The Forest – Part 1”The Return”


The Forest – Part 1”The Return”The laptop was opened and yet another day sprang into life Tanya clicked away until she came to read her mail, funny that looks familiar the email was opened and Tanya drew breath…….”fucking hell” ”It’s Helen”. Tanya thought hard it had been a long time since those heady days and excitement, she was now in a relationship and remembered those past times with trepidation …..She thought long and became hard just thinking of that women and the times in the past. The email just asked how she was and that Helen missed the times that they had shared together…..and with others. There was an attached picture, showing Helen on a park bench in a hitched up dress in black knee boots and stockings with her legs spread wide fingering her wet pussy with the caption “Remember me”. kadıköy escort She went onto say that she would like to meet up and discuss old times. Tanya did reply and said she would like to meet as she missed and cherished the times they had spent together. She arranged that Helen came to hers the following night.That night Tanya emailed Sally her T-girl friend about the email and requested if she could make the meet, Sally had replied “Take her to the woods…you know where”. As requested the following night Helen arrived at Tanya’s apprehensive as it had been so long since she had seen her…she knocked on the door, Tanya opened it looking amazing, Helen said “Hello…Tanya ..Missed you” and then embraced her, Tanya üsküdar escort then kissed her hard with her hands squeezing Helen’s pert bottom. Helen stepped inside and sat at the kitchen table. Tanya told her that they were going out to meet some friends and would reacquaint themselves on the way, Helen wanted to stay in the house but felt excitement at the thought of an outdoor adventure as it had been so long ….this thrilled her.“Feeling OK” Tanya asked Helen as they sped along a dark single track lane deep into the forest. “A little bit nervous, been a long time” Helen replied tentatively. They turned into the clearing and parked at a secluded area at one end. There was only one other car there, parked nearby, “ a bit quiet tonight “ thought Tanya as tuzla escort she placed her hand on her friends thigh and squeezed and remarked “should liven up soon, Helen”. Tanya lit a cigarette and then opened her door and swung out her stocking clad legs and stood up to straighten her black mini-dress. She lent on the car leaning over the roof looking at the single parked car, which seemed to be occupied by a single figure, suddenly the lights flashed!Tanya walked over to the car, her heels sinking in the soft ground, not very elegant. As she approached the car, the window opened and a voice said “Hi Tanya, good to see you again” “Hello Sally, I have an old friend who would like to meet you, come on over”. The door swung open and Sally stepped out dressed in a pair of black patent knee boots, fishnets, pvc mini-skirt and corset over which d****d a long black trench coat. Her red lipstick shining in the moonlight against her long black hair. Tanya and Sally embraced and pecked each other on the cheek, “Long time” they both sighed. They both walked back to Tanya’s car, where Helen sat nervously in anticipation …………………………….TBC

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