The Experience Room Story 02 Pt. 02


The Appointment

Everything smells fresh after the rain this morning. I can smell the just cut grass from across the street, the scent of the rose bushes next door. Someone has their dryer running and I can smell the dryer sheet they are using. The birds are chirping in the trees above me. I can hear the silk on my stocking-clad legs as they just brush past each other. The sound of my heels clicking on the pavement is giving me a bit of an erotic tingle. My nipples stiffen slightly, but not enough to show through my blouse. Just the sensation of walking in heels, which is something that is new to me, is a sensual experience. My whole body is giving my mind signals that I am not used to, such as the slight bounce and sway of my chest. I can feel a slight breeze blow through the lace across my back, followed by a slightly stronger one that blows partway up my skirt. I am not used to having hairless legs, and wearing silk-stockings, as I feel the breeze caress me, is such an amazing sensation.

Before I realize it, I have arrived at the building where my appointment is. The main floor of the building has several different medical offices with a waiting room that they all share. I go to the check-in desk and let the young woman know that I have arrived.

“Please have a seat, Silvia. There are a couple of forms to fill out while you wait. We are a few minutes behind right now, but we can still get you in for your appointment on time,” replied the receptionist with a smile. I think that I can see a wire running across her upper teeth but can’t be sure. I take the clipboard with the forms and sit down, crossing my left leg over my right knee. It only takes me a few minutes to fill in the information. I glance around at the people in the waiting area, seeing a mix of ages. Most of the adults look to be parents bringing their kids for appointments although some are there for their own.

I return the completed forms to the receptionist, who gives me a smile and says, “Do you have any questions about the forms?” This time I get a better look at her smile, which is definitely showing an upper Hawley retainer. I can see how the wire has little bends in it to match the shape of her teeth.

“Could you check them for me, to make sure that I have everything filled out. The information I put on them is all current.” I want to extend the conversation out a little longer, so that I can get a better look at her teeth and retainer.

She gives a small smile and looks over the forms. “All the information that we need for now has been provided. We already have had a copy of your files transferred over from the other office. After the initial exam, the Doctor will give you his opinion and a list of options for you to choose from.” I was watching how her lips and mouth moved with the retainer in her mouth. I could hear just a slight lisp and had several really nice looks at the wire over her teeth. She seems really comfortable with the retainer, not at all hesitant about it showing. Just then the dental assistant comes over to the desk and with a near perfect smile inquired, “Are you ready to start, we have a chair open for you.”

I follow him down the hallway into an examination room with a single comfortable looking dental chair. “Please make yourself comfortable. The doctor will be in soon. Would you like something to listen to while you wait?” he asks me.

“Do you have any classical music?” I respond. “Maybe some Bach, Strauss or Brahms. I also like jazz if you have any of that. That always has a calming effect on me. I am kind of nervous about my appointment today.”

He walks over to the computer and with a few taps of the keys and mouse, has soft music playing in the room. I sit down on the edge of the chair, swing my legs up onto the footrest and slide back until I am resting against the back of the chair. The leather of the chair feels cool through the lace on my upper back. I use my right hand to sweep my hair forward over my right shoulder, enjoying how it feels running through my fingers and draping over my chest, just brushing against the top of my right breast. My right hand smooths the hair down over my blouse, ending up resting on my chest. The sensation of where and how my hand is resting is not something that I am used to, and I feel a tingle of pleasure beneath my skirt. I gently rub my upper legs together as unobtrusively as I can, hoping that the assistant won’t notice what I am doing. The feeling of my stocking-clad thighs brushing against each other without anything between them is something else that I am not used to, and this further increases the pleasurable feelings, causing my nipples perk to up slightly, which I feel under my hand. I quickly lay my hand on the armrest and part my knees slightly underneath my skirt before I do something that could bring attention to me.

Turning towards me, he asks in with a soft, calm voice, “Will this music do? I can put something else on if you like,” to which I just smile and nod. I try not to smile too widely, as I am not too happy with how my smile looks, then decide that since I am here to see what can adana escort be done to fix my smile, I give him a bigger, more relaxed smile. “That will be fine,” I reply.

“The doctor will be here to see you very soon, so just sit back, relax and enjoy the music. I will leave you alone for a few minutes while I notify the doctor that you are ready.” He leaves the room and I can hear his heels as they tap down the hallway.

I look around the room, seeing all the usual things that are in an orthodontists office. Something that catches my eye is a shelf on the wall with a whole array of dental models. There are some with retainers on them, one has a set of upper and lower Hawley, the next is equipped with clear Essix retainers done in a pale blue. I decide to ask the doctor or the assistant about it later. The next few sets of models have metal brackets on them, each with a label underneath with the name of the type of bracket. At the far end of the shelf is an unusual set of models. I haven’t seen full-banded braces in person ever, yet here is a model of them. I don’t think they use them anymore.

Just then I hear two sets of footsteps approaching the room. The assistant enters the room, followed by a casually attired middle-aged man, dressed in a button-down cowboy shirt, jeans and cowboy boots. They sit down, one on each side of me, and slid their stools closer to where I am sitting. “My name is Doctor Austin, but you can call me Steve. Before I take a look at your teeth, let’s talk about what you would like us to do for you. We are here to try to make your wishes come true. I have gone through all the records that have been sent over already. The X-rays show that your jaws and teeth are in very good condition, but that there are some alignment issues.”

“So you’re the million-dollar-orthodontist,” I say with a smile, thinking of Steve Austin, the million-dollar-man. He gives a chuckle, having caught the allusion. “Well, I would like to have my teeth straightened because I don’t like how some of them are slightly twisted, not that they are really sticking out. I also know that they don’t quite line up correctly either.”

“Let’s have a look, then,” Steve says. “I don’t charge a million dollars for what I do, but I will try to give you a million-dollar smile.” He pushes a couple of buttons and the chair reclines and elevates slightly, putting me at the right angle for him to take a look at my mouth. “Charles will be entering notes into the computer as we examine you, which I will use to make my recommendations for your treatment. There will be several options available to you, which you can choose from. Please open up.” Steve then begins to examine my teeth, making remarks to Charles about the angle and alignment of each tooth. He makes a very thorough inspection of my teeth, getting me to open and close my jaws several times, as well as give him several different smiles, some normal and some exaggerated so that he can see how my gums and teeth look with my current smile.

When he is satisfied that he has all the information that he needs from my exam, he brings the chair back to an upright position. “We need to take a couple of impressions of your teeth for our records. Would you like for us to do that today so that we can start your treatment sooner? I can have Charles do that right now.”

“I would like that. It is time that my teeth get fixed.” I turn towards Charles, give him a slightly worried look and ask, “Is it hard to do, I have never had impressions done before.”

He gives me a reassuring smile and says, “It is not hard at all, I am sure that you will do fine. We do this all the time. Just sit back and relax and we will be done in no time at all.” Turning to Steve, he says, “I will be able to do this by myself if you want to start working on her treatment plan.” Steve gives us a nod and slides his stool away from the chair, stands up and departs the room. Charles turns to me and asks, “We have quite a few flavours of impression material, my favourite being black cherry. Would you like me to use that?” I nod, accepting his suggestion. “We need to find the right size trays for your jaws, so please open wide. They can be hard to fit into your mouth, so please be patient with me.” I give him a nervous smile before opening my mouth. He tries a couple of trays, finding the correct fitting tray for the top the first time and the bottom one on the second try.

“I’m going to tilt you back slightly so that you will be more comfortable. It will only take me a few minutes to mix the material.” I feel the chair recline and I relax back into it as he goes over to the counter and starts mixing something. Pretty soon he is back and he gestures for me to open my mouth again, which I do, then he slides the tray into my mouth. I feel the material squish up against the roof of my mouth and gums as he inserts his fingers into my mouth, pressing the tray up towards my palate and then running his fingers along my gums to check if the material is set properly. When he is satisfied with the consistency, he gently but firmly eskişehir escort wiggles the tray until it loosens from my teeth.

The whole time he has had his fingers in my mouth, I have felt my nipples getting harder. I just hope that he doesn’t notice. I close my eyes and try to relax as he gets the bottom tray ready. “This one may be a little more difficult to do,” he says as he slips it into my mouth. I can feel his fingers slip into my mouth again, once again pressing the material against my jaw. This time his fingers are running along my lower jaw and gums. He begins to wiggle the tray, and my jaw moves along with it, so he gently places his left hand under my jaw to support it and prevent it from moving so much. This positions his left elbow right over my right nipple and each time he wiggles the tray, the elbow of his shirt just lightly brushes it, causing it to harden slightly more. I can tell that my nipples are starting to show through my lace bra and blouse, especially because he has me leaning back. As I feel the suction of the material ease away from my lower jaw, I take a deep breath of relief and raise up slightly, which pushes my breast firmly against his elbow. We both stop moving briefly and then I sink down against the back of the chair again.

He removes the bottom tray from my mouth and takes it over to the counter. “Would you like to rinse. There is usually a little bit of residue left after taking impressions, so I recommend rinsing.” I nod in agreement. He reaches over and pushes the button to return the chair to the upright position.

I move over to the sink in the counter, take a cup from the dispenser and fill it with water. As I bend over to spit, I look in the mirror above the sink and see him watching me, then look a little lower and see that my blouse has fallen away from my chest slightly, giving him a glimpse of the top of my breasts encased in my skin-tone strapless basque. From the angle and distance that he is from me, it must look like I am not wearing anything under my blouse even though I am. I bend over slightly more and finish rinsing the residue from my mouth. This whole experience is causing my body to react in ways that I am not used to, especially as I am not used to having a female body to start with. Beside the sink is a jar with a variety of single-use toothbrushes, so I select a pale pink one and begin to brush my teeth, still leaning over the sink. I can feel how my whole upper body is reacting to the brushing motion, with my the weight of my chest swaying slightly with my hand and arm movements. Glancing in the mirror again, I see that Charles has angled himself so that he can watch me from the corner of his eye without seeming to be looking. I make sure that he has a good view.

After giving my mouth and teeth one last good rinse, this time using mouthwash, I give my face a quick wipe with a cloth towel that has been left neatly folded, just for that purpose, beside the sink. The intercom on the wall gives a chime and I hear Steve say, “Could you come into my office when you are done with the impressions, please.”

Charles gives me a smile and leads the way out of the examination room, down the hall and into an office outfitted with a desk and several comfortable looking chairs. On the wall is a flat-screen TV, which is connected to the computer beside Steve’s desk, displaying my records and several different views of my teeth. Charles directs me to a chair facing the TV and I take a seat. “We have completed the impressions and I will take them over to the lab. They should have the models ready and scanned into the system soon.”

Steve sits down in the chair across mine, gives me a reassuring smile and says, “I have looked over all the information that we have and after doing the examination, have come up with several different treatment options. All of them will involve banding your molars, so using Invisalign is really not an option. In order to get all your teeth to line up properly and be the correct height, we will need to use brackets. There is some mild crowding towards the front of your mouth, while there are a couple of small gaps near your molars that we may be able to use to create some space for your front teeth to move back towards.”

“If I widen your jaws slightly using expanders top and bottom, I can get all the teeth to shift into place without removing any of them. This will probably be the best treatment option but may take the longest, because of the length of time it will take for your jaws to widen properly.”

“Another option would be to remove several of the teeth near the back of your mouth. I don’t like this option because your teeth are in very good condition, and I seldom remove healthy teeth if it isn’t necessary.”

“The next option is one that used to be very common but has seen a rapid decrease in use as methods of tooth movement have improved. It would involve using headgear to move the molars backwards to create more space. This option, combined with the palate expanders, would create the best possible outcome if sakarya escort you are willing to dedicate the time to do it.”

“There is always some risk involved in making changes to the position and alignment of the teeth and jaws, but in your case, that risk is extremely small. You don’t have to decide right now, take some time to think about it and let me know what you would like to do.”

“This is something that I have spent a lot of time thinking about. If I wasn’t ready to get my teeth fixed, I wouldn’t be here right now,” I reply. “How soon can I get started with my treatment?”

Steve uses the mouse to check his schedule on the screen. “I see that I have had a cancellation this afternoon, so we would be able to start today if you are willing.” A message pops up at the bottom of the screen, saying that the computer models of my teeth are now in the system. “That is the last piece of information that I needed. I now have everything that I need to complete your treatment plan. If you are willing to make a payment today and sign a contract, we can get started right away.”

I give him a broad, slightly uneven smile. “I have the time, the money and a great willingness to do it today.”

“I will get Rachel to print out all the forms that are needed and she will go over everything with you before you sign them. She can answer any questions that you have as you go through them. To save time, I will start getting things ready. Rachel will be in soon with the forms. Sit back and relax, Rachel will bring the forms in a couple of minutes,” Steve says just before leaving the office.

A few minutes later there is a gentle knock on the door and Rachel enters. I am pleased to see that Rachel is the girl with the retainer from the front office. When I first saw her she had been sitting down behind a desk, so I hadn’t really seen what she was wearing. Unlike most medical offices, the staff here all seemed to wear casual clothes, not scrubs like is typical in this environment. She is wearing a form-fitting knit top that hugs her curves in an eye-catching way. Her skirt comes to a stop above her knees and fits around her waist and over her hips very nicely. Her legs are covered in what looks to be a vine tattoo that winds its way from around her ankles all the way up her legs, disappearing under her skirt. On her feet are three-inch-high closed toe slingback heels with straps that buckle around her ankles. The entire outfit is very appealing to my eyes. She gives me a smile that reveals the wire across the front of her top teeth. As she sits down across from me, her skirt rises slightly, exposing just a hint of lace at the top of what turns out to be stockings. She gives her skirt a slight tug, hiding the lace from my view. Taking the top form, she starts explaining, “This first form has all your personal details on it. It states that you agree to have us treat you and that you are aware that there are risks involved. Please sign at the bottom, acknowledging that you understand and accept.” I sign where she indicates. ” The next one is a list of what each treatment plan will cost, which you can take home and read over before you choose which one to have us do for you. The next few pages are a detailed explanation of what is involved in each treatment, along with the benefits and disadvantages of that treatment.” This she puts into an envelope for me.

This last one is a contract between you and our office. It states that you agree to follow the instructions given to you during the course of your chosen treatment and that the treatment plan may be modified at any time to achieve the result you have requested. If the treatment you have chosen requires a more extensive method as it progresses, there will be no additional cost to you. Please sign on the last page if you agree to this. If you want to take the time to read the document, please do that.”

I look at the document and see that it is several pages long, so I decide to skip reading the whole thing and just sign the last page. Rachel signs below me, showing that the contract has been accepted by them as well. “Do you have any questions for me? They are still getting things ready for you, since we don’t usually have patients begin treatment this soon after their initial examination.”

“I saw all those models in the other room. I was wondering about the pale blue Essix retainers, are they just for display purpose or are they actually used for treatment,” I asked Rachel, out of curiosity.

“They are actually mine. I had our lab tech make them for me. All of the models out there are made from moulds of my teeth, some were taken at the beginning of my treatment, others during and some at the end. Wait here and I will bring a few of the more unusual models for you to look at.” She leaves me sitting there for a few minutes, and then returns with several of the models. She has a closed mouth smile on her face as she sets them on the table between us. As she sits down across from me, her skirt once again slips up her legs, exposing slightly more of the lace at the top of her stockings. This time she doesn’t bother to pull her skirt back down, leaving the lace were I can see it. On the table in front of me are the Essix retainers, the Hawley retainers, which when I take a closer look have the wire shaped to match the exact shape of each tooth, and the set with the metal brackets on them. In her hand is a model without anything on them.

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