The Lake Ch. 2


I awoke to the sway of the boat as it rocked as Katy moved around in the cockpit. I rolled over and watched her for a moment before giving a cheery “Good Morning!” before I dove over the side for a morning swim. There is nothing quite as exhilarating as a dip in the early dawn hours, when that water temperature is still quite chilly. I could feel my nipples harden immediately and the swirl of water around my body and between my thighs was refreshing. I heard a splash and knew Katy had either decided to join me or had fallen off the boat. I kept a steady pace as I swam a large circle about the boat, the muscular exertion warming my body and easing the tensions from sleeping on the deck pads. A thin foam pad on fiberglass is not a comfortable bed! Memory made me smile, though. The activities prior to sleeping, along with the wine and grass, had combined to induce a deep sleep.

As I finished my second lap, I started to tread water and wait for Katy to catch up. She soon did and hooked an arm around my shoulders, bringing her lips into contact with mine. Her kiss removed any concern whether she had any regrets about the previous evening. Her tongue slipped between my lips and danced with my own, slowly, teasingly. Her free hand captured my breasts and tweaked the turgid nipple. I groaned in her throat as she kindled my inner fires. It doesn’t take much to get me going and she was making the right moves to fan the flames. My own free hand soon found its way between her thighs, parting the smooth folds and rubbing that fantastic clit. Her swimming became erratic so we decided it would be better to get back aboard the boat. I boosted her up, enchanted by her heart-shaped ass and the way the water sheeted off her smooth body.

She had grabbed a towel and began to dry my body. Well, most of my body anyway. The more she rubbed at my tits, belly, and buns, the wetter my pussy became. As she knelt in front of me to dry my legs, there was no doubt about my sikiş porno arousal. She pushed me back into one of the boat seats and then spread my legs on either side of her. She held my lips open and then slowly licked from my vaginal opening to my clitoris in a single steady stroke. As her lips moved across the tip of my clit, she closed her mouth around it and began to suck and tease it with her tongue’s tip.

Her fingers, two of them, slowly slid inside my slippery passage and I leaned my head back and closed my eyes top concentrate on her activities. My fingers began to pull and twist my nipples in response to the building pressure deep within me. She pushed a third finger inside me, filling me, her fingers curled upwards inside touching the inner wall behind my clit as she lightly bit that sensitive nub. My whole body convulsed as the orgasm rocked me, her tongue moving back down my cunny as her fingers pulled out. She eagerly licked my juices from me, even licking them off her own fingers, pushing her tongue as deep inside me as she could reach. She then sat back on her heels, a smug grin on her face as she looked into my face.

“I cannot believe I have wasted all this time with Ted! If I had known back in high school what I know now, things would have been much different.” Katy exclaimed.

I used this opening as a chance to ask her something very personal about how tight she was. “Didn’t you and Ted ever make love?” I asked after commenting about her unique channel.

“Not that way.” She replied. “I never wanted to risk getting pregnant. Sometimes he would just rub against me, especially along my ass, and then cum all over me. He wanted me to take him in my mouth but that made me gag…too slimy and nutty for my taste.” Her hand curled into a circle as she added, “Most of the time, I just jerked him off.” She smiled a wicked smile, “He had a really skinny dick, too, like a grade school pencil, remember?”

She şişman porno went on to tell me that Ted had never really done much for her, either. He’d teased her nipples and squeezed her tits for a couple of moments before forcing his hand into her panties. He was rough at that, too, never really concerned with her pleasure. In fact, she’d quickly learned to unzip him and start stroking his skinny shaft and he would leave her alone – all he wanted was his nut.

“Poor baby, you’ve never really been loved then, have you?” I commented, holding her tightly.

“I was last night. That was the first time I have ever cum like that.”

Hearing the yearning in her voice, I began to kiss and caress her, paying careful attention to being gentle and tender as I aroused her passions. I spent many minutes just caressing her firm breasts, teasing the nipples to rigid attention. I bent my head and took the first one into my mouth, covering the entire areola with my mouth as I suckled the firm peak. I closed my teeth down as I scraped across the dark pink circle and then along the hard little nub. My other hand was busy pulling and pinching the other nipple, making it swollen and aroused. I swapped my mouth over and licked and suckled, nibbled and scraped, my hands now caressing that first breast.

Positioned as I was between her thighs as she was seated in the boat seat, my own breasts were pressed against her groin as I moved against her chest. I could feel the slippery juices coating my own aroused nipples and her hard clit fencing with my erect nipple as I sucked her breasts. I reached down with my hands and cupped them under her knees, lifting and spreading her legs wide as I leaned my breast into her sodden pussy. I could feel my nipple pass between her shaved lips and slip slightly into her tight passage. I ground my breast there as I bit and licked her nipples. Her hips were bucking with the sensations shooting swinger porno through her and suddenly her whole body shook as she pitched over that edge.

Still holding her legs wide, I moved my mouth down her body and began to lap up her juices flowing from inside her. My tongue forced itself deep into her tight virginal channel then up to her clit, around it twice, and then back down. As my tongue moved down, I pushed her legs up higher, rocking her hips and exposing the tight puckered ring of her anus.

My tongue moved in a slow lazy circle around that ring, feeling her whole body jerk with almost electric shocks as she came again and again. I trapped her clit between my lips and gave it head as my finger slipped inside her slippery passage. Lubricated by her multiple orgasms and my saliva, she was opening slightly inside as I explored. Her juices flowed steadily down her slit, coating her bottom, so I slid a second finger down that slit and used the tip to tease her anal ring. Inarticulate cries escaped her lips as she shook with pleasure. I centered the tip of that finger and slowly inserted it to the first knuckle up her virgin anal passage while I nipped and licked her rigid clit.

Her hips were bouncing now, self control lost as only animal lust remained. Her gyrations pushed her ass harder against my finger, pushing it deeper. I pushed a second finger into her pussy, feeling them expand her inner walls and press against the one invading her ass. Katy screamed aloud as she crested in a tremendous climax, losing total control of her body as sensation after sensation crashed through her. I lifted my head just in time as she lost control of her bladder, her stream of urine splashing my chest. I disengaged my fingers from within her and then held her as tremors shook her and she fought to regain control of her body.

Once she seemed steady enough, I grabbed a small bucket, scooped up a pail of bay water, and sluiced off the deck. Then, taking her by the hand, jumped back into the water to cleanse away the sweat and other fluids coating us both. I gently washed her body and let her wash mine, then we both climbed aboard the boat. Donning our bikinis once more, we started the boat and headed for shore.

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