The Hot Tub Ch. 02


Hi, it’s Alex here again. Thank you so much for the comments on the previous chapter of what is rather a personal story and quite different from my previous ones. The first chapter was actually a resubmitted one based on feedback and I hope I have learnt from it. If you haven’t read the first chapter please do, as I feel it is an important set up for the rest of the story.

I have written some of this chapter from my mum’s point of view based on what she told me later on.

Chapter 2 is when I was 19 and my mum Sarah was 43. I hope you take as much pleasure in reading it as I did in writing it.


My mum Sarah lay in bed thinking about what she’d just done. She had just been laying there rubbing her swollen clit with her fingers and bringing herself to a powerful orgasm, covering her fingers with so much liquid as they ran along her sensitive lips as she came.

However she had been thinking about me while playing.

Earlier that night, after our shared hot tub incident, she had purposely stood naked for me to see in the kitchen bathed in the light of the fridge, after I told her about how I’d seen her in a similar pose a year before by chance.

Both her orgasms, in the hot tub and on her bed, had been 2 of the best she’d ever given herself. Both times she was thinking of her son’s fingers, tongue and cock entering her, instead of her own slippery wet digits.

She thought about what she was going to do next but then realised there was nothing she could do. She’d already gone too far and it needed to stop. She then decided quickly that she would act as normal as possible with me and soon she knew it would be just one of those fantastic memories that would never be forgotten but also never be re-enacted.

She fell asleep naked and on her wet sheets and had very sweet dreams.

I also thought about what had happened in the hot tub as I came for the second time that night. I wished it had been my mum’s hand, mouth or pussy over my cock instead of my own hand wrapped around it but my imagination was still enough to get me off. For me though, I had different ideas about the days ahead. I couldn’t help but wonder how I could get more from her. I didn’t know at that moment if I could, but I did know I was certainly going to try.

The next morning was odd. I came downstairs and mum and I had breakfast as usual at the kitchen table. She was dressed in jeans and a white shirt and sat opposite me. I was wearing khaki shorts and a t-shirt. We talked a little about the weather, how it was meant to be another nice day, about my sister coming home from university next week, but she never once brought up what had happened the previous night.

After breakfast she went to the living room and sat on the sofa. She made some calls and worked on her laptop. I left her to it and went upstairs and played on my PlayStation. I felt so hot in the house and after a while I had to go downstairs and speak to her as my brain seemed to be going. I went into the living room and saw mum still working on her laptop but clearly she was hot and uncomfortable too. Thankfully it wasn’t just me I realised and perhaps it was just genuinely hot in the house.

“Hey”, I said.

“Oh hey Alex, you OK?”

“Not too bad, just hot in the house. How’s work going?”

“Yeh OK I guess. I’m hot too and it’s hard to work.”

“Why don’t you just lose the clothes?”

I couldn’t believe I’d said that. It just came out. Mum looked equally shocked at what I’d said and I tried to backtrack.

“I just meant, erm, sorry.”

“It’s OK darling. I didn’t mean to make you feel awkward. I might stop working for a bit and have a cold drink.”

“Sounds good Mum. I might join you in that.”

We walked into the kitchen and mum poured out a couple of glasses of ice cold water. I think we both felt better after that and I even think the tension that had been there this morning had lifted.

“You know Mum, we’re both hot and bothered. I could turn the hot tub on, make it cool. What do you think?”

Mum didn’t know what to think. She was about to say no when she realised that this was a chance for her to show me ataşehir escort bayan that things could go back to being normal between us.


I couldn’t believe that she’d actually agreed to it. I was so excited by the thought.

“OK, I’ll get it started and how about you meet me there in 10 minutes?”

“OK darling, I’ll see you out there.”

I quickly went up to my room and changed into a pair of swimming shorts, grabbed a towel and went out to get the hot tub started and get into it. After a little while my mum came outside wearing a red all-in-one swimming costume. I have to admit I was slightly disappointed but tried not to let it show.

“How’s the water?”

“It’s good Mum, really refreshing.”

“Good. I’d better get in then!”

She then slipped into the hot tube opposite me. We then sat there in silence for what seemed like ages. Then after waiting a while typically we both spoke at the same time.

“Mum I, err..”

“Alex, erm..”

We both then looked at each other and laughed. I then managed to speak first.

“Mum about last night. I didn’t mean to make things awkward between us.”

“It’s OK darling, it is my fault. I love you. Things needn’t be awkward.”

“But they are! I mean, erm..”

“Go on…”

I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to ask why she wasn’t mentioning about what had happened yesterday, why she was now wearing a one-piece swimming costume when she wore a bikini last night and why she would purposely pose for me naked one night and then the next day pretend nothing was different between us.

I closed my eyes and choose my question.

“If we love each other, why can’t we bring each other pleasure?”

I don’t think she was expecting that. She was quiet for a little while, clearly mulling over what I had just said.

“We love each other as mum and son. There’s a difference between that sort of love and the love between a couple”, she replied.

“What’s the difference?”

“Erm, well for a start incest is illegal.”

“So is going 75 on a motorway but you still do it.”

“Don’t be flippant Alex.”

“Look we didn’t have sex. We didn’t even touch each other even though I wanted to. You were the one who let me see you naked anyway!”

“I know and I’m sorry. It was poor judgement and came after I was still on a high from, well you know..”

“From me being turned on by you, kissing you and telling you what I really thought.”


Mum was blushing now so much. It was cute on her and to be honest I’d never really seen this side of her. She’d always been so confident and professional. It was a refreshing change. I decided to move round the hot tub to sit next to her.

“It’s OK mum. You shouldn’t be ashamed at what happened. I’m your son and I love you. I’m not some random guy and I’ll prove it.”

I then stood up in the hot tub and slid my shorts down my thighs releasing my fully erect cock. In truth it had been a little painful held in by my swimming shorts. I waited a few seconds and then pulled my shorts back up and over it. My mum just watched me and didn’t say a word.

“That is for showing me you last night. I don’t ask for anything in return but you know how I feel about you and this doesn’t mean I wouldn’t ever want anything. Clearly you saw how turned on I was feeling right now.”

“But Alex we can’t…”

“Mum we can do what we want, but if you don’t want to do anything then that’s also fine. That’s the difference between some random guy and me.”

My mum just smiled at me and then hugged me, her wet swimming costume surrounding her breasts pushing against me.

“I love you Alex”, she whispered to me.

“I love you too Mum.”

We held one another for about a minute before she pulled away.

“I need to go in and get back to work. Thank you Alex for being so grown up!”

I looked at her and we both laughed at her choice of words as she started blushing again.

“That’s OK mum.”

I leaned into her and gave her a peck on the lips and then got out of the hot tub, took her towel and held it out before her. She then got out, smiled and then enveloped her body with escort kadıköy it before walking back into the house. I followed her out then went upstairs to my room to finish drying myself after switching off the hot tub. I could have sworn I heard a moan come from her room as I went past her door. Later down the line she told me she had laid on her bed on top of her towel, moved her swimsuit gusset across and slid her fingers inside her wet entrance and came very quickly thinking about my cock.

A few hours later and we were eating dinner at the kitchen table. It was around 7:30pm but still sunny and a very mild evening. Mum was back in her jeans and shirt, having changed back into them after our time in hot tub and I was once again in my khaki shorts and a white Nike t-shirt.

We spoke a little about the latest news and current events as we often did but as we had finished eating the conversation stalled for a few minutes before Mum changed its direction.

“Thank you for earlier.”

“What do you mean?”

“The things you said and did in the hot tub. You were right, to a degree. Kissing you felt natural and obviously I love you as my Son but also I shouldn’t be ashamed about bringing you some pleasure and gaining pleasure from you. It might be morally wrong if we suddenly started fucking but I don’t want things to change between us and I do want for us both to be happy.”

I had sort of stopped listening to her after she said the word ‘fucking’ as I’d never heard this sort of language from her and it caught me slightly off guard.

“Erm, OK Mum.”

“How about we clean up these dishes and then you can get the hot tub on again?”

“Sounds great Mum!”

I then helped my mum to clear up the dishes and load them into the dishwasher before we went to our respective rooms to get ready for the hot tub. I arrived at the hot tub first and turned it on. I was wearing the same pair of swimming shorts I had worn the previous night.

I got in and sat in the water which was warm and pleasant and the hot tub bubbled away as usual. I relaxed and didn’t even notice my mum coming out to join me until she was standing next to the hot tub. However, when I did see her my heart skipped a beat.

She was back to wearing a bikini but this time it was purple and even smaller than the one I had seen her in yesterday. She put her towel on the decking next to the hot tub and proceeded to get into it as the bikini clung to her as she entered the water.

“You might want to pick your jaw back up.”

“Erm, sorry Mum, I, erm, couldn’t help it.”

“That’s OK darling. We are grown ups after all and this is our home.”

“But you really do look gorgeous Mum.”

“Thank you Alex.”

Our feet then met in the centre of the hot tub and I felt her toes running along the sides of my feet and along my calves. My discomfort was obvious.

“Are you OK darling?”

“Yes Mum but it isn’t fair to tease me!”

“Like you tried to tease me by whipping your little man out earlier today?”


“OK, well big man then!”

“Firstly I did it to make a point, not to tease you. And secondly you started it by posing naked for me”

“Actually before that you were the one who played and came in the hot tub last night with me”

We then just sat there and burst out laughing. The whole situation was so ridiculous. Mum then slid around to join me on my side of the hot tub.

“I’m sorry darling.”

“That’s OK Mum, I’m sorry for teasing you too.”

She then moved her head into me and we kissed. Softly at first but then as we continued it got more erotic as our tongues danced around one another’s. I moved my wet hand up and held her face as I kissed her with more hunger and wanting. Soon I felt her hand move onto my swimming shorts and on top of where my hard dick was tenting out painfully. She then broke the kiss and moved her lips to my ear.

“Is this troubling you again Alex?”

“Yes Mum. I’m sorry I can’t help it.”

“That’s OK darling, mummy will take care of it.”

I then felt her undoing the drawstring of my swimming shorts and slipping her hand inside the waistband of them. She then helped bostancı escort slide them off me leaving my cock standing proud in the water. Her fingers proceeded to run along my shaft before wrapping around it as she began to masturbate me. It felt so good and so needed. She began to speed up as my moaning did the same. She kept catching my purple head and it didn’t take too long before I gasped and my fluid shot out into the water.

After a few seconds of getting my breath back I said “Thank you Mum!”

“That’s OK darling.”


“Yes darling?”

“Can I return the favour?”

I’m not sure whether or not she was shocked by the question. She did pause for a moment before answering but she seemed composed when she did.

“OK but just use your fingers like I did and leave my bikini on.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I kissed her straight away, overcome at what she was suggesting, before steadying myself and moving my hand down into the water and to the bikini bottoms that clung to her pussy. I began to rub through the lycra of her bikini bottoms teasing her, feeling the outline of her vulva through the material before sliding the gusset across and exposing her bare lips to the water and to my fingertips.

I moved my fingers around underneath her bikini bottoms and I felt her trimmed pubic hair against them before moving them back down to her soaked opening. She gasped and arched her back as I slid a finger inside her pussy which was moist inside and felt so amazing. I quickly slipped another finger inside her and began sliding my index finger and middle finger in and out of her. I leant over and kissed her and her hands came up to my face as she kissed me back intensely as I finger-fucked her in the tub.

She broke off the kiss when my thumb graced moved up to her swollen clit just under her bikini bottoms as I continued to penetrate her with the length of my fingers. Soon enough I felt her body jolt and push down on my fingers inside her. She gasped as she came upon her sons fingers. I left my fingers inside her for a minute or 2 as we got our breath back, before sliding them out for the last time.

“Thank you.”

“Thank you.”

We both smiled as we said the same thing at the same time. We then enjoyed the bubbles of the hot tub for a little longer before Mum stood up, ready to get out. I stood up at the same time and held her hand as she stepped out of the hot tub and quickly got her towel, wrapping it around herself.

I then got out and wrapped my towel around my waist and followed Mum into the house where we dried off in the kitchen.

Before I headed up to my room I gave mum a hug and got a new sense of enjoyment of feeling her lycra-clad breasts pushing against my bare chest and I knew in that moment that despite what she had said before, I needed to have her completely.

That night I dreamt of fucking my mum. It was fantastic, we had sex in different positions in different parts of the house although the end part of my dream was confusing.

We were outside by the hot tub and mum was dressed in the jeans and blouse she’d worn that day. We were kissing but when I attempted to undress her she resisted.

“Please Alex, don’t do this.”

“But Mum, I know you want me to.”

“No Alex, I…”

I actually ripped the buttons off from her blouse so it fell open revealing her bra covered breasts. I yanked it completely off her before I began undoing her jeans and pulling them down. She just squirmed about as I did so.

“Please, don’t. We can’t.”

“But you want me don’t you Mum?”

“But we shouldn’t! Please Alex.”

I eventually managed to get her jeans down her carves. Her knickers came off much easier and she just stood in front of the hot tub in just her bra with her jeans and knickers around her ankles. I then bent her over the hot tub and I realised I was naked was then sliding my dick inside her. She was so wet and even though she was still telling me no and sounded upset I plunged deep inside her and didn’t stop until I came.

That’s when I woke up and realised I’d cum in reality over myself. Luckily I’d already kicked the sheets off so it was only messy on my body.

My heart was pounding at what had just happened. I checked my watch on the bedside table and it was 4am. Damn. I used some tissue to clean myself before trying to get back to sleep. It took ages before I drifted off again wondering what the next day would hold…

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