and I could hear deep groans coming from her and just then the dam broke. Her body started shaking and at the same time my cock exploded. She was riding me as both our bodies came together in one very nasty sexual explosion. My ass was now bouncing off the bed as I wanted to make sure she got as much of my cum as possible.

“OHHHH FUCK YEAH” She moaned. “Cum inside my pussy. Fill it up with all your nasty cum.”

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