The Dark Stranger


Exams were finished, school was out and Sabrina was on her way to her uncle Mike and Aunt Jenny’s house for a well earned holiday.. Sabrina’s Aunt and Uncle lived in a remote house in the Highlands of Scotland. She got along with them both well and was looking forward to a relaxing few days walking the hills and visiting the pubs in the evenings.

As she got off the train in the late afternoon it was starting to turn cold. The summer was over now and this part of the country always seemed to be windy and raw. As she stood on the platform with her backpack she saw her uncle Mike walking towards her.

“Hello Sabby” he said as he reached her ” How was your journey?”

“Fine, thanks uncle Mike, its great to be here”

Sabrina reached up to kiss her uncle’s cheek standing on tiptoe to reach. Her uncle swept her up in his huge arms

“Ay, its good to have you here lassy” he said as he hugged her close to him.

“Away now, your aunt’s got a meal on for us, we better get a move on”

The drive to Mike’s farm took about an hour and the two chatted easily about Sabrina’s exams and the state of Mikes farm business. As they drove Sabrina kept noticing her uncles eyes straying from the road and glancing at her legs and chest. Sabrina knew that her body had changed from the last time her uncle had seen her. Her legs had become more shapely and tapered and her breasts had developed to a nice 36C. Throughout the last year, Sabby had decided to concentrate on her exams, and, apart from a few fumblings in the back row of the cinema, she had not even petted heavily let alone “gone all the way”. But she was enjoying the attention she was getting from her uncle and half slid down in the seat letting her short skirt ride up a little exposing some more of her thighs.

After arriving at the farm and enjoying a good meal, Sabrina was invited to join her uncle and aunt at the local pub for a few drinks. The evening went well. A band was playing and Sabby was introduced to Mike and Jenny’s friends. By the end of the evening Sabby had consumed quite a lot of strong drink and was feeling very mellow. It was decided that six of Mike and Jenny’s friends would accompany them back to the farm for more drinks, and , that if Sabby was tired they would understand if she wanted to go straight to bed.

Back at the farm it was turning into quite a party. Sabby drank more Scotch and by 1:30 AM she was so tired she decided to call it a night. As she crawled beneath the covers she fell into a deep sleep almost immediately.

She awoke suddenly, and , looking at the clock realised that it was now 3.00 AM. She could still hear noises coming from downstairs and assumed the party was still going. As she listened to the music she became confused. The music was low and a little eerie and she could hear her uncle’s voice in deep monotones. She listened and realised that he did not seem to be talking to anyone in particular but rather chanting like a preacher. Sabby tried to return to sleep but her curiosity got the better of her. She just had to see what was going on downstairs. She pulled her robe over the old T-shirt that she wore to bed and softly padded onto the landing and started down the old wooden staircase.

Half way down the stairs her uncle’s voice became louder and Sabby realised that he was not speaking in English or Gaelic. As she reached the foot of the stairs she saw that the door to the main room was a little open and she peeked inside.

She froze as she surveyed the scene inside the room. Her uncle’s six friends, three women and three men, were sat in a circle on the floor whilst Mike and her aunt Jenny were standing in the middle of the circle. The room was lit by candles casting eerie shadows over the walls and ceiling. But what was most shocking was that all the people in the room were naked.

Sabby looked at her uncle and aunt in the centre of the circle. Mike was standing in front of Jenny with a massive erection sticking out in front of him. One of his hands was playing with Jenny’s large, erect nipples canlı bahis whilst with the other he held a black book that he was reciting from. Jenny’s hands were running up and down mikes huge penis and balls and he seemed to be having trouble keeping his monologue going.

Sabrina now recognised the language as Latin as she had studied it at school. She could make out most of the words but her mind was having trouble comprehending them.

“The Night, The Dark Side, Black Prince, Worship, SATAN!”

Sabby closed her eyes, she could hardly believe her own translation, her aunt and uncle were Satanists! And by the look of it, so were their friends!

As she opened her eyes again she was looking straight at one of Mikes friends who she remembered was called Phil. Mike had stopped chanting now as everyone looked to the door to see Sabby standing there. Sabby seemed frozen to the spot as Phil rose and walked over to her. She looked at his body and saw his erection, not as large as Mikes but still bigger than she had ever seen before. She was frightened but seemed unable to resist as Phil gently took her hand and led her to the centre of the circle.

Jenny took her place sitting on the floor as did Phil as he handed Sabby over to her uncle. Mike took Sabby’s face in his hands and tilted it towards his own face.

“Sabby, we gave you something to drink earlier which will relax you and ensure that your resistance is low” he said

“As you can see, we worship our own Dark Lord. We have been trying to invite him for three years to show himself to us but the Book of Darkness demands that we offer to him a female of intact virtue. Do you understand what that means?”

Sabby seemed transfixed by Mikes eyes “Yes uncle Mike, I understand. You need a virgin.”

Mike continued to address Sabby but loud enough so that everyone else could hear

“Your father assures me that you have not yet had sexual intercourse, is this correct? You will answer me now”

Sabby was taken aback by his abrupt voice and was getting quite frightened. But still she was unable to resist him.

“Yes uncle. I am still a virgin”

Mikes voice softened and his eyes seemed to sparkle as he smiled at her.

“Sabby, I want you to take your robe off now”

Sabby was confused but still unable to decline this order as she shrugged off her robe and stood before the group in her T-shirt and panties. Her head dropped forward and she realised that Mikes erection had now subsided and his penis hung heavily between his muscular legs.

“Now the T-shirt and panties please Sabby” continued Mike

Sabby pulled the T-Shirt over her head and looked around the group. All eyes were on her and she felt her nipples start to stiffen. She felt the tears of embarrassment run down her cheeks and she closed her eyes again as she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her panties and rolled them down her long shapely legs.

Now naked, she could hear noises and guessed that some of the group were masturbating while looking at her young pussy and pert ass. She felt a firm hand on her left breast and realised that it belonged to Mike. Mike caressed her nipple as he once again began to read from the Book of Darkness.

“Behold, Dark Lord. We have presented you with what you desire”

Mikes voice seemed strange and unearthly

“A female with virtue intact” ” Does this please you our Lord? Show us a sign”

Sabby’s left nipple was now fully erect. Despite her fear, she was responding to her uncles touch in a sexual way. She gasped as his hand moved to her right breast and again started to squeeze and caress the nipple.

“Please, oh Dark One, let us see a SIGN”

Sabby sensed a movement and then heard the group gasp as she opened her eyes.

Mike had stepped away from her as she looked at a very tall dark man standing a few feet away from her surrounded by mist. As the mist cleared all she could make out were a pair of bright red piercing eyes staring out from under a long black hooded gown.

Mike bahis siteleri had taken his place next to Jenny on the floor and the whole group had bowed their heads and were chanting quietly.

The dark stranger glided towards Sabby. She could not break eye contact with him as his eyes fixed her to the spot.

“You are the chosen one” he growled ” Your body pleases me”

As if moved by unseen hands, his black gown slowly parted. Sabby felt her eyes drawn downwards towards his crotch. She wanted to scream or gasp or cry as she saw a huge phallus appear before her eyes but the sound stuck in her throat.

“On your knees, NOW!” the stranger rasped.

Sabby could hear his voice but could see no facial movement from under the hood of his gown as she involuntarily slid to her knees.

The massive penis now hung in front of her eyes as she waited for his instructions.

She sensed rater than heard the instructions to use her tongue on him as the same unseen hands pulled her head towards his tool.

Sabby used her instincts and wrapped both hands around the meat and licked the tip gently. It tasted salty but not unpleasant as she felt it start to grow and grow.

She sld the head of his penis between her lips and ran her tongue along as much of the length as she could. She could feel her cheeks bulge as his penis grew and grew into what she thought must be a twelve inch erection.

The unseen hands were at the back of her head again as they forced her further and further forward onto him. As she felt his penis start to enter her throat her head was pushed forward hard and his erection passed over her tongue and deep into her throat.

Sabby started to gag as the penis was roughly shoved back and forward in her throat stretching her painfully. She attempted to breathe through her nose and inhaled a strange unearthly scent from the stranger.

His massive balls slapped her chin as he sawed his penis in and out of her throat. All other thoughts were lost as she knew that her life would obviously depend on the pleasure that she gave him.

Suddenly, without warning or sound, her throat was being filled with liquid. She felt as if she would drown and tried to pull away but the hands kept her head steadily in place. The stranger’s penis kept spurting stream after stream of cum into her throat. It felt hot and Sabby wondered if all cum tasted like this.

Just as she thought she would pass out, the hands released her head and the stranger’s penis withdrew from her throat with a *pop*.

She felt the strangers hands lift her to her feet and then grasp her round ass cheeks. Sabby’s pussy was still damp from when Mike had been massaging her nipples, and as the mans fingers crept around to the front of her body she was ready to accept them.

As his fingers slipped inside of her cunt, she felt like a bolt of electricity had ripped through her tight body. The fingers felt cold and bony as they massaged her insides and grazed over her now hard clitoris. She wanted to moan to acknowledge the pleasure she was receiving, but again, no sound escaped her sore lips and throat.

She felt her cunt being widened with each thrust of his fingers but realised that he was deliberately holding back so as not to take her virginity with his fingers. Her pussy was now running with her juice as she felt a long finger slide over the sensitive piece of skin between her pussy and asshole. All at once she felt two fingers pinch her clitoris and a third pierce her anal ring and slide deep into her asshole. She had masturbated before but had never touched herself there. She could not believe how sensitive her asshole was and how good it felt to have something inside her there.

All too quickly the fingers had gone and she felt herself being lifted into the air. Again she found herself staring into those unseeing, piercing red eyes. She felt more unseen hands take her legs and place her feet behind the strangers back. Now suspended with her legs wrapped around his chest, Sabby put her arms around bahis şirketleri his neck. She felt the hands on her ass cheeks start to lower her down his body. The hands stopped her briefly and she felt his still hard penis touch the lips of her pussy.

Inch by inch the hands allowed her to slip down his body. She felt his massive cockhead spear her pussy lips, felt them unfold and open to accept him. Inch by inch his hard cock invaded her body. The pain was excruciating as she felt her skin tear until she felt him reach the resistance of her hymen.

Without warning she felt the supporting hands drop. The pain seared through her body like a knife cutting her insides open as she felt his cock rip through the membrane and force its way deep in to her cunt. She felt liquid run down her legs and looked down to see the blood trace its way down her legs to her painted toes.

Her attention was quickly drawn back as the invisible hands returned to her ass cheeks and started to lift and lower her onto the stranger’s penis. She could not believe how hard he was after only having just cum in her throat, but realised that this stranger was no ordinary man. Her nipples grated against his chest as she rose and fell in a regular motion.

Up and down, up and down. The pain had now all but subsided and she felt a tingling start to grow between her legs. Her pussy felt so full, so stretched as the tingling started to build…and build… and build.

She felt her vaginal muscles contract as… as…. as…yessssssssssssssss oh yessssssssssss……. she was overcome by a massive orgasm. She had lost her virginity to this stranger, a man who had made her cum like her fingers or hairbrush handle never could and he was still pistoning in and out of her very wet cunt.

As her legs continued to tremble she felt the head of the strangers penis swell and expand inside her. The hands were back at her feet again as they spread her legs wider and wider until she thought she would split. She was forced down hard onto the strangers penis as she felt him jerk underneath her and again felt the warmth of his sperm as it jetted into her womb.

As the stranger filled her with his seed, she realised that the unseen hands were actually those of the rest of the group who were now licking and stroking her naked feet and biting her nipples. The tickling on her feet and toes and the feeling of lips on her nipples caused her to explode again into orgasm, jerking, and impaling herself fully onto the strangers cock.

As the orgasm subsided and it was realised that her legs would no longer support her, she was laid down on the floor.

The stranger spoke:

“You have served your purpose, chosen one. My lineage will continue here on earth.”

He turned to the group

“You are faithful and loyal servants of darkness. You may now take your pleasure from the chosen one”

As the mist surrounded the dark stranger and he disappeared, Sabby felt the hands, tongues, cocks, pussies and breasts of the group all around her. For the rest of the night she slipped in and out of consciousness as she was fucked by all the group in all manner of positions and all types of methods. At one time she came around to find her legs and feet being pulled over her head with Phil’s cock deep in her throat and uncle Mike buried in her tight anus. She was eaten by both the men and women and she ate them also. She was fucked in her pussy, in her ass and between her pert breasts. She had cum all over her face and body, seeping out of all her holes and even managed to bring one guy off between her toes which were then sucked dry by aunt Jenny. Orgasm followed orgasm as she finally fell into a deep sleep…

She awoke the following day at lunchtime in her bed. She felt different, perhaps more womanly, more assured. She pulled back the covers and looked at her clean body. Had it been all a dream? She lightly touched her pussy with her finger it was a little sore but not damaged. She realised that her ass and nipples also felt sore and her jaw ached.

“No it can’t have been a dream” she thought

Instinctively she put both hands on top of her belly as if waiting for signs of movement.

“I wonder what he meant about his lineage continuing?” she thought.

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