The Girl on the Train, part 2

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The Girl on the Train, part 2Thanks everyone for your lovely comments and messages! Okay, so things take a turn for the weird in part 2. Some backstory: I was browsing around for porn one day and came across a term I’d never heard before – ‘vore’ (Vorarephilia). Intrigued, I investigated and for a short time became quite enamoured by certain aspects of this scene, and whilst one more of my few remaining shreds of innocence was indelibly eroded by the internet, it did result in this little piece of fun.If this isn’t your scene, then I apologise, and hope that you’ll rejoin The Girl on her travels in part 3!The Girl on the TrainPart Two of ???Her eyes fluttered open, sleep falling away, blurred images from outside the window slowly resolving as the train decelerated into the familiar shapes of a station. She blinked, muzzily trying to refocus her eyes. Her station! With a squeak, she sat upright, grabbed her bag and scrambled to her feet, feeling cool air on the back of her thighs; she’d slid down in her seat after dozing off, and her little skirt had crept up adventurously, making it almost to hip level. She tugged it back down over her stocking tops and trotted down the aisle, arriving at the vestibule just as the train pulled to a halt. A chime announced the opportunity to open the door; she did so and hopped down on to the platform.She turned and began to walk down the platform, deserted at this time of morning. She checked her watch u*********sly, but had to double take when she realised the display was wrong: 4am, the same time she’d boarded her train. The stupid thing must have stopped. She cursed softly, and dug her mobile phone out of her bag. It took a moment for her to realise that it was blank too; no, not blank, the phone was on but the details on the screen made no sense – no time, no network display, despite the full battery level… great.Shoving it back into her bag in annoyance, she stalked on towards the station house. It was strangely cold, not least on her upper thighs, which were bare above her stocking tops and exposed to the small gusts that wafted up under her skirt as she walked, and she soon felt her nipples harden under her shirt in sympathy. A thin mist hung low to the ground, highlighted by the anaemic platform lighting, and small eddies began to swirl as the train beside her hummed back to life and began to inch forwards out of the station. She picked up her pace a little, her stockings swishing softly as her thighs brushed beneath the denim of her skirt. The train was soon lost in the distance, and silence fell over the station like a thick velvet blanket, muffling and strangely suffocating.As she approached the lights of the station house, she suddenly noticed that the platform around her was somehow getting darker, not lighter, and as if the effect suddenly gave rise to the cause, a lamp up ahead at the far end of the platform abruptly went out. She glanced behind her nervously, and instantly saw that the lamps behind her lit only half the length of platform that they should have. Incredulous, she watched as another lamp behind her was extinguished. She turned back and hurried on along the darkening platform towards the sanctuary of the lighted station house, feeling her heart begin to beat faster and her breath come shorter. She sk**ded to a stop in front of the building and threw open its door just as the last of the platform lamps blacked out, and with a small cry she leapt in and slammed the door shut behind her.She stayed there a few moments as the rise and fall of her breasts subsided. One of her stockings had slipped down, its hold-up band gathered at her knee, and she bent over to pull it back up, working kayseri escort the stretch band up over her thigh until it was back in place. She chuckled at her earlier panic, imagining what she must have looked like had anyone been in the deserted station house when she came barging in. A small smile still on her face, she straightened, which was when the lights all around her simultaneously snapped out; and the world went black.She couldn’t help a small yell of fright, and immediately her heart tried once more to flee from her chest. Before she could summon the courage to call out, a small flicker of light came out of the darkness, followed by a handful more. She gasped, first thinking the dancing lights were approaching, but as they grew bigger, she realised they were fixed in place; flames, fixed in place, and growing larger. As the flames grew slowly, light and warmth increased with them, and she saw that each of the flames sat in sconces on the walls; walls that, somehow, were now made of rough rock.As she fought to reconcile how a building of brick, wood, and plaster could become something of rock, overgrowth and algae, she heard it: a low, rumbling sound. Unable to move, she trembled as the sound came to her again. She scrabbled at the rock behind her, but fingers desperate for the door handle found nothing; spinning around, she moaned as she realised that the wall behind her had become the same rough, solid rock. She span again, unwilling to move, desperately scanning the dark space for some sign of a way out; only the way directly ahead seemed to offer refuge: a dark opening a least signified a recess in the wall.The warmth of the cave, for that was all the space could now be said to be, had continued to rise, and with it humidity. Though no longer cold, she hugged herself to stop her arms shaking, clasping them tightly under breasts. It occurred to her that her nipples still stood proudly erect, and simultaneously she realised that her breathing had deepened in a familiar way. In fact, had a remnant of lingering fear not still gripped her, she would have let her hand creep under her skirt, her finger slip under her thong and between the lips of her pussy, and she was sure she would have found wetness.The humidity of the cave was palpable now, and she dabbed her hand against her neck and felt perspiration. Absently she unfastened the top two buttons of her shirt as she stared into the blackness ahead. A soft slow rumble rose on the air again, and now that there was light enough to determine the extent of the cave, it was clear where the sound originated. She shivered suddenly, and without further pause, began to make her way towards it.The rock became more defined as she approached. The cave narrowed into a definite tunnel, easily high enough to walk upright, but narrowing width-wise as it continued. The rumble sounded again, and this time she thought she felt the lightest breath of wind against her face and over the slopes of her breasts, accompanied by a faint but curiously familiar aroma.Perspiring freely now, she felt each deep breath leading her breasts to strain in their confines of bra and shirt, and also a distinct heat between her legs. She tried to consider why she was so unmistakably aroused, but her head felt light, her feet almost moving of their own accord, and the moment – and the curiosity – passed.As one step blurred into another, she came to realise she was heading towards something. Two pinpoints of faint light caught her attention first, following by other flickering glints that came and went. The rumbling was near constant now, and she realised now that it had always been there, its volume simply rising and falling. Her pussy was slick now, she knew, as she felt her thong beginning to stick and saturate. She closed her eyes for a moment, unafraid now, and allowed herself to hitch up her short skirt and slip her index finger under the small damp spot on her thong and into her hot, unresisting slit. Eyes still closed, she came to a halt, enjoying the sensations her finger elicited as is slid effortlessly in, then out.She opened her eyes to resume walking, but froze instead, eyes locked and wide and her jaw going slack. Before her in the tunnel, about four feet away, was the biggest frog she had ever seen. A tremble ran through her body as she stared into the creature’s unblinking, slit-pupiled gaze, but she knew, yet didn’t understand, that she was simply not afraid. The frog sat quite still, the rumbling now revealed to be the respiration of its immense bulk; sat on its haunches, its unfathomable eyes were almost at the level of her own, and its body filled the width of the tunnel almost completely.As she slowly removed the finger from her pussy, it occurred to her that what she felt was certainly not fear, but embarrassment. This magnificent creature had summoned her; no, surely it had allowed her to come before it, and she had presented herself before it in perhaps the most compromising manner possible. She felt her face redden hotly; a flush that spread down her neck, hardening her nipples such that she had never before felt, and making its way down her body to pulse between her legs like a second heartbeat.The creature didn’t stir, aside from the rhythmic expansion and contraction of its body, which glinted in the dim light of the tunnel, complimenting the light of what must be intelligence in its enormous unblinking eyes.As she stood before the frog, eyes locked, an understanding seemed to dawn within her, and she knew with certainty why she had been brought here in the creature’s presence. A small smile slowly tugged at the corners of her mouth, and she felt her eyes moisten. The frog parted its lips fractionally and with a single slow blink she saw approval appear in the depths of its eyes, and felt radiant in front of it.Without breaking eye contact, she raised her hands and unfastened the remaining buttons of her shirt and shrugged it off, the motion releasing silent tears from her eyes. She dropped the shirt on the floor, then quickly unhooked her bra and let that fall too. She paused a moment, feeling the frog’s warm breath with its maddeningly familiar aroma caress her bare breasts, then unbuttoned her skirt, pushing it over her hips until it pooled at her feet. Her thong came next, reluctantly leaving the wet embrace of her pussy, but soon joining the skirt on the ground. Refusing to look away from her master, she tugged off her shoes, finally rolling her stockings down her legs and dropping them on top of her other clothes.Fully nude now she straightened, the heat and humidity leaving her body glistening, and she luxuriated in the warm breath of the huge creature and revelled in its continued approval. Exposed and aroused as she was, the temptation to return her fingers to her aching pussy was immense, even to have cupped her breasts and squeezed her nipples would have been some relief, but somehow she knew that was not the right action to take. The certainty within her that had led her to shed her clothes now told her to kneel on the ground.The frog’s eyes shifted in infinite slowness to follow her, and as she leant forward to kneel on all fours, her pert bottom high in the air and feeling deliciously exposed, she watched the frog slowly open its its huge mouth, and in its eyes she saw approval replaced with invitation.She swallowed nervously, apprehensive suddenly that she should live up to expectations, but she felt solace in the wisdom of the creature before her and its decision to bring her before it. She shuffled forward slightly, eyes fixed on the creature’s maw, which was moist with saliva, red and inviting in a way she supposed once would have seemed incomprehensible.Carefully, she leant in, the back of her head brushing the frog’s upper lip, and it responded by extending its tongue between her arms somewhat. Grateful for the cue, she placed her hands inside the mouth, about half way towards the creature’s throat; the flesh on which her hands rested was softly yielding and slick with saliva, yielding only a little purchase. Careful not to let her hands slip and keeping her knees locked, she brought her legs forward until her knees pressed up against her breasts and the balls of her bare feet came to rest on the end of the frog’s thick tongue, then gently eased her knees down until they too came rest on the warm, wet organ. With her weight off her hands now, she crossed her arms in front of her, pleasantly squeezing her breasts between arms and knees, and brought her chin to rest in the pooled saliva near the back of the creature’s tongue.As she relaxed into her position, she felt momentary tension under her as the frog lifted the centre of its tongue, pressing it firmly between her shins until it moulded against her slick and hypersensitive pussy, perineum and up over her buttocks. The pressure and warm slickness of the quivering organ pressed against her clit was enough to clear most of the remaining thought from her mind; she felt her pussy begin to radiate waves of pleasure through her body and a low moan escaped her to float down into the depths of the creature’s belly.She registered slight movement, and realised that the pressure of the frog’s tongue on her pussy was not only bringing her to wonderful orgasm, but was also drawing her completely inside the frog’s mouth. As her face moved closer to the back of the throat she also felt warmth and wetness on her back as it touched the roof of the frog’s mouth followed by slight pressure, and as much of the remaining light faded around her she realised that the mouth was also closing. Thick air continued to bathe her, too warm now to leave even a slight chill as it caressed those parts of her sweat and saliva-coated body that were not held firm against the flesh of the creature’s mouth. It was harder for her to breathe now, as there was little pure air, but as she drew in on the frog’s breath, it suddenly dawned on her why the aroma was so familiar: it was the scent of her pussy… the scent of the pussy of the last girl she’d fucked… the scent on her fingers after teasing the pussy of her friend at work in front of the cameras just a few short hours ago… all one and the same.Marveling at the association with the last of her conscious thought, she felt her eyelids fluttering and her body being drawn further into the creature’s gullet. Saliva seeping from glands in its mouth now coated her body liberally, and vaguely, as the pressure of its tongue lifted from her pussy momentarily, she felt trickles of the warm liquid running between her buttocks and labia to pool around her legs on the tongue before it resumed its clamp on her body.Soft, slick flesh pressed into her face, and she tucked her head down, feeling herself tilt forward as she was pushed steadily down the gullet. Pressure built around her arms and legs, and as awareness at last faded away, her last sensation was from the firm pushing of the tip of the frog’s tongue against her pussy, and the endless ripples of pleasure that suffused her.Fear not! The Girl will return safe and well (yes, really!) to resume her travels in part 3!

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