The Bad Idea Ch. 02


As the man closed the door behind Him, He looked down at His little kitten, cowering in the corner. Her brown eyes were tearing up as His nails tapped on the wall, deep in thought. He would keep His eyes on the girl, wondering if just standing there would scare her enough into being good or if more… drastic measures should be taken. As it was, their relationship in the scene was new and budding and there was one thing they haven’t done that they should have started at the very beginning –Punishment. He had been letting the girl run wild and it’s about time He put His foot down! WHAM!

The girl jumped as He had slammed His foot down and it made Him smile inwardly. Let the games begin.

“You broke the rules…”

“Yes, yes I know! I am sorry M ‘Lord! Honest! It will NEVER happen again!” She would cry as she crawled to His side, hugging His shins, nuzzling His thighs as she continued to hug His legs, crying. The man would smile as He watched the scene, tempted to pet her hair and ravish her and make sure she would never want or even need to touch herself ever again. He moved His leg, pushing against her to peel her away. As the girl lay on the floor before Him, He would rest His sock clothed foot on her chest, knowing full well the girl had a fear of feet so she would not try to move or get up.

“You broke the rules…” He would state again. The girl did not move, her chest bouncing with the occasional sob not only from the fear of His wrath but also from the fear that part of her punishment would involve feet. “You broke the rules… You will be punished… For EVERY infraction.” The girl seemed to coward when she realized that His feet were the least of her problems tonight. The girl started to mutter again about Maltepe Grup Escort how she was sorry for this and for that and how they would NEVER happen again, especially the mistake she made in the woods that one day. The man lifted His foot as the girl shuttered at the thought of the day in the woods came to mind, her body growing cold and suddenly, the urge to take a shower came upon her as if the very thought made her as dirty as the act did.

Knowing how she craved to always be around Him as much as possible and how she was more than likely feeling, he put on His best frown and looked her dead in the eye.

“Go kneel in the corner. Don’t let me catch you slouching, sitting down, or with your nose out of that corner or it will just make your punishment worse.” The girl didn’t move for a moment but after the helpful nudge of His foot, she scurried into the corner, her posture stiff and proper as her knees bore the weight of her naked body. The man would watch her form for only a moment, long enough to have the image imprinted into His mind before He left the room and walked down the hall to the kitchen. He was feeling famished from working all day like He did and was expecting a sandwich when He got home but had found that His love had other plans. He mumbled to Himself about disobedient submissive’s and having to make His own food. His eyes cut to the right, looking at the bedroom door without moving His head and saw the girl looking at Him. His brow would rise as He took a bite of His sandwich; the girl licked her lips as He ate.

“I am really glad that My submissive would NEVER go against My words or punishments, knowing full well it would only get WORSE…” He spoke, giving the girl a chance to Maltepe Manken Escort hide. She caught a hint and went back to her corner. She was grateful that He was nice enough to give her a warning even though she was punished. She fidgeted in the corner, still naked from her play earlier. Her hands rubbed her arms to force back the biting chill in the air. Almost by instinct, her hands moved from their place on her arms towards the middle of her body, to her warm breasts, her nipples erect from the coolness and the mere thought that if M ‘Lord caught her, she would be in even more trouble than before.

Though the tempting thought of getting off lingered in the forefront off her mind, whispering an alluring song of pleasure, the thought of the hot, cruel leather of M ‘Lord’s paddle made her squirm in pain, her hands going back to her side as a whimper of imaginary pain slipped her lips. She jumped from the soft touch of small but firm strips of leather of her M ‘Lord’s flogger, a small gasp of fear leapt from her lips before she could catch herself. The strands fell one by one from her back until nothing but the mere shadow of their weight was left.

“What were you doing?” the man’s voice sought lowly, almost too low to hear. The tone was neither cruel nor comforting, the evidence of the man keeping His emotions in check, keeping Himself even so as to not allow His emotions to rule over her punishment. The girl shivered knowing that this punishment will have been the worse yet. Tears glazed over her eyes until they overflowed, spilling onto her cheeks in quiet sobs, the girl scared out of her mind.

“Tell me…” He said in the same tone.

“I… I was waiting… M ‘Lord… I swear…”

The Maltepe Masöz Escort swoop of what felt like a thousand spikes, the flogger she knew, slapped against her ass, the smack sounding like thunder throughout the room. It seemed to vibrate and echo in the room, accented beautifully with her scared painful cries.

“What were you doing when I came home girl!” He growled, more of an exclamation than a question. Her sobs filled the room once more. When she did nothing but cry, another hit rained down onto her porcelain like skin, a few of the strands hitting just right to draw up a drop of blood. “Answer!”

“I was masturbating!” She cried, body starting to shake violently from her sobs and fear of the pain already spreading through her back. “I was… I was masturbating M ‘Lord…” Came her whisper, her tears stopping as nothing happened from her words, nothing but silence.

“I’m so sorry M ‘Lord… It will never happen again, I swear… M ‘Lord, I’m so sorry…”

The man was standing behind the girl, huddled in the corner, scared beyond words. She now knew this has gone far beyond the play status. He was ready to finally take charge. He left the room, placing the flogger on the floor in her line of sight. Coming back a few minutes later, He knelt behind her, dipping a cloth into a small bowl of warm salt water, running the cloth along the marks, petting her back by default, her body calmed it’s self and stopped her tears. He picked up the small girl’s frame in His arms. Walking to the bedroom, He looked at the girl. The way she was huddled in His arms really made her look like a frightened child even though she was 20. He felt bad for a moment but as her hands curled up on His chest and she cuddled to Him, He knew she was happy, she forgave Him for having to punish her. He laid her on the bed. Leaning up on her elbows, looking up at Him, her brown eyes wide and innocent looking, she blushed softly, smiling at Him. His dick would throb as she did and that’s when He realized His night was not yet over…

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