The Handyman

Big Tits

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“He said they were swingers. He and his wife.”

Jane said it as if it was no big deal. But it’s just not something you hear every day. Not from your handyman. Not from anyone, really. The thing was, Carl was not just your typical handyman. Skills going well beyond what you’d think of for a handyman. Even pool equipment repair, gardening, you name it. He was just the best ever. Worked all day for a reasonable flat rate and just kept working non-stop. Maybe that somehow contributed to the nonchalant manner my wife had used to report this curious announcement. If he’d just been a regular handyman, a run-of-the-mill handyman, maybe the reaction would have been more along the lines of ‘we should find someone else’ or something. But there was no way we could give this guy up. And my fertile mind was already looking for other reasons that Jane might relay this in such a straightforward, not-especially-shocked way.

I tried to keep my reaction as cool as hers seemed to be.

“Why do you think he told you? Generally, people in non-standard lifestyles need to be really careful about coming out to anyone. If they tell the wrong person, it could cause major problems for them.”

“Isn’t it obvious? He must think there’s a chance that we’d be interested. That we might be swing-curious or something.”

“But he didn’t come out to us. He came out to you. Think hypothetically. Suppose you were sort of in the market for a little extracurricular activity.”

“Well, you must know that swinging normally involves both husband and wife playing. Often together. Maybe potential new experiences for David as well?”

“I don’t know. I’ve never even seen his wife. Maybe there’d be no attraction.”

“But on the other hand, maybe there would be. And it doesn’t seem fair that hubby wouldn’t get any naughty fun of his own. Just try to imagine it. And imagine me getting turned on by watching you with her.”

I’d never really considered that last bit. Her getting turned on by seeing me touching another woman. That kind of put a whole different light on it. Of course, this kind of talk was fun. Helped to keep a little spark alive after eleven years of marriage. But it was all just fantasy talk.

– – –

So much speculation. Lots to wonder about. But one still has to put food on the table. All day at work the next day, I kept running things over and over in my mind. Why had he told her this? And her reaction had been so … ambiguous. Could Jane possibly be imagining what it would be like to take Carl’s disclosure and do something with it? And more to the point, what did I want? I should have been angry and guarded, but that wasn’t it. More kind of intrigued.

As soon as I got home, there was a look. Something going on? I figured I’d have to ask.

“So, any news to report on our handy-swinger-man today?”

No answer, but an unmistakable blush.

“Okay, now I really want to know. I think it’s going to be interesting.”

“Well, he was out there planting some herbs I’d picked up at the nursery. Wearing these black trunks.”

“Well, it was high 80s.”

“So we were just talking. About watering schedules, and he was watering the herbs he’d planted.”

“It is important to give a good initial watering to something you’ve just planted.”

“But then I saw…”

“Saw what?”

“I saw it. His thing. Kind of peeking out of the leg of his trunks.”

Now things were getting interesting. Now we were getting down to whatever that blush had been about.

“Must have been fairly short trunks.”

“Actually, not so short. So you could tell … you could tell it was kind of …”

“Large? Did he have something on the large side, something that you found interesting, peeking out of his trunks?”

“Well, the thing is, I didn’t see it when we were first talking. I know because, well, he wasn’t looking at me. He was looking at what he was doing. But I was kind of looking …”

“Looking at his trunks?”

“I guess I was. Does it upset you that I would look?”

“Well, if it had been a woman out there doing the watering, talking to me but looking at what she was doing, wearing shorts, what do you think I’d be looking at? Her fingernails? Earlobes maybe?”

“Oh, could be any number of things I suppose.”

“So I guess we understand each other. Somehow the idea doesn’t really bother me. The idea of you staring at this guy’s trunks. I’m sure you were just curious, right?”

“Well, I was looking, but just looking. What I’m trying to tell you is, it wasn’t visible at first, but then it was. A little bit. And then … and then … more.”

With that, I swear, her right hand went briefly to her left breast. This was going in an unexpected direction. Scary unexpected.

“It doesn’t take a degree in logic to explain it, Jane. He was out there planting and watering. You came by and started talking to him. And while you talked, it got bigger. It got big enough so that it peeked out of his trunks. It’s just natural, honey. That’s what they do sometimes. Sometimes when there’s çorum escort an attractive woman nearby. So what did you do?”

“I had to go inside. Told him I’d see him later. Went inside.”

“Why did you have to go inside?”

“Because I was wet.”

“I guess it’s not surprising. He was watering the newly-planted herbs. Sometimes when you’re watering, the hose points the wrong way.”

“Not that kind of wet.”


There went her right hand again. But this time, a little less covertly.

“I’m sorry, honey, but it had just gotten to me, okay? I couldn’t ignore it.”

“Because if you’d stayed out there looking at his cock hanging out of his trunks, his cock that was getting larger as a result of your being there, standing there with your wet pussy, maybe he’d be able to tell that he’d had an effect on you. Maybe he’d get up and do something so you could have a better look.”

Now her hand had found its way inside her blouse.

“What did you need to do when you went inside, Jane?”

“You know damned well. I had to. I guess you want to hear me say it. Okay, I went into the bedroom and lay on the bed. I unzipped my shorts and pulled my panties off. I’ll bet you wish you could have seen, David. I did it face down. And it felt so freaking good when I came.”

– – –

That night, she was agitated. It was obvious. We needed to talk.

“About what happened today, Jane. I’m concerned. Maybe I should talk to him. Ask him to be more careful. You seem kind of … kind of stirred up.”

“You could say that.”

“What do you want me to do, honey?”

“Just hold me.”

I put my arms around her, and held her. I wanted her to feel safe and protected. But what I felt soon from her was a little different. It was urgent. It was sexual. And, it was contagious. There was no doubt that what had happened was still affecting her. But what was more surprising was that just having heard her tell it was getting to me even more. The thought that this other man had become aroused in response to my wife’s presence, in response to her body being near his, was making me see her with new eyes. Almost as if I were the other man, seeing her through his gaze, feeling his desire for her. I felt like I was going crazy, feeling like I was him. Asking her to give herself to me.

“I want you, Jane. I want your married body. But I don’t know if your husband would like that.”

And just like that, our fantasies joined.

“I don’t know, Carl. Something like that could be very concerning for a husband. It could be a big problem, especially if I told him I’d wanted to say yes.”

“Yes, he might get pretty worked up, especially if you told him you’d teased me.”

And with that, she was on her knees on the edge of the bed, her skirt up on her back. I pulled her panties down roughly, just enough. Her hand was there in an instant, even before I had a chance to enter her. This was not a typical position for us, but had to make it easier for her to pretend. I think I was harder than I’d been in a long time. After all, right now I was another man getting to fuck a beautiful married woman for the first time. As I pushed deep inside, the words just came out on their own.

“Maybe he’d like to watch.”

– – –

Next day at work, I was even more distracted, wondering what could be going on. Maybe yesterday had just been the end of it. Or maybe something even more outrageous, but I had no clue where things might have gone after the very unusual events of the preceding day. It was only 11:00 when the phone rang. Outside call.

“This is David.”

“Yes, Mr. Levy, this is Caroline Jensen.”

“Caroline Jensen? I’m sorry?”

“Carl Jensen’s wife. You know, Carl Jensen, your handyman?”

“Oh, right. Wife of Carl the Exceptional. Is everything okay? He isn’t hurt, is he?”

“Oh know. He’s fine. I just wanted to talk with you. You wouldn’t be free for lunch by any chance?”

So what did Mrs. Exceptional need to talk about? Maybe this was the next move of trying to draft Jane and me into swingerdom?

“Actually yes, I’d be glad to have lunch with you, Mrs. Jensen.”

“Caroline. Just Caroline, okay?”

I went down to the lobby and there she was. I hadn’t imagined that she’d be that pretty. Short dark hair, big brown eyes, the sort of smile that could melt a man like me. Of course I knew nothing about this woman, no idea what sort of employment. At my company, her short blue skirt and revealing white top might not pass for business attire. I suggested a spot within walking distance. As we walked, I didn’t really know how to open the conversation, and after all, she was the one who had wanted to talk. Maybe something to do with her husband’s recent wardrobe malfunction. No idea, really, but I felt a tension. Understandable, I guessed. Here was this very attractive woman and she wanted to have lunch with me.

It was a smallish place and already fairly busy, so we sat at the bar, ordered drinks.

“You’re probably wondering what this is about.”

“You could denizli escort say that, although it is nice to get to meet you regardless.”

“I’ll get to the point. My husband confessed to having blurted something out. To your wife.”

“That you and he are swingers. Don’t worry. I can handle that. Live and let live.”

“Okay, I appreciate that, but the thing is, not everyone has that attitude. Do you know what it could do to his business if the wrong people …”

“If it kind of came out, you mean. Oh I understand. Please trust that it won’t go any further. And I’m sure Jane, my wife, will be with me on this.”

“Thank you for that. But I’m afraid my husband can be a bit of a boundary pusher. I’m afraid he confessed to having done something else.”

“Yes, Jane told me about that. But it sounded like it might have been kind of … accidental?”

“Well, David. I’m sure you know the phrase plausible deniability.”

I was glad that our drinks arrived then, realizing that the conversation was now moving into a new area. How do you talk to an attractive woman, with such a beautiful smile, with such a short skirt, so short that the way she moved now and then on her bar stool, you could practically see … how do you talk about her husband essentially flashing your wife? And then …

“But I’ve got to hand it to your wife. Apparently gives as well as she gets, so to speak.”

That one caught me off-guard. Jane had said she’d gone inside and masturbated. But how could that get back to Caroline? How would Carl have known? She had to see some disorientation in my face.


Caroline just laughed at that.

“Well, I haven’t even met Jane, but I think I like her already. Sounds like we don’t have 100% transparency here, David.”

I was too proud to try and pry it out of her. Again she was moving that way on the bar stool. I was disoriented, both by that and by this not-yet-explained disclosure. Found myself trying to get a look at her … wondering what color … and then … caught!

“Oh, so you want me to do for you as your sweet wife did for my husband? Is that it, David?”

It was actually said with a kind of warmth. I think she may even have felt a little sorry for me, for the state I was obviously in. And now I was tongue-tied.

“Well, I can’t quite do that, David. You see I’m wearing panties.”

As I began to figure out what had just been revealed, something else was. Turned out she meant ‘You see’ literally, discreetly allowing enough of the short skirt to rise … but it was more than that, parting her legs for just long enough for it to turn into a rather sexual move. Clearly couldn’t resist having fun with me. Oh. For the record, baby blue.

Our lunch arrived but I needed another drink. I wasn’t angry at her at all. In our short time together, I’d kind of come to like her. As we ate our lunch, I was fairly quiet. And Caroline was reading my mind.

“Don’t be hard on her, David. From what Carl says, she really loves you. Sometimes a little mystery, a little uncertainty, even a little not all revealed, it can turn up the fire. Think about how seeing my panties affected you. Part of that was that you haven’t seen what’s underneath.”

I swear there she was practically implying haven’t seen yet. And it was hot the way she talked about what had gone down between us in such a matter-of-fact way. I figured that must be how swingers are. She paid our tab and kissed me on the cheeks, European-style. As she was leaving, she looked back.

“Maybe I’ll see you this afternoon. Carl’s truck is in the shop so I’ll be coming by to pick him up.”

– – –

“Well, guess who I had lunch with today?”

“I know. Caroline. Carl told me she needed to talk with you.”

She looked so sexy in her green bikini. I had planned to confront her about what I’d learned from Caroline. About the reciprocal flashing that had apparently occurred while I was at work. But then even as I imagined the act, I felt strangely aroused, and it came over me that I was actually enjoying this. I needed to save bringing it up for just the right moment.

“Yes, she did. But maybe we’ll talk about that later.”

She looked at me inquisitively, but didn’t press.

“Carl’s finished with the pool. I guess I’ll go check it out.”

And she was out the door to the back. Of course I couldn’t help wondering what could have transpired this time. Where they could have taken things from the previous day. I sat down on the couch and tried to relax. I felt oddly ambivalent. Should I be jealous? Yes, of course, but then why this other feeling? Why the sense of arousal? Where was this going to end up?

I wasn’t sure whether I’d dozed or not, when the doorbell rang. I opened the door and it was Caroline. Come with the car to take Carl home. She was dressed in that same blue skirt coming to just above the knee, the white top providing a distracting view.

“So, I trust my husband is here somewhere.”

“Out in the back. With Jane.”

At that, Caroline cocked her head and smiled. diyarbakır escort It was subtle enough that you couldn’t really accuse her of anything. I felt I had to clarify.

“I don’t know. I guess she needed to show him something. Something she still needed him to do today. I don’t know how he gets so much done with all the supervision.”

Again the cocked head.

“Yes, I suppose she might need to show him something.”

Now that was pretty blatant. Anyway, at that, the two missing persons came in from the back yard. Jane, in the bikini, had apparently tried out the newly-serviced pool and was still drying off. Carl was in his infamous black shorts, sweating from working in the heat. I caught Jane glancing at those shorts, but then she looked over, giving me a questioning look. Finally Caroline spoke up.

“So, are we all done for today? Ready for me to tear your handyman away?”

Something took hold of me.


“No? Something else you need Carl to do?”

I stood behind Jane and put my hands on her shoulders. We were facing them and I spoke softly to my wife.

“Isn’t there something you’d still like Carl to take care of, Jane?”

She was shifting her weight back and forth. Then Caroline spoke again.

“Yes, dear. What is it you need my husband to help you with?”

She walked toward us, slowly extending her hand.

“This, maybe?”

She asked the question and placed her open palm on my wife’s breast. And then, a gentle squeeze. Jane was rapidly losing any pretense of innocence. And her breathing was becoming noticeably labored.

“Yes, something like that.”

It was almost humorous what happened then. With the black shorts. We men are basically defenseless in a situation like this. There was just no way Carl could hide his response to what Jane had just confessed. It was finally time to move ahead. I guess we all had an idea now of where things were headed, but it would be so much better if it happened slowly. So I took my time untying her top. Caroline’s hand was back in a flash and she turned to her husband.

“Look, Carl. What shall we do about this?”

And her mouth was on Jane’s right nipple. Carl didn’t need further instructions. He walked slowly toward us as I continued to kiss Jane’s neck. I moved my hands lightly over her body. Slowly down to the small of her back, then more slowly over her ass. Carl and Caroline were now eagerly sucking on those wonderful tits. They were pressing their bodies against her now, seeking the friction and pleasure demanded by their arousal. I could only imagine how it had to be for Jane, feeling the insistent press of Caroline’s mound rubbing slowly against her right leg, Carl’s full erection against the left.

I could wait no longer and began pulling the bikini bottoms down and off. I spoke to Jane then, but was really speaking to all of them.

“Would you like him to feel you there, my love?”

“Yes. Yes, Carl. Please. Please feel me.”

Carl did, and I needed to help Jane keep her balance. Then, Caroline again.

“Does that feel good, dear? What else would you like?”

“Your mouth, Carl. Please. Please put your mouth …”

And he did, kneeling in front of her, but he did it gently, softly, starting on her inner thighs, then finally the engorged lips. Jane couldn’t take any more teasing. Holding Carl’s head with both hands, she was able to focus his efforts where they were now needed.

And then Caroline took my hand and brought it under the blue skirt and inside the elastic. She was terribly wet. She plunged her own hand inside my pants and quickly found what she was looking for. Jane looked over and broke her concentration on her impending orgasm long enough to give us a quick smile. It was okay. We stroked one another slowly and watched. Watched my wife’s legs begin to tremble. The tremble intensified and then a sharp cry.

Even before the last aftershock, Caroline spoke even as we continued our mutual ministrations.

“Don’t you think they should do it now, David? I don’t know about you, but I think it would be lovely if my husband put his big thing where it’s most needed, deep inside your wife’s pussy. I promise you he’ll fuck her very very well.”

As if on cue, Jane walked over to the couch, taking Carl by the hand. Slowly, she pulled her knees apart and back. Not really necessary, more of a ‘Fuck me now’ sort of move. And then, down came the black shorts and I saw it for the first time. Impressive, I had to admit. And obviously very ready. I extricated myself from Caroline so I could retrieve a condom from a drawer in the coffee table, and handed it to Carl. I needed to make the gesture. To let him know we were good. My concrete acknowledgment that he was about to push his cock into my wife. Condom in place, he moved between her legs and I returned to resume the enjoyable activity with my co-spectator. Caroline and I had to slow down as Carl brought the head into contact with Jane’s eager pussy. At first, he just kind of wiped it. Up to visit the now stiff clit, and then down. Would this be it? No, back up, little circles, and back down. Maybe this time? Yes, now. But no, only the head. Finally it was time to show mercy. We all held our breath as it finally disappeared, oh so slowly, until it could go no further. Caroline’s hand moved more urgently now. And it began. Their beautiful dance of fuck.

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