The Call


The CallShe had just gotten out of her bathtub, in which she had been soakingfor almost 45 minutes. She felt very relaxed; all the day’s stress hadseeped out and left her very calm and sleepy. She used some scentedbath oil to give her whole body the aroma of lavender. As she toweledherself off she ran her hands over her smooth creamy skin, relishingin the tingling sensations. Her entire body felt vibrant andrejuvenated. She hung the towel up to dry, went through her drawers,and found her favorite oversized T- shirt. It ended just below thecheeks of her ass. She enjoyed wearing it; it was very soft and thin.It made her comfortable on those warm summer evenings. She lay down onthe bed to flip thru some channels, and found nothing to her liking.She remembered that she had received an e-mail at work from herfriend. She had almost forgotten she had it. She retrieved it from herpurse and brought it back to her bedroom to read. She enjoyed readinghis fantasy stories, which were arousing, and she imagined often thathe were there to read them to her or to act them out. This one wasespecially interesting because it involved a small group. As she readthe story she could feel the familiar tinglings beginning down low inher body. She lay back on her bed and slowly began to gently tease herbreast and nipple, pinching softly at first, but applying morepressure as she read. The action of the story was just heating up; shemoved her hand lower, over her stomach, and into the soft thicket ofhair — ever anadolu yakası escort closer to her now-moist sex. She was feeling very warmindeed. The story was heating her up!He wrote what he felt, what he wanted to do to her, and how he wantedher to feel about them joining together. He was very descriptive andleft nothing out. She was now past the letter and very aroused. Shewanted him to know how this story he wrote had made her feel. Shewanted him. He was miles and miles away, but she wanted to share anexperience with him.She called his cell phone and in her sexiest voice began to describein detail what she was doing to herself. She wanted him to know thatbecause of his story, she was so turned on that she was rubbingherself towards her first orgasm of the night. He made a quick excuseto get out of earshot of whoever was nearby. She didn’t care; sheloved the thought of teasing him.When he was able to hear better, he noticed that she soundedbreathless and had a raspy, husky tone to her voice. He asked what shewas doing. She told him that she had two fingers in her sopping wetbush and that she was all juicy. He heard her softly moan into thephone. He requested that she tell him exactly what she was doing. Shewent into detail of how she was fingering herself with one hand. Theother hand was tugging and pulling at her rock-hard nipples. She toldhim that she was all wet and juicy. She moved the phone down to hercunt, and he could hear the slushing noises she made as anadolu yakası escort she fingeredherself. All the time she was talking to him, he could hear thechanges in her breathing, and he imagined her hands gently andnot-so-gently satisfying herself. He asked if she had any of her toysnearby. She told him they were in her drawer. She reached into thenightstand and pulled out one of her favorites. It was a long,flexible two-headed dildo. He told her to suck on the end of it as shewould him, if he was there. She did as he asked; she was his tocommand. She sucked on the tip of the plastic cock, thinking of him.Licking the tip with her tongue, she rolled it around in her mouth.She continued to play with her pussy as she sucked on the artificialcock.He told her to remove it from her mouth and insert it in her cunt. Shewas breathing hard and shallow now. With one hand, she placed the cockhead inside of her wet opening. As he heard her sigh, he could onlyguess that she was pushing it further into herself. He had, by thistime, a tremendous hard-on and had reached inside his pants to playwith it himself. He could hear the grunts and moans as she completedher task.She told him it was in her. He told her to fuck herself with it. Shemoaned softly, thinking of how much she enjoyed this. Here she waswith a hard cock in her creamy pussy, and she heard him on the otherend of the phone now. He was also breathing in ragged gasps, tellingher to keep fucking herself. Minutes passed, as anadolu yakası escort she gently rocked herbottom to meet her own thrusts. She squealed into the phone that shewas coming. He told her to spit in her hand and rub the other end ofthe dildo, and she did so without question. She spit several times onthe free end, till it was shiny with dripping saliva. He told her toput that end to her asshole and put it inside. She had to set thephone down close to her so she could use both hands, but she did asshe was told. She now had an end in each hole. She slowly began toslide both ends in and out, building up a smooth pace. She felt filledto the max. He was telling her that this was what he wanted to do toher. He wanted to fuck her tight ass as she fucked herself with hertoy. She could hear his grunts now on the other end, matching hers;she was going to come again. She wanted to come with him. So shegyrated her hips to intensify the pleasure. He could here her moans,over and over, calling him by name. Her juices were soaking the bedbeneath her.She was in ecstasy. He told her he was coming, that he couldn’t holdback any longer, and she envisioned streams of white milky cum spewingover his hand and dribbling from his hard cockhead. This vision puther over the top. She came again, her body spasming as she couldn’tcontrol herself. She was arching her back as she felt her own bodyshudder through her orgasm. The toy was slowly expelled from herholes. She lay gasping on the bed, breathing deeply. She was fullyexhausted from the experience. He told her he loved her and thankedher for sharing this intimacy with him. As she gingerly strokedherself, she said it was all due to his writings. She told him that hewould need to begin a new story soon.Show quoted text

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