The Blatter Supremacy


The Blatter SupremacyHaving just dominated and degraded the female psychiatrist Dr. Noory, having just handed her over to a convenience-store clerk to do with her as he pleased, Percy Blatter drove home.Opening the front door with his key, he was immediately confronted by his blond, long-haired, big-breasted cheating whore of a wife.”Where the hell have—” she began, but never got to finish, as Percy punched her full-force in the face, eliciting a gasp AND a cry of pain, which hardened his cock.”SHUT UP, CUNT!” he roared manfully as he gripped her hair and dragged her, screaming and protesting, to their bedroom.Slamming her down on the mattress, he imediately began slapping her across the face: forehand, backhand, forehand, backhand, repeatedly.”WHAT ARE YOU?” he demanded. “WhWha—“”SLUT!” he yelled, and then proceeded to rip every stitch of clothing off her unwilling body.”P-P-Percy,” she sobbed, “why are you d-doing this to me?””You think I didn’t SEE YOU whore? konak escort You were on your back with your legs spread while that lawyer fucked you on his desk!”She gasped, recognizing that her husband knew about her cheating, and then, like a typical woman, began to bargain.”Percy, I d-didn’t MEAN to do—“”FUCK YOU, BITCH!” he growled, as he forefully spread her legs and rammed his dong into her cunt. She had not yet lubricated, so she screamed in pain.”GOOD!” he proclaimed, continuing to pump his erect rod in and out of his bitch. “You didn’t have a problem taking his dick, did you?”She continued sobbing as he resumed the slapping of her face which she had earned by her whorish behavior.And now, Percival Abraham Blatter began to instruct:”Number One, you will QUIT your job tomorrow! Number Two, you will be OBEDIENT to me at all times! Number Three, you will teach our daughter not to be a slut like you! Do you understand these rules as I konak escort bayan have just outlined?”She couldn’t help herself: Her formerly-wimpy husband was now r****g her, which is all she had ever wanted.”YES! OH GOD YES!” she screamed as the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt rolled through her naked body. Percy responded in kind: Withdrawing his cock from her cunt, he scooched up and straddled her heaving, now-swollen-with-nipples-erect tits. She was now his property, and he USED his property, stroking his dick for just a few seconds before pumping one, two, three jets of hot sticky cum all over her thoroughly-conquered face. Afterward, he didn’t allow her to wipe the jism off or go to the bathroom. Instead, he forced her to let the semen dry on her face. Then, and only then, did he lead her to the toilet so she could pee, keeping hold of her hair the entire time. “Mom? Dad?” came a voice from the hall: Their daughter Stephanie, escort konak home from school.Without missing a beat Percy pulled his bitch-cunt-whore of a wife off the toilet and marched her out into the hall where Stephanie could see what he’s done. The young girl gasped as she took in the spectacle of her mother, ****d, degraded and now docile, with her father’s dried jism all over her face.”This is how things are gonna be from now on!” Percy half-chuckled, half-grunted.-And that’s how things have been in the Blatter household ever since: The wife quit her job the next day, and now greets her husband naked at the door when he arrives home from work, kneeling and sucking his cock while looking worshipfully up at her New God, the violent man which she had needed all her life, taking his wad in whatever way he chooses to give it to her. On this particular day, he shoots his cum on her tits, and then she obediently smears the seed all over her chest, shoulders and stomach, then gazes up at him adoringly as she licks her fingers clean.Also on this day, there is noise from Stephanie’s room: Her boyfriend Rick is fucking her again, and Steph is completely under the control of his young, swollen dick.Just like her Mom and Dad taught her.

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