The Boss


The BossThe BossI’ve worked at a medium size manufacturing company for nearly ten years, Over that time I have been able to show my skills as a negotiator and facilitator for intra divisional disputes. A few years back my boss told me he had an opportunity for me. This meant I was being transferred again. No big deal, it was the fifth time. I actually take it as a compliment. This time I was going to the H.R. department, which interested me as I saw a chance to use my people skills. I was still in the middle of a major project so I had little time to go down and meet my new boss. I focused on my work and a couple weeks later I was finally released. I wondered over to my new digs to look around and to introduce myself. I arrived at the HR area which is deliberately out of the way of everyone else to help people feel that their confidentiality is maintained. I know of my new boss, Leslie Mann but we’ve never met. I have seen dozens of corporate memos that he has sent out and he seems pretty abrupt. As I approach his office I see a gorgeous ass leaning over his desk. I pause a moment to take in the site. About 5′ 4″, long black shiny hair, a little curvy, just how I like them. Eventually she turned around and gave me a laser beam stare. I think whatever and ask her when Leslie will be back. “I am, and it’s Ms. Mann if you don’t mind!” “Holy Shit!! That’s my new boss?” I thought. Anfd did I fuck up that intro or what. ” I’m sorry ma’am, I just thought you were someone else.” “My name is Bryce Anders, and I will be joining you today…I mean joining your department today.” I must have turned redder than an apple.Not until I was shown where to set up my things did I really have a chance to stop and think. I had never had a female boss before. Hm shouldn’t be a big deal. I’ll just do my thing and everything will be normal. After I settled in, Ms. Mann called me in so we could talk about expectations and what my role would be. Maybe I spoke too soon about it not being a big deal. She was tough, real tough. Either I was going to come out of this better than I had ever hoped, or I was on the street. Over the next few months I was challenged with task after task. Each more challenging than the last. She was testing me and I knew it, so I worked my butt off making sure my research was spot on. I read and reread my reports a dozen times until they were flawless. I knew what I was putting out was good. Damn good. I wasn’t getting much positive feedback until one morning Ms. Mann approached me and said ” Your work is good. I want to make you my assistant.” Not much of a pay bump and more work, but what the hell, it’s a promotion. It did mean that my desk moved so I was in direct line of sight from her desk. All she had to do was look up and see what I was doing at all times. I kind of felt I was under her thumb. I noticed that every now and then she would assume the same position that I first met her in. Bent over her desk facing away from the door. If I didn’t know better I think I caught her checking to see if I noticed. I also noticed that occasionally a button would be undone on her blouse showing cleavage. She would call me in to look at some paperwork and I couldn’t stop myself from catching a glimpse of her red satin bra. The right after the meeting her blouse was done up as normal. Coincidence or was tuzla escort Ms. Mann a flirt. This continued for a time but I just couldn’t figure out what she was doing. If I misread it or played it wrong with the HR director, shit, I would be out on my ass.A few weeks later, Ms. Mann told me that we were going to attend a conference in Miami. She said not to get too excited about going to Miami, we wouldn’t have much chance to see much more than the airport and the conference auditorium. I thought she can’t be this wound up all the time, maybe having a chance to interact after hours will let me see another side of her and figure out what all the flirting is about.Well the day came and we set off for the Miami Gaylord Resorts & Convention Center. What a place. It was the biggest building I have ever seen. Hundreds of meeting rooms. Thousands of guest rooms. Spas, exercise studios, it was unreal. Ms. Mann said we should get settled and meet for dinner in an hour. Rather than go straight to my room I explored for a while. Finally I headed back and got changed for dinner. We met at one of the restaurants and talked. She did let her guard down, a bit. We talked about our pasts, families, like dislikes etc. Friendly small talk. When dinner was over we headed back to our rooms. The way the conversation was going I figured she just might invite me up. Shit, nothing. The next morning we had breakfast and attended meetings all day. Ms. Mann was much more relaxed and even flirtatious at times. So much so she allowed me to call her Leslie. At the end of the day I knew this must be it. She’s going to invite me up. Nothing. She said she was going to clean up and go for a massage in the spa, and she will see me tomorrow. I thought about it, and thought about it, ‘What is she doing? Am I naive? Am I missing something? I decided she must be waiting for me to make the first move. What the fuck I was going to make it. Not just any move, to impress her, it had to be a bold one. Before the night was done, I was going to be fucking or fucked.I had a shower and headed down to the spa. I talked to Jack, the guy behind the counter and asked if he had any openings tonight. He said no, he said had one more client that night and he was going to close up when she arrives. Then it hit me. The perfect opportunity. I leveled with the masseuse what I wanted to do and he listened chuckling and shaking his head. I wanted to sneak in and give Leslie her massage. The only problem is, I think he wanted to get his hands on Leslie as much as I did. Finally $250 later I convinced him let me give her the massage.I went into the back and waited. Ten minutes later Leslie arrived and the masseuse showed her to the massage room and said he would be right back. The room was set up perfectly for me to put my plan in place. The head of the massage table was pointed away from the door. Jack came to tell me she had arrived. He was going to let her get ready and he was going to leave. Jack went to the massage room and showed Leslie where she could change. He showed her the towels she could cover herself with if she wanted, and invited her to lay on the table.Jack left the room and told me that the place was mine for the night. I was shaking with anticipation. I entered the dimly lit room and went straight to the oil warming trays. I chose the coconut tuzla escort bayan oil. It smells nice and it happens to be edible. I turned to look at my boss. Naked except for a towel covering her ass. Her tits pushed flat and bulging out her sides. I was hard as rock and had to make an adjustment in my shorts. Here we go. I dipped into the hot oil and began to rub it on her feet and calves. Moans already, a very good sign. I learned enough about acupressure to that I should focus on her feet for a little while. After a few minutes I started moving up her legs. Adding more oil my hands slid up her calves, behind her knees and her hamstrings. I keep working her hamstrings being sure not to get too close to her sensitive parts. In a soft whispered voice to disguise myself, I let her know if she was comfortable with it, she could move her towel, but that was her decision. I didn’t have to ask twice, a few seconds later the towel was on the floor. I noticed as she got rid of the towel, she had slightly spread her legs. From directly behind her I got a clear look at her shaved slit. I felt a tingle running through me. Pre-cum was running from me creating an obvious wet spot on my shorts.I added more hot oil and started on her legs again sliding forward with my thumbs running up the inside of her thighs. Each stroke I get closer and closer to her gorgeous pussy. Her legs move a bit wider. She’s almost ready, I can sense it. I start at her calves and run my hands up her legs with my thumbs pointing forward straight at her openning. I turn them downward just before entering her. This makes her swollen lips part to show me her beautiful pink pussy. She was wet, really wet. A drop of her juice was building just above her clit as it was leaving her drenched pussy. I wanted nothing more than to bend down and lick the juice from her. But not yet.I started to move up the side of her and began to work on her ass and lower back. I wrapped my hands around her hips and pulled on her pelvis. His caused her to arch her back like she was about to be taken from behind. Leslie’s moans were getting load now. I could do anything I wanted now regardless of who she thinks I am. But not yet. I need her to be past the point of no return when she finds out it’s me doing this to her. I start rubbing her back and to the sides of her breasts. I could sense her disappointment of me moving on from her waiting pussy. What happened next changed my life. As I was working my way up Leslie’s back, i heard her say,” Bryce, it’s about time you showed some fucking initiative, now stop wasting time, massage my pussy, and make me cum!”I froze. Busted, but it worked. Leslie rolled over and spread her legs. I immediately grabbed a handful of oil and started rubbing hers thighs working up to her fully exposed dripping pussy. This time there was no stopping. My thumbs kept going and entered her waiting pussy. She let out a load moan and her back arched. I pulled out my thumbs and gave her clit a rub. I felt a shudder in her. I asked “Did you just….” “Yes, and I haven’t cum like that in a long time.” I grabbed her legs and pulled her ass to the end of the table. She was completely open and vulnerable to me now. I pushed her knees to her chest and lowered my mouth to her waiting pussy. My tongue explored every part of her pussy that it could escort tuzla reach. She was getting loud and gasping for air between her ever increasing moans. I slid two fingers in her and she gasped. I gave her a couple more strokes and she came again. My hand was covered in her juice.I rolled Leslie back over. She lower her chest to the table and raise her ass in the air ready to be taken from behind. It was a site that I will never forget but I wasn’t quite done pleasing her yet. I poured a handful of oil all over her from her shoulders to toes, and pushed her down laying flat on the table again. At the same time I dropped my cloths to the floor. I crawled up on the table between her legs rubbing her everywhere. I lowered myself on top of her and rubbed her body with mine. I slid up her and ran my rock hard cock up her ass crack. then down and up, back and forth. Fuck that felt good. From Leslie’s moaning I have to think she was enjoying it too. I moved back and slowly slid forward pushing myself deep between her greased ass cheeks. I pulled back again but this time I lined up my dripping cock with her hot pink pussy and drove deep into her. I pushed my full length into Leslie with one stroke. She let out a deep moan as I held myself in her. As I pulled back I grabbed her hips and raised back into the fuck me position she was in just minutes earlier. I stared pumping into her faster and faster. I reached forward and grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. I hear a “Yeeeeeees” escape her lips. Harder I pound into her. She keeps whispering” Fuck me” each time I drive into her. “Fuck me, Fuck me, Fuck me” over and over I push into her. I feel the twinge, it’s building in me. I want this to last forever but I want to cum so bad. I need this, and I let go. I pump rope after rope of my seed deep into Leslie’s pussy. As I am pumping her full of my cum it triggers a passion in her and she is cums again at the same time. From the spa we head upstairs and take a shower. We climb into my bed and I lay behind Leslie spooning her. My cock is rock hard again and is poking her back. Assuming she just wanted to sleep I was surprised when she adjusted herself and slid me inside her. I pumped into her for a couple minutes and she rolled me on my back and straddled me. Leslie moved her hips around and I felt something. Again I felt it. She was using my cock to rub her cervix. What an incredible feeling. As her pussy muscles were squeezing my shaft, her cervix was rubbing the head of my cock. The sensation was too much and I exploded in her. Shooting right in her cervix right into her womb. We fell asleep in each others arms.I awoke in the morning to the sound of the shower being turned off. Leslie stood in the bathroom doorway soaking wet from the shower. She looked at me and said “we are going home this morning, I need you to fuck me right now.” She crawled on the bed and straddled me reverse cowboy. She rode me like I had never been rode before. In no time I was saying “I’m going to cum.” She jumped off an took my cock in her mouth and pumped me until I came in her mouth. The first powerful spurt shot right down her throat. She was un-phased and took all I had to give to her.We headed for the airport and as we were getting out of the cab, I squeezed and lifted her ass from the car. Leslie spun around and said “If you think this week changes anything your fucking nuts. And if you don’t have the weekly staffing report on my desk Monday morning, you’ll be out on the loading dock stuffing boxes. you hear me?” “Yes Ma’am”

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