THE LIVE STREAM HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD BY ROBOLOVTHE LIVE STREAM HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLDBY ROBOLOVERJust staring at my finger, looking at all the ridges and not paying attention to the current meeting that was in progress. Recently my enthusiasm had been lacking for the publicity firm I worked for, I thought it would be Hollywood parties, red-carpets and coked-up starlets, but here I was giving more thought to my finger then the person talking about per-diems and expense reports. I glanced across the table at Merriam who was in a sexy silk lavender blouse, with a bit of her white lacey bra showing…I began to fantasize. Rising from my chair I loosened my tie and removed my jacket and then stepped up onto the table and made my over to Merriam, she did nothing as looked down at her and her beautiful bosom; in fact no one else in the room paid any attention to my antics as I unbuckled my belt and dropped my trousers to my ankles. Merriam’s stare was intensely sexual as I was perched atop the boardroom table unbuttoning my shirt, stripping it off my torso to her delight; the meeting attendees one by one turned their gaze and watched as I began to slowly caress my already throbbing cock through the bikini briefs I had peeled down to. My dance had worked, Merriam pushed her chair back and lifted her legs up and using the table as stirrups giving me the perfect angle to see up her skirt all the while pulling her blouse and bra to revel her left canlı bahis nipple giving it a pinch as she spoke.“I want you to start pleasuring yourself.” She said seductively.Obeying her by turning around, bending over and removing my man panties. Looking back through my legs I saw that she had begun working her skirt up to her hips. Turning back around to show her my swollen member I spit on my hand and proceeded to stroke my cock at a steady pace. The boardroom was watching silently not moving a muscle while Merriam and I worked ourselves into a sexual trance-like state.“I want to fuck everyone and everything in this room.” I said as the eroticism took hold of my body.“Start with Tobey.” She said.Tobey was office playboy with Paul Newman good looks and equally stunning blue eyes. With a leering look I walked across the boardroom table grabbing Tobey by the lapels pulling him onto the table and by his collar dragged him back over to where Merriam was letting the person next to her suck on her nipple while another stood behind her nuzzling her neck. With one swift motion I released Tobey from my grip I knelt down and plunged my dick into his mouth. With his head in my hands, fucking his face I let out my first of many groans and began tearing off his pants to expose his large uncut prick, it was a thing of brilliance. Looking at Merriam with a look of pleasant disbelief. “Did you know he was packing a goddamn cannon?”“I wanted your first bahis siteleri time to be memorable.” She said.Straddling Tobey’s head to put us in position to sixty-nine, I worked up a large amount of saliva and spit on his cock.“Bullseye.”Stroking Tobey’s unbelievably gorgeous dick, watching it grow with every tug, I was amazed that it almost doubled in size. I couldn’t resist any longer, I needed to suck on it; but I wanted to indulge in its glory. Wrapping my lips around his pink mushroom tip and nursing it like a fine whisky, flicking my tongue around the tip, tasting pre-cum for the first time I moaned with his dick in my mouth. I had fully given myself over to absolute pleasure, and with that thought, I began going deeper down his shaft; bobbing up and down, with each down stroke going deeper until that mushroom tip began to tickle the back of my throat. Breaking from my trance of cock sucking I looked up and noticed the entire boardroom was now getting involved in the raucous behavior they had seen before them. Merriam by now how become the ring leader pairing people and holes with each other, when she looked at me I smiled and walked to her with Tobey’s cock in my hand. Merriam stepped up on the table and joined Tobey and me in threesome surrounded by our colleagues, participating in a beautiful orgy. I started kissing Merriman while she kissed Tobey and he kissed me, groping Merriam’s wet pussy and she work both our cocks in bahis şirketleri her hand stroking and rubbing both our tips together before she dropped to her knees to suck both our dicks, even sucking them both at the same time; the feeling was so great that I reached out kissed Tobey on the lips, each sensation better than the last.“I want to see you fuck Merriam.” Tobey whispered.Merriam laid on her back and spread her legs revealing her completely shaved pussy, her pussy was nothing more than a tight slit of an opening with the slightest hint of a clit. I started licking it, enjoying the sweet juices pouring out of her twat. Driving my tongue deep into her hot box Merriam spoke in telling me to fuck her right now, working my way from her dripping cunt, kissing and licking her stomach and then her pert breast; my rock-hard knob sliding up and down the crease of her slit and then thrusting my cock inside feeling all the pleasures at once. Tobey moved behind me and with his massive shlong I felt the tip begin to penetrate my ass, it would be soon that I was to worship at the church of man love.“Kevin!”I snapped back from the fantasy to the entire boardroom who I was just in a mental orgy with staring at me.“Kevin, the Home Box Office account? How is it coming?“Hard.”Stumbling to make sense of what I just blurted out.“Hardly a prick…I mean, hardly a problem.“Well that’s a good thing because were moving you off that account to something a bit more in line with your skills with social media, we need you to immediately get on a plane to Miami to meet Shakira and take over her social media team.” Coming Soon the next chapter in the erotic tale of publicity gigolo.

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