The Insatiable Boy Ch. 02


Hey guys! Here’s another chapter of The Insatiable Boy. Glad you guys enjoyed the first one. Reese isn’t in this chapter, but he will be coming back soon. For now, enjoy all the raunchy little antics that Gavin gets into. This one involves dad/son role play, pussy talk and a lot of nasty sex. Let me know what you think.

Chapter 2: Gavin meets the man who started it all

A few days after my night at the bookstore, I was coming back home later after a hook-up. I managed to find some decent looking dude not too far away and had agreed to meet him over at his place. Sure enough, his pictures did match the nearly 6 foot frame that answered the door in nothing but a pair of sweatpants. It was like something out of a porn scene- with the dude wearing that classic grey color that, under the right light, showed off the bulge he was sporting.

I left there with a load buried deep in my satisfied little hole, walking with an extra spring in my step after what was considered a sub-par day. My boss had e-mailed me earlier that morning, letting me know that I’d nearly gone over the max number of hours each of us could work. It turns out that all of those extra shifts I’d pulled had piled up, and I now needed to give some away in order to stay under that threshold. I chuckled at the thought of a maxed-out paycheck, but later remembered that I wouldn’t be able to take up any more shifts until next month rolled around. That meant a good week and a half before I could go back and possibly run into Reese, hoping to take him up on his promise.

I got back to my building pretty late with all of the nearby shops closed and barely a soul on the street. As I walked towards the door, I saw someone get out of his parked car, clutching a grocery bag in one hand. It wasn’t until we both got into the lit foyer that I got a good look at him- a moderately tall Latino guy who can’t have been more than a few years older than me. He had this slight scruff on his face that barely worked to cover up that baby face I’m sure he was trying to hide. I held the door open and he hurried inside, thankful that he didn’t have to pull out his keys.

“Thanks for that, man.” He said, as he tripped on the door threshold, sending the container of baby formula sliding across the tiled floor.

I picked it up and handed it to him, taking a second to admire his beefy frame that was hidden behind a jacket and some jeans.

“Thanks again” he said, shoving it back into the bag, “My wife would’ve killed me if this had spilled.” He gave me a smile, “Hell hath no fury like a new mom who’d just run out of formula.”

I laughed along with him, asking, “Oh, so you’re the ones in 4B? I always see some woman leaving with a stroller.” He nodded. “I’m right next to you in 4A. Gavin” I said with a smile.

“Ah, the neighbor we haven’t met yet.” He stuck out his hand, saying, “I’m Nico and that woman that you keep seeing is my wife Abby and our son, Miguel. We just moved in a couple weeks ago.”

I bit down on my lip, suddenly even more enamored that the hunky neighbor turned out to be a loving husband and father. Even the feeling of that cold wedding ring on his finger made my tired cock stir. But still, even as my fantasies went wild, I kept myself in check- not one to be flaunted when I’m so clearly not desired.

“Well, if there’s anything I can do, just let me know.” I said, taming the dirty thoughts inside and offering myself in the most platonic and neighborly way possible.

Nico nodded as he started to walk towards the small staircase leading up to the units. “Actually, Gavin.” He inhaled, “There is one thing.”

He turned around and walked back. “Never mind.” he said, like the words were just at the tip of his tongue.

“No, tell me.” I said, crossing my arms.

He sighed, “So, Abby and I take turns with the baby, and that usually leaves me with the night shift.” He started to explain, “And well, um. I’ve spent many nights having to listen to certain noises coming from your unit, considering you’re the only other resident on this floor.” Nico kept talking with an awkward look on his face like he’d been regretting even bringing this up.

“Abby’s always out like a rock when Miguel’s asleep, but it’s a little..loud.”

I raised my eyebrow, feeling like a fisherman with an eye on his prized catch. “And what is it that you hear, Nico?”

He sighed again, “Come on, we’re both men here, you know what I’m referring to. I mean what else would you be doing at 2 in the morning on weekdays.” I could almost feel Nico puff out his chest in an attempt to seem more manly.

I manage to hide my blush, thinking about this past week and the handful of nights I’d spent on my back, while some top fucks me to completion. My shitty Ikea bedframe and the lack of soundproofing within the walls did more than enough to contribute to the late-night sounds that Nico was referring to. I could picture him, blasting some music on pair of headphones trying to drown adana escort out my wailing. The previous tenant was a bar owner that was barely home- probably the reason why I’d never heard a complaint before.

I flash him a devilish grin and uncross my hands. “I’ll be sure to keep it down the next time. But I can’t speak for the other guys.”

Nico is now red, clearly regretting that he brought this up in the first place. His eyes widen, getting that mental image of me with a steady stream of random men at all hours of the night. I give him a wink just to make it clear.

He clears his throat, shifting the bag to the other side while fumbling with his keys. “Um thank you for that.” He’s clearly uncomfortable and definitely regretting bringing anything up in the first place.

I walk past him, twirling my own keys in my fingers as I ascend up the stairs. “Goodnight Nico.” I say, leaving him frozen in the foyer. Toying with straight guys usually isn’t my thing, but there’s just something about him that likes seeing him get all nervous. One thing’s for sure is that I do plan to tone it down the next time I have someone over, but only because he had the balls to ask.


The next night, I get that same urge as I’m mindless scrolling through Instagram. The wailing of baby Miguel is enough of a reminder that I shouldn’t bring someone home tonight- aside from that fact that contrary to my playfulness, I don’t actually want to be on Nico’s bad side. I also can’t think of a bigger mood killer than a crying baby just as a top is whispering unspeakably dirty things into my ear. And so, I get dressed, picking out a simple black button up shirt with a pair of dark washed jeans that perfectly hug my ass. A pair of white shoes and a watch that looks like I dropped a couple hundred on complete the look.

After twenty minutes, I’m in the middle of downtown and in queue to one of the better gay clubs in the city. The first time I came here was by suggestion from this dude I met on Grindr. He was insistent that we go dancing for a bit before getting down to it, and he was too hot to pass up. Still, I made it a point not to come here too often- partly because the drinks here cost an entire hour’s worth of pay and because the last time I was here, I’d spent a half hour flirting and dancing with this guy who, at the end of the night, slipped into a an uber half-drunk, leaving me only with a kiss and some blue balls. I didn’t mind having to work for my prize, so long as it was guaranteed.

Still, I was determined to not leave here empty handed. So I show the bouncer one of my fake ID’s and am let inside after a little bit of hesitation. The club is just what any other kid my age desires: full of strong drinks and Instagram worthy interiors with the faint pounding of a beat that would leave everyone dancing around. But I’m not here for any of that, I’m here for the guys who crowd this place like it’s a casting call for the next lead in a CW series. And hopefully one of them is willing to forgo their $18 Long Island Iced Tea and take me home with them.

I walk my way through the club, seeing many of the guys paired up like they’re walking into Noah’s Ark. Still, I take in the music for a little, dancing away until the back of my shirt is covered in sweat until I cave for one of the expensive drinks. I walk over to the bar and take a seat at the leather-clad stool that’s most definitely more expensive than any piece of furniture in my apartment. But before I can even get my drink order in, I hear someone behind, serenading me in his deep bass tone.

“Turn around, baby boy.”

The hairs on the back of my head stand at attention as I get a flashback that takes me two years back. I turn, biting down on my lip in hopes that this isn’t me imagining things. ‘

“There he is.” He says as I fully turn to him, bathing my eyes in his perfectly pressed white button up shirt that looked like it was bursting at his forearms. His polished black shoes compete with each of the crystal chandeliers in this place as he stands tall- completely towering over everyone around him, including me.

“Daddy?” I say, dropping my voice down along with my eyes that analyze every inch of his tall frame. It had been two years since I last saw him, and somehow he’s aged into those years like a glass of wine that’s begging to be consumed.

I was 18 at the time, still very new to the city and sex in general. I was still a top back then, refusing to let anyone near my virgin hole in fear that I’d be relinquishing some masculinity and power that I held so dear at the time. But in doing so, I’d been closed off to another realm of pleasure that my high school mindset couldn’t comprehend. It wasn’t until I moved here that i decided I wanted to properly let go. But I wasn’t about to throw that all away for some other freshmen who’d fuck me in his dorm right before his economics class. I wanted experience- I wanted to be fully undone. adana escort bayan And so in my search for someone, I found him- a businessman in his forties who had a taste for young blood like me. His name is Rashad, and even saying that in my head, I could feel it rolling off my tongue like slow melting butter. He was the first Persian person I’d met, having been born and raised in a town that was as white as wonder bread itself.

It was a week into college, and I’d managed to convince a bouncer at one of the other clubs that my fake ID was in fact legit. I ended up at the bar like a fish out of water, ordering a cocktail I’d only ever heard in movies. I was slowly nursing it while looking out into the crowd of sweaty bodies and men who looked like they had a couple years on me. Rashad was just on the other end, chatting up with the bartender when he caught sight of me. I smiled, feeling my cock stir at the mature man who looked at me like I was the hottest boy in the whole place. He ended up getting the chair next to me- clearly aware that I wasn’t old enough to drink, having only just turned 18 a couple weeks ago.

I remember feeling so enamored at him- how his caramel colored skin peeked out through his shirts and how everything he told me sounded like it was the most fascinating thing in the world. He brought me back to his place that night where he took me fully- in every sense of the word. He reached into my depths and pulled out this boy who wanted nothing more than to be taken and used in a way that most guys fear. That was my introduction into all of this. To a life of insatiability that left me ravenous for my next dip into the world of raw, gay sex. All of this came back to Rashad, or Daddy as I so affectionately called him.

“I didn’t think I’d see you again.” I admitted, suddenly feeling so vulnerable in this club.

He stepped closer to me and I got off the chair instantly. Daddy stopped, leaving me a few steps to walk into. I stood before him, with my feet in between his stance and his large arms and shoulders, eclipsing me in his frame.

“Let me get a good look at you.” He said, with his eyes examining every inch of my body like he was looking for a scratch or a dent.

“Even more beautiful than I remember.” He said, rubbing his thumb against my face with a strong hand pressed into my shoulder blade. I smiled in an instant, beyond happy that I’d pleased him. He must have found it cute, flashing me his perfect teeth as his thumb dipped into my willing mouth. I sucked on it, tasting his skin for the first time in years and closing my eyes as a wave of memories flooded back.

“Gavin” he said, breaking me from my spell. He clearly remembered me, well enough to still know my name and every little thing that made my body tick. He wrapped an arm around my backside, pulling me to him as I folded like putty in his hands.

I reached my head out, desperate for a kiss. Even in the middle of this club, surrounded by people, I needed to taste him. That was all that mattered in this moment, everyone else could fall to the floor right now and I’d still be hungry for a taste. He pulled his head away twice, leaving me even more desperate. Then finally, he stayed still, giving me a wink as I launched in for a kiss that he met, ten-fold. I kissed him, feeling those fingers rubbing into my back and tasting his lips of aged whiskey.

He pulled off and pressed his forehead against mine, giving me view of his grey eyes with the smallest tinge of green that would inspire the likes of F. Scott Fitzgerald. Daddy held me in his arms, gripping at my waist and leaving me feeling so small, yet so powerful at the same time.

“I missed you, Daddy.” I admitted, feeling like the luckiest boy in the whole place.

He smiled and kissed me on my cheek. “Let’s get you home, baby.” He said, before pulling at my wrist and walking us out of the club.


Ten minutes later we’re in the back of an Uber Black with the partition set all the way up, giving us a clear divide from the nameless driver. Daddy took a seat at the opposite side of the bench, almost like it’s a test. I scooched over to the middle, and eventually am partially on his lap, earning me a kiss as I pass with flying colors.

He takes his knuckle and drags it against my exposed chest, “So how have you been, Gavin?”

“Doing okay, better now.” I admit, not caring how sappy it all my sound.

He chuckles at my enthusiasm and continues his rubbing, “You’re still in school right?”

I nod, “Yes. I’m a junior now. Just trying to finish up really.”

Daddy gives me a pleased expression, “My son’s in college too and he shares the same ambivalence towards school. There’s nothing wrong with that.” He trades in his knuckle for a bare palm that rubs against my chest from inside my shirt. “Boys your age always do get distracted.”

I bite down on my lip, taking in his double meaning. I didn’t escort adana realize he had a son, let alone one around my age- but then again, I wasn’t too keen on prodding back then. The fact that he’s old enough to be my actual father gets me even harder. Rashad wasn’t your typical Daddy-Dom type in the sense that his actions and words weren’t as cold or heartless as you’d expect. He was warm and loving, but still held onto his power in the same way he held me.

“Has that pussy been getting played with?” He says, dropping the subtlety entirely and leaving me bright red.

I nod excitedly and meet his gaze, “It has. It’s definitely been seeing a lot of action since you broke me in.”

Daddy grips on my wrists and pulls them over my head. “What a little slut.” He says in the most affectionate way possible. He seals it with a wink as the driver pulls up his house.

We get down and walk into the modern home that over the city. Rashad holds the door open for me as I walk inside. Turning back, I’m treated to the full view of him: with his caramel colored skin now done justice under the bright overhead lights. I take in the Persian god, who stands there like he’s waiting for me to make the first move. And I do. I walk back to him and give him a proper kiss, letting go in the safety that there’s no one around this time. I kiss him all over, feeling his warm skin on mine as he lets a boy devour his dessert- the one he’d been promised all night.

Daddy grabs onto my ass and pulls me up in his grip until I’m there, being held by him in the foyer. He shows no signs of struggle as he walks us through the expansive living room as I continue my worship- moving from his lips to his cheeks to his neck. He doesn’t falter once, even as he walks us upstairs and into his bedroom. It’s almost as if he does this everyday- like carrying bottoms to bed is part of his daily workout.

“Strip for me boy.” He commands, as he sets me down and I get to my feet. Daddy sits on the edge of his bed, undoing the buttons on his shirt so it barely rests on his body. I see the tufts of hair that grow off his muscled frame, inhaling his musk in the process. Daddy watches as I undo my own shirt, slowly pulling it aside until I’m bare. I see his grey eyes watching my fingers slip off the top button of these jeans and slowly pull them down, leaving only a black jockstrap that can barely contain my erection.

“Beautiful” he says, pawing at his bulge.

I sink down to my knees and crawl to him, shaking my exposed ass in the process.

“Can I undress you, Daddy?” I ask, knowing my place in all of this.

“Of course, baby.” He responds, surrendering himself to my wishes.

I make quick work of his pants, carefully pulling them off as they get caught at the ankles. Raising Daddy’s leg, I pull them off entirely and kiss the sole of his foot. It’s a kink I acquired from him all those years ago and he gives me a loving pat on my head in thanks for remembering. I suck on his toes a little bit, dipping my tongue in the spaces between them before going over to the second foot and paying it the same attention.

“Sit up here, boy.” He says, patting his lap. I quickly adhere, taking my rightful place with my bare ass planted on his knees and my legs bent on both sides of his body. He grabbed at my jaw and pulled me to him, giving me a kiss.

“You gonna be a good boy tonight?” He asked, as that deep voice rang through my ears like church bells on a sleepy Sunday morning.

“Yes Daddy.” I responded quickly, a little too eager than I’d like to admit. But I didn’t care. This was the man who took my anal virginity all those years ago- turning me into the hungry bottom that I am. I owed it to him in a way- grateful for his kindness and for easing me into it that night. I’d been so hesitant up to that point, that one wrong move would have closed me off to that side of myself entirely.

He gave me a pleased smile and playfully kissed at my cheek, “You’re so fucking cute, baby. Definitely one of the best boys I’ve been with.” He’s telling me all this with a look on his face like he’s not saying any of it just to appease me. He means it, and I’ll be lying if I said he wasn’t one of the best guys I’ve ever been with either.

I sink down, getting back to my knees and pressing my face into his thighs. I can feel his body heat down here and take in the musk that oozes from his oversized cock. Kissing at his thighs, I look up at this beautifully sculpted man, asking permission. He nods his head as I sink down into his crotch, giving his hard cock a lazy lick from his pubes down to that exposed tip. His was the first uncut cock that I ever had: over nine inches of flesh that I could barely get my hands around. I grab onto the shaft and press my lips against his foreskin, kissing it much like his lips a few minutes ago. Daddy gives me an approving hum as I slip my tongue inside, tasting his precum.

“I missed this big dick.” I say, getting that sweet reward.

“It missed you too.” Daddy replies, as he rubs his strong hands through my hair.

I chuckle and then get back to sucking, taking it down halfway before my gag reflex stops me from going any more. If his length wasn’t enough to scare off an inexperienced cocksucker, then his girth would surely do the trick.

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