The Fertility Experiment


Author’s note- This is my first story in a while, but I have been very busy at work so haven’t had much time for writing. However after recently getting a very nice email from a reader I decided to give it another go and am pretty happy with the results. I would like to give credit to the author Admiral Squish and their story Operation K-9 as this was the inspiration for one of the main scenes in this story. I would also like to acknowledge that this story is only very loosely based on reality. I am well aware the medical procedures could not happen like this, and research scientists would not behave in the way described below. Hope you enjoy it anyway.


Dr Rachel Addison woke up after a good night’s sleep, excited about the day ahead. As one of the world’s foremost experts in both male and female fertility, Rachel was very busy at the research lab that she ran, especially over the last few years.

Her newly developed female fertility treatment, ADIFEM, was currently undergoing final clinical trials with great results. She was fighting off interest from a number of large drugs companies who all wanted to take the product to market. Progress on her male treatment, ADIMAL, was also going well.

Rachel jumped out of bed sprightly and walked over to her on suite shower, catching a glimpse of herself in the mirror. She paused for a minute to contemplate her reflection. At 41 she was far from a spring chicken, but still felt she looked good for her age. She had a not unattractive, “girl next door face” with just a few wrinkles and laughter lines. At 5ft 4 she wasn’t too short and her bobbed brunette hair wasn’t showing too much grey yet.

She glanced down at her sleeping attire and gave a sly half smile. Rachel had recently swapped her old fashioned, sensible sleep suit for a tight white tank top and lacy French knickers. She had to admit that they showed off her body pretty well and she looked good for an older gal. She had long shapely legs, a curvaceously meaty backside and through her stomach could never be called flat; she was far from fat, with a nicely plump little belly.

She bent over slightly so the tank top gaped open a bit to show a little more cleavage than would be decent in polite company and her sly smile widened. Rachel had never been lacking in the chest department since she hit puberty, but things had changed a bit in that department over the past few years, since she had developed ADIFEM.

She had always been focussed heavily on her career, and was so sure of the potential of her new fertility drug that she had started human trials earlier than she really should have. She would never put another person in danger however, so her first test subject had been herself. She was delighted to find that the drug had successfully increased her fertility to that of a woman twenty years younger, at least based on all the tests she had done. This would be a huge benefit to woman who wanted to become mothers later in life, or even younger women with fertility problems. However the drug did have two slight side effects.

Firstly, prolonged use of the drug was well known to increase breast size on most women who took it. The drug was certainly not a boob job in a bottle, but could often boost a woman a cup size or two depending on the time of the month. Also, rather unfairly, the drug appeared to give even more of a boost to woman who had larger breasts to start with. As Rachel had been using ADIFEM every day for 3 years she had seen the largest effect, with the drug taking her already ample 38DD rack up to a full 38E or even close to an F cup during the time of the month when she was most fertile.

Rachel slowly turned side on and inspected herself in the mirror. This was that time of the month and her boobs looked the full 38F today. At 41 her boobs were never going to be perky, especially braless in the tank top, but she felt they looked very good for her age. Looking at her body in the mirror started to make her feel a little horny, and she felt the beginnings of dampness in her lacy white French knickers. Though it seemed rather narcissistic, Rachel had stated lusting after her own body ever since the drug induced changes stated to kick in. This was the other side effect of ADIFEM, a fairly significant increase in female libido, often for both sexes.

Rachel had always had a healthy sex drive, but taking the drug had increased it massively, almost to the point of distracting her from her work. She had never had the time for a boyfriend or marriage, much less children, but the increase in her libido had left her needing the services of a large number of sex toys and, occasionally, paid male (and sometimes female) company. The sex workers she paid for sex were always amazed a woman like her needed to pay for it, but Rachel found it cleaner and less complex than actually having a relationship. Also, due to her increased fertility, Rachel had to be very careful with birth control, using a diaphragm herself and making sure the sex hikayeleri men all wore condoms, as well as not actually letting them ejaculate inside her.

This was because ADIFEM neutralised the effects of all hormonal birth control methods, including the morning after pill. This was obviously not a problem for the women taking to drug to try and have children, but was a huge problem for Rachel who most certainly did not want to fall pregnant.

Unfortunately her increasing sex drive was making it harder and harder to be sensible during these encounters and the last time she had had sex with a man, about 3 months ago, she had lost control of the situation and the man had actually started to cum inside her before she realised and forced him to pull out. Thankfully he was wearing a condom and she had her diaphragm in, so no harm was done. However, she had been scared enough by the encounter to stick to sex toys, and female “friends” ever since. However they weren’t really cutting it anymore. As much as she enjoyed female “company” it was just a lot better for her with a man. She knew she would probably have to risk having proper sex again before too long, as sexual frustration was beginning to affect her work.

She knew she should probably stop taking ADIFEM now it was past the full clinical trial phase, but she was still interested in the long term effects, and secretly also enjoyed the side effect, even if she would never admit that to herself. In fact she had recently increase her dose to two tablets a day just to check for any more side effects, (at least that is what she told herself anyway)

As she admired her luscious, mature body, Rachel felt herself get more and more aroused. She quickly stripped off her skimpy nightwear and jumped into the hot shower. Soon she was lathering herself up in foamy shower gel and paying particular attention to her neatly trimmed pussy and big boobs. With no support, they sagged to the bottom of her rib cage but still felt full and soft in her hands. As she got more aroused Rachel brought each large brown nipple to her mouth and gave them a little suck. This turned her on even more and before she knew it, Rachel was lying back in the shower cubicle with her legs wide open, pointing the shower jet directly onto her large, engorged clitoris. After less than a minute she felt the twinges of pleasure build to a climax and came so hard she almost passed out.

With her voluptuous, mature body temporarily satisfied, Rachel quickly got ready for work. Due to her impromptu masturbation session she was late and had to dress quickly. Firstly, she pulled on a black half cup plunge bra, then a pair of small black lace panties.

When she updated her nightwear Rachel had done the same in the underwear department, throwing out all her old boring undergarments and replacing them with sexy push up bras and sheer lacy panties. She enjoyed knowing that under her sombre professional work clothes she was wearing underwear that would be more at home in a strip club.

The panties were of very thin lacy material and the back barely covered the succulent globes of her ass.

The bra was a 38E Zlote Oko plunge by Ewa Mischalak. Today it felt a little tight due to her increased boob size but looked really good. She adjusted her big boobs in the bra till they felt comfortable and her large nipples were concealed inside the half cups. Clasping her hands along the sides of her chest, Rachel looked down at the cavernous cleavage the aggressive lift of the bra created.

“Thank goodness for push up bras,” Rachel thought. “My boobs look amazing in this thing. You would never know they were 41 years old.”

She pulled on a white blouse, cardigan and knee length skirt to make herself look like the professional woman she was. A pair of dark rimmed glasses and very subtly applied make up completed the picture.

After quickly eating breakfast Rachel went to take her increased dose of 2 tablets of ADIFEM, but for some reason decided to take three instead. She was not sure why she did it but couldn’t spend too long thinking about it as she was running late already. Rachel then left her house for the short walk to her nearby lab.

As she walked to work the erotic thought of earlier were forced to the back of her mind as she concentrated on problems at work. While ADIFEM was sure to become a huge success, she was having a little more of a problem with her new male fertility drug ADIMAL.

She has developed a really good base drug which not only increased male sperm production by a factor of 10 but also increased ejaculate volume by a similar amount and allowed the subject to ejaculate multiple times in close succession. However there were three main problems. Firstly she had not got the correct dose figured out yet, as computer and animal models could only take her so far. The drug was also ineffective if taken orally or intravenously. For maximum effect it had to be injected directly into the base of the penis, porno hikayeleri which, while not a deal breaker for men desperate to be fathers, was far from ideal. Thirdly, and most importantly, she needed a male test subject. Her experiments with ADIFEM on herself had been massively helpful to her, but that was certainly not possible this time. However a lot of those problems were about to be resolved, and this was the reason she was so excited walking to work this morning.

Chris was her new post graduate student who had recently completed his undergraduate degree in biochemistry and was now working with Rachel towards his PhD. He had worked with her in the past during his degree and they got on really well. Chris had helped her with a lot of the early lab work with ADIMAL and was almost as invested in the project as Rachel herself. When it became obvious they needed a male test subject he had, rather nervously, offered to do it himself. Rachel had half-heartedly tried to talk him out of it, but was secretly pleased he had agreed to do it. His participation would move the project on significantly, and also avoid having to bring in anyone else when secrecy was paramount.

When Rachel arrived at the office she found Chris already there and busy setting up the lab for the day’s work.

“Hi Dr Addison,” he said as she walked in. “You ready to make new discoveries today?”

“Always Chris,” she laughed.

Chris was a little taller than Rachel at just under 6 foot, with sandy blonde hair and an infectious smile. He was also quite well built, though a little skinny for Rachel’s taste. Not that she had even really looked at him that way. He was half her age at 22, and she was sure he must have a girlfriend his own age, though she had never seen him with anyone and he had never mentioned one.

“Are you sure you are happy to go ahead with this Chris,” Rachel asked once again. “We can always find another subject, though with ethics and all that it may take a while.”

“No bother Dr Addison,” Chris replied. “I trust you 100%, and as you were willing to test ADIFEM on yourself, it is only fair I do the same.”

“Well if you are sure, it will be a huge help,” Rachel said gratefully. “Why don’t you get ready just now, I prepared the syringes last night so we are good to go immediately. Have you done the prep work we spoke about yesterday?”

Chris smiled a little bashfully.

“Yeah, I have shaved all my pubic hair off like you asked. It felt a little strange doing it but I understand we can’t risk any possible contamination or infection at the injection site.”

“Good,” Rachel replied as she brought a box of five large syringes out of the drugs cupboard. “Get up on the table and we will get started.”

Chris nervously started taking off his clothes as Rachel watched, trying her best to look professional.

“He really isn’t that bad looking,” She thought as he stripped to his boxer shorts. “Not the most buff man I have ever seen, but certainly no stick insect either.”

Chris felt ridiculously uncomfortable standing in front of her in only his boxer shorts. Though he was 110% committed to the project, it not for the reasons Rachel thought. In fact Chris was in love with Rachel and had been from the moment he met her as a 1st year undergrad student. He had always had a thing about busty older women, and Rachel was his wet-dream that came true. Despite her business like work attire Chris could see she had a killer body under there, particularly in the boob department. He had not been with a girl since the day he met her, as all the younger girls he knew couldn’t hold a candle to Rachel in the looks, personality or intelligence department.

He tried everything possible to spend time with her during the day at work, and at night would spend an unhealthy amount of time on her social network pages looking at pictures of her while frantically masturbating to her images. As a professional scientist and lecturer Rachel was careful what pictures of her appeared online, so any chance of bikini pictures was nil. However she had posted one picture of herself in a low cut black evening dress from a Christmas party a few years ago, and Chris thought he must have blown about a gallon of cum looking at that picture over the 4 years he had known her.

Indeed all the sperm samples that Chris had provided as controls for the experiment had been extracted while looking at pictures of her. The samples had all shown a slightly above average sperm count, which Chris was quite pleased with. He just wished he had been depositing the samples inside Rachel rather than a sample bottle.

It was this obsession that led to Chris working on the project with Rachel and, ultimately, had led to him standing before her in just a pair of boxers.

Summoning up some courage, Chris pulled off the last garment that was maintaining his modesty and climbed on the table. His cock looked about average in size, around 4 inches in its flaccid state, seks hikayeleri with his shaved balls tucked up underneath in the cool temperatures of the lab. Rather irrationally, Rachel couldn’t help but feel slightly disappointed. However as the men she had been with lately were all professional sex workers she knew she was being unfair comparing this very normal, healthy boy to them.

“OK Chris,” She said cheerily, trying to break the uncomfortable atmosphere that had sprung up. “I am going to tie off you genitals first to make the injection easier.”

Rachel brought out a small rubber ring with a toggle on one end, and before Chris even knew what was happening, she slipped it under both his cock and balls, tightened it up snugly. The ring slightly restricted the blood flow out of the penis, causing the large blood vessels to stand out more.

“Dr Addison!” Chris exclaimed. “You didn’t say anything about that!”

“Sorry Chris,” Rachel apologised. “I only realised myself last night that we need a way to control the blood flow during the experiment, as I expect the drug to have a similar effect to Viagra, causing at least a partial erection. The ring will also make it easier for me to find the right vein. Hope you don’t mind.”

“That is fine,” Chris conceded. “But no more surprises, OK?”

Chris felt horribly exposed with his cock and balls tied up in front of the fully clothed object of his desire; however it was too late to back out now.

Rachel raised the first syringe and lined it up with the largest vein at the very base of his cock.

“We will start slow with 5 ccs and see how you respond,” Rachel said. “This will be a little sore at first.”

With that she inserted the fine needle into his cock and injected the first quantity of the drug. Chris felt a brief stab of pain but then not much else. After waiting a few minutes nothing appeared to be happening.

“Good,” Rachel said happily. “There doesn’t appear to be any immediate adverse reaction. How do you feel”?

“OK I guess,” Chris replied. He was not sure what he had really expected to happen, but nothing appeared to be amiss. “I think you will be ok to carry on with the full dose.”

Rachel nodded and carried on injecting the rest of the syringe into the base of his cock. Then she tightened up the cock ring under his balls slightly and stood back.

Still nothing happened.

Rachel was slightly confused by this. In all her tests so far one dose of the drug had caused at least a partial erection in the animal and computer models, but Chris’s cock was still flaccid. Why was the result different in humans?

“Not sure why we haven’t got a response Chris,” She said. “I thought that would be a large enough dose.”

“If you want to give me another one carry on Doc,” Chris said. He wasn’t particularly keen on getting injections into his penis, but would do anything to help Rachel.

“Ok, if you are sure” She said, and gave him another full dose from a second syringe.

Still nothing happened.

“I don’t really know what is happening Chris but I can’t risk giving you more,” Rachel said with a disappointed tone in her voice. “It looks like we are back to the drawing board.”

“Perhaps one more dose will do it Doc,” Chris implored her. He could see how upset she was and wanted to do all he could to help. “I’m game if you are.”

Grudgingly Rachel agreed and injected a third full dose deep into his cock. With the third dose Chris felt a slight stirring between his legs but still no significant response.

Just as they were about to give up Rachel had an idea.

“What if the drug only has its effect during a state of sexual arousal? Perhaps you need to be in a sexual situation for the effect to appear. This lab and my company are hardly conducive to that.”

Chris almost laughed out loud when she said that. The lab and the situation may be far from sexual, but her company was the exact opposite. Slowly a plan began to form in his mind, but it was risky and would require timing and finesse to carry off. It could wreck everything if it went wrong but it was worth the risk.

“You could be right Doc,” Christ replied. “This isn’t a very sexual environment at all. Perhaps we can change that. I am sure it will help.”

“OK,” Rachel said, a little nervous herself now. “If you like you can have a look on the internet and I am sure you can find something online to help you out.”

“I don’t think that will do the job Dr Addison,” Chris answered, desperately trying to keep a straight face and his voice even. “I think the main problem is that I am naked and you are fully clothed. I am probably feeling subconsciously intimidated by such a dominant female figure which is holding me back. Perhaps if you take off your lab coat and cardigan it will help to make things less formal and relax me a bit.”

Rachel was a little shocked by the suggestion, and any other day would probably have seen it for what it was, a blatant attempt at a sexual proposition. However she was so focussed on getting the formula to work that she would have tried almost anything. She also had no inkling that Chris was so attracted to her, as she had never thought of him in that way before.

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