… The butler did it!


… The butler did it!Evening allNow then, where to start? I previously talked about mine and ‘eeyore’s’ (boyfriend) attempt at ’swinging’ (although technically for the most part our version is commonly refered to as ‘cuckhold’), and during our chat I briefly touched upon ‘Butler’. Now he will definately be one of those that sticks in my memory, for all number of reasons!He was a tad older than us, average height, very easy going and non-aggressive, laid back and easy to chat to… oh and did I mention a bloody fantastic body that could make me moist with the merest flash of flesh!Now as a general rule, prior to our tryst, I would have firmly placed myself in the category of submissive. Not only was I turned on my dominant men, but the idea of being sexually obediant, attentive and controlled all added to the erotic pleasure for me. Obviously as with all healthy sex lives we would spice it up a bit, swap roles etc for light BDSM play and that too had it’s appeal, but even that would usually end with him overpowering me, after having been teased for an amount of time until he could take it no longer and fuck me like a whore (to put it bluntly). So when I got chatting to someone who wanted completely the opposite, nobody was more surprised than me that I actually agreed.I was so nervous beforehand, more so than I had ever been meeting up for any other kind of sex. This was different, I was way out of my comfort zone, didn’t really know what to expect and probably worst of all whether or not I was actually going to be any good at it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not claiming to be the most fantastic fuck in the world, but I know what I like, I enjoy what I do… and I always have a ‘positive end result’ 😉 I kadıköy escort took it upon myself, as any good little slut should, to research exactly what it took to be a mistress. As with any fetish it ranged from simple spanking and bondage to full on foot worship and arse fucking.On the evening ‘Butler’ was due round I made sure I had a range of oils, scarves, handcuffs, a belt and a dildo (just incase), I’m not ashamed to say that I also needed some ‘dutch courage’ and after some vino, loads of red lipgloss and an incredibly skimpy LBD & knee high boots I was ready. Thankfully he seemed just as nervous as me to begin with, but I soon warmed to the characteristics my new ’slave’ displayed. Extremely complimentary of how I looked, highy attentive physically responsive to the slightest touch. I ordered him to strip, and actually shocked myself at the sterness of how I asked. I wasted little time in handcuffing him to a chair and blindfolding him with a scarf, and pouring oil over his bare skin to watch it trickle down. I enjoyed rubbing it in, as it teased him to the point that it made his already stiff cock twitch. I straddled him so that he could feel my bare thighs above my stockings and damp pussy against him. I ground my clit slowly against his throbbing cock until we both groaned with pleasure… then I stopped and stepped away. I walked round the back of him and started taking off what little I had on, making sure I was leaning in close enough that he could feel it. Once the throbbing in his cock had subsided I knelt infront of him and took him into my mouth. I sucked long and deep, then pulled my head back üsküdar escort to stimulate his head with my tongue before plunging my mouth back down over his shaft. I continued this for the short while it took for his breathing to become heavy, he was groaning and fidgeting on the chair, trying to thrust his pelvis futher towards me… then I stopped… He moaned again, his cock ached at being brought so close but wasn’t allowed to cum. I slowly unlocked the cuffs, removed the blindfold and allowed him only a few seconds to run his hands over my breasts and down my body. I stood and pulled him up off the seat, then lay on the sofa and spread my legs so he could watch me finger myself… his hands quickly reached for his own cock so I felt it necessary to scald him for being a ‘disobedient little shit’, he felt a sharp slap to his face and I used the belt this time to tie his hands behind his back. I laid down again infront of his and made him watch while I made myself cum, and when I decided that he had suffered enough I ordered him to kneel down and lap up the juices that were flowing from my shaven cunt. Again I felt the intensity building and we both enjoyed me grinding myself against his face. I quickly made him lie on the floor face up so that I could squat above him and continue grinding. The juices glistened on his face, and I moved just enough that I could pull his face towards mine and kiss him hard, letting my tongue explore the taste of my pussy in his mouth. I couldn’t believe how incredibly sexy and empowered I felt. This wasn’t at all like me, but I had no intention of stopping now. I lubed up my dildo and to both our surprise I shoved it up his tuzla escort arse, slowly slliding it all the way in. I fucked him like this for a while, before ’sheathing up’ and jumping on… I left the vibe in his arse as we rolled around on the floor, finishing with him on top. You may think that sounds like what I’m used to but the fact that I reached round and continued to abuse his arse with the dildo at the same time made it a whole different game! He came with what sounded like an immense orgasm and we both lay panting on the floor. Good times!Not bad for a first attempt I thought, and since then I’ve been exploring my darker side. Like the time I used ice cubes and hot wax on his bare skin (including cock) alternately to cause intense extremes of temperature which induced an almost pleasure/pain sensation. Or the time that I left him with his hands tied high above his head until they hurt whilst he watched ‘eeyore’ finger me until I groaned and gushed everywhere. We’ve experimented with spanking, though to be fair I use the term ‘we’ loosely as it basically involved me slapping, and whipping his arse, face and cock with different instruments including a ruler and riding crop, and mild strangulation (though of course, this should never be taken lightly). I even put a metal dog lead/chain in the freezer then wrapped the icy steel tight around his cock and balls…. I even took it upon myself to piss on him in the shower! and how good is this for a girl that until now was highly submissive… I even managed to make him drink his own piss as a forfeit for playing with his cock without my permission, and as added punishment I once ordered him to lick ‘eeyores’ cum off of my tit’s … who knew I could be such a bitch… and actually quite like it! I particularly enjoy it on the occasions when ‘eeyore’ joins us and I have to be submissive to him, yet dominate ‘Butler’… very horny, especially when it involes DP, spitroast and of course bukkake!Any more suggestions… and I’d love to hear them (and if I try them out I’ll post how it turns out!)Love Lou xxxx

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