The Beach House Ch. 01


Hi out there, this is my latest work. A sweet story about a woman and her son, but I’ve got some bad news! If you’re looking to ‘jerk off’ this isn’t the story you want. There is sex, but you’ve have to read for awhile. I got me an editor. Thanks man.

“So, what time are we leaving tomorrow?” Levi asked, trying not to look at his lovely mother’s large breasts under her thin, silk nightshirt. That was proving to be a very difficult task. She had a great set of C cups with large dark nipples. The eighteen-year-old loved looking at them, and her nipple rings made them even better.

She loved when he looked at her, it always made her feel so warm and fuzzy inside, but he was her son. ‘If only Bill cared half as much about me, I’d have it made’ she thought trying to remember the last time her husband even looked at her, but she couldn’t. His only goal in life was to see how many girls’ he could screw from the office.

“Shoot, I guess around six, so that means we should get up around five,” she said with a laugh, watching her son’s face wrinkle in pain. “You’re a big-boy, you can take it,” she laughed harder, knowing Levi hated to get up so early, but even leaving at that time, they’d still have to get a motel room for the night.

“Yuck! We should leave at night. I can help you drive. I’ve been driving over two years now,” he said tapping his foot, still trying his best to keep his brown eyes off his Mom’s big, juicy tits. ‘I hope I find a girl with a fuckin’ rack like those babies!’ he thought licking his lips, wondering what it would be like sucking and playing with the rings, while fucking a girl.

She pretended not to notice his eyes on her, but it was starting to take its toll. Her big nipples were starting to swell and she knew there would be no way to hide them from Levi. “We’ve always done it this way, so there’s no sense in changing now,” she said, wondering why her handsome, young son liked looking at her so much. He was a great looking guy that could have any girl or woman he wanted, but he spent so much time with her.

He was six feet tall with a body that would drive any girl crazy. His shoulders and chest were thick with muscles and his chest was covered with a thin coat of brown hair. Plus, that monster between his legs could get him any woman he wanted.

He couldn’t help but notice poor Mom’s nips were growing out of control, pushing her tiny rings forward. ‘Poor babe! I wish I was Dad for one night. You’d leave him for me!’ he laughed to himself feeling his cock growing hard, wondering what Mom was like in bed. ‘I bet you’d fuck me to death!’ he thought, looking at her short brown hair and pretty blue eyes, wondering why Dad just tossed her aside the way he did.

“Ok then, I’m off to bed. I hate getting up so damn early,” he laughed, reaching out his arms to hug her goodnight. ‘Oh fuck!’ he screamed to himself as her soft breasts smashed against his bare chest, sending a shot of electricity straight to his already hard cock.

“Love you,” he whispered in her ear as he gently caressed her small, firm ass, wondering if she felt his stiff cock or not. She felt it before and he didn’t care; maybe she’d forget Dad and want him.

She reached to return his hug and wanted to scream. ‘My God, you’re so big!’ she thought as his mass pushed against her thigh, making her heart skip a few beats. ‘I wonder what something so big would feel like?’ she thought as his hands tormented her ass. It did feel good being touched by such a great looking man, even if he was her son.

“Goodnight sweetie,” she replied, wishing that he was going off to her bed to screw her lonely body to death. But something like that would be so wrong and she’d never forgive herself for taking advantage of him. She knew most men had a thing for their mother and Levi had it bad.

Levi pulled away and couldn’t wait to get in the shower and jerk off. He knew it wasn’t normal to think of your Mom the way he thought of her. But she was a fuckin’ babe. Deep down, he wanted to make it with her. ‘What I wouldn’t do,’ he thought, adjusting the shower, wondering how he was going to spend the entire summer with her and not make a move on her.

He knew she had to be going crazy. Dad never touched her in anyway. ‘I’d wear your cute little ass out every fuckin’ chance I had!’ he thought, stepping under the warm water. He pictured her in front of him, with his long, fat cock slamming deep in her body. (Comment: Sorry, Larry. Breaking up the last long sentence left a sentence fragment. Hope that the suggested change is along the line of what you are looking for)

“Oh God,” Levi moaned as his big hand went up and down his long cock-shaft. He envisioned her bent over in front of him, his hard cock up her pussy.

“Oh fuck! I love you Mom,” he moaned stroking faster, imagining being deep in her. In his mind, he fucked her with long, deep strokes, while holding her sweet boobs, pulling on her nipple rings.

“I love your pussy, Mom,” Levi moaned louder. He was so close to spraying cum all illegal bahis over the walls of the shower.

“Oh Mom,” he moaned again, thinking of her nice ass in front of him, his cock deep in her pussy and cuming in the very place that he’d come from.

“Oh mother fucker,” he growled as a long, thick stream of cum shot from the tip of his cock and hit the wall.

“Oh Mom! Oh Mom, I love you so much,” Levi cried as his cock shot cum all over the wall and on the shower floor, leaving him drained and ready for bed.

Stella couldn’t believe what she was hearing. ‘Oh my Lord!’ she thought covering her mouth in shock, wondering why in the world her handsome son would want to think of her while masturbating. ‘I hope you get over this soon and find you a pretty girlfriend,’ she thought again as a warm rush covered her forty-year-old body.

“It’s kinda hot I guess,” she moaned leaning her five foot ten inch body against the wall, squeezing her breasts, flicking the rings in her nipples. She had enjoyed hearing Levi moaning ‘Mom’ while he pleasured hielf.

“I wish I could help you baby,” she whispered, thinking of his big manly piece of meat in her hands while she jerked him off, letting him squirt his seeds all over her breasts.

“That’d make my baby cum, real good,” Stella smiled, knowing how much Levi loved her big, full breasts and she was sure that he’d cum in about two seconds.

“I guess I better go and take care of you so I can get some sleep,” she whispered, giving her excited pussy a gentle rub through her shorts and went to her room.

She stripped off her clothes and walked to the mirror on the closet door. Stella looked over her body and smiled. Not too bad for an old lady,” she smiled, looking from her perky breasts down to her very toned stomach. “All that exercising sure pays off,” she said to herself, running her hands over the front of her body. She thought of Levi behind her, doing the very same thing. She loved being hugged from behind and feeling a nice, hard cock against her ass, knowing she was about to get fucked.

“This is going to be a long, horny summer,” Stella laughed, thinking of Levi swimming all summer and how tan he always got.

“I’m going to die,” she moaned lying on the bed, caressing her breasts, excited nipples and gently pulling the rings in them. “Suck Mommy’s titties,” Stella whimpered, thinking of her son pleasing her lonely body, giving her the pleasures that her husband never gave her.

“Make me feel good, baby,” she moaned slowly sliding her right hand down her body, circling her tummy and down between her long, slender legs. “Oh shit,” Stella moaned, not knowing that she was being watched by a young boy that loved her so much and would give anything to help her.

Levi had a feeling that she thought of him the same way he did her and now he knew for sure.

“Poor Mom wants me just as bad as I want her,” he smiled, hoping that being alone with her most of the summer would give him his chance to be with her. “You’re going to be mine,” Levi said thinking of making love to the same woman that had given him birth and he strolled off to bed.

“Oh my baby boy,” Stella cried as visions of Levi’s massive cock sliding in her body, loving her until she orgasmed and fainted in his big, strong arms. Two of her long fingers eased deep into her very wet and excited pussy, slowly moving in and out, giving her a little pleasure. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck your mother,” She moaned louder, knowing it wasn’t going to be very long until she exploded into a breathtaking orgasm, thinking of her son. She knew it was so wrong, but it felt so fucking good and there was no way in hell she could stop now. Levi was her baby and he was any women’s dream come true, even hers.

“Oh my God! Oh yes! Oh baby,” Stella cried out as her body released, thinking of her tall, handsome son fucking her senseless, and it felt so good. She hadn’t come like this in years and it made her think – think of screwing her son. ‘I wonder if I could or if he even wants me,’ she thought, turning on her side and slowly drifting off to sleep.



“Oh shit,” Stella moaned reaching to turn off the alarm and realized that she hadn’t even bothered to dress last night.

“Oh well,” she laughed pulling herself from the bed and went to shower the stickiness from between her legs. ‘I can’t believe I did that,’ she thought as the hot water cascaded over her body. She’d always admired Levi, but never did anything like dreaming of him while pleasuring herself. ‘I can’t ever do that again!’ Stella thought. She tried her best to keep such thoughts from her mind, but it was going to be so hard. They were going to be alone most of the summer in a very secluded beach house, with no one around for miles.

“Oh fuck,” Stella growled, hoping that she’d be able to resist her urges. “Why does he have to be so damn good looking?” she said turning off the water, wrapped herself in a towel and went down the hall to wake him.

She walked illegal bahis siteleri into his room, quickly noticing that he was a normal young man. His cock was hidden under the sheet, but was pointing straight up to the ceiling like a flag pole. “Shit! Why me?” she whispered to herself, looking at him. She wondered what something so long and fat would feel like. Her husband was a good size, but he didn’t come close to what Levi had. Her eyes were locked on it, wishing she had the nerve to pull down the sheet and wake her son in such a way, he’d never forget. She gently caressed her nipples, thinking, trying to sort her mind out, when he began to stir.

“Hey Mom. Is it time to get up?” Levi asked, stretching his tall body so much, the sheet slid down, completely exposing his stiff cock. “It seems like I just went to sleep,” he yawned, not caring that his hard cock was visible to Mom or not. He wanted her to know what he had and it was stupid to sit around with no love in her life, when she could have him.

She watched him and felt like dying right there in his room. Stella was looking at a work of art and it was her young sons’ cock. ‘My God!’ she thought, fighting the urge to look at it, but it was so big and beautiful, she couldn’t help it.

“You get dressed and I’ll make coffee,” she quickly said and had to leave the room before she gave in to her desires. It had been far too long since she’d been pleasured and Stella knew she had to get away from him.

“Poor Mom is going to go crazy,” he laughed giving his cock a little squeeze, thinking of being inside her great body and how good it would feel. “I’m betting that she’ll be mine by…July.” Levi smiled and got up to dress.

Stella ran to her room, panting for air. “That was to close,” she whispered as visions of lust filled her mind. Thoughts of yoer son’s beautiful cock sent waves of desire through her body, knowing that she would never want for love again. “I bet it would feel so good,” she moaned grabbing both of her large breasts. She squeezed them, wishing that it was Levi behind her, with his big piece of meat between her legs, rubbing over her wet mound of sex.

“I better stop this before I go back and rape him.” Stella giggled, knowing that Levi would love every second of fucking her, and she would too. What woman in her right mind could even resist a young, handsome stud like him? But, there was that one thing that stood in the way: He was her son.

She dressed and made her way to brew a pot of coffee, with visions of Levi’s big cock still lingering in her mind. ‘What would something so big and long feel like?’ Stella thought, feeling her nipples swelling with excitement. ‘I wonder if it would hurt?’ she continued thinking of his big piece of meat as a warm rush swept between her long legs and quickly covered her entire body. ‘I’d kill to suck something like that!’ Stella moaned in her mind, thinking of the big head filling her mouth and sucking him until he erupted. “Oh God,” she moaned, hoping she could shove her thoughts of incest away before she did something that she’d regret for the rest of her life.

“What’s wrong?” Levi asked moving behind her, hugging her nice and tight, the way they both loved so much. His hands ran down her sides and he felt something real nice. “Oh wow! Are these a pair of those stretch jeans we saw on the tube?” he asked, running both his hands over the white jeans, her slender hips and great, little ass, feeling his cock begin to grow.

She just stood frozen, unable to move as he pushed against her ass. When he started touching her, Stella wanted to scream with desire.

“Yes,’ she whispered as Levi’s big hands touched nearly every last inch of her lower body, missing only one place. The one place that no man had visited in just over two years, and she needed that problem fixed soon, before she let her son visit that place.

“Please tell me that you bought more than one pair of them,” he sighed, pressing her between him and the cool kitchen counter. Levi knew that his poor Mom had to be enjoying the attention just as much as he was. She loved when he hugged her from behind and he wondered if that would be the key to seducing her.

Stella couldn’t breathe as Levi’s hardness grew against her ass. “Yes, I have seven pair of them,” she struggled to say, hoping they wouldn’t end up on the floor or table. If she was going to consider doing it with her son, Stella wanted it to be special.

“Wow! I can’t wait to see you in them,” he whispered in her ear, knowing that Mom liked that too. “When we get to the beach, will you model them for me?” Levi whispered lower, making sure to blow warm air into her ear. When she moaned, he knew Mom would model the jeans for him.

She knew resisting hime was going to be so hard. He was so handsome, had a massive cock that she was eager to try and she couldn’t tell him ‘no’ if her very own life depended on it. “Sure,” she whispered as he grew more, pushing into her ass, driving her crazy with need.

“You’re so fuckin’ hot,” canlı bahis siteleri he hugged her again, making sure both his big hands were just under each of her full breasts. He also knew that she loved them touched and played with and he was more than willing to help. “This is going to be the best summer ever,” he whispered, thinking of seducing her and claiming her for himself. If Dad was going to just toss her aside for some young bitch, that was fine. Levi wanted her and would give her all the love she needed.

Stella just rested against him, knowing damn will what he meant, but she couldn’t move or say a single word.

“We need to get some coffee in us and be on our way,” she smiled as he pulled from her, leaving an empty feeling that she didn’t like at all. She loved when he hugged her. That was Stella’s weakness and she knew that weakness was sure to lead her down a forbidden path.

“Damn, you’re pretty,” he smiled looking over her lovely face and the tasteful makeup that she always took such great care in putting on. “If I was Dad…I’d never let you out of bed.” Levi said as he gently caressed her side, wishing that she’d submit herself to him and stop dragging this out. He knew that she wanted him and she needed to let go and enjoy herself.

Her face lit up like a Christmas tree. “What?” Stella said in shock at what he said, but it also warmed her heart. What she wouldn’t do for a man like him, but something came to mind. The man was standing right in front of her and all she had to do was say the word.

“You heard me,” he winked, enjoying the warm glow on her stunning face. “If I was Dad, I’d never let your gorgeous little ass out of bed.” Levi said it again, making sure that she clearly understood him. He wanted her so badly his balls hurt and he was through with beating off. He wanted her.

“You’re a nasty little boy for saying such things to your mother,” she smiled and made her way to sit at the table, hoping she wouldn’t cum in her new jeans. “I bought a few other things that I think you’re going to like.” Stella added in a sly voice and watched his rugged face smile.

Levi poured a cup of coffee, sat across from her and lit two cigarettes. He handed her one and smiled. “Well, are you going to tell me or are you going to make me wait?” he asked, wondering what his sexy Mom had, because he’d never seen her looking like this. She reminded him of a happy young girl that was enjoying the fact that she was teasing him.

“I bought two new bikinis,” she replied feeling her face turning red, but it felt good. She knew that if they kept playing like this, she’d submit herself to him within two weeks, maybe sooner. “One is white and the other is a light powder blue.” She smiled at him and couldn’t wait for him to see her. Other than panties, she’d never bought anything so skimpy in her life and she’d be wearing them for her horny, young son.

He watched her face and just smiled. ‘I want you so bad!’ he thought, hoping she’d give in to him. “I can’t wait to see them.” Levi said in a husky low voice as he looked into her pretty eyes, trying to imagine what they’d look like while she was being loved.

“You’re going to be seeing a lot of them and,” she paused, thinking of the tiny suits. “And a whole lot of me.” Stella whispered feeling as if her body was on the verge of exploding. She loved the way they were playing and wished it could remain this way. But, Levi was a young man that needed a woman and she knew he wouldn’t stop until he got one, even if it was his mother.

“Cool! I can’t wait,” he smiled thinking of her gorgeous body in some small bikini and the fun he was going to have feeling her up.

“I bet you can’t,” she teased knowing his caressing hands were going to be all over her and she couldn’t wait. “Just try to remember that I’m your Mom.” Stella added with a smile, knowing that would make him touch her even more.

“How could I forget?” he asked reaching across the small table to run his fingers over her face, enjoying her resting her head on his hand. “You’re the hottest Mom in the world.” Levi whispered as their eyes looked to each other.

“Are you trying to ‘butter’ me up?” she asked as that warm feel between her legs started to come again.

“Hell yes I am,” he quickly replied without thinking. “I got you all to myself and I plan on enjoying it,” Levi said with a big smile, watching that warm glow returning to her face. “We’re both over eighteen. You need to relax and have some fun.”

She thought for a few seconds and knew he was right. As long as they didn’t make love, what would be the harm in having a little fun? “Ok, but let’s keep it the way it is. You can even turn it up a notch, but there’s one place that is totally forbidden to touch… and I mean it,” Stella said in a firm, motherly voice that he knew all too well and best do as he was told. “Other than that,” she paused and couldn’t believe what she’d just said to him, but it was too late to take it back now. “I’m all yours for the summer,” she smiled, wondering if this was a mistake or not. Telling her horny son that he could do anything he waited to her, as long as he didn’t touch between her legs. ‘I’m goina die!’ she thought, wondering how horny he’d have her. He already drove her crazy.

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