The Late Train


She hated taking the train so late at night, especially by herself. The lecture ended later then she thought and no one offered to give her a ride home. She was lucky the train came at all, though, usually she’d have to wait an hour before it’s arrival; today it was only a ten minutes wait. She pulled out her book, hoping to pass the time reading, attempting to ignore the fact that she was alone in a train car after midnight.

The train lurched to a stop, and a male passenger entered the car. She gave him a curious look, “he’s cute,” she thought, a little too tall, but overall very attractive. Black hair, blue eyes, and he wore an expensive looking suit. Interesting…

The stranger sat across from her. She reopened her book to keep from looking at him, but she couldn’t help it, he was so attractive! She looked up again, and he wasn’t there She looked around the empty train car, he seemed to have disappeared. She looked at the seat next to her… and there he was!

She gave him a nervous smile, why is he so close to her? He smiled back. God, he was gorgeous, especially when he smiled. canlı bahis She smiled wider now, less nervous. If she thought about it a little more she might be more then a little bit scared by the fact that a total stranger chose to sit next to her, in an empty train car, where no one could hear her scream. But she wasn’t.

She looked at him, leaned over and kissed him. Just like that. He reached out and pulled her close to him, deepening the kiss, one hand in her hair and one around her waist. She pushed him away. He looked surprised. She smiled reassuringly at him before straddling his lap. He seemed very pleased with this move. His hand started squeezing her breast, opening her blouse and unclasping her bra to feel it thoroughly.

She unzipped his trousers while he pulled up her skirt. They rubbed against each other, she could feel his dick poking at her through the black bikini panties. She got up quickly and pulled them off and pulled his briefs down as well, uncovering a long, thick dick. She got down on her knees between his legs and pulled it into her mouth, sucking the length of it , bahis siteleri attempting to fit the whole thing down her throat. Sucking his cock, she could hear him moaning, his hands caught in her hair, and he started pushing her face down and up, controlling her movements on his dick. She sucked quickly. Up and down her face went… she could feel his orgasm building up, after a few brief moments… he came right into her mouth, she swallowed.

Licking her lips, she stood up, and kissed him. His come still on her lips. She sat down on a seat across from him, opened up her thighs, her legs in the air and said, “Eat me. ” The stranger, spent from her blowjob, weakly walked over to her. He kneeled across her and grabbed her tits in his hands and started kissing up her thigh, his head beneath her skirt, inching closer and closer to her cunt. Finally, his mouth reached its target, and his lips settled onto her clit, licking it, her dripping cunt all over his face. She shook above him, her body reacting to every swipe of his tongue. He licked her pussy clean and then started licking inside her, fucking bahis şirketleri her slowly with his tongue, then increasing his tempo, making her squirm more and more, until finally she screamed her release, her hips rocking up off the plastic seat. She collapsed back on the seat, her breathing fast and uneven.

Before she had a moment to catch her breath, he flipped her over onto his newly hard cock, making her straddle him. His hands on her hips, he guided her up and down onto him, letting her get used to him at first and then ramming her onto him, with no mercy. He pulled her up and down, up and down, almost sliding her off of him and then pushing her hard back on top of him. For what seemed like hours she fucked him, riding him, enjoying him. Finally, the tempo increased, he brought her down on him faster and faster and then finally one after another they came. Both screaming their orgasm. She fell on top of him, his cock still inside her.

After a couple of minutes she got off him, pulled her panties back on and sat down on the seat across from him. He tucked his cock back into his briefs, zipped up his pants and looked perfectly unruffled. Both were in the original seats that they took when they first got on. She looked across at him, licked her lips and smiled.

She should take the train late more often.

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