The Bookstore


1998 18 yrs. old.

I’d been Angie for over a year. My parents passed suddenly, leaving me to live as I wished. I’d already moved to an apartment and had a couple of part time jobs. I had enough saved that I could quit and change completely to living as Angie. I never dressed as a boy again. I found work elsewhere. I had people convinced I was an awkward teenage girl.

Dave, my boyfriend, wouldn’t move in with me. He claimed his parents wouldn’t pay for his college if he did. I was in love with him, so I believed him. He claimed I was his girlfriend, but we often met at the places where we were going out. He’d come back to my apartment afterwards and fuck me before heading home.

When we were still in high school, Dave and I would sneak into the local adult bookstore. Dave was eighteen and I was seventeen, but I had a phony I.D. We’d watch porn in the theater and jack off. I already felt a sexual attraction to Dave. Dave’s reaction to Tranny porn convinced me to cross dress and give myself to him.

After I turned 18, Dave asked if I’d mind going back to the bookstore again, only this time I went as Angie. The owner, looked at us knowingly. The other men looked at Dave and envied him having me. I don’t believe I fooled anybody. Looking back, the other men looked at me as just a slut looking to suck dick or to get fucked. (I was!)

The theater had several couches in the room. Once in awhile we saw other couples, but mostly we saw single men. While I knelt before Dave and sucked him, he’d pull my skirt up to my waist, exposing my ass. Occasionally, I’d feel a hand caress me. It felt creepy and nice at the same time!

Dave introduced me to Ron, the bookstore owner, the next time we went. Ron was a fat, balding, middle-aged man who always wore tank tops and sweatpants. He looked greasy, and a little mean.

“Dave ensest porno tells me you’re quite a cocksucker,” he said, then pulled his cock out of his sweatpants. He might have been six inches long, but quite thick.

I looked over at Dave who only nodded and smiled. Here was my boyfriend freely offering me to a strange man!

I knelt before him and took him into my mouth. He stank and tasted awful. I could barely keep from gagging! He got stiffer the longer I sucked him. He grabbed my hair and made me take him all as he filled my mouth with his nasty tasting cum! He pulled out of my mouth and stuck his limp dick back into his pants.

“You can suck my dick anytime, Sweetie!” Ron exclaimed.

As I walked away, I saw Ron hand Dave something as both of them looked at me.

Dave mentioned that Ron was interested in me, and would let us in for free if I’d give him a blowjob whenever we came in. Dave said it would save us $20. We could use it to go get a pizza, afterwards. I reluctantly agreed, since it would make Dave happy.

One day, Dave asked, “You really like sucking cock don’t you?!!”

“Yes,” I replied. “I like it in my ass, too!” I commented, not knowing what was coming.

“You know…there’s a lots of men here who’d probably love to have you suck them. And, maybe, they’d like to fuck your pretty bottom.”

“Is that what you want?” I asked nervously.

“I just thought that might be a way for you to get all the cock you desire!’ He replied.

“What I want is your cock, Dave. I want YOU to fuck me more!”

He frowned slightly and continued, “I just don’t think I can fuck you as much as you think I can. I wouldn’t mind if you wanted more cock than I can give you.”

Why does my boyfriend seem so interested in sharing me?

“You could try it, and asyalı porno if you don’t like it, you don’t have to do it anymore.” He promised.

But, I felt there was an implied threat…a threat he’d leave me if I didn’t do this! I agreed to try, though I wondered why my boyfriend was treating me this way!

The next night, a guy came up to me and asked if I would suck him. He stood in front of me and I sucked him a few minutes until he came. He thanked me and left. Soon another came up for his blowjob. I sucked a couple more, then excused myself. I snuck off to the restroom and threw up all the cum I’d swallowed.

Ron stuck his head in the door and said, “Don’t try to swallow all of it. You’ll get sick every time.” He handed me a small towel. “Let them come on your face or breasts, then clean it off.”

I returned, and sucked a couple more guys before I asked Dave to take me home. He didn’t say much, just quickly fucked me before going home.

I grew to like sucking more cocks. Some guys would ask first, many would just stick there dicks in my face and expect me to suck them. I often sucked a dozen men a night. I would let two or three coat my face before wiping it off.

I was kneeling, sucking a guy, when I felt my skirt being raised. Soon, I felt a cock sliding up and down my crack. When I didn’t protest, I felt the head pushing against my tight little asshole. Soon it popped in and slid all the way in. It wasn’t thick or very long, but it felt good sliding inside me. The strange man grabbed my hips and thrust rapidly and filled my ass with his load. Another man took his place and fucked me for a few minutes before coming, too!

I really enjoyed the attention I was getting!

Every two or three weeks, we’d go back and I’d spend the evening letting any man who wanted gizli çekim porno fuck my ass. I would often suck a man while another fucked me. I even asked if there was anyone else waiting as the crowd thinned! Dave would take me to get a burger or pizza and take me back to my place afterwards.

Dave usually met me at the bookstore. He rarely picked me up for our dates.

I arrived early one evening and went in. I gave Ron his blowjob and stayed with him behind the counter. Either I got accustomed to Ron’s taste, or he’d started cleaning better. Sucking him wasn’t as bad. He’d tell funny jokes while I sucked him, trying to make me laugh. I enjoyed his company. I spent the entire evening behind the counter, waiting for Dave.

After several hours, Dave hadn’t shown, hadn’t called. Business was slow, so Ron closed early. He asked me up to his apartment. I had nothing better, and I was pissed at Dave, so I agreed.

I expected to find sleazy nudes on the walls and porn scattered about, but was pleasantly surprised! His rooms were very tidy. He had nice reproductions of famous artists and bookshelves lined with serious authors!

He ordered Chinese takeout and I sucked him again while we waited for the order.

“May I see you naked?” he asked.

He appeared to like what he saw, then asked, “May I fuck you?”

What the hell, I wanted to get fucked, anyway, and he asked nicely, so I lay face down across a pillow. My as was raised slightly, legs spread wide.

Ron crawled on top of me and slid his lubed cock inside. I felt his sour breath on my neck as he slowly rode my ass. He ground into me and reached around me to hold me close as he fucked me. He felt nice inside me. He started thrusting harder and faster, then emptied his hot load into me.

Afterwards, he showed me where to clean up, then called a cab for me.

Anytime Dave failed to show up, I’d go to bed with Ron. He started cleaning better and sex with him was nice.

I was getting plenty of cock, but I wasn’t feeling much like a woman. I still felt like I was a cross dresser and soon stopped going to the bookstore.

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