The Hanky Code Pt. 07


Again hearing these words that should have repulsed me, in actuality made me proud, I was serving Master as his pig and doing a good job, the mental transformation was moving at pace.

Any doubts or thoughts of me being a man and a straightish one at that had evaporated completely.

I tried to think of what time it was and realized that it was probably only 8.30 at night, it was going to be a long one if I wasn’t going to be given a rest, fuck this was going to be tough. I could already feel my stomach was full with the cum I had swallowed, how on earth was I going to manage to swallow 3 times as much as that again. It would be almost impossible, but I had to succeed, I wanted to succeed and please Master S, as a good pig should.

The next group filed in through a door straight in front of me again, then the cocks began to appear, as they pulled them out from jeans, leather chaps, jock straps and suits. Again the first number was called and pig opened its mouth and waited.

The first guy had a stunning 7 ½ inch cock (by my estimation) cut and so clean, but that was the only good thing about this guy. He loved the feeling of power over me, holding me completely impaled and gagging continuously as I struggled for breath.

I gagged so hard, obviously straining every sinew so much that the plug was pushed hard out of my ass pussy and dropped to the floor of the tray with a bang.

Wow, I felt high as a kite as it stretched me to my absolute limit as the widest part of the plug opened me up and made me gape.

Then I hate to admit it, but as the plug dropped to the floor, I felt empty, bereft and I was desperate to be filled again as soon as possible. I shouldn’t have worried my silly little piggie head about that.

Steve whispered in my ear “Master S said this might happen so I have a range of plugs all larger than the last. Each time you lose one, we go up in size, now we’ll use TitenMen Master no 4, that’s the one you had in the past and only managed to get in that one time.”

He then asked the guy to withdraw his cock and Steve put the new plug on the floor, with the tip of the smallest bulb at my ass pussy.

“Sir if you could now use your cock to fuck his face downwards so he has no choice but to impale himself on the new plug that would be great.”

“Fuck that’ll be my pleasure.” Said the guy smiling eagerly.

He stood astride my face, one muscly, hairy leg either side of my head. He took the head of his cock and introduced it again into my piggy mouth. Before starting to squat down on my face, his heavy, sweaty balls banging on my chin. Forcing me to sit down further onto my haunches and then the second bulb was in, one more thrust and then the third large bulb was embedded in me.

The 4th bulb, the largest one, gave some real resistance, but after a few downward slams by him, the plug found its way home deep into my pig ass pussy as his cock head went past the back of my throat. My hole clamped onto the neck of the plug seating it in deeply.

Although it hadn’t been easy, the last time I had this size plug in, I was off my tits on poppers and it took an hour of me fucking up and down, whilst avidly watching “Sissy Hypno ” videos and sniffing half a bottle of poppers just to get it in. Once it was in that night, I had been desperate to get it out as soon as possible.

Tonight though it was just forced in, painfully but still it went in much more easily, god I hoped that it wouldn’t come out as easily. That would mean an even bigger plug again. I imagined the circle of my ass pussy, over 8 inches in circumference, the size of a tennis ball and thought about the horrifying idea that it would stretched much further still.

The guy really enjoyed his time after that and was obviously pretty turned on as he shot by far the biggest load all over my face and body, now my face was completely covering in cum which then dripped onto my new big creamy white tits with the big nipples sticking out. Cum dripped from the tips of my nipples into the tray.

The 7 inch crowd were keen to show that an extra inch made all the difference and a lot seemed to enjoy having a piggie convulsing on their cocks as they held me tight against their bellies with their meat deep down my throat.

I was coming to the end of the 7 inches when one leather guy stepped up and it wasn’t the length that was frightening, it was the girth, much wider than any of the others. The head glistening with piss. I could smell the piss as he approached and licked my lips in anticipation. He looked at Master S and said “can I give the pig a drink before his protein shot?”

Master S replied that he could empty his bladder as fast as he liked, even though the piss pig stage wasn’t until later on in the weekend. I was in heaven, I should have been horrified, but the smell of piss had me excited, made me want to suck the piss from him.

Ever since I was first forced to drink a Mistresses piss from the source years earlier, I just loved the smell and taste. I suckled on van escort his cock head and he let the first dribbles be sucked out by me, god how I loved the taste.

It was always the sheer dirtiness of the act I adored. In the state of sluttiness that I was in, as his stream grew stronger I repeatedly swallowed as quickly as I could, just wanting to drink it all, thirsty for him and his piss.

“See what a piss pig we have guys, although let’s see how this pig gets on once we have installed him in the urinals for a few hours. I think you’ll enjoy using him though, as we break this little piggies mind bit by bit, stage by stage.”

“You can all see he’s descending quite rapidly into pigdom, reveling in his depravity like a pig wallows in mud. How much lower can we take him boys?” Master S was clearly the Man here, enjoying being the ringmaster of this strange circus.

As he said that, my concentration lapsed and I couldn’t keep up with the stream, but the guy had my head clamped over his cock and wouldn’t release me, so the piss came out of my nostrils and down my tits and into the tray. Then he forced the girth to the back of my throat, again I couldn’t take it. In trying to I accidentally forced the plug out for a second time. Steve was already waiting with the next plug.

“If I could just explain the process as we go on Gents, as the pigs face is fucked, if it’s violent enough to force him to expel the plug then he has to have the next size up inserted. So lots of fun for all of us watching piggie try and keep each plug in, I’ll ensure that the pigs pussy is well lubed and his ass pussy muscles are almost useless, so he’ll have to work hard or that pussy will get stretched ever further.

The next plug goes up in size to 2.8 inches in diameter so not a big increase from the last one, but the circumference of his ass pussy will have be just over half an inch bigger to take this one compared to the last one gents, we’re nearly up to 9 inches in diameter. The last plug was the biggest he’s ever taken, so this should be fun to watch.” Steve said this with a huge grin on his face, apparently enjoying every bit of my humiliation and descent.

He asked the current guy to repeat the downward face fucking from earlier to force me onto the next plug up in size and this guy was just as happy as the first guy. To make sure he brought his weight to bear down onto my face. He stood over me as I looked up at him with real fear in my eyes, almost begging him not to do it.

Steve held the plug and nuzzled it into me gaping hole, with the first bulb going straight in, the second slipped in almost as easily as I started to bear down onto the plug, then the third, but the 4th bulb was the big one, eye wateringly large. I tried to bear down, but it wouldn’t slide home.

The guys cock was so wide I didn’t think it would ever get past the back of my throat, but as he pushed even harder and almost sat down on me, my pussy finally gave up the fight and in went the last bulb. At the very same moment the back of my throat opened wide enough to let the mushroom head of his cock deep into my throat for the first time. I was completely filled.

He then lifted me up by the chin so that I rose off the last bulb of the plug (I could only presume it had a suction cup base to hold it down on the tray). I groaned as loudly as I could with a throat full of cock head, just as he slammed further into my throat as I gagged over and over, pushing the plug back in. Effectively one guy was spit-roasting me.

He repeated this process, giving me short breaks with the 4th bulb of the plug and short breaths with the head of his cock just out of me then forcing both back in hard. Effectively fucking me from both ends at the same time. Despite how horny I was, I was sobbing uncontrollably, as he came and filled my mouth with cum.

He ordered me too swallow and held my nose, I dutifully swallowed his massive load to a round of loud applause. As he walked off, my head slumped forward, cum and saliva dripping from my swollen lips. Tears dropping from my cheeks onto my tits and into the tray below. My ass pussy now more wide open than ever before and held that way by the massive plug lodged deep inside.

Master S addressed the assorted company “Gents please take a moment or two, as we just need to empty the tray, I think we have an extra pint of pigs protein shake ready to break his mind a little further. As I’m sure you’re all aware, the effort to swallow one load of spunk one at a time, is very different to downing a pint in one.” I gulped at the thought.

“In fact it is this pint treatment that often pushes my pigs over the edge. It can take them well beyond their limits and break them. Their mind finally giving up any last vestige of hope as they drink more and more. Finally knowing that is all they are fit for.

In this case even if piggie here is well beyond his limits and is mentally broken, we’ll still just set him up for the final group, the Mustard hankies. van escort bayan Please feel free to enjoy watching the feeding of this pint, the pigs 5th by my reckoning.”

With that Steve came forward with the urinal gag I’d seen before and set it down next to me.

“This is really going to push you pig, so let’s give you lots of extra poppers to go with the drugs already in your system.” He held a hood of some sort with a bottle of poppers on each side leading through 2 small hoses into the nostrils of a pig nose on what I could now see was a pig mask.

It amused the crowd, who roared their approval, some choosing this time to snort like horny pigs. Steve strapped it onto my head and then pushed the hoses in deeply, which completely filled and sealed my nostrils. All the air I could breathe in through my nose was very, very heavily laced with poppers now to add to the drugs I’d been given earlier.

Then he attached the black rubber cup to my chin which had a cock gag at the base which he pushed into my open mouth and strapped the cup tightly to my head. I was breathing very quickly now with anxiety, almost hyper ventilating but all this did was cause me to take on more and more poppers as he began to pour the white and yellow mixture into my feeding cup.

Just seeing the awful liquid being poured in shocked me, I couldn’t do it and blocked the large hole on the cock gag by sticking my tongue in it. For the first time for an hour I was thinking rationally again. But at the same time as I breathed in heavily those doubts were washed away by the huge waves of poppers washing over my pig brain. I was breathing in so deeply that the increased level of poppers was taking me deeper and deeper back into my pig zone.

“Oh look he’s trying to block the hole, silly little slut as though he has a choice.” Said Steve who then took one of my distended nipples between two fingers and pinched so hard, I cried out getting a huge mouthful of the awful mixture which I had no choice but to swallow.

Steve then pinched one of my nipples each time he expected me to swallow as he continued to top the cup up with more and more of the cum and piss mixture.

I nearly vomited up the slime a few times, but Steve just kept forcing me to swallow as I breathed in more pig drugs. With his fingers working my extended nipples as a milkmaid works on a cows teats it seemed like a surreal change with me taking on the milk with each pull on my piggie nipples, instead of the milk coming out of my tits. He kept working them as I desperately cried, the tears just adding to the liquid.

When the tray was empty he raised it telling the crowd that was the 5th pint reached, that we were on target now and it was time for the big boys to cum, the mustard hankies.

With my distended stomach hanging down as I knelt there in the tray, I was the picture of heavily pregnant sow.

Cum, piss and saliva dripping from my chin and big swollen cock sucking lips and down my stomach to coat my clit in its miniature metal cage.

I knew even in the state I was in that the mustard hankies denoted that all the future crowd would all be packing more than 8 inch cocks and as I looked up to survey the crowd coming in, I could see that the majority were black.

Steve leaned down to my ear and whispered “now to earn your black and white hanky, you fucking white faggot.”

His comment scared me and excited me in equal measure, this was my proper place in complete subjugation to superior black Masters, my last lingering thoughts as a man, leaving my mind, pushed out by piggie thoughts.

As I surveyed the crowd I could see so many black cocks, a sprinkling of white cocks, but not many. The mustard hankies it would seem were mostly black.

Master S addressed the new crowd “Now gents we come to the denouement of the Gallon Piggie. He’s taken 5 pints but I think this collection of big black balls in front of him will be more than able to inject a further 3 pints of seed into his faggot pig throat, are you up for that gents?”

A roar rose up from the 40 guys, it seemed they were more than up for it.

Again I should have been horrified, frightened and worried, but I was already thinking about the taste of the first BBC of the night, salivating more at the thought. As I looked out from the center stage one of the guys advanced.

He was a big man in every way, he wouldn’t have looked out of place as a line backer, wide and solid rather than muscular, the bulge in his trousers suggested he was packing a lot below too.

He didn’t open the fly of his suit pants, but just walked forward to pig and took pigs face in his huge hands. “Now unzip my trousers with you lips bitch!” he almost shouted it.

I reached forward with my swollen lips and grasped the proffered zipper and tried to lower it, but to no avail. I then felt the smack to the side of my head from his hand, reeling from the shock.

“Shit, what use is this white faggot bitch if escort van she can’t even open my pants?”

The massive fingers from one hand were thrust into pigs mouth, opening it wide. The guy pulled out his flaccid cock with the other hand. Even in its unaroused state the girth was huge. “Now it’s time you fed on a black snake bitch, suck on this like it’s your pacifier you white whore.”

The cock smelled of strongly of pussy and tasted of it too, a taste pig still loved, licking very last trace of it from the monster cock head in front of me. I suckled hungrily on his cock as it hardened in my mouth.

The head alone stretching my jaw as it swelled. Fuck how was I ever going to get this any further into my throat. My ears still ringing from the blow and I had my answer, he was simply going to force his horse cock ever further down my throat with brute force.

Thank the gods I was so high with the poppers, with my pig mask on feeding me pure poppers with any breath I managed to take in, I was flying so high and acting so low. I had now become the cock pig, Master S was talking about. Not a single thought of anything other than a complete need to suck cock and eat what I was fed. I was as desperate for cock, as a man in the desert is for water.

He was skull fucking me now, saliva covering his magnificent ebony rod, dripping in strings from my mouth and nose. I must have looked like the dirtiest pig from the most depraved gay pig video. Then again that’s what I was now, simply a pig faggot. He held both my ears, ramming his horse cock down my throat, making me cry even more.

After a few minutes of skull fucking I’d hoped he was about to spurt as he slowed down, but no such luck. He made sure that the back of my throat was well opened and ready for bigger cocks by taking his massive cock head just out from the back of my throat then forcing it back in, then out again. Just working my throat muscles and gag reflex and stretching them, further and further. I still gagged with all the longest thrusts, but even my gag reflex was being taken away by forced practice and massive levels of poppers.

Finally he said, “here bitch time for you to eat your black protein and to really be my bitch.” With that his snake of a cock pulsed 7 or 8 times filling my mouth and throat. He held my head, his cock deep down my throat stopping me breathing then pulled out slowly forcing me to take in a huge breath through my nostrils of my pig mask taking me even higher.

He held his hand over my mouth, holding it closed and held his other hand over my nipple. The order was clear, I was to swallow my feed. I simply did so.

Master S walked up to me as the linebacker wandered back into the crowd tucking his huge cock away, he bent down to my pig masked face and asked me loudly enough for the assembled company to hear.

“Now pig that was your first big black cock of the night, as you can see you still have nearly 40 big cocks to go and most of them black. Please tell the audience what you are and what you deserve.”

I breathed in more and more poppers to top up the drugs Master S gave me earlier. I was in total pig heaven.

“I am a complete cum and cock pig, Master, desperate for more cock, black cock, huge black cocks. Please have them all force their huge cocks deep into my throat and to fill my pig throat and stomach with their superior black man seed. Make me their white faggot pig.” I said it with a mixture of pride and lustful longing, what’s more I really meant it. “I want to be a white faggot bitch pig for all of them Master.”

The most amazing thing was this was not forced at all, any threat of exposure had long receded from my addled pig mind. Now I was speaking from my wildest fantasies, set completely free by Master to embrace being a true pig, to wallow in the dirtiness, the filth, to embrace my true nature.

No thought of safety or condoms, just cum and cocks, more cocks and more cum, needing, craving to be fed more even though my stomach was so, so full and distended.

What a sight I must have looked, the pig mask on, heaving in big breaths of poppers my head rocking up and down with each inward breath. Saliva mixed with cum dripping in ropes from my swollen cock sucking lips.

My extended nipples on the end of my udders jutting out and hanging down from my chest covered in the slime coming from my mouth, then my distended belly hanging down and over my angry purple clit again covered in the slime of cum, saliva and piss.

My hands still chained to the floor, on my knees, my pig pussy stretched so wide by the big plug which fastened me to the floor with the suction cup. Kneeling in my piggie stall waiting for my next feed.

Master S again addressed the mainly black crowd. “So there you have it gentlemen, it is broken, his mind as a man erased for now. It is simply a pig for use by all of us, with so many different tasks still facing it, which it still has to complete, before I set it free again.”

“But as you can see it has no thought of getting away or being set free, it wants this, chose this, craves this and deserves this. I have actually set it free to be the true pig it longs to be, needs to be. So please help me work quickly on finishing this film with the final 3 pints of pig protein. Before we move onto the next film of the weekend.”

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