The Empty Nesters Ch. 03


I came home for lunch a couple of days later- something Laurie had known about but apparently forgotten. When I walked into Candy’s room, Laurie was on her knees in the middle of a foursome- a well-hung young guy was fucking her cunt while she had her mouth on another girl’s bald mound; Candy was astride the girl’s head, pulling her mouth up between her legs. They were all sucking and fucking noisily; no one noticed me until I spoke.

“Uh, um, sorry to interrupt, but who are you people?”

Candy turned around, keeping her hands where they were. “Oh, hi, Mike!” she said brightly. “This is Beth… and that’s Gerry. They’re my friends I told you about… You know, the ones I spent the weekend with…”

Beth had very fair skin and short auburn hair; she was tall, maybe five-nine, and slender with perfect, hand-cuppable breasts. Gerry was a little shorter, with a swimmer’s body and tan, his long, light brown hair bleached by the sun, his hips white where his swim trunks had covered him. His cock was at least as long as mine, and a little bit thicker…

He pulled out of Laurie and sat on the edge of the bed, his hard-on big and wet; Laurie turned around and sat facing me, looking down sheepishly and blushing.

“I- I’m sorry, Mike… I couldn’t help myself- they are so hot,” Laurie began. “I just couldn’t walk away… Will you let me explain?”

I shrugged, smiling. “Sure…”

“Okay… Beth and Gerry came over this morning to say hello to Candy and to check out where she’d landed. We all sat around the living room and got high, and then Beth kissed Candy and started sliding her hand around inside her clothes… Anyway, before long, the three of them excused themselves and got up, heading toward Candy’s room…

“I sat there awhile, feeling alone, incredibly high, and so turned on I could hardly stand it, so I got up and walked down the hall, drawn by the sounds I heard… The door was wide open, and they were all naked and making love together; Candy saw me and motioned to me to come in…

“I was naked with them on the bed in no time, and I think you can figure out the rest… Please don’t be mad, Mike. I- I didn’t intend for any of it to happen, baby…”

“The only way I’d get upset is if you told me to beat it,” I said with a smile. “…And somehow, I don’t think you’ll do that…”

Beth was sitting up now, looking at me and beaming. “You’ve got that right… I certainly wouldn’t throw you out of my bed,” she said. “Welcome to the party, Mike…”

Without speaking, Gerry got up on his knees, undid my belt and pulled down my jeans, then quickly sucked my cock into his mouth as he looked in my eyes. Reflexively, I put my hands on his head and ran my fingers through his hair.

“Ohhhhhhh… that’s soooo niiiice,” I said.

“It’s the least I could do,” he said, letting me go for a moment while still looking at me. “Besides, I’m glad there’s another cock at this party now- and yours is an absolutely delicious one…” He started sucking me again as Candy got up and continued undressing me where Gerry’d left off.

“Mike should be high, too,” Candy said when she’d finished the job. “Where’s that joint?”

Laurie picked it up out of the ashtray and lit it as we sat in a circle on the bed. After it had been passed around a couple of times, Beth crawled over and kissed me, stroking my cock with her soft hand, suddenly bending down and sucking me into her mouth, moaning softly. She released me in just a few seconds, though, taking my hand and pulling me up onto my knees as she lay back and opened her long, white legs.

I stared at her beautiful bare cunt, petals unfolding like a dark pink flower, and I bent forward and put my face in it, licking and thrusting with my tongue as I pressed my open mouth against her. Tasting her sweet juices bostancı escort for only a moment, though, I raised up and guided my throbbing cock into her; she was slippery but tight inside, squeezing my cock with her cunt and my body with her legs as I pulled her hips tight against me.

“Very nice to get to know you, Mike,” she said, pulling me down to kiss me, our tongues doing a slow dance in each other’s mouths and throats. I raised up to look once again at this beautiful girl I was inside of, and saw Gerry beside us, his hard cock inches from my face. Then his fingers went through my hair and his hands were holding my head as his cock’s head touched my lips. They opened before I could think, and the warm, silken shaft slid through them and over my tongue…

Immediately, with a loud moan that was almost a scream, I came in a blinding orgasm in Beth’s milking cunt, all the while whimpering and sucking manically on Gerry’s cock.

“Ohhhhh… that is so totally hot,” Candy said.

“Ohhhhh… suck that cock, baby,” Laurie whispered, her head resting on Gerry’s hips as she watched me.

The orgasm didn’t slow anything down for me. I stayed hard inside Beth’s tight cunt, and Gerry kept holding onto my head and sliding his delicious, pulsing cock slowly in and out of my mouth. I reached between his legs, getting one of his cheeks in my hands, pulling him toward me, driving his cock as far as I could into my throat.

“Ohhhhhhhh… suck it, baby, suck it,” Laurie continued. “I knew you’d love it, you cock-slut… suck that cock, Mike, suck that cock…”

Beth held onto my hips and squeezed me with her cunt, whispering, “That’s so hot, Mike… You do it like you love it, baby…”

There was no point in denying it; I let go of it and looked at her. “I do love it… mmm… mmmm… Ohhhhhhhh… Thank you for letting me suck your cock, Gerry… I love it… Ohhhhhmmmmm…”

The cock in my mouth took over my brain, then- the sensations rushing from lips, tongue and hand filled my thoughts, crowding out everything else. I sucked on the head while I stroked the shaft, then milked it and sucked it, then licked down the side of it, and back up the bottom, around and around, moaning. Beth’s cunt kept slowly milking my cock as she watched us, her face inches from the action.

“Wow, you really do love it, don’t you baby?” she whispered as I moaned and sucked. ‘I do,’ I thought… ‘I could do this for hours… It’s so nasty… and so hot…’

“What I really love is all of us, just like this… ” I said, letting him go again. “I love suckin’ your cock, Gerry, and I love bein’ in you, you incredibly beautiful girl…”

Just then Gerry put the head of his cock up against Beth’s lips; they opened, but her eyes kept looking into mine as Gerry’s cock slid into her mouth- then afterwards, too, as she sucked on him and I fucked her…

She let his cock slip out of her mouth, holding it with her hand while looking up at me. “I like it when you watch me bein’ a nasty girl- you know, like when I’m suckin’ a cock and you’re fuckin’ me- it makes me feel sooo hot… Watch me suck him now while you fuck me with that big long thing… Watch me suck this cock… and make it come… while I squeeze your cock and make us both come… ohhhhhhhhhhh… it’s so nasty… fuck me… fuck me… fuck me…”

She sucked Gerry’s cock lovingly, looking up at me while her cunt muscles worked on mine, her half-lidded eyes rolling back every time I thrust into her. Then Gerry pulled out of her mouth and I felt his fingers back in my hair; when the head of his cock touched my lips, I sucked him in again with a squeal and a moan as waves of craving and lust washed over me. I’d missed having it in my mouth, sucking on it… missed it a lot… mmmmm…

“Suck me, Mike, suck me, ümraniye escort Daddy… Ohhhhhhhhh… I love what you’re doin’…” Gerry sighed.

I loved sucking on the head. It filled my mouth perfectly, it felt so warm and smooth, and it tasted of salt, musk and sweetness. I loved stroking the shaft below it with my hand, feeling the pulsing firmness under the smooth soft skin that slid over it. I knew what he was feeling when I slid my hand gently along the bottom of his cock up to the head… when I slowly pumped my circling thumb and finger up and down his cock… when my mouth went down over his cock and I milked the bottom half with my hand…

“Give me some, too, you cock-hog,” Beth said softly. She and I took turns sucking, then, sliding our open, licking mouths up and down the sides together, kissing each other at the top.

Laurie and Candy were next to us, Laurie straddling Candy’s prostrate form and pressing her mouth between her open thighs; Candy held onto Laurie’s ass-cheeks, pulling her head up into Laurie’s cunt, both of them completely unaware of us.

“Do me dog-style, Mike,” Beth said, throatily, getting up and kneeling next to Laurie and Candy while getting Gerry to lie on his back in front of her and taking his cock in her mouth. I stared at the white skin of her ass as I put my hands around her waist and thrust my cock into her again; she squeezed it in response as I pulled her back tight, flattening her ass-cheeks against my hips.

I moved slowly, withdrawing only an inch or so before pulling her gently back and flexing inside her. Her hands caressed Gerry’s stomach as his cock disappeared into her mouth; soon her lips were around the base of it, working while the head was deep in her throat. Moaning and writhing slowly, Gerry held onto Beth’s head, keeping it down on his cock as she slid her tongue along the bottom of it.

I reached around Beth’s hip, my fingers finding her cunt-button as I continued fucking her slowly; her moans became louder, her cunt juicier, her ass moving in small circles. Then she began pushing back against me, and I started driving the length of my cock between her gleaming white globes. She squealed around the cock in her throat, undulating and pushing back against me. We all three came, with me slamming into Beth’s cunt from behind, Gerry holding her head down tight against his stomach and shooting into her throat while she squealed, bucked and twisted on the double impalement.

At last, we disconnected and lay on our backs, Beth between us, gasping for air as she held a softening cock in each hand.

“That was incredible!” she said when her breathing had slowed. “I love gettin’ double-fucked… it’s so fuckin’ nasty… You should try it sometime, Mike… I think you’d like it… Gerry really gets off on it, don’t you, baby?”

“There’s nothin’ hotter,” he replied. “Ever done it, Mike?”

I shook my head. “Never sucked a cock before yours…”

Gerry laughed, a big grin spreading across his face. “No kidding? Never?”

“Never. And I’ve never come so hard as that first time you put it in my mouth a while ago.”

What the hell, I thought, and crawled over between his legs, sucking his soft cock into my mouth again and working on it, feeling it begin to harden, a thrill rushing through me as it pulsed into stiffness. I stroked and sucked it, lost in the sensations in my mouth and hand again as cock-lust rushed through my whole body, raising my pulse and my breathing. I looked up into Gerry’s eyes.

“You’re a good cocksucker, Mike… and it’s ’cause you love it… It’s really wild when you find out you love to suck cock, huh?… I love it, too, Mike… we’re both cock-sluts together… suck me with that sweet mouth, you cock-slut… go on and get lost in it… and suck me…”

“Ohhhhhhhh… ümraniye escort you two are so fucking hot…” Beth said, one hand between her legs as she watched us. “I really love how you’re so into it, Mike… Suck and moan for us, baby, suck and moan…”

Sucking and moaning was what I was doing, and I kept it up, still looking in Gerry’s eyes. Beth’s other hand caressed my head as it went up and down on his cock.

“Let me have a turn,” she said, and she got up and straddled him as soon as I pulled away, lowering her cunt down on his cock.

“Hi, sweetie,” she said softly. “Baby’s back to ride on her long one… I’ll never get tired of your cock, baby… ohhhhhhhhh… so deeeeep…”

“Slide up here, Mike,” Gerry said. “I need that cock now… That’s right… ohhhmmm…”

He sucked me and moaned while I lay on my side and stroked his head; Beth was slowly raising and lowering herself on his cock, head down, staring at it as it went in and out of her.

“It’s hot watchin’ your cock in me,” she said, “but feelin’s better’n lookin’… and you feel real good inside me, Gerry… ohhhh, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me…”

Gerry was sucking me with more abandon, and I knew he was close… I watched Beth, her head back now, her back arched as she writhed on his cock, gasping and moaning… I could feel my own orgasm starting to rise, my fingers in Gerry’s hair gripping his head a little more tightly, controlling his movements a little more…

When I looked up, Beth was looking back at me.

“Watch me come when Gerry does, Mike… Look in my eyes… Look in my eyes while I ride my step-brother’s cock… watch while he comes in me… Now go on and shoot your come in his mouth, sweetie… that’s what he wants… that’s what he needs- isn’t it, you cocksucker? Ohhhhh… suck him, Gerry, suck that man ’til his sweet, sweet jizz comes out of his big ol’ cock. Then, you’ll get to swallow it and suck it and swallow it some more… you’ll get to taste come again. It’s you’re favorite flavor… isn’t it, you twisted slut?”

I heard Gerry squeal around my cock as he exploded inside Beth. Seeing his orgasm in her eyes pushed me over the edge; I held onto Gerry’s head, pushing my cock into his mouth as far as I could while he sucked on it manically, his hands on my ass, kneading… I felt my own volcano beginning ‘way up inside my belly, then suddenly shooting through me and out through my cock, through his sucking lips and swishing tongue, into the thrusting head…

Gerry gurgled and coughed once, but mostly he just sucked, swallowed, and moaned. Beth’s eyes suddenly flew wide open, staring into mine as her orgasm hit her; her mouth opened slightly, making sounds going from a low moan to a high squeal, finally coming down with an “oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhhyeahhhhhhhh…”

Beth and I dropped our gaze when we’d all three settled down to nearly normal breathing. Then we disconnected and slid up toward the headboard together, Gerry in the middle, the three of us facing Laurie and Cathy, watching them as they sucked and ate each other, listening to the noises, moans and sighs. We watched hands sliding over soft skin, kneading, caressing, beautiful bodies squirming, heads pushing deeper and deeper into delicious flesh and arms holding tighter as their orgasms exploded, too… We listened to the sounds of both girls’ screams, muffled by their bodies as they bucked and writhed.

“Did you like watchin’ me bein’ a whore?” Beth asked as we all lounged around on the bed later. She was lying next to me with Laurie on my other side.

“I’ll never see a more beautiful one… and I like it best when I’m not just watching,” I answered.

“Wow- you’re good,” she said. “Sorry for fishin’ like that… Nice save, though, Mike…” We both laughed.


Gerry and Beth told us they had to go home soon afterwards, that the parental units would take away privileges if they were late getting back. We talked excitedly about when we’d do it again as they were getting dressed, agreeing on the coming weekend…


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