The Employee’s Mother


I met this woman who was around 8yrs older than I was; she was 44, 5’1″ 105lbs and lean. I am 6’3″ with a rock hard body. We met through her daughter who worked for me at the time. Needless to say shortness ran in the family, her daughter who worked for me was all of about 4’11” and shaped like her mother. Her other daughter would come in from time to time to visit with the sister. All these ladies were very beautiful in different ways. All of them had auburn hair, how sexy it was when you would see them all together.

After several dates with Katy, we started to fool around at her home. She had just come home from work and was still in her bartender uniform. Being that she worked at a country club she wore a tuxedo style shirt and a black A-line skirt that came a few inches above the knee, black pantyhose, and black pumps. She started taking off her shirt and skirt when I suggested she just let the shirt hang loose and push the skirt up to her waist. Agreeing I then cupped her lace covered C cup breasts with my left hand and cupped her nylon, non-panty covered pussy with my right. I commented on her lack of panties and explained that it was sexy; shockingly she agreed and said that’s why she does it. At this point I was rock hard and she could feel the bulge in my pants pushing against her ass because the way she was sitting backwards on my lap. While my hands were busy doing their thing, my lips were caressing her neckline. She started to reach behind her to rub the bulge, when she did she quickly turned around on my lap causing me to lose my “grip” with my hands.

Looking me dead in the face she asked me “How big is that thing?” with a smile on her face. She was still rubbing the bulge while trying to unbuckle my belt and pull down my pants.

“Does it matter how big it is”.

“It seems bigger than anything I have had in the past is all” she said curiously. As she pulled this monster from its hiding place her eyes got as big as saucers. With her tiny little hands holding it in awe, it urfa escort looked like she was holding a log of big pepperoni.

Answering her earlier question I said “It’s just over 10in and almost 3in in diameter” smiling down at her.

As she was really just sitting their staring in amazement holding and touching my “meat”, both of her daughters walked in from the back of the house. “MOM” both of them said with a look of amazement on their faces staring at their mother holding on to a huge cock right in the living room. Being a normal guy and not being shy, I just sat there with my cock standing up all proud and didn’t move or say a word.

Katy said to her two daughters, Angela (who worked for me) and Mary Ann (the older one), “You two weren’t to be home till tomorrow, what are you doing back?” Still staring at my cock which was starting to soften a bit, they explained that the party at their friends’ house got canceled because she was sick. Like I said earlier, I wasn’t moving and was sitting back on the couch proudly showing my stuff. Katy started to try and cover me up rather than herself, and she was doing this by coming up and sitting on my lap facing her daughters. Keep in mind that her skirt was up around her waist and shirt was hanging open.

Angela and Mary Ann wouldn’t leave right away, and were still “grilling” their mother on what she was doing. Trying to evade the current situation and change the topic to why they are both home. Katy was unknowingly wiggling on my lap and causing another erection while talking with her beautiful daughters. Because the way she jumped on my lap and ended up sitting, my still growing hard on was climbing up between her somewhat spread legs. Realizing this growing situation she moved a bit the wrong way which caused my cock to start coming up between her legs. At the time I didn’t realize she repositioned herself intentionally. Katy realized her daughters were enamored at the size of my cock and figured she balıkesir escort would let them see it.

Growing her girls for the last ten years without a father the three of them became very close during the girls teen years. And now that the girls are adults, 18 and 21, they became more friends than mom and daughters. Angela who worked for me and also the 18 year old, blurted out as she seen how much my cock had grown and protruded up through her moms thighs.

“OMG, its fucking huge.” Angela said with a look of amazement.

Not really noticing it had come up between her spread legs Katy looks down and quickly closes her legs, which didn’t really cover anything. Do to Katy’s petite size and my enormous cock, closing her leg only did one thing. Exposing a few inches of my rock hard cock between her silky nylon covered thighs.

Mary Ann was shocked and said “Look its big enough to stick all the way through your legs mom.” with what ended with a smile on her face.

Embarrassed a bit Katy pulled down what she could of her skirt to cover my cock sticking up through her nylon legs. She yelled for the girls to leave but they wouldn’t just yet.

Mary Ann asked her mom proudly “Make him cum mom, let’s see it squirt.” as Angela stood there quietly.

Now let me describe what the girls were wearing, and remember they were to be at a party with lots of boys to gawk at them. Mary Ann was a few inches taller than her mom, about 5’4″ very lean and in shape with perky round breasts near a BB or small C cup. Angela had a similar body even though she was the shortest of the bunch, although her breasts were still not yet where her siblings were. Both of them had on sexy tight tops, but Mary Ann’s was a midriff to show off her tight abs and nice tan. While Angela’s was more form fitting and came down to her skirt, which was of black leather like material and was very short. She also was wearing very sheer and silky pantyhose of a nude trabzon escort color. Yes her matching sense was still growing, but at least she wasn’t wearing sneakers. Mary Ann on the other hand really was drop dead beautiful wearing a sexy jean skirt, which fit like a second skin. She too wore pantyhose that were super sheer and sexy, but because the skirt was blue the nude hose matched better than Angela’s did.

Arguing with her girls about her doing sexual acts in front of them she hadn’t realized that every time she moved she was causing more and more arousal on my trapped cock. Finally breaking my silence I told her that if she continued wiggling and moving around with my cock trapped that she may get a surprise. I hadn’t told her how close I really was to Cumming from her movements. With her daughters still staring at us and my cock showing between her closed legs, she turned to look at me with a surprised look on her face.

“You mean if I keep turning and wiggling on your cock you may just cum all over me?” she asked smiling from ear to ear.

I must have had that look on my face that all us men get when ready to burst, you know eyes rolled to the back of our heads and mouth wide open shaped like we were saying the word “OOOOH”. She looked down and pulled her skirt that she covered my cock with to see if I was going to cum, what happened next I don’t think she expected.

With her daughters looking on as she pulled back the skirt covering my cock, I exploded with a fury of eruptions. Being short and looking down at my cock, the first shot hit her smack in the middle of the face. Sitting up after the first shot, the rest kept shooting on her lace covered breasts and ran down her tight belly finally pooling at the edge of her pantyhose waistband. Astonished both of her girls looked on with bright wide eyes and smiles of amazement on their faces. Mary Ann actually yelled out “BRAVO, BRAVO” to which I looked at her and thanked her. Angela however stood their speechless as she watched her mother scoop up the cum from her face and tits to put in her mouth to eat. Leaning back on me as I leaned back against the couch, both spent from our little show. Katy yelled for the girls to finally leave so we could get cleaned up. Without a word the girls quickly went to their rooms giggling and smiling the entire time.

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