The Appetizer


We are meeting for the first time, after weeks of stimulating online chats. He extends his hand to shake mine and smiles as he looks into my eyes. I feel an immediate jolt of electricity surge through my body as his warm hand connects with mine. I look away, afraid that he might sense my reaction. I feel shy, vulnerable, excited and nervous. I look back at him with a giggle, then immediately look away again. I feel as though he can see right through me. I look back at him again, only this time I am blushing. He is still smiling, looking into my eyes. I hold his hand for just a moment longer and tell him how nice it is to finally meet him.

The waitress seats us at a quiet table in the back corner of the dimly lit restaurant. We start talking, just idle chit chat, but I know that later on I won’t be able to remember what we were talking about because the blood pumping through my veins is roaring in my ears. My heart is in my throat. Every time I look into his deep, brown eyes, feelings of intense desire wash over me in waves. There is a throbbing sensation in my lower abdomen and pelvis. I switch back and forth between looking into his eyes and watching his lips move as he speaks. I can see that he is very aware of my arousal. I am mesmerized. I want to lean over and kiss him. But I am immobilized by my shyness. We continue talking.

We leave the restaurant and walk out to his car. He opens the door for me and, like a gentleman, he waits until I am sitting comfortably before he closes the door and walks around to his side. He gets into the car and puts his key in the ignition.

“Wait!” I blurt out.

“What?” he asks. “What is it?”

I take a deep breath and say, “I want to kiss you.”

“Why didn’t you say so?” he replies with a seductive smile as he leans over, puts his hand behind my head, and pulls my mouth to his.

I gasp aloud when our lips touch. I am hungry. So hungry. I open my mouth to accept his tongue and our tongues entwine. I am making soft whimpering sounds. My body is so excited it almost feels painful. I ache.

After several long minutes of devouring one another’s mouths and tongues, he pulls away and says, “We need to get out of here.”

“Yes,” I murmur. “Yes we do.”

We drive around in silence looking for the nearest hotel. We eventually find a Motel 6, pull in and park the car. He turns to look at me. I think he is looking for a sign that this is what I really want. I reach out to hold his hand and I give it a warm squeeze. He flashes me a reassuring smile. With that we exit the car and walk towards the motel. Once inside the lobby I find myself looking everywhere but at him as he makes the arrangements for the room. Our room is on the first floor. I keep my eyes down as we walk towards our door. I am so excited but so nervous too. Once inside the room he quickly shuts the door and pushes me up against it, holding my hands above my head, flat against the door. A surprised gasp escapes my lips just before his mouth reaches mine. His kiss is more urgent this time. His tongue is probing deeper, moving faster. He sucks my bottom lip into his mouth and grinds his pelvis against mine, pushing me harder against the door. My breathing is coming faster. My entire body is trembling.

“Oh my God I want pendik escort you,” I say as he pulls away to look into my eyes.

“Well then come over here and get me,” he teases with a playful grin as he quickly removes his jacket and tosses it onto the chair as he walks towards the bed.

“Come here,” he beckons to me as he sits at the foot of the bed.

“Stop,” he says just before I reach the edge of the bed. “Take off your coat.”

I take off my coat and toss it onto the chair to join his. I turn to look at him, imploring him with my eyes to grant me the release I so desperately need. I start to move closer.

“Stop,” he says again.

“Please,” I whisper.

“Please what?” he asks.

“Just please…” I reply.

“Please what?” he asks with a firmer voice.

I take a deep shaky breath and quietly reply, “Please don’t tease me too much. I am in agony. Make love to me.”

“Oh I will,” he softly replies, smiling broadly, looking deep into my dark green eyes, “I will. But first I need you to do something for me. Can you do something for me? Hmmm???”

“Yes,” I whisper, my lips quivering, my hands trembling. “What is it?”

“I want you to….” he pauses for effect. “I want you to do exactly what I tell you to do, no questions asked. Can you do that for me?”

An involuntary sharp intake of breath. And my skin flushes hot. I am painstakingly aware of every sensation in my body. I am breathless. I am excited. I am nervous. I am vulnerable. I am helpless. I am his for the taking.

“Take off your blouse,” he quietly commands, not taking his eyes away from mine for a second.

I fumble with the buttons. One by one I manage to undo them, but then I stop, looking away.

“Take it off,” he commands with a little more force. “Take it off, and don’t stop looking at me.”

My face is flushed, hot, prickly, beet red. I feel as though I am about to jump out of my own skin. To look into his eyes means that he will know exactly what I am feeling. And he will become acutely aware of this primal energy erupting from deep inside of me and cursing through my body.

I take another deep breath and slip my blouse over my shoulders and down the length of my arms until I am just holding the sleeves in my hands.

He tells me to toss my blouse onto the chair and his eyes are burning holes through my skin. He can’t take his eyes off of my breasts.

“So beautiful,” he whispers. “Take it off. The bra. Show me those luscious breasts of yours.”

Reaching behind me I unclasp the 4 hooks holding my 42 D’s in place and slowly slip the straps down my shoulders. The cups stay in place, moulded to my breasts. I have to peel them away. I toss the bra onto the chair and look away. I am so fucking turned on. So turned on. I can’t stand it. Please, please touch me, do something, I think to myself. My skin is on fire. My body is aching.

“I told you to keep looking at me, didn’t I?” he asked with a touch of impatience in his voice.

I look him in the eye again and softly apologize. I can feel a tear forming in the corner of my eye. This is too intense. The sensations are overwhelming me.

“Come here,” he says to me, seeing the state that I’m in, the state that HE put me in.

I walk towards maltepe escort him and stand in front of him, my legs between his legs, my bare breasts pressed up against his clothed chest. I enjoy the sensation of the smooth, cool fabric of his shirt pressed against my skin. It arouses me further. The fact that he is still dressed and I am half naked just makes me feel that much more vulnerable and exposed. A soft moan escapes my throat. He looks me in the eye, puts his right hand behind my head and pulls me close, hovering his lips just above mine, not yet touching.

“Is this what you need?” he innocently asks. “Do you need me to take away some of the pressure you are feeling? Hmmm? Is that what you need?”

“Yes,” I groan. “Please, yes.”

With that he makes full contact with my lips and I can practically hear the electricity crackling in the air. It is unbelievable. Incredible pressure builds in my pelvis and intense waves of pleasure wash over my entire body. I start to moan into his mouth as he continues to kiss me. I kiss him back with an insatiable hunger, sucking on his tongue, licking his lips, wrapping my arms tightly around his neck. The room starts to spin. I stumble and fall against him, my legs are trembling.

“Let’s get you out of these jeans and into this bed,” he says, a little breathless himself.

My fingers find their way to the button of my jeans and he tells me, “No, let me do that for you. I want to.”

“Ok,” I reply, my voice now thick with desire, my breathing growing heavier and heavier.

Unsnapping the button and pulling down the zipper, he grabs the waistband of my jeans and my panties together and pulls them both down to my ankles.

“Oh my God,” I exclaim. “Oh my God.”

“You are so beautiful,” he murmurs, as he looks me up and down from my breasts to my belly, my belly to my pussy, now fully exposed, and back up again to look into my eyes. “Lift your foot,” he tells me, bending over to finish pulling off my jeans and remove my socks.

“Now get up here and lay down on this bed,” he states calmly. “Spread your legs a little. Let me see inside. Oh my….your pussy is so pretty, so pink. Mmmmmm….. Just you wait,” he promises as he starts to undress in front of me.

I lay back, prop myself up on my elbows, and watch in silent appraisal and approval as he removes his clothing, starting with his shirt and ending with his socks. His shoulders are broad. His chest is thick and covered in a soft layer of dark hair. His nipples are erect. His cock is completely hard, jutting out, bobbing, asking to be sucked. I want to touch him. I start to sit up.

“No,” he states calmly. “No. You stay right there. I’m not done with you yet.”

I look at him, standing there, completely nude, looking back at me, and I am speechless. My head is spinning. Every nerve in my body is alive and screaming. I can’t think straight.

“Ok. Scoot that sexy ass of yours’ down here,” he commands with a big smile on his face. “I’m going to help relieve some of that pressure you’ve been feeling.”

I groan and scoot down the bed, position my ass right at the edge, and pull my knees up, exposing my bare pussy for him to see. Kneeling on the floor he wraps his strong arms around my thighs kartal escort and pulls my pussy closer to his face. I can feel the heat of his breath warming my now damp pussy as he hovers for a moment, not touching, not speaking. I squeeze my eyes shut and grab handfuls of the comforter on either side of me, bracing myself for the pleasure shock I am about to receive. Releasing my right leg he gently pries my lips apart, exposing my swollen clitoris and oh so sensitive inner lips.

“Oooooohhhhh,” I moan from the shock of first contact.

And then he releases my other leg and presses his left thumb gently against my clit.

“Mmmmmm,” I moan again as he continues to take his time. My pussy is on fire and he is still teasing me.

“Are you ready?” he asks with just a hint of laughter in his voice.

My response is not legible. I growl, a low deep growl coming from a primal place, deep, deep inside of me.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he murmurs as he begins stroking his finger slowly up and down my slit, from the top of my clit to the base of my pussy.

Up and down, over and over, he keeps stroking my pussy. My lips are getting wetter, opening wider, inviting his finger to come inside. The sound of my voice fills the room. I can’t stay quiet. Moaning, groaning, gasping, panting, growling and breathing, heavier and heavier.

“Oh dear God,” I cry out. “Make me cum. Please make me cum. Please, please…..”

Exaggerated foreplay is such sweet agony, and an art he had mastered well, I thought to myself, but I am going to start screaming if he doesn’t turn it up a notch soon.

I hear his soft laughter and feel his hot breath on my lips mere seconds before I feel the tip of his tongue on my clit. Slowly and gently he laps at my swollen bud. Using both hands to hold my lips apart, he continues to lick and flick at my clit with his sweet, wet tongue, keeping the same pace, somehow knowing this is what I need to reach my peak. The deep groans and growls erupting from my throat continue to fill the room. I can feel my orgasm building. I raise my hips trying to get my pussy closer to his face. I ball my hands into fists and pound on the mattress. Shock waves coming from my clit begin to peak and spill over, cascading over my entire body, sweeping me away with every wave.

The room is spinning. My deep groans and growls turn to a high pitched preening sound, piercing the room, a long, steady sound that just goes on and on. And then he slips a finger inside of me and starts to pump, grazing my G-Spot with every stroke. It is then that I start to scream. My orgasm keeps intensifying until it turns into a multiple, back to back orgasms with just a brief pause before the next one rises again and explodes.

“Don’t stop, don’t stop,” I cry out urgently. “I’m still cumming!”

He keeps fucking me with his finger and I keep bucking against his hand as I continue to scream. The pressure and force of the orgasms wracking my body reach a fevered pitch and I feel a stream of hot liquid spurt out of my pussy, shooting past his finger and soaking the bed.

Then I hear him growl as he swiftly removes his finger and buries his face between my legs. He presses his nose tightly against my swollen clit and drags his tongue up and down the length of my opening, pausing to briefly suck on my clit. Shoving his tongue deep inside of me, he probes and pumps and laps up all my juices, clearly excited by the fact that he just made me squirt, and not wanting to miss a single drop.

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