The Chistmas gift: The Truth


The Chistmas gift: The TruthAs I have already stated, I have not had sex with anyone since late October 2004. Technichally. It was 2 days before Christmans and I was going out of town to visit family.My Aunt was driving my car before that and she is a speed Demon. We were in an accident with a hydro pole. My ankle was broke off my leg and my leg was broken. It was also my driving foot/leg. But I no longer had a car anyway. So I took the bus on a 9 hour trip. Because there had been a brutal murder on the bus where some dude nearly severed the head off someone on the bus with a butter knife or some say a plastic serrated butter knife, the security is almost as strick as any Airport now.I had a full leg cast and was not allowed to put any weight on that leg whatsoever. But I wasn’t allowed any walking aids or wheelchair on the bus. Just underneath in the luggage area.After 5 hours, the bus drivers anadolu yakası escort changed. I hadn’t been off the bus at any of the stops and had had to use the seats to hop to the washroom. I used to drive bus casually once in awhile and I knew the new bus driver fairly well.So after 5 hours stuck on the bus, since this was a half hour stop, the driver assissted me to the Restaurant so I could grab a coffee and use the washrooms much better ammenities. Then as he was also a smoker he had a cigarette with me outside then helped me back on the bus and to my seat.I was dressed in a long knit dress as it made movement and dressing a lot easier. After a bit, I took a sleeping pill to try and sleep for the next 31/2 to 4 hour trip. I had my travel pillow and a new rich thick furry blue blanket my 1 Uncle bougt me while I was in the hospital for 5 weeks. ( Lots pendik escort of surgery had to be done and I am just now able to dance a bit again in my 6 inch cigarette spiked heels ) I got comfey and fell asleep only to begin having erotic dreams.2 hours after I fell asleep I awoke realizing this was no dream. Someone was under my blanket performing the best oral/finger sex I’ve ever had. I was kind of scared as I looked under the blanket. It was a hot Spanish chick about 10 or 15 years younger than myself. I was so shocked I immediately squirted right in her mouth and she lapped up every last drop. Saying,” Mmmm, wildberries!” I hadn’t been with another female before or since so I really didn’t know what to do. I stammered out the question if I could return the favor or something. She said, ” That was the plan but the way you squirted and how you tasted made me have a strong tuzla escort orgasm. Besideds, the driver might notice you with that cast on.” So she crawled under my blanket with me and would occasionally rub my nipples and moan a bit as my knit dress was very low cut.We cuddled like that for a half hour before coming to her stop. She gave me her phone number in case I ever wanted to get together again. I haven’t yet, but I HAVE been thinking about it lately. The bus driver did notice. He said he was watching in his mirrors to see back at the passengers, noticed she was up to something and was making sure I wouldn’t be hurt but he got so caught up in watching, he nearly drove us off the road! Giggle! As far as I know, if he ever related what he’d seen, he has left my name out of it. He has never hit on me as we once worked together but when we run into each other he asks if I’ve been up to anything new, with a wink and that silly grin of his. I am sure that if I told him there would be another occurance, he would ask to join in or to vidio it. That was one of the best Christmas presents I have ever recieved. I wonder if Brooke still has the same phone number she gave me?

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