The Long Ride HOme


Mike was your typical father of a teenage girl. He spent most of her life being the man she adored but once those teenage hormones kicked in she began to pull away from him. It always hurt but he knew it was part of growing up. It wasn’t until the day he picked her up at Shanda’s that things began to change.

Sydney was a gorgeous young woman, just barely 18 with the body of a goddess. Her long luxurious chestnut hair framed her innocent face perfectly and cascaded half way down her back. Her deep brown eyes seemed to hold the secrets of the universe. From the swell of her firm round breasts to the soft curve of her splendid tight ass she was perfection.

Mike had noticed how all the guys looked at her. How could he not being the overprotective father that he was. He arrived at Shanda’s promptly at 4 to pick up Syd from her friends. She had promised to be dressed and ready to go when he got there. She came running out of the house with her duffle bag in her hand and her shorts pulled on over the thin white bikini she had been laying out in.

She climbed into the car and tossed her back in the back. “Sorry dad. I lost track of time.” she shut the door and waited for him to pull out of the driveway. It was a long drive into the city from Shanda’s house with a lot of back roads.

“Well Sydney you aren’t going to have time to change before we get there. You already have me running late.” He answered as he pulled out of the driveway.

“Oh dad” she sighed. “I can just change in the car it’s no big deal.” She turned around and knelt on the seat as she reached into the back seat.

Mike turned to say something but the words quickly froze in him mind as he stared at her firm young ass covered by the tight denim shorts. He shook his head, trying to clear away the unnatural thoughts that instantly infiltrated his brain. He quickly stared at the road again.

He felt a bit relieved as she sat back down with the duffle bag in her lap. Sydney pulled out a short summery dress and pair of panties and laid them on the seat next to her before placing the bag in the back again. He tried not to look at her at all as he heard her unfastening her shorts.

Suddenly it felt incredibly hot in the air conditioned Lexus. His face was turning bright red as a thin sheen of sweat clung to his forehead. He tried not to draw attention to himself in any way but she noticed his reactions.

She smirked as she slipped her shorts down over her perfectly sculpted thighs and slid them completely off. She tosses them into the back seat. Something about the thought of her father watching her turned her on. She slowly ran her hands over her bathing escort bostancı suit top and gave her breasts a squeeze.

He could see her out of the corner of his eye as her hands closed around the flesh mounds. Squirming slightly in the seat he tried to hide the arousal that was beginning to show. The outline of her nipples was very clear through the taut white fabric as her hands slid behind her and started to untie her top.

First the bottom one was released, then the top. She pulled the bikini top away letting her full round breasts to fall free. She had large pert nipples that stood out so beautifully from her creamy white flesh. He prayed that she would slip the dress on before she caught him looking. How he longed to take one of those tender little nubs into his mouth and suck it like an infant trying to feed.

He nearly choked when she ran her hands along her bare breasts. Her fingers pulled at the hardening little bumps, tugging them firmly as she purred. Then releasing them, she began to untie the sides of her bottoms. She undid the left side first. Her hand then traveled between her tan thighs and pressed against the fabric. “hmmmm for some reason they are still wet… wonder why” she chuckled as she then reached up and untied the other side.

As she tossed the dampened bikini bottom into the back seat he caught a whiff of her scent. It was so clean and intoxicating. He tried to keep his mind on the road. He did not even notice the wicked smile that crossed her lips when she noticed the growing bulge in the front of his shorts.

Her hand landed against his thigh and sent his mind racing. He nearly ran off the edge of the dirt road and into a ditch. Mike grabbed her hand and moved it quickly off his leg. “what are you doing Sydney?” he asked in a startled voice.

She insistently put it back, only this time it went straight for the bulge in his pants. Her bare breasts brushed against his arm as she leaned in and whispered. “Well Dad it looks like I am about to unzip your pants and slip my hand inside.”

“You are insane Syd, we can’t do this.” He tried to protest but before he could stop her she had already done as she said. He let out a soft gasp as he felt her warm little hand wrap around his cock. “Oh god Sydney” he groaned.

He moved his arm out of her way as he accepted it. Her body moved closer as she lowered her head. She pulled his cock free from its material prison and began to run the tip of her soft pink tongue along the head as she held him firmly in her grasp.

His mind raced as he thought about what was happening. His own daughter, the girl he had cared for all his ümraniye escort life and secretly lusted after was now about to give him a blow job. He had to pull over before he wrecked. The car crawled to a halt on the side of the road. His hand gently caressed her back, down to her firm young ass.

She promptly moved onto her knees so he could feel more of her body. The swollen tip of his cock slid into her mouth as she began to gently suck. He let out a moan of complete bliss as her tongue worked over the smooth skin. She made tight little circles around the head, never seeming to cease for a moment.

His fingers moved down along the sweet little crack between her cheeks, over the little puckered rosebud and to her puffy pink lips. She was already quite wet. He pushed the tip of his finger between those lips, moving it back and forth rather slowly.

This brought forth a moan from her as she pushed back into his finger. He let it glide deeper inside her as he pushed forward. Her mouth slid further down his shaft. She took it all in as her hand moved away. Her head was bobbing faster, moving to the rhythm of his thrusts. He could feel the vibrations each time she moaned around him.

He was getting so close to coming. She could hear his breathing change as his fingers thrust into her harder. She promptly pulled his cock from her mouth and wiggled away from his fingers. Sydney got out of the car and walked around to the hood.

He watched in sheer awe. His daughter, in broad daylight was lying on the hood of his Lexus naked, and waiting for him. He climbed out of the car and walked around. There she laid, legs spread wide, her finger crushing that swollen little nub as she rubbed it hard and fast. She looked up at him with such a longing in her eyes as she purred “Fuck me daddy… my pussy is on fire”

For a moment he just stared at her. Was this really happening? He unfastened his shorts the rest of the way and slid them off as he positioned himself between her legs. Mike lifted her legs and placed them against his chest as he leaned forward.

She looked amazing pinned down like this, so hot and ready for him. As he reached down to guide his engorged shaft into her wet little slick she pushed his hand away. “No daddy let me” she replied as she eased the head of his cock between her puffy lips.

They both moaned in ecstasy as he slid inside her. She was so tight and wet. He began to thrust slow but deep into her. Her firm breasts bounced as she rocked on the hood of the car. He grunted with each deeply penetrating stroke, leaning in further as he pressed her legs against her chest. She was so flexible.

Her kartal escort bayan hips bucked into his as she let out a series of soft moans, each one sounding more urgent than the next. His thrusts became harder and faster as her juices lubricated his thick shaft. “Yeah… that’s it Sydney… you love your daddy’s cock don’t you… oh god…” He grunted.

“Fuck me daddy” she cried out “fuck me harder.”

He pulled out of her eliciting a disappointed gasp from her. “Turn around and bend over honey.” he commanded. His cock was still glistening with her nectar.

She quickly obeyed and stood up. Her nipples brushed over the hot red hood. They were painfully erect and the friction was driving her wild. He ran the head of his cock up and down her sweet snatch for a moment, staring down at it in amazement when he caught sight of her puckered little hole.

It beckoned to him as he stared at it. Mesmerized by the forbidden entrance he placed the tip of his cock to it and began to push in slowly. Sydney’s head jolted back as she let out a sharp cry. “OH GOD DADDY NO.” He pierced the tight ring of muscle very slowly, leaving the head lodged inside for a moment.

He reached down and began to stroke her clit as he pushed in further. Her cries of protest quickly drifted into pleading moans as she pushed back against him. Her pussy was drooling for attention as he filled her ass.

He had never before felt such a tight perfect space. He gripped her hips and began to pull her back into him. Her hips bounced off his as his cock began to move in and out with greater ease. His balls slapped against her wet lips with every powerful thrust.

He grunted with each deep insertion. His balls were beginning to tighten as he quickened his pace. He strained to keep from cumming just yet. Finally it happened. Her body trembled as she let out a loud moan. Suddenly his balls were soaked as well as his thighs as her pussy exploded. Her muscles clenching tightly as she squirted for the first time.

“OH FUCK YES SYDNEY” He screamed as he banged her hard and fast. He could not deny the urge any longer and released her hip with one hand, only to bring it crashing down roughly against the firm white flesh.

She yelped as she felt the flesh heating up from each strike. He continued to hammer away at her as he spanked her. Within minutes his cock began to throb, releasing shot after shot of thick spunk deep into her ass. He groaned “OH FUCKING GOD YES.” as he filled her.

Slowly he pulled his cock from her stretched little anus and stared down at is. Cum seeped from the gaping hole left by his cock. He pulled her up, turning her to face him. She smiled with a dazed look in her eyes.

“Mmmm I know what I am going to have for desert tonight.” he remarked before pulling her close and kissing her deeply. “Now, we better get back on the road… your mother will wondering what took us so long.”

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