The Dutch model


The Dutch modelIt was May 2017. A friend of mine George, is a photographer, and he had a new job at a famous fashion magazine. It was the firts time he had such a big deal and was really nervous. Until then he was working at locan magazines and the models he had to deal with where girls that wanted to become famous, most of the selfish and arrogant and working with them was not that easy. So when he signed for that new job he thought that if it was so hard to deal woth these girls, having to deal with famous, professional models, would be much harder.Many times we help each other with our jobs so he asked me to help him with the first photoshooting he had to make for the new magazine. It was for a new collection of bikinis. We went at the place the photoshooting was arranged at a beach where not many people go, woth rocks around. And there was jus a guy there, speaking greek not such fluently. He introduced himself as John. He said he is from holland but works many years in greece and he is a manager. He had a new young model from hollamd woth him, waiting in the car and that she is the one that we need to photoshoot. After he discussed some technical things with George, while i was just strolling around drinking my coffee, (from what i had seen so far i thought it woud be relly boring day, most of the times i wanted to assist George at his work was because i love meeting and talking wth new people so when i saw a deserted beach and just a guy there i was really dissapoointed plus there was no sign of the model yet), John left to get to his car and George told me to go with him to help him bring the bikinis that we would shoot…..Bored like hell i went with him talking nonsense with John. After about 3-4 minutes we got at his car and then he opened the door for the model to get out. And i was really shocked from what i saw ! ! ! I thought i was dreaming. A beautiful girl came out of the car, dark red long hair, really cute face and a perfect smile, slim amd perfect body and a dream ass! She smiled at me with her stunning eyes and i felt my heart beating so fast. She was probably the most beautiful girl i have seen in my life. She was also cute and was talking like he knew me for years. She introduced herself as Lilly. After John gave me the stuff for the shooting he also got some and we went back to George to start the shooting. There was another woman with her responsible for her make up and dressing, her name was canlı bahis Margit, much older and nothing special.The fisrt part of the day was nothing special. The best part were the breaks when we were talking with Lilly. She looked like a really simple everyday person and i liked that very much. I was trying to help her at anything she needed because i wanted to be as close to her as possible. And she lookd like enjoying it. After about two hours George amd John agreed to stop the shooting because they wanted a different light of the day and they agreed to continue in the afternoon. So we went at their hotel to get some rest and eat. Lilly ate almost nothing, she spent the whole time with her mobile phone taking selfies with all of us and later she went at her room to rest. A few hours later we left the hotel and got back to the beach . The only thing i had in my mind was to get closer to Lilly. And the things got even better when Margit slipped on a rock and hit her leg bleeding. Then John said he had to get her at the hospital and that we should keep shooting so that we dont miss the sunlight. At some point Lilly needed to change bikini and she needed some help. So i went with her at a blind spot frok where we were shooting that she was using as a changing room. Some kind of cave it was, rocks all around. I asked her if there was an issue that i would help her change and she replied :- dont be silly, you are my only choice … and smiledI untid the one she was already wearing, letting her breast free amd she did no move to hide her boobs. She put off her bottom like i was not even there. I have been watchung her amd my dick was getting harded and harded ( to be honest i was horny all day from the mokent i first saw her)- i have to tell you that you have great body Lilly. Perfect from any point of view. – you think so? Thanks you so much- oh yes i do. Even now i think i am dreaming. I am so lucky Margit slipped amd i have the chance to admire that great body, that great girl. – haha come one, do you want to feel that body too? I have noticed the way you look at me from the first second you met me- is that really so obvious, well sorry i guess. – its ok i am used men look at me like that. I like this also you know, so, will you just stay and….watch? Then i got closer to her, touched her tits, with my both hands and then started to move them to her hips by touching softly amd gently her body. The feeling was great, bahis siteleri such a soft skin! She started to touch me too and got my t- shirt off- it s not fair you touch me and i dont. Its also not fair i am naked amd you wear so much. She got on her knees nd got my underwear off, my dick was so hard and he got it in her hands lookng at it and saying sokething in dutch. Then she started to lick it and after a few seconds got it all in the mouth. I was surprised she moved on so fast i was still trying to realize that i was not dreaming. She had my dick in her mouth giving me a great blowjob and with her other hand she was playing with her pussy. Then she left my dick and layed on a towel over the hot sand. She opened her legs amd called me to join her while i was looking for my wallt where i usually have condoms. She asked me twice and told me to stop looking for them or she woukd leave. I couldnt believe she wanted to have bareback sex. I went to her amd put my dick in her pussy, she then asked me to fuck her hard. – come on greek guy show me how greeks fuck young tourist girls. Give me your hard dick fuck me hard- you are a little slut then and you ll get what you deserve.I fucked her pussy deeply, i got her legs on my shoulders and got as much in her pussy as possible and she was moaning from pleasure. Then she turned and asked me to fuck her doggy style. I got behind her and got my dick in her pussy fucking her fast and hard. Then we had a… surprise. George was waiting all thst time for us to return so he came look for us. Amd saw us fucking, she was standing for a while behind the rocks playing with his dick. Then he came closer and asked to join. Lilly was looking to him without speaking. So i told him yes come and join. And he got his dick in her mouth. She had a blowjob for him whike i was still fucking her doggy style. When i was ready to cum i got my dick off her pussy and gave it to her mouth and i cum on her face. Then i stepped back and let geoge fuck her. He layed down and she went on too of him. She was getting his dick like a whore and she was really enjoying it. After a whike i got closer and gave her my dick in her mouth again. After she got my another perfect blowjob and my dick was hard again, i got behind her while she was still on too of George`s dick. -hey andreas where are you going?-what do you think little slut? You have an empty hole back here and i want it so badly- oh, come on, dont. bahis şirketleri I dont do anal sex, please. Then George slapped her face- shut up dutch whore. You started all this dont pretend you didnt expect that- yes you should have known that Lilly, now just stay there and relax, and i started to work on her ass with my fingers while she still had georges dick in her pussy. George was keeping her still there. He had his arm around her and was keeping her so thst she cant move telling hr to relax so that she can take it easyAfter i thought her ass was ready i put my dick on her anus, and slowly started to get it in. George was moving his dick in her pussy slowly and i was still pushijg my dick in her ass. When she almost had it all i started to fuck her. Slowly at first and harder by time. – oh it hurts please stop, i can take i any more-dont worry it will get easier by time just shut up bitch- no it wont it hurts i never have anal sex- so thats a perfect time to get it in the ass, now that we started. Shut up!!!She started to scream with pain a first by as i was fucking her she started to enjoy it. She then said – ok ok i gets better just be gentle. And thats what i did i kept fucking slow and steady until she get used to it so after a few minutes like that she asked for….more-andreas? You were right. I…. i….want it all i wamt you to fuck my ass like no one before. Take it its all yours. That was the time then. I started to fuck her harded and george was also fucking her pussy. She was moving herself now so she can get both dicks good. After a while i decided to go full depth in and as i was fucking her fast i started to put my dick deeper and deeper with every mlve until she got it all inside. She was screaming like a slut. -yes yes fuck me fuck me hard i am a slut i am a whore i want dicks in my pussy i want my ass fucked hard i want you to fuck me hard.And many things in dutch that we coukdnt understand and didnt really matter. What i cared for was that i had my dick deep in her ass. And when i was about to cum i told her amd she gave me the answer i wanted the most. – cum in my ass baby i want you to fill my ass with your hot cum And thats what i did. When i got my dick slosly off her ass she gave a pleasure scream and then got georges dick in her mouth and made him cuk in her mouth amd she swallowed all of it. After that fuck we stayed fo a while there to rest and we had to finish the shooting. We had….very good mood then to continue. We met twice before she returns to holland. And we are still in contact. We know that if she comes to greece again (or i go to holland) we will definately meet again to have another epic fuck

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