The Freaky Friday Thing Ch. 04


(Evan Domski)

Evan sat in a contemplative mood after finishing his breakfast. It was now Wednesday, and he was still trapped in Emily’s body. Still too early to head off to school for Emily’s last exam, which he was having to write for her, he allowed his mind to drift over the events of the last several days.

For some reason his mind kept wanting to go back to that shopping spree mom had taken him on last Saturday, when his father was at the hospital.

It had all started out fairly normal, not counting of course that it had been his second day trapped in his sister’s body. At first it had been uncomfortable for him, as you might expect. As the spree went on though, he had to admit that he had gotten way too into the whole spectre of trying on various outfits, enjoying being spoiled. Picking out clothes that were both classier and more elegant and womanly than what his sister would buy for herself had been fun in its own right. After all, when they got their bodies back, it would be him that would reap the reward.

At first though, it had started out with him having the perfect excuse to check out his sisters body in the store mirrors, as he tried on countless outfits, gradually becoming interested in finding outfits that he was dying to see her in. With his own eyes! As in, not using hers!

As the day went on though, he had noticed all the looks he got from other shoppers, and had even gotten a kick out of all the reactions.

He tried to fathom the reason why he had started to have so much fun with it, but it was an elusive thing that always seemed to squirm out of reach every time he bent his mind to it.

Worse than any of that though, was that afterwards his mother had taken him to a lingerie store, and far from being awkward about buying these kinds of things for Emily, he had found himself interested in the sheer variety, and allure of these kinds of underthings. To his horror, he had even been eager to get home and try some of them on. Him! He had been more than a little squeamish at wearing her underwear that first day, and there he was, eager to try on negligee’s and garter belts and what have you! What on earth was going on in his head! Thankfully he had managed to squash that silliness down, and hadn’t succumbed.

‘Urgh! Until this morning anyway!’

The days since then hadn’t given him much insight either. He had been far too busy since then to think much of it. Arriving home after that spree, he had been forced to sit at a family discussion about the house. They already had an offer from the open house, and it was big! As in $140,000 over asking, but the condition was on taking possession this Friday. It didn’t leave them anywhere near enough time to find a place, but of course turning down such a generous offer was painful to contemplate, and so had sparked much debate.

In the end it was decided to take the offer. The extra money would more than pay for a few months in a hotel looking for a new place, and help out with the purchase of whatever they found.

So that had been his Saturday, gone without any time to talk to Emily. Sunday had been no better either. Studying for exams became the new mandate, and he had not been allowed any escape from that. Dido with Monday, with the exception of having to go and write Emily’s first exam for her, while she wrote his. Thankfully they knew each others subject matter well enough that this wasn’t a problem. It might hurt their scores slightly, but their grades were high enough that a slight drop on exams shouldn’t hurt them.

Tuesday, or yesterday, they both had the same two exams and were able to simply write the others name, (or their real name) on their papers and hand them in together.

When they weren’t studying, they had been enlisted to help pack everything up, and haul it away to a storage unit. So here he sat, in an almost empty house, his breakfast finished, waiting to go write Emily’s last exam after which she would be writing his. And he hadn’t hardly had the chance to say two words to her. Wednesday already! Tomorrow would be their last day in this house, and they would be taking off to the city. The big City of Toronto. Away from everything he knew, and most importantly, away from the museum with that artifact, still stuck in Emily’s body.

He couldn’t imagine that they would get any privacy stuck in a hotel, and had a very dim view of the future. In his now foul mood, for the hundredth time that morning since getting up and dressing he cursed his stupidity in dressing as he had.

Why oh why had he had such a sudden curiosity over the new clothes and intimates. Telling himself that he wouldn’t be a woman much longer, (something he secretly feared was woefully untrue) and that he may as well live a little, he had pulled out a nice dress. Too nice for school really, but hey, it was their last day. Curious as to the sexy lingerie, he had chosen out a satin chemise, with a very dainty g-string (finally free of tampon and pad) and a matching garter cebeci escort belt supporting sexy nylons.

He had just gotten up, still grumbling to himself while he put his dirty dishes in the sink when he heard something behind him. Turning, he saw Emily standing slack jawed, and wearing his boxers. His! While he wore this… this… oh he didn’t even want to think about it! He was going to go change into a pair of her old jeans and a t-shirt!

“You’re going to wear that to school!”

“Something wrong with that?” why was he so snarky?

“No! It looks… Wow!”

It was with the utmost mortification that Evan felt his cheeks heat in a blush as he realized that he was nervously smoothing the front of his dress.

“In fact, Emily, I saw a pair of heels in with those things mom bought you that would go awesomely with that dress. Pretty well have to wear them. It’s not like you have anything else to go with it.” Emily smirked, trying not to laugh at him. She had obviously not missed his reaction.

So she wanted to have a little fun at his expense did she? Well even though he hadn’t given a thought to footwear, and knew full well that high heels would be a struggle for him, he wasn’t about to have her laughing at him as he scurried back into something simpler.

“I know that. And you can wipe that smirk off your face.” He turned to leave her, but out of nowhere she smacked his ass! After a quick glare, he resumed his retreat, hopefully before she saw his blush.

(Susan Develon)

Susan couldn’t believe how nervous she was as she searched for Emily through the school hallways. She knew that the family was moving away, and that she likely wouldn’t see them ever again. ‘Unless I can find her anyway.’

She wanted a child of her own so badly, and she had let her brother convince her that Evan was a good source for the father, since it was all too apparent that Jason himself was never going to be able to get her pregnant.

She just hoped that her reasons for giving in to the idea of a surrogate father were practical rather than perhaps having to do with any feelings for Evan. She loved Jason incredibly deeply and didn’t want to hurt him. Of course, he was the one who wanted her to use a surrogate in the first place.

‘If I am to have sex with another man for the first time in my life, aught it not be someone I want to have fuck me?’

She was getting worried now, that perhaps she had missed her somehow. The exam she had to write today though was her last one, and she may never step foot in this school again. Her brother still had his last exam a little later, but she didn’t want to go approaching him until she had a chance to talk to Emily about it.

She was just thinking she may have no choice about it, when she felt her jaw slacken. There was Emily, who had just noticed her and was smiling at her from a dozen paces down the hall. She was wearing a stunning dress of what looked like black brocade with bits of bright red gold woven through it, which highlighted her auburn hair. The neckline was high, the hem low, but there was no hiding that awesome figure of hers, and for the first time Susan could remember, she was wearing high heeled sandals which only accentuated her height.

‘God damn, she looks like a goddess!’

“Emily…” she had to pause to collect her thoughts, “do you have a minute to talk?”

“Sure Mrs. Develon. What is it?”

“Oh… Call me Susan. Could we go somewhere private?”

“Sure. Lead the way.”

She had to push the butterflies in her stomach down, after all, what she planned to ask wasn’t exactly easy. Or entirely ethical, but then, neither Emily or Evan were her students anymore, and both were eighteen. As she walked beside Emily back towards her classroom she tried to make some small talk.

“So are you excited to be heading off to University?”

“A little. Honestly though, so much has been going on that I haven’t had much time to think about it.”

That was hardly a surprise. It sounded though like something more than what she already knew about, and asked as much. “Anything beyond what I already know about that has you stressed out?”

Emily seemed to take a deep breath, giving her a penetrating look before she answered, “Well, as a matter of fact, our house has already been sold. Thing is the closing date is this Friday, so we only have tomorrow left. Then it looks like a hotel until we can find a house in Toronto. I’m not looking forward to it.”

“Oh! That fast! I can understand why you aren’t too sure about it. A hotel? That could get expensive fast. I’m sure there aren’t very many places in Toronto ready to be moved into.”

“That’s part of the problem. Mom and Dad only want to pay for one room, since they don’t know how long it will take.”

Walking into her classroom she made sure the door was shut tight this time, and checked that all the windows were shut. “Eek! Not much privacy there!”


“Well cebeci escort bayan you know… That kind of leads into something I wanted to ask about.”

“What’s that?”

“Oh…” damn this was hard. “Well first let me make this offer. Jason will be leaving this Sunday to go guiding on the Ottawa river for the summer. I don’t like to spend the summer alone in our big old house. Why don’t you and Evan stay at our place. We have plenty of spare rooms.”

“Oh wow! Are you sure? I wouldn’t want to intrude!”

“You wouldn’t believe me. I meant it when I said the house was big. It gets lonely there by myself. And there are lots of nearby shops and places to go visit, like that museum from the field… What is it?”

“Oh nothing I’m sorry… It just sounds so perfect! As long as you’re sure about this, I know Evan will love the idea!”

“Yes well…” at the thought, or perhaps hope of just how much Evan would love it, her cheeks started to heat what must have been a brilliant blush, “as to that. I have something to ask which is difficult for me.”

“Go on.”

“Well, I want to get pregnant. Jason can’t do it, and wanted me to find somebody else. The only guy I can imagine myself with is Evan, but I know that you two are… complicated. I didn’t want to go and step on your toes and ask him without your consent. I really do want this though, and Jason and I are prepared to pay handsomely.”

She could see that Emily was shocked at this, and taking a moment to absorb it all. She was nervous as hell about how she would take it, but gave her time to think it over.

“Susan,” Emily started slowly, “I can’t imagine Evan would want your money, but I can’t speak for him. As to, well I don’t know… This is not something I saw coming!”

“I know dear. I don’t want there to be any secrets between us though. I mean you already know about my own bi-curiosity, and Jason and everything, so I will just throw this out there. Jason and I are fabulously wealthy. So don’t worry about the money. We won’t miss it. All that matters to me, is how are you with this?”

“I already know she’s bi-curious! What?’ “I… I don’t know. How much money are we talking, I mean if you don’t mind me asking?”

“Jason figured I should offer six million to start.”

(Emily Domski)

Emily was laying on Evan’s bed, her mind drifting in thought. She really needed to get ready and go write Evan’s last exam, but she had needed to rub one out as the boys said, after seeing Evan wearing that dress. Damn he had been so hot. The thought of Evan wearing lingerie under that dress! She had felt a garter holding those nylons up when she smacked his ass, and she just couldn’t stop thinking about how many other feminine articles he had on. And those tits! She hadn’t really ever given much thought as to her breasts before now, except maybe to bemoan how her nipples were so long she was always having to hide them. Not that she really ever could. The damn things made themselves known just about no matter what she did. After seeing them from the vantage point she was afforded while stuck in Evan’s body though… Damn! She knew her cup size was right in between a C and a D, but what she had never before appreciated was how her breasts held their shape, a very intoxicating shape, to spite their larger size. Most large ones didn’t.

All this was no good to dwell on though, and worse she knew she would just go and get hard again if she continued to think about Evan and how hot he looked. She needed to get ready, and perhaps even more importantly, she needed to come up with some way of keeping them here for the summer. That artifact must be the key to all this. If there was any way to get their bodies back without psychological damage to Evan, then Emily was sure they needed to find out more about it.

‘Of course, Evan does seem to be taking to the idea of being a woman! I mean, did you see him walk out of here? I know mom helped him with the make-up and his hair, but damn! He had obviously wanted to look good for some reason. Holy hell had he succeeded!’

‘Stop it woman! You’re getting another erection!’

She could see now why guys were always thinking about sex. They had women to constantly remind and intoxicate them. Instead of men. Men might be great and all, well some of them anyhow, but lets face it, they’re not even in the same league looks wise.

She was just getting up off the bed and pulling up a pair of boxers over her pet monster when the door opened to admit her mothers head.

“Oh! Oh I’m sorry dear, but aren’t you cutting it a little close?”

She had to groan. Her mother was right. She would have to run, but there was still time. At least in this lumbering hulk of a body she wouldn’t have her tits bouncing all the way.

“Yes mom! So if you’ll excuse me, I need to run.”

“I’ll drive you. I need to talk to you anyway.”

She didn’t know what this was going to be about, but instead of wasting escort cebeci time with questions, she agreed and quickly threw some clothes on as her mom went out to start the car.

She didn’t have long to wait and wonder though. She hadn’t even gotten the car door closed behind herself when her mom started with, “I’m worried about Emily. She seems to be going through a lot, and frankly you seem to be mixed up in what she’s going through.”

She stifled the audible groan she wanted to let out. This was not a topic she wanted to be discussing right now. “I know mom. We’re working on it. It’s complicated though.”

“Complicated hah! The two of you have always been so close. You seem to always know what the other is thinking and feeling. Well, I just want to urge you to use that insight into your sisters feelings, and just… well just be careful of her feelings if… if the two of you do do… anything about them.”

Bombshell! What on earth was she to say to that? Was it what it sounded like? “Mom I… ah…”

“Oh don’t pretend like you don’t know what I’m talking about young man. I’m not ignorant. I am worried about what it might do to her though if… you haven’t have you? She does seem pretty depressed about something lately!”

“Oh god no mom. No! She is a bit though. I know that this move, especially how fast it’s happening has some to do with it though, and there’s, well there are definitely things she needs a chance to work through. I’ve been trying to figure out a way for the two of us to stay here for at least part of the summer, but I haven’t got any good ideas.”

“You think that will help her?”

“For some of it yes. I think we need some time to just relax and find ourselves so to speak.”

“Well, the two of you love those kayaks of yours, and you haven’t had much chance to use them yet this summer.”

“That’s perfect mom! That’s absolutely perfect, god why didn’t I think of that. We can carry enough supplies for at least two weeks in them. Not a great deal of time, but it’s just perfect!”

“Where would you go?”

“She loves it up around the Fathom Five Marine Park. There’s places you can camp there and it’s just what the doctor ordered; some piece and quiet with lots of time to think, and just let loose a little. Are you and dad going to be okay without us?”

“We’ll be just fine. It’s the two of you I’m worried about. Are you sure it’s safe up there though. For so long… and such big open water…”

“Mom! It’s fine. I promise you we both know what we’re doing. As long as you can spare the time to drop us off?”

“Well no, but you can take this car. Your father and I only need the one in the city.”

“Oh mom thank you! Really thank you.”

“Just you bring me back a happy daughter. I’ll call your father and get him to pick you up from school so you can go and get started with provisioning, and packing. You’ll have to get the kayaks back out of the storage unit. Just promise me you’ll do whatever it takes to make my baby girl happy again. I don’t care what you have to do, so long as it makes the two of you happy.”

Emily was giddy with delight as something finally seemed to be going right when she got out of the car, ready to run inside and start her last exam. In fact her mind was spinning so much that when she checked the exam table to find out which room to go to, she had a momentary scare, thinking that she had somehow mixed up the time and missed her exam.

‘Blonde moment or what Emily! You dear girl, are writing Evan’s last exam, not yours!’

With that figured out, it didn’t take her long at all to find the correct room, and the exam itself was seemingly straight forward. She felt that she had done very well on it as she finished up and headed out of the room.

Thoughts about the things her mother had been not quite saying popped into her mind as she stepped out into the hallway. They must have been waiting there in her subconscious so as not to distract her, but boy oh boy were they distracting now! Had their mother really intimated that she should go ahead and fuck Emily, or Evan really, but their mom didn’t know that!

She wanted to deny it, but the more she thought about it, the more she could see no other way of interpreting those words. Their mother just wanted her to be careful of his feelings before she fucked him!

She had a brief mental image of bending him over against a fallen tree and shoving her cock deep into his pussy before a voice calling Evan’s name finally penetrated her dazzled mind.

Turning, she saw a rather flustered looking Mrs. Develon rushing down the hallway. She berated herself for not recognizing Evan’s name as hers earlier when she realized that Mrs. Develon had been calling her repeatedly. Slip ups like that would eventually get them caught.

“Sorry for chasing you down Evan, but I really would like a word with you in private before you leave. Could we?” she held out a hand beckoning her back down the hallway towards her classroom.

(Evan Domski)

While he was never going to learn to like heels, Evan thought he was actually doing well with them on the way home. Most likely that was just a matter of his mood being buoyed at the prospect of being able to stay at Mrs. Develon’s place over the summer.

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