The Laptop Surprise of My Mom Ch. 05

Alex Mae

Notes: Thanks for all my readers – specifically JessiWilske and Ali500mph! I hope you all enjoy this latest installment.

Chapter 5 – The Cat’s Out Of The Bag.

After I was dropped off at home by Simon, I remembered that I hadn’t held this much cold cash at one time since my working days. It’s not that I hadn’t seen money before, because I’ve held substantially more money than this; however, I’ve always dealt with cheques.

I was nervous about this $1500 for a couple of reasons: firstly, I didn’t want to carry so much around, for security reasons; secondly, if I banked it all at one time or spread out in smaller amounts over time, it might seem suspicious! I knew from experience that banks were extra sensitive about withdrawing or depositing ‘large’ amounts of money. Usually, this meant anything over $ 500. But, I decided to use a bank machine and put in $ 300 dollars. I had a guilty, sinking feeling of depositing money that I wasn’t intending to declare for tax, but there was no way that the government was going to tax me for what I did for this money. I had essentially whored myself out for it to seven guys, whether I wanted to or not. The money, therefore, felt a whole lot more personal.

I arrived home safely, with still an excessive amount of money, particularly because I had withdrawn a couple of hundred dollars beforehand for use on groceries. I decided to keep most of the money in a box, in the space between my drawers. I hoped to use it up somehow, before I’d lose them somehow.

Despite being with an outrageous amount of men in one night, I felt very happy that I was continually discovering the raw power of sex and how much it was changing me. I was learning more about myself, but I didn’t feel bad. I was past the point of no return and completely irredeemable. I was a wife, with her wedding ring still on, that was uncontrollably wet almost all the time, especially in the mornings. I masturbated regularly, using toys or not. I looked at porn. I almost considered going for a hook-up with a complete stranger, but I didn’t want to take any chances with the sexual diseases that were out there, if I could help it.

Fortunately, Jimmy gave me the amazing sex that I needed, with each frequent visit that he or I made at our respective homes. At this point, he rarely needed to tell me how to do things better now. I made sure that I always did my best. Gradually, he’d stay over for the night on most nights. He’d make breakfast for me in the mornings or he’d take me out for dinners. We had great conversations and had numerous shared interests: he loved cooking and I loved baking, so it wasn’t uncommon for us to be in the kitchen together; and we loved to exercise together, as he’d have me do a little bit of lifting, while I made him do a little bit of running. It seemed like we were a couple.

Although he had mentioned in his first email that his background was in construction, he said he was sorry for deceiving me on what his career was, which wasn’t in the construction industry, though that was his hobby, rather than marriage counselling! Regardless, I didn’t fault him completely. For all the lies that he told me in the past, I forgave him because of the attention and care that he gave to me now, despite him being some ten years younger than I was. Besides, I could understand the difficulty in telling strangers, especially women, that your line of work was in the seedy business of pornography! I

Yet, after I was formally introduced to his studio, the relationship felt like it was forbidden or taboo, in the same sense like an employer and employee one. We didn’t act out our feelings with each other at work. In fact, I didn’t even start out as a ‘star’, like he declared that I was. Instead, he had me employed as a fluffer, because Jimmy couldn’t have a say over who was being casted, but he still wanted me to be familiarized to the industry in general, which could later convince his producers to cast me in! He assured me that I’d ‘only need to do it for a week or two’.

I knew what the job involved. As part of the “makeup department” on sets, it was my primary duty to keep the men hard with my hands and mouth, in the background, so that they would be ready on camera for their gang-bang scenes! I was very confident that I could do the job, especially if it was only for a week or two. It’d be fun!

Actually, I’d end up doing that for two months! When I started, I was gradually adjusting to working with an overwhelming number of penises that innumerably varied in length, girth and appearance. At first, it was fun, as I had expected, but it was also very repetitious and very impersonal. Countless men came and went after using me. Occasionally, when time permitted, I was asked to masturbate in front of them, sometimes using vibrators and other toys. Other times, I helped distribute water and paper towels. There was no doubt that I learned a lot, but I frequently pushed for answers from Jimmy on when I was going to be doing something else, bostancı escort bayan as he had promised. He kept telling me to keep up the good work, as I was being noticed.

Outside of work, our relationship remained strong. We had our date nights. He satisfied my urges all the time. He knew my situation, inside and out – no pun intended. I knew his too, the same. He was upfront about what he was doing. He told me ahead of time whenever he was going to have sex with other women. He didn’t need to, considering I knew full well what I was getting into, in knowing him, but his policy was that communication was always better than not. I was surprisingly grateful that he was honest.

I had doubts about whether I wanted to be in front of so many cameras – and I told him that. It was intimidating and if I had a choice, I’d much prefer staying as a fluffer, even if it was paid less. But because I was good at it, the crew members and producers really talked me into going on camera instead, especially Jimmy, who urged me to try it once. If I didn’t like, I could stop, no questions asked, so, considering all the assurances from everyone, I decided to try it, but if I were to do this, I’d want a different name to be used on camera, so I went with Winnie, my much lesser-known middle name. For the paper work relating to employment, Jimmy offered to do them for me, but I’d still have a look first.

In my debut, in which Jimmy actually directed, I was with one Caucasian man only. In the presence of so many cameras and extreme lighting on me, I had to look comfortable. It helped that I was licked and fingered beforehand by some of the male fluffers. It was finally my turn to reap those benefits! I thought that I was more than prepared for anything that he’d want out of me, except I realized early on that I was only half prepared.

I was at the center of attention, in the sense that the physical and verbal abuse in the scene was directed onto me now, instead of onto others, like I had witnessed in their films. For instance, he crudely called me a ‘useless whore’ and proceeded to fuck my face and throat. I survived it with very minimal gagging. He continued his abuse by skull-fucking me when I had my head hanging from the armrest of the couch. As a result, there was a lot of drool and my make-up was messed up. Then he finger-fucked me, in which some water was put into me beforehand so that it would look like I was squirting! He laughed at that and said I’d get his cock soon. He slapped my tits with his backhand and made me call him ‘master’.

Despite all of that, whenever he terrorized my pussy or anus, I actually begged for more, mostly without faking it! He roughly took me in all sorts of positions, from being held upright in his arms to being fucked upside down, and more! I really did orgasm a couple of times in the scene, but not everything that we did was entirely that pleasurable though – that’s when I had to do some acting. Nevertheless, I always showed my gratefulness when he wanted me to suck his premium hardness with my hot, wet mouth. It gave me the necessary breaks. And for the final scene, he kept my face buried into the couch as he fucked my pussy doggy-style until he unloaded into me! I loved the entire feeling, particularly being ‘forced’ to accept his deposits. The cameras humiliatingly captured the cream-pie and the hot cum that was oozing out, in which he’d scoop the latter back inside! Then, finally, my loose holes were, put up for display. It wasn’t that I genuinely wanted to be abused, but it was really fun to act out in what I felt was a controlled environment. Thus, the film was completed without too many re-shoots.

After I came home, I was very sore everywhere. My skin was burning from the slaps and there were some bruises too. Still, I was somehow satisfied sexually. Some of the positions in which I was fucked, particularly the one being carried upright, was forever going to be engraved in my memory. It was wild and exhilarating to be embraced by a man so bulky.

Jimmy made a visit to check up on me. As he told me how well my shoot went, I gave him head, as well as let him fuck my tits, as per normal. I thought it was going to end there because I had no expectation of doing anything more with him, until he told me that he wanted more, despite acknowledging that I must have been sore! I was definitely sore, but I wasn’t going to turn him down for anything. As a result, he rewarded me by using his mouth and tongue! He really brought me into the mood.

He used me for hours – and, fortunately, he spared my anus tonight. In different sex positions, I kept panting for more. I almost forgot that I was sore! I asked if he could carry me upright, just like in the film, and he replicated it very well! My entire body was tensely wrapped around his, as he fucked the shit out of me. After he was tired, he lay on my bed as I rode him till he finished inside me. We kissed until it turned into cuddling for the rest of the night. ümraniye escort In the morning, I was very happy, but I had to settle for the fact that he didn’t have a whole lot of time to stay, so instead of the usual morning sex, I blew him till I swallowed. I gave him a kiss before he left. I made sure to have sa good rest after.

After the release of my first video, I was given a few more films to work with, but none of which were nearly as extreme as my first video. One of them had me playing a housewife, a role which prompted Jimmy to put my wedding ring back on, for use as a prop. My ‘husband’, who was played by another actor in a cuckold role, was threatened by some masked men over some money that he allegedly stole that we couldn’t pay away. I took off my wedding ring and my crystal necklace, as directed in the script, in an attempt to pay them. The men took them, but they wanted more, so they all had gang-bang sex with me! They mostly finished on my face and breasts. I was obviously given my jewelry back afterward, but I only put my crystal necklace back on.

Another film had me tied up and blind-folded for a gang-bang, similar to what happened to me earlier when I was first paid $1500. At first, I was supposed to act like I didn’t enjoy it, but I wouldn’t need to do too much acting before I was allowed to simply enjoy it. I let in several cream-pies, both vaginal and anal, with several facials.

A third film that I did was a threesome with a man and another woman. She and I were mother and daughter hostages. The script had me begging to offer myself entirely to him, in exchange for her not to be involved, but he was having none of that. It was a fact that I was honestly as straight as an arrow and, naturally, I had some hesitation about kissing her or having my tongue touch hers, during the time we licked his cock simultaneously. Yet, she solved it by forcing a kiss onto me instead! She was so soft, gentle and completely alluring that she was easily one of the best kissers that I ever had, despite her younger age and the fact that she was a woman! Soon, we sucked on his cock cooperatively. I took the time to teach my ‘daughter’ on how to serve a man better! Then, it came time for me to suck his cock while she licked my cunt at the same time. The way that she licked my cunt arguably rivalled Jimmy’s, which influenced me to do the same when we switched places. After we each fucked him in whatever positions that he wanted, he took my cunt one more time and came inside. The pulses of his hot cum were welcomed by me, but her fingers and tongue cleaning out the creampie were even better! The tingling feel from her skillful movements seemed like something that only another woman would understand! After she extracted the cum from me, we kissed each other, sharing the loads of cum in our mouths. The scene turned out far better than I thought it would.

My relationship with Jimmy suddenly became rocky. We had arguments, sometimes over little things like how he left the washrooms dirty and smelly. I hated having to clean up after somebody else. That was minor compared to the bigger arguments about how he was gambling, something of a concept that I was deeply afraid of. I’ve had numerous family anecdotes about a couple of relatives losing their entire fortunes, before they chose to take their own lives due to heavy debt. I strongly discouraged him a few times and he knew my reasons. It was that serious of a turn-off for me, but he remained enamored with chasing the money. One time, he really did lose some money – and drove home drunk too. Rather than rub it in, I forgave him, but I promised myself that there would not be a next time. Things were indeed tense until he left town to do some filming. For the first time, I was glad that we were having a break, because it would be healthier for us in the longer run. I still missed him.

Daniel and I may have been living our separate lives for a while, but he had been trying to contact me every once in a while. Every time, I told him that I was busy and he’d never push the issue past that. Now that Jimmy had gone away, I finally answered his calls, to my peril. He wanted to talk about us!

As far as I was concerned, there wasn’t ‘us’ anymore, but I neglected to tell him that. He seemed completely oblivious to the double life that I had been leading too. We might have been friends at one point, but I increasingly found it hard to respect him. In fact, divorce crossed my mind, but due to the fact that I was making money and he wasn’t, it was actually advantageous for me to stay married. I didn’t want a re-distribution of wealth, nor did I want him finding out that I was making money, so I kept up friendly terms with him. I know I was being a selfish bitch here.

That was another thing about me. I was thinking for myself now, unlike before. I broke so many of my old rules and I wanted to celebrate that. I came up with the idea of having a tattoo done, which was partially inspired by the fact that most escort kartal of the women in the industry had one too, of some sort. It was true that I previously didn’t like the idea of tattoos because they seemed tacky and something that a person might regret having after, but, to these women, the tattoos symbolized something to them. I had one personal ground-rule though: I wasn’t going to get one that was too elaborate. I wanted something clean-looking and simple. So, I had a small, flying white dove tattooed on my lower back. It symbolized my new-found freedom, mixed with a sense of adventure! I didn’t regret it after! Nobody would see it unless I had my clothes off. Only those people who saw me would see the real me. I couldn’t wait to surprise Jimmy with it!

After the tattoo, I became more adventurous. I started getting some additional piercings. I had some easy-to-remove rings put on my nipples and clitoral hood. I liked the look of them, but I wasn’t entirely sure if I wanted to keep them on, especially if they’d obstruct my breasts from being sucked.

His departure helped reconnect us. He periodically texted or phoned me, and I was quite thankful. I told him that I had a surprise for him to see. I was really proud of that tattoo and hoped that he could see its significance. I strangely wished that I could show it off more. My sex drive was hard to contain – I needed him back. Instead, I settled for watching the very first porn video that Jimmy made of me.

I was a good but naïve wife that wanted to fix my marriage. Jimmy and Cyrus, who I hadn’t seen in some time now, provided me with some sex lessons that I hoped I could take home to use. They had me learning to be uninhibited and I started losing control. I was very turned on at the sight of him entering me the first time because I still remembered that moment and everything that I did after, vividly. I played with myself, as I watched the movie. I was so wet. Jimmy was right. I was glad that I had this video, but I wished he were here to fuck me.

I looked at other porn available on the internet! The more I saw dicks entering a pussy, the more I wished that I was there to receive it. It didn’t matter what size for me, though I’ve been constantly working with some of the largest and fattest dicks. I always loved to the man groaning though.

My computer was becoming very slow now. I somehow managed to screw it up by going into the different porn sites that had bundles of ads. This was seemingly my source of therapy – the sights and sounds of sex. I couldn’t risk having this sent over to a repair shop!

I considered myself a lucky woman because my son had arrived, albeit for a short period of time. He had grown up so much. He had found himself a career – and he was good at fixing computers! I remembered doing his homework with him and enrolling a variety of classes. He had always been a good boy. I gave him a big hug. I loved his embrace, yet I also shamefully wished that he wasn’t my son too. I shook my head after thinking that! I pacified my sex drive by masturbating.

After I told him about my situation with the computer, he offered to do it while he was going to his three day trip. He insisted, though I didn’t want him too pre-occupied over it instead of his work. Before I knew it, he was gone. It didn’t occur to me a day later that he might run into the files inside my computer. I couldn’t do anything about it now though. If he found out the true side of me, I wouldn’t know what I’d do.

When he phoned to tell me that it was fixed, I offered to drive him back so that: a) he wouldn’t need to travel to get here and b) I wanted to know if he found out about me. I gave him a hug. He told me he loved me, which completely relieved me. I figured that he wouldn’t say that if he saw who I really was. Maybe I really dodged a bullet.

We arrived home and he asked me about whether his dad had changed or not since before. I was a little annoyed by that but it wasn’t his fault. He asked me if he could stay for dinner and I was more than happy to hear that. I genuinely missed him. When I made food, I was so thankful that he was so close to me now. I had a daughter too, but we had a falling out some years ago. So, he was all that I had. After we finished dinner, we had leftovers and I wanted him to take it to use as lunch. I wanted a part of me to be brought with him, like old times. He left after hugging me and the house was empty once more. Only some sporadic love texts from Jimmy filled the void.

With my computer fixed, I could become my normal self again – whatever that was. Only problem was that when I went to use my laptop, it started displaying all kinds of scary error messages. It must have been some virus that was missed by my son or that it came spontaneously. Just then, my son called me to ask if it was alright for him to drop the webcam over. The timing was too perfect.

He came to check it out, but once more, I was elated that he was here. I jokingly thought to myself that I might have to trick him next time for him to visit again. Unfortunately, this visit was very short-lived. He declared that the computer was fixed and then turned to leave. I wondered if he was mad at me, but he re-assured me with a hug and kiss on the cheek.

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