The Affidavit Ch. 02


Sandra could not believe her eyes when she walked into the office to see her mother bent over the desk and being banged by the young man she had let in earlier. She pulled the headphones out her of ears; if she had done that earlier she would have heard her mother.

My god, he must be good, she thought. Mum is certainly making a hell of a lot of noise.

She always knew when her mother was pleasuring herself from the buzzing noise, but she had never heard the moans she was making now. She should leave or cough or something but she was fascinated by the tableau in front of her. The young guy was obviously well endowed, she could see that much and when he started spanking her mother’s ass, she felt her own pussy wake up. She loved being spanked herself and before she knew it her hands had hitched up her skirt and started rubbing her clit. As the pair in front of her noisily orgasmed, Sandra slipped a couple of fingers inside herself, imagining it was the man. She was startled out of her reverie by a double cry of “Oh, shit!” from the desk.

Helen was horrified to see her daughter in the office; partly because she has been caught being roundly fucked by a young man but also at the way Sandra had reacted to the situation. Obviously she had never seen her daughter masturbating before, she was not naïve enough to think she never did but seeing her doing it was something else.

Ian’s thoughts were slightly different, his cock still pulsing inside the mother, he realised here was an opportunity not to be missed. He could be completing a mother I should have just turned around and walked out. And yet pendik escort I found it very hypnotic and very erotic, it really turned me on.”

“That was very clear,” Helen observed with a smile. “Ian was very … persuasive. I found it very hard to resist him.”

Sandra nods in agreement. “He certainly has an air about him, I couldn’t resist him either.”

“Please tell me this is not going to change things between us? our relationship, as mother and daughter, is very important to me.”

“It’s very important to me too, mum.” Sandra grabs her mother’s hand and squeezes it re-assuringingly, “In fact, it may have improved the relationship, and we really have shared everything now.”

They both laugh again and Sandra opens her arms to give her mum a hug. Helen does the same but as she leans in, her towel works loose and falls. There is an awkward moment, as Helen tries to grab it but Sandra, with a giggle says, “Bit late to be coy now, mum.”

The hug over, Helen stands, leaving the towel on the bed and walks to the mirror

“I don’t understand why Ian wanted me? He could have any young, slim hot girl his own age.”

Sandra rises and joins her mother at the mirror, “Come on, mum, look at yourself,” placing her hands on her mother’s shoulders “I wish my boobs were as good as yours and I pray I still look as good as you when I am your age. And remember, he did not fuck me, you were the one who had that pleasure.”

“Are you saying my oral skills were not good enough for you?” Helen’s tone of mock dismay sets them both to giggling again.

“No, you were really great. There maltepe escort is obviously a story behind that skill that you will have to share with me soon.” Sandra replies. “But there is nothing quite like a cock to satisfy a woman properly.”

“Well, until Ian comes for another visit, and I think he will, I have something that may help,” with that Helen walks over to her bedside cabinet, opens the draw and pulls out a large black dildo.

“Mum!” cries Sandra. “I knew you had a toy but that’s a big one. I do have toys of my own too, you know?”

“Yes, I know, I have used those too. So today is not really the first time we have shared intimate things.”

In spite of what has happened in the previous hours, Sandra is still slightly taken aback by this revelation. But the sight of her mother, naked with a large dildo in her hand, does awaken her sexual ardour that has only been partially satisfied.

“Here, take it,” Helen holds the dildo out to her daughter. “I am not sure I will be using it for a few days, been sometime since I saw so much sexual activity. My pussy needs a rest.”

Before Sandra can stop herself, a thought slips out of her mouth.

“It’s much better when someone else is in control,” adding with a smile. “Would you like to fuck me with it, mum?”

As she says this, Sandra unties her robe and lets it fall to the floor. Helen lowers the hand holding the dildo, but holds her other hand out to Sandra, who takes it and lets herself be lead to the bed.

They lie down next to each other on the bed and kiss, not like mother and daughter now, but like lovers.

Sandra kartal escort cups her mother’s breast and squeezes, whispering, “Who wouldn’t want this, it’s fantastic? I have always been jealous of your tits.”

Helen reaches for Sandra’s tit’s and fondles them it in return

“Nothing wrong with these, Sandra, and besides you have the benefit of this flat stomach,” Helen’s hand slides down over her daughter’s belly and down between her thighs. “And when did you shave your pussy?” Helen asks as she seeks out Sandra’s clit.

Sandra tries to answer but Helen has already found it and she can only gasp in response. She gasps again as she feels a finger slip inside her… Then another …then a third.

My god, she knows her way round a woman, Sandra thinks as Helen expertly fingers her, three fingers penetrating her and the heel of her hand rubbing against the clit. Sandra was sure it would not be long before she orgasmed again, but she wanted a cock inside her pussy, even a fake one will suffice.

“Fuck me,” Sandra gasps. “I need you to fuck me.”

In reply Helen whispers, “I have just the thing for that. Keep your eyes closed and take over for a minute.”

Sandra dutifully puts a hand between her own thighs and takes over as Helen withdraws her fingers and climbs off the bed.

What is she doing? Sandra wonders as she hears a drawer open and some odd sounds.

Then she feels Helen get back on the bed, but from the bottom of it, by her feet. She opens her eyes and sees her mother is wearing a strap on, the large fake cock in place, and moving into position to fuck her.

“Mum… where did you…?” Sandra can barely speak, the actions of her hand and the sight in front of her is almost too much but she manages to blurt out “Yes, yes, get that cock inside me!”

And Helen duly obliges.

(To be contd)

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