The First Meeting


We meet for dinner and drinks, the three of us. It’s a small restaurant that’s fairly quiet and a bit dark. We sit in the back corner in a booth. I sit on one side, you two on the other side.

We chat. Dinner, drinks and the evening are going well. We’re hitting it off and slowly the sexual innuendos and slight slips of the tongue start gracing the conversation. We start playing footsie under the table. Someone’s foot, I’m not sure whose, brushes my inner thigh and I let out an involuntary gasp. Slowly the foot traces my inner thighs and works its way upwards. It brushes my pussy and is gone.

You excuse yourself and go to the restroom. When you return you give a knowing glance to your wife and sit by me. The conversation continues, wandering here and there grazing many topics. I suddenly realize that your hands are wandering and grazing across my thighs just as the topics of conversation did.

Your wife winks and you continue. Your hand finds its way between my legs, and deftly starts stroking my pussy. Your fingers caress my clit, explore the edges of my labia and then bonus veren siteler suddenly dive deep into my sex searching for that spot that will take me over the edge. You thumb stays resting on my clit feeling it swell beneath it. Meanwhile you’re casually chatting about the weather and sports.

You don’t stop playing me like a master with his instrument till I come quietly. I stiffen in the booth and bit my lip, small beads of sweat rolling down my face, not wanting to make a sound and draw attention to us. Leaving me gasping and speechless, you continue chatting, acting as though you have no idea what your fingers were just doing.

I politely excuse myself to go to the restroom and compose myself. Your wife follows. As we walk in, the restroom is empty. Instead of walking to a stall your wife kisses me, hot and heavy, aroused from watching you work on me. I kiss back, suddenly aroused all over again, our tongues exploring the warm recesses of our mouths. Passion explodes when we kiss.

We fall through the door into the handicap stall the door unable bahis to hold our need. I’m grabbing her breasts, freeing them from the confines of her shirt. I bury my face in her breasts, tasting them… smelling them. She moans as I take her nipples in my teeth rolling them around my mouth grazing them ever so slightly with my teeth.

Her french manicured nails rake my back in response. I cry out with a mix of pain and pleasure. I respond by biting her nipples just a bit. The heat from our bodies fills the stall as our temperatures continue to rise. My hand wanders slowly down to her mound. I find her wet and ready and lazily rub my finger over her clit and occasionally slipping my finger inside her.

She responds by yanking my shirt open and freeing my tits, hungrily devouring them. She sucks greedily, filling her mouth with them. Answering her call I thrust two fingers inside her, her pussy is grabbing them and sucking them inside craving more. I give it what it wants, thrusting three fingers in her. I drive them deep, feeling for that spot that will driver her deneme bonusu wild. She’s desperate, sucking my tits, racking my back, and biting my nipples. Her cries echo around the bathroom. I feel her body tense, only moments away from cumming. I stop. She gasps, panting, and begs me not to stop.

I sit her down on the toilet and spread her legs, throwing them over my shoulders. I explain that I need to have my dessert. She cries out as my warm tongue and fingers explore all the ridges and details of her pussy. My tongue nibbles and licks her clit while my fingers find that familiar place in her pussy. Slick with her juices I withdraw my fingers and use my other hand to fuck her pussy.

My cum stained fingers finds her anus and start to massages it. She throws her head back, and rakes my shoulders. I ease in my fingers with slow and steady pressure. Her ass takes my fingers easily. I’m fucking her ass and her pussy, both hands driving deep into her at the same time. My tongue is still furiously working on her clit.

This drives her over the edge. She comes grabbing the handrails to keep from sliding off, her screams of desire rattle the bathroom door. Her pussy clamps down on my fingers and her hips grind into my face. I ride her orgasm lapping up all her sweet juices. Satisfied we separate, compose ourselves and return to the table.

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