The French Tongue

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***Author’s Note: I know nothing about the French language and all French in this story is courtesy of Babelfish. If I screwed something up, I apologize. But feel free to blame Babelfish. I know I do. ***

Talynna sat at an outside restaurant, sipping at her tea and reading a book. It was a pleasant day, not too sunny with a slight breeze. She had on a brown top and tan dress, sandals on her feet. She adjusted her sunglasses and turned the page, stopping only when a shadow fell over her.

She looked up and standing in front of her was a fairly tall young man, somewhere in his early to mid-twenties. He was a good-looking man, with dark hair and light brown skin. He may have been Spanish or Portuguese. He was dressed in a nice suit, cut to fit him. ‘Custom,’ she guessed. He was smiling at her.

“May I help you?”

“Excusez-moi, Madame. Je déteste pour m’imposer votre temps libre, mais je me demandais si je pourrais pouvoir vous intéresser dans un arangement.”

He finished the sentence and Talynna was immediately drawn in by his voice; it’s timber, it’s pitch, it’s melody. She sat there looking at him for several seconds before shaking her head.

“I’m sorry,” she said. “But I don’t speak French.”

He smiled back. “Ne faites pas des excuses. Please, do not apologize. It is I who should apologize for offending you with a foreign language.”

Talynna found herself smiling back at him. “No, you don’t have to apologize either. I do enjoy hearing the language. But please tell me what you said.”

The tall Frenchman introduced himself. “My name is François Desjardin. I am in town on business and I was wondering if I might interest you in a proposition.”

Talynna put down her book and removed her sunglasses, indicating the other chair with them. François sat down, unbuttoning his coat as he did. “So, what kind of proposition did you have in mind,” she asked, enthralled by his voice but still wary of his offer.

“Well, Madame, I am part of a group that prefers…peculiar entertainment at our dinner parties and you seem as you would be tres magnifique.”

“Mr. Desjardin…” she began.

“Please, Madame, call me François.” He took her hand and kissed it.

Talynna blushed slightly, both from his voice and the way that he took control of the situation. “Ahem. My name is Talynna. My friends call me Taly.” He smiled at her. “François. You still haven’t told me what the actual offer is,” she said, making no effort to speed his lips from her hand.

He smiled and released her hand. “Ah, yes. The offer. Perhaps it would be helpful if I showed you first.” He held out his hand to her. “Please. My car is just over here.”

Talynna took his hand and stood up, following him to a fully restored nineteen sixty-three Jaguar XKE. It was dark blue and had a black roof. Everything gleamed on this car, reminding Talynna of the old phrase: ‘How a man treats his car is how he treats his woman.’ Or maybe she was making phrases up to suit herself.

François walked her to the passenger side of the car and opened the door for her, still holding her hand as she sat down, closing the door behind her. He quickly stepped to the other side and slid in, the car seemingly made for his tall, lanky frame. He smiled and started the car, the engine purring, and drove off, heading down the street.

“Are you going to tell me where we’re going,” Talynna asked, a smile on her face.

“No. Because we’re here.”

He grinned and got out of the car, walking quickly around to help her out. Taly looked up and saw that they were at a meeting house of some kind but one that didn’t have any logos or insignia on it. She looked at Desjardin and he took her hand again and led her inside.

They walked through the main room without a word, François leading her off to the right, showing her a sparsely furnished bedroom. “If you agree,” he began. “This is where you will keep your belongings and where you will stay after everything is finished.”

Taly followed him as he walked out, again through the meeting room with no explanations. He walked through a second door. This appeared to be a kitchen. Several young women and one young man were there, each turning toward the door and bowing their heads as François walked in, surveying the room.

“This is obviously our kitchen. Our servers here will prepare the food to be eaten during the meeting.” Taly nodded, not completely understanding what her part in all of this was, but recognizing the kitchen staff as being subservient to the point of submissiveness. She quickly followed him back to the main room.

“This, my dear Taly, is our sanctuary when we are here. This is where my group meets and eats.” He left this last comment hanging in the silence.

“Eats? And what exactly do you gentlemen eat here?”

“Well, first off, mon amour, we are not all gentlemen.” He smiled at the look she gave him. “What I mean is that there are women in the group as well.”

“François, this is all very interesting, bahis siteleri but you still haven’t told me anything about the deal.”

Desjardin sighed, lowering his head. “Very well. Our group likes to eat food off of a naked woman. I have chosen you to be that woman.”

Taly could only blink. She had not expected that answer at all. But before she could say anything at all, Desjardin continued.

“Taly that is not all. Our group is…kinky, you might say. The woman we prefer to eat off of much be bound and blindfolded. If you choose not to do this, there is nothing lost. However, if you agree to do this, there is a good deal of money to be made.” He studied her face, trying to gauge her decision.

“Money? How much?”

“If you agree to do this for the full dinner even partially clothed, we will pay you one thousand dollars. There is more, however. If you are completely sans habillement…without clothing, you receive more. If you are willing to let others touch you, more still.”

“Touch me,” she said, her voice faltering for just a second. “What do you mean by touch me?”

Desjardin smiled. “With their hands and mouths. Maybe take a piece of food off of your body with their tongues.”

Taly shuddered thinking about strange men, many of them, taking food off of her naked body. She had to close her eyes to compose herself, which took a minute of deep, relaxing breaths. She finally opened her eyes to find François looking at her intently.

“Well, my little Taly. What have you decided?”

Taly could still feel herself shaking slightly. She steeled herself as best as possible. “François, your offer is certainly intriguing. May I think about it?”

“Mon cheri, I would be disappointed if you didn’t. However, our time here in town will be brief. Our meeting is tomorrow evening at seven p.m. It is now three p.m. I would like to have your answer by seven o’clock tonight, so that I might find a replacement if you decline, though I do not think you will.”

Desjardin took her hand again and kissed it softly, holding it to his lips longer than necessary.

“Now, ma petite, let me return you to your book.”

Taly followed him to his car and he drove her home, leaving her a card with his phone number on it, saying to call whenever she made a decision. She said “Seven o’clock” and stepped out of the car and into her home. She made a mad dash to her bedroom, where she quickly fingered herself to an amazing orgasm, thinking about tomorrow night.

After recovering from her release, she called the number on the card and spoke to François, telling him that she would indeed be interested in helping him out with his…request. He told her that her help would be most appreciated and she would be well compensated. They spoke about details, such as time and money, settling everything quickly

The next day, the butterflies started creeping into her stomach. She had never done anything like this before but was nervous and excited at the same time. She had been tied up before, in fact, she loved it. She had never been a piece of furniture before, though. Especially not one that was going to be eaten off of. Just the thought sparked another jolt of pleasure through her, making her shiver, even in the day’s warmth.

Taly dressed casually, blue shirt and black slacks. At six o’clock, the time appointed by François, she made her way back to the meetinghouse, parking in a nearby lot. She grabbed her purse and walked to the door, knocking hard to make sure she was heard.

Desjardin opened the door personally, looking incredible in another tailored suit. “Ah! Bienvenue, ma petite fleur. You are right on time. Please come in and I will show you to your room.” He kissed her hand again and led her into the main meeting room and then to the right, toward the back of the building.

“This is your room, of course. Please disrobe to your comfort and ring that bell when you are finished. You have one-half hour to get ready, so that we may get you secured properly and the food laid out on your correctly.”

He kissed her hand again and backed out of the room, pulling the door shut behind him. Talynna turned and looked around. There was a bed, fully made, along with a chair and a vanity. Next to the bed was a small side table with a deep drawer. She took a deep breath to keep her hands from shaking and sat at the vanity, checking to make sure she wore no makeup. That was one of the rules: no makeup. Nothing that could get on the food. She saw a door handle on one wall and turned it, opening a small shower stall, barely two feet on a side. It would be cramped but she could manage in there.

She cleaned her face again, just to make sure and then moved to the bed, peeling off her clothes. She folded her shirt and opened the drawer of the side table, laying her shirt in carefully, following it with her bra, pants and her already wet panties. She sat on the bed, trying to settle the anticipation in her stomach.

Once Taly thought canlı bahis siteleri she had conquered her butterflies, she rang the small hand bell on the side table. A moment later, François appeared, smiling broadly. “Very good, my dear Taly. Now please follow me and we shall get you prepared.”

Talynna nodded and stood, following two steps behind him. They came to the main meeting area where a low table had been placed. The table was a dark brown, maybe mahogany. It was about five and a half feet long and maybe three feet high. A small foam rubber mattress was laid out on it, presumably for her.

François produced a black silk scarf and stepped behind her, securing it gently around her eyes. She gasped quietly as her sight was taken away and his soft hands ran down her sides. The silk was not tight but covered her eyes completely and run over and behind her ears, rather than covering them. He took her hand and helped her lay down on the table. Even though the room was warm, goose bumps broke out on her skin. She made herself comfortable and felt Desjardin’s hands on her arms again, bringing them above her head.

Silk rope wrapped around her right wrist and then her left, pulling them together. The sound of rope on wood could be heard next as the rope was tied to the table. Taly pulled on it slightly, feeling very little give. She was now helpless and exposed. The exposure, though, was only half done.

She felt François move away from her and heard a slight clunk of metal against wood a few feet to her right. His hand touched her leg halfway up her thigh and she moaned softly, spreading her legs involuntarily. He trailed his fingertips down to her ankle, Taly almost screaming for him to take her. She heard his light chuckle, François knowing the state she was in.

He pushed her legs further apart and then looped two nylon straps around her ankles, tightening them and then she could hear the sound of metal on metal and the snapping sound of a clasp. She tried to move her legs and couldn’t, the bar in-between the straps keeping her from closing her legs and what she guessed was an anchor of some kind keeping her from moving the bar at all. Her body was being stretched slightly top to bottom, her arms and legs taut.

Taly opened her mouth to speak but felt his lips brushing hers and his tongue barely touching the inside of her lips, making her whimper for more of his touch. His mouth disappeared only to reappear at her ear. “Taly, you are so beautiful.”

His voice resonated in her ear, bringing about an excitement that no one’s voice had done before. She felt an itch started deep within her body, hoping that he would scratch it before the night was over.

She heard him step away, leaving her exposed and alone. She soon heard the sound of footsteps on the wooden floor but no voices. She knew, but could not see, at least two people in the room, making her skin flush from her vulnerability. She felt a fever rising all over her body, wondering if her skin turned red.

She gasped loudly when a cool ring of something was laid on her left thigh near her hip. The contrast in temperature was astounding, but she could barely move her leg and could not dislodge it. Another was placed there along with a similar one on her right thigh in the same place. There was a familiar smell reaching her nose now; it was a neutral, clean smell but one that was easily recognizable: cucumber. Taking another sniff, she could also make out the scent of carrots and possibly celery, though the smell mingling with the cucumber may have been something else.

Neither of the two people, Taly assumed they were from the kitchen staff, said a single word. They followed their orders implicitly, covering her from neck to ankles in vegetables, leaving a small path between her breasts to the tuft of her pubic hair free of food. Her sense of smell, heightened by her blindness, was taking in the aromas of broccoli, cauliflower and other vegetables in addition to the few she had taken in earlier. They had turned her into a vegetable tray, which made her chuckle softly to herself.

The two kitchen girls, assuming they were both female, departed quietly, the coolness of the food fighting with the temperature of Taly’s skin. She heard the door open again and François’s measured footsteps returned.

“Ah, my dear Talynna. How scrumptious you look. But you are missing two small ingredients.”

“I…I am,” she asked, finding her voice faltering. “What are they?”

Without a word, she felt something dripping onto the hollow of her throat and trailing downward between her breasts, the bottom of her rib cage and finally to her navel, where the semi-liquid pooled. Her heart was pounding in her chest from the sensation as well as François himself. Her nose told her that the substance was a dressing of some kind, smelling similar to a ranch dressing but having the texture of a salad dressing instead of being thick and creamy.

The other ingredient followed the güvenilir bahis same path, though staying separate from the first one. In this sauce, Taly could smell both honey and mustard. Suddenly, she realized the purpose of the shower.

“Ah, soon the rest of the group will be arriving, my dear. They will love you, I am sure.” He leaned down and gave Taly another soft kiss, teasing her with his tongue once again and then disappearing back into the kitchen.

The rest of François’s partners arrived shortly thereafter. There were two of them. One man and one woman. They commented on the ‘table’ that was laid out for them, Taly feeling a finger trail through some of the sauce, making her goose bumps appear again. The finger had been small and delicate; it had been a woman’s finger, which made her bound body shiver. She heard an “Mmmm” in the feminine voice. “This all looks very tasty,” the voice said.

“Chantelle. Gerard. I would like to introduce you to this evening’s entertainment. This is Talynna and she agreed to be our table tonight. Taly, this is Gerard, my long time friend and this is Chantelle. She is also a…friend of ours.”

They greeted Taly almost offhandedly and she said nothing in return. Soon, the small group gathered around the table, everyone speaking and laughing at once, mostly about mundane topics, such as family, business and travel. Various dishes were served, meat and fish both being ordered. Pieces of food were taken off of Taly’s body, dipped into the sauces and eaten with loud crunching noises, indicating freshness of the vegetables.

With every removal of cucumber or carrot, every dip of sauce, Taly shuddered again and again. She let out a loud moan, however, when a pair of lips brushed her thigh up by her hip, pulling off one of the last sections of cucumber and then felt the slice touch the pool in her belly button, then crunching and eating of that piece. She tried to move, to regain the touch of those soft lips, but she was unable to move, eliciting chuckles from the group surrounding her.

“This one,” the female voice said, close to her ear, “is delicious.”

“Maybe, Chantelle,” François said. “You should take a…deeper taste.”

“My pleasure,” Chantelle said, Taly hearing the smile in her voice.

A mouth closed over Taly’s, snaking a tongue around her lips. Taly moaned softly, trying to capture the tongue with her lips, but it pulled away, a soft chuckle lingering in it’s place. The tongue touched under her chin and slid downward, swirling around the hollow of her throat, licking away the various sauces, Taly’s moaning getting louder.

The tongue, Chantelle’s apparently, moved down between Talynna’s breasts, moving up along the sides and light licking around the piercings in her nipples. Taly tried to arch her back, but her stretched body wouldn’t move. She whimpered as the tongue moved lower, swirling with various fluids in her navel.

“Mon petit, vous étes trés savoureux,” Chantelle said softly, the rest of the room silent. “I wonder how you really taste,” she said, her tongue softly drifting downward and Chantelle nuzzling the small patch of Taly’s pubic hair with her nose, sighing softly.

The tongue barely touched Taly’s clit and it felt like a jolt of electricity ran through her, making her body jerk as much as possible while still being held by the restraints. A soft chuckle rose from Chantelle’s throat and drifted up to Taly and the tongue touched again, this time making her moan and struggle, wanting nothing more than to pull that beautiful tongue against her wetness.

Chantelle’s tongue slid up and down Taly’s wet lips slowly, savoring the taste as well as Taly’s groans. She licked up the insides of Taly’s thighs, making Taly squirm to open her legs further but the damned bar wouldn’t let her. She moaned and struggled to release herself by to no avail.

“I believe, mes amis, that she is ready for more than a tasting,” Chantelle chuckled. The two men apparently agreed because they both stood up and Taly could hear them clearing space in the middle of the room and the table was pulled to the center. Taly felt the bar holding her legs released but still being held together by it.

Her legs were raised and the tongue that had touched her before wriggled into her slit again, this time without her the encumbrance of her thighs. Taly strained against the ropes holding her arms, trying to free them to grab the head she could feel on her legs and pull it into her.

Practiced fingertips probed her lips, brushing her sensitive bud gently, Taly groaning and arching her back now that she was able. She tried to move her hips so that Chantelle would bury her tongue deep within Taly’s folds, but with every one of Talynna’s movements, Chantelle would adjust so that was constantly teasing.

When Taly could stand no more, she whimpered “Please.” She could feel Chantelle smile against her lips and shove her tongue fully into the wetness of her slave’s pussy. Taly jumped and whined, needing and wanting more of her expert touch. A thumb now constantly running small circles around Taly’s clit along with the wagging tongue in her folds finally sent her over the edge, crying out as she orgasmed, her hands turning white as she clenched her fists and pulled at the ropes as she shook.

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