The Dangers of Glory Hole Dating Ch. 02


The 24th of April is here again…if I had been more organised I would have had five new stories submitted for my fifth anniversary as a writer on!

Well, the dates might be off but at least you get the stories still. Enjoy!


Michael sat in silence, his hands clasped, the sounds of happy drunks around him. The atmosphere was one of celebration and fun, but he barely noticed as the cogs in his mind turned over and over, the same thoughts crashing into each other and spilling across his consciousness. One fact in particular refused to leave him, and there were few things in the world that could have taken his attention from the small toilet block placed in the middle of the barbeque park.

Jessie is Grace. Jessie is my sister.

Mike had been ready for anything when he chased the girl he knew only as Jessie out of Swinging Jack’s pub earlier that evening. He was prepared to learn all there was to know about the girl who had stood on the other side of the glory hole where they had met, who had sucked him off on multiple occasions and, most recently, he had finally fucked as hard as he could.

Mike was convinced Jessie was the one for him, that nothing was as certain to him as his own feelings towards her. But, as often happens in life, someone had thrown a massive spanner in the works. A radioactive cannibal spanner with teeth of platinum which had destroyed everything he had hoped for. I just fucked my sister.

The only thing more concerning than the truth of the situation, Mike realised, was what had happened next. He couldn’t blame Grace for her reaction, although he certainly didn’t expect his sexual partner to barf at the sight of him. Probably had something to do with the cum in her stomach. But as stunned as he was about their current predicament, even as he sat outside the toilet block where his sister had taken refuge, Mike didn’t have any inclination to follow suit.

Why? He thought to himself. Why don’t I feel as disgusted as Grace does? Immediately after puking, Grace, her hand clutching at her stomach, had been grabbed by their cousin Lily and tragically dragged half-limp towards the toilets, where she proceeded to continue throwing up while Mike waited outside. The wailing, retching sounds she made were testament to the severity of the situation, a physical representation of the conflict he was feeling inside his own brain, the sickness and the worry. But for all his concern, Mike simply didn’t feel as off-put as he should have.

In a situation such as this, there really isn’t a whole lot you can come up with as an excuse for not feeling grossed-out by incest. The fact of the matter was that Mike already had an ironclad reason for feeling the way he did. He had said to himself that whoever Jessie turned out to be, whoever she really was, he had fallen in love with her. Their time at the glory hole had been filled with sex, enjoyable sex, most definitely, but it was also where he had gradually begun to understand who she was on the inside.

Obviously he didn’t know exactly who she was, and in fact the reason Mike had never suspected anything was amiss is because “Jessie” had never spoken much about her actual life; what she did for a living, where she lived, who her friends were. Instead, he had learned about some of her deepest, truest desires, her inner strengths and weaknesses, her dream plans for the future, the kind of things a sister never bothered sharing with a brother. And it was this world, the innermost workings of Grace’s life, that Mike had become attracted to.

How can I be thinking this…she is my god damn SISTER! Isn’t that enough to stop me? He wanted to answer his own probing question as badly as anyone could want anything in the world, but the truth was he couldn’t bring himself to do it. Either he answered yes, in which case all his love, all of his hopes and dreams about Jessie were for nothing, and he would feel the searing pain of heartbreak.

Or…he couldn’t even fathom what it would mean if he truthfully answered “no”.

The toilet door opened and Lily, dressed in her Catwoman outfit, came out slowly, looking angrily at him.

“Get the fuck out of here, Michael.”

“How’s – ”

“Never you mind how the fuck she is,” she said crossly, planting her hands on her hips. “How do you think? Really?? What did you fucking think you were doing anyway?!? I told you not to go back! I told you to stop!”

“You weren’t specific –”

“How motherfucking specific did you need me to be?!?”

“I didn’t know!”

“Oh, you didn’t know, well that’s a big fucking relief let me tell you! Give me five minutes in there with her and I think I can make it all better by telling her ‘Michael didn’t know’.” Lily panted with anger, silence falling over them as they both stared at each other. Eventually Mike dropped his gaze to the ground, and Lily’s eyes softened somewhat, seeing the kind of pain he was going through.

“I want to see her.” Lily sighed.

“Go home, Michael.”

“I need to talk to her, now.” eryaman escort

“Not going to happen.”

“Lilly – ”

“GO. HOME.” Mike stared into Lily’s eyes and knew he wasn’t getting past her, despite his best intentions of getting to Grace and saying something. She wasn’t being mean, either; if Lily had known how hard he had fallen for Grace she might have arced up more, but thankfully she didn’t.

In a way, Mike thought as he climbed back into his car and started the engine, he was glad his efforts were in vain.

He still had no idea what he would say to her.


Several days went by since the last night Mike spent with Jessie, when his whole world had come crashing down around him. He hadn’t slept well, and it had reached a point where literally anything else was a suitable option. By 10pm that Saturday he was still sitting at his desk in front of his laptop, barely even watching the video he left running on Youtube, willing his mind to stay blank, flicking between too tired to think and too scared to sleep.

Mike was close to the point where sheer exhaustion would set in and he would simply collapse, unable to think or dream at all, when a notification popped on his screen. His email had logged him in automatically when he started up his laptop without him realising it.

To: “james”

Subject: talk


It was Grace. Mike had no idea how he was supposed to respond. The fact that she was using her “Jessie” email was important, he had no doubt about that. He chose to ignore it at first, trying to forget the whole ordeal, but the longer he waited the worse he felt. Eventually he gave in and used the opportunity to see if she was ok.

To: “jessie”

Subject: RE talk


are u alright? i havent heard from u. really scared, really worried

Michael sat back and waited. It seemed like such a foolish question, but since he hadn’t heard from his sister since the incident he didn’t know what else to ask, and he really was worried about her. The last thing he expected was to hear from her through the old emails. For him it brought back too many memories…

To: “james”

Subject: RE talk

im sorry. didnt mean to scare u. not sure what to say or do. was hoping u mite know

Mike felt awful. He knew she had to have been feeling disgusted with him. All he wanted to do was make it right. He owed that much…to the girl he loved.

To: “jessie”

Subject: RE talk

no im sorry. this is all my fault. i dont know wat to do but i want to make things better. i want to help. what can i do please ill do anything

do you want to talk about wat happened?

A long time went past with no reply coming back. It was already so late and Mike was scared he might have frightened Grace away. Eventually, though, an email popped up.

To: “james”

Subject: RE talk

why dont we meet instead?


To: “jessie”

Subject: RE talk

is that wat u want?

To: “james”

Subject: RE talk

u said u wanted to help me

To: “jessie”

Subject: RE talk

i do…ok, if thats what you want…tell me where?

Her next reply came as a shock, and explained why she had taken so long to suggest meeting up instead.

To: “james”

Subject: RE talk

same place as last time…

1 hour


Mike didn’t know what to say. He just sat there, staring at the screen.

The last place he had seen Grace was at the BBQ park…but this wasn’t Grace. This was “Jessie”, and the last place he had seen Jessie…

No, he thought. That can’t be right. Can it? He didn’t dare believe what he was reading. To safely check whether he was wrong without making her think he had sex on the mind, he sent a carefully worded email, probing for some method to this madness.

To: “jessie”

Subject: RE talk

are u sure, the bbq park isnt a good place to talk this late at night

Her reply, however, left no room for interpretation, and told him more about her current emotional state than he could have expected.

To: “james”

Subject: RE talk

didnt mean the park, dont need to talk.

need ur help james.


Mike didn’t know what his sister was doing. As he grabbed his keys he didn’t know what he was doing either…but in one hour Mike was going to find out.


When Mike got to Swinging Jack’s he scanned the parking lot and, sure enough, parked right in the middle of a sea of cars was his little sister’s. It really stood out to him now, but he hadn’t spent a lot of time looking at the car park on the nights he came here in the past. He was always thinking about meeting Jessie…

He made his way quickly through the crowd. The barman looked up and nodded, so Mike nodded back. It was too much to think the old man recognised everybody who came and went, but he didn’t seem judgemental.

The old booth was occupied, and the escort eryaman one next to it was free. Feeling a strong sense almost like déjà vu, Mike entered and locked the door, sitting down and waiting silently for something to happen. The flap across the large hole in the wall was shut from the other side, and Mike couldn’t hear anyone in there, so he waited.

Eventually, Mike heard the T.V. in the booth next door start up, a porno playing with at least one woman getting very roughly ploughed. He couldn’t help but feel aroused by this point, and at the same time the small flap in the wall swung open.

Mike held his breath. The glory hole, as big as a hand with all five fingers outstretched, was backlit by the T.V. but showed nothing. No fingers beckoned him forward, no whispering voice came through the hole.

Suddenly the crotch of a pair of jeans appeared in front of the hole, a slender, feminine hand reaching around to unbuckle the belt, undo button and unzip the front, sliding them down to reveal a pair of green and white panties. The same hands pulled them down and the legs spread wide as a pink pussy, with a small neat triangle of blonde pubic hair, was pressed against the hole, begging for attention. She was wet, very wet.

Mike didn’t wait. He knelt down and pressed his lips to her mound, his tongue slipping out to glide through her folds. He felt the girl shudder as he gently tongued her pussy, flicking the tip back and forth inside her before moving his lips up towards her clit. He latched on to it, sucking it and playing with it using his tongue. The blonde pubic hair hadn’t been there before, more than a week ago when he last met Jessie, but it was definitely her. He could tell. There was enough room through the glory hole to ease a finger through, so he gently slid the tip of his first finger against the girl’s folds, and as he heard a gasp above him he inched it forward, sliding it into her entrance.

The girl moaned loudly, and Mike recognised the sound; Jessie, his dream girl. But she wasn’t Jessie – this time he knew the girl next door to him was his sister Grace, and her pussy was wet and ready for him. He worked his finger back and forth inside her as he continued to play with her clit, sucking on it and flicking his tongue up and down. More moans and a gentle grinding against his lips told him he was doing a good job, and he was more than happy to keep it up, slipping a second finger through the hole and into her and fucking her a little faster.

Mike was rock hard by now and Grace’s moans were hypnotic. He could imagine hearing them in his dreams that night, as he had the first time he fingered her through the glory hole. She was getting louder, and he could taste her, feel her getting wetter with every passing second. With a rush she pressed herself hard against him and her walls squeezed around his fingers as she wet his lips, letting out a long, low groan of pleasure.

Mike withdrew his fingers, not willing to wait any more. The pussy disappeared briefly before reappearing again – Grace was pressing her ass against the wall, her legs spread as she bent over for him. A condom slid through the hole. Mike dropped his pants and rolled the condom on before he pressed the head of his cock against his sister’s folds, rubbing up and down as he eased the head into her. She felt like velvet and was warm, wet and tight.

“Fuck me,” she whispered. Mike didn’t hesitate and plunged his cock deep inside her pussy. Grace half-squealed as he bottomed out in her, her pussy clenching around Mike’s shaft. The siblings both paused for a moment, adjusting to the feeling, and then Jessie started moving forward, pulling herself off of Mike’s cock before driving back onto him, her asscheeks hitting the wall of the booth behind her.

Mike pressed himself hard against the wall as his little sister fucked herself on his cock, giving quick little moans with each thrust. He didn’t care how much noise they made – he was too blown away to be inside her once again. Grace worked herself up and down his shaft, each thrust matched with a thump as her bottom struck the wall. She paused and ground herself around on him, giving Mike the chance he needed to take the initiative.

Mike slid his cock out and drove it back inside his sister, hearing her gasp and almost bounce forward and off him in shock. She quickly pressed back and bottomed out on him as he pulled back and thrust into her again, this time pushing deep inside her as she held her ground. Mike pounded his sister’s pussy, slamming his cock into her as hard as he could, getting faster and faster. He was about to blow but had completely forgotten to tap the wall like they used to. Grace didn’t remember either, and held her ass hard against the glory hole, wanting to feel every inch of his shaft inside her.

It was too much to handle. With a strangled groan Mike pushed hard into Grace and came, shooting his load as he froze in place, pushing his cock all the way through the wall. Grace cried out loudly, feeling Mike’s shaft pulsing eryaman escort bayan with each load he pumped out. Mike felt Grace’s folds clenching around him as she felt her own orgasm hit, drenching his shaft with her wetness.

The siblings moaned together, cumming hard as they tried to get as close and as intimate as possible. Mike felt Grace squeezing as she wet him, and Grace felt Mike throb as he came. Neither of them moved, and both of them were spent.

Mike was stunned. He couldn’t believe what had just happened. He was standing in a booth at the back of a seedy bar, his cock through a hole in the wall, balls deep inside his own sister. He pulsed inside her and felt her walls squeeze around his shaft again as she shook from her orgasm, uncontrollably panting and gasping next door. When he was empty, Mike slid his cock out of his sister, sitting down and looking through the hole at Grace’s wet, pink folds, a line of juice leaking from her.

In an instant the full reality of what had just happened hit him like a ton of bricks. He had never cum like that before. This wasn’t just a fuck…this was his sister’s pussy.

If Grace was feeling as confused about what they had done she wasn’t saying a word about it. In silence her soaking wet pussy disappeared from the hole and he heard the chair legs drag on the floor, the sound of panting filling the emptiness between them. Feeling an intense rush of emotion – pleasure, guilt and sadness – he took the condom off, pulled his pants up, opened his door and stepped up to the booth next to him, turning the handle.

The door opened with a creak, revealing a dishevelled, breathless Grace sitting on the little padded chair in her panties, a large wet patch at the front where her cum soaked into the fabric, her jeans still down around her knees despite her feeble attempts to pull them up.

“Is this all you wanted?” he said to her. Grace, her eyes still foggy, didn’t reply. She simply stood up on wobbly legs and tried doing up her pants. Her hands were shaking so badly she couldn’t manage it. Seeing her struggle Mike moved forward, reaching out to gently pull up her zipper and fix her button, but she pushed his hands away.

“Don’t do that.”

“What is the matter with you?”

“Where do I start,” she replied, looking down at the floor. “Who cares, you got what you wanted.” She stormed out into the bar with her belt still undone and Mike followed her, getting upset now.

“Don’t be like that, this isn’t what I wanted. This was never what I wanted.” Grace ignored him, pushing her way out the front door and into the car park.

“Grace!” he yelled. Finally she rounded on him, her blonde hair swirling behind her.

“What, Mike? What is wrong with you? Why wasn’t that good enough for you?!?”

“Good enough? What are you talking about? Are you really happy about what just happened? Do you know what we’ve just done?” Grace stared at Mike, her face red and her eyes wide with frustration.

“No! Of course I’m not, why would you ask me that?”

“Then why did you –”

“You got what you wanted, didn’t you? Why can’t you just leave it alone?”

“Grace –”

“No, you know what Michael, I don’t want to hear it!” She turned away from him, her arms crossed angrily.

“I didn’t come here for sex!”

“Well…well that’s what you got! You didn’t seem too disappointed when you were fucking me.”

“I love you.” Grace turned to face him, tears in her eyes.

“I do, Grace. I love you. I’ve loved you for a while now, but I couldn’t bring myself to admit it. I knew what you would say, what you would do.” The expression on Grace’s face fell from anger to sadness and confusion, but Mike pressed on.

“I decided, no matter who you were – who Jessie was – that she was amazing, and I stand by that.” Mike remembered the line Grace had given him from her email, her last one as Jessie before they had sex. “I just hoped you could accept me for who I really am.”

Grace recognised the words, but she scowled at Mike.

“How can you say that to me?” and she turned and ran away.


For a week Mike didn’t hear from Grace at all. He wanted to call his cousin Lily to see if she knew anything, but in the end decided it was a bad idea. What they had done wasn’t accidental anymore – they had willingly gone to a glory hole, given each other oral sex and then fucked until Grace’s pussy dripped with cream. There was no way around it, and if Lily found out Mike didn’t know what she would do.

Meanwhile, his mother was looking more and more stressed each day. She even started adding to her workload, bringing in a bunch of paint pots from the garage and touching up a wall in the living room, in five minute blocks each night. Patches littered the hallway as she kept starting in new locations, only to collapse from exhaustion with her work only half-finished.

Mike sensed Lindsay was starting to crack under the pressure of trying to stay busy, and in the process she had begun taking the house apart. More than once there were tools left in the hallway or on the sofa, paintings brought in to be hung on freshly hammered nails and so on Mike came out into the kitchen one morning and looked through the window to find one of the chairs sitting outside in pieces, his mother pulling the wooden legs off.

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