The Lost Boy Ch. 11


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The Following Contains: Dick girls fuckin bois. Git gud. (Also some more aggressive/forced sex towards the end. Still not entiiierly rape. But not entirely consent either.) And also Werewolves, so expect doggy style, and doggy dick ;D




“Huh?” Ian blinked as the voice to his left snapped him out of his zoned-out state of mind, and he looked up to see the red headed young male classmate Feles.

Looking down at him, plastic lunch tray in hand with a quirked brow and a heart melting smile. “There you are, I could see you were spaced out from across the yard.” He swung his legs over the bench to sit down directly beside Ian, stretching out the skinny jeans he wore that clung to him like a second skin. At first Ian looked, but then forced himself to turn away and stare at the bologna sandwich that still remained uneaten before him. “Soo, what’s up?”

“How could he be so nonchalant? Did he completely forget what happened yesterday?” Ian thought as Feles went on for a moment, talking something about homework or other while Ian just sat there. Quietly stewing in his own mixture of anger and confusion, “The sounds he was making. And the sounds his Mom’s made…it was just so…so…”

There was a nudge to his shoulder, “Hey, are you okay?” Feles said pushing against the other boy with his arm. “Cat got your tongue?”

Ian’s head finally snapped over to Feles’s, “What happened yesterday?”

Feles actually flinched in surprise, then tilted his head, “What do you mean?”

“Yesterday, you came over to my house then bailed on me before I could even get back downstairs.” Ian said angrily, feeling some heat rush to his face when Feles just responded with a snarky smile. “I heard you, what were you doing? It sounded like you were all practically screaming.”

The red head’s eyebrows lifted and lowered at the statement, “Hey, not my fault your Mom’s are hot. Hell, they’d make any fella scream, so can’t fault me for screaming.” He said lifting his piece of off brand cheese pizza to his mouth and chomping into the gooey surface.

Now it was Ian’s turn to flinch back, “What!?” He had his suspicions about the activities that transpired down there, but he wasn’t prepared for Feles to just outright and unashamedly say it like that. “What did you do with them!?” Ian turned on the bench to face his lunchmate more directly.

Feles just shrugged, “I just got to know them a little better, that’s all. Promise.”

For some reason it almost felt like a bit of jealousy was boiling up in the pit of Ian’s stomach. He had a very vivid picture in his mind of what went on and although Feles wasn’t confirming it, he was hinting at it, confidently!

He faced forward again and crossed his arms over his chest with a huff. A frustrated blush turning his cheeks rosy, “I can’t believe you. I invite you to my home to get to know each other better and you just bail out after trying to get in with my Mom’s? Is that even legal!? Shows what kind of friend you are.”

“Oh come ooon Ian don’t be like that.” He set down his pizza slice, “I’m only teasing you. I told you when I texted you remember? I got a call from my mom and needed to go home right away. So I had a few laughs and a quick wrestle with your caramel coated Mom while the pale one refereed, but I wasn’t trying to make you upset, honestly.” Ian was aware that his Mom Sin was a fan of playful wrestling, she always beat him and pinned him hard on his face, holding his arms down and her legs wrapped around his own spreading them apart. Almost every single time too, not that Ian complained. Even though she was his mother, having a stacked woman rolling around with you, pressing her body up against yours, it wasn’t something to whine about. Liline always discouraged it, but every now and again she’d playfully fight with him too. Just not as aggressively. So it was conceivable that maybe she challenged him to a quick match just for fun as a playful welcome to our home gesture, but still, Ian couldn’t shake the sneaking suspicion he had from the rest of the noises that came from just beyond the stairs. “Okay fine be pouty, you’re probably just mad that you didn’t get a shot at them.”

“What!?” Ian’s voice went an octave higher then it probably should’ve with that one syllable. Feles grinned cheekily knowing he most likely just hit a tender spot. “That’s ridiculous! They’re my mothers, why would you even-”

“Hey Ian!” A sweet feminine voice called out interrupting Ian’s prepared defense statement as he turned to see two more individuals approaching their lunch table.

Immediately tecavüz porno his tensed demeanor softened as the only girl in his group of friends walked up across from him and took a seat opposite of Ian.

Cassie, her shoulder length purple hair and matching eyes practically sparkled in the bright sunlight. Contact lenses of course were what made that possible but no one cared, she was cute as hell with a body to match. Light subtle curves covered up by a bright purple tank top and hip hugging jeans, with a flat chest but an ass that made all the boys in school turn and stare. Ian still wondered why such a cutie approached him on his first day back after the accident and wanted to be friends.

No one knew but, he was crushing on her hard.

Accept for Cassiel of course. He’d been here with Ian the entire time throughout his recovery, and figured he’d get even closer if he posed as a girl. The plan had been pretty successful thus far. Everyone here knew him as petite cute little Cassie.

Beside the disguised Angel though was another of Ian’s friends but not a cute “Female”. This was another shorter boy like Ian himself. His name was Peter, a tiny 5’1 scrawny kid with bright blonde hair, deep blue eyes and reading glasses. The nerd and know it all millennial, of his friends if you will.

The pair planted their behinds on the bench and set out their own lunches before them. Cassiel having his own few slices of pizza and Peter opening up a plastic bin with a salad on the inside, being a Vegan, which he loved reminding others of, he couldn’t eat the unhealthy foods provided from the school cafeteria.

Cassiel looked back and forth at the other many wandering students spreading out in the yard, all toting either lunch boxes or trays ready to eat. “Where’s Ronnie?” He asked.

Ian shrugged, Feles didn’t respond being too busy eating, and Peter spoke up, “He’s still out sick, apparently he doesn’t go to the Clinic enough already and he’s not coming back until Tuesday.” His voice was higher than Ian’s, more of a Tenor.

“I’m not surprised, Doctor Gabrielle is smooookiiiingg.” Feles said with a mouth full.

Peter blinked and adjusted his glasses, “I’m sorry who are you?”

“Yeah actually I don’t believe we’ve met.” Cassiel said leaning forward.

“Oh of course, where are my manners?” Feles put down his pizza and licked the grease off his fingers.

“You left them at the door to my house apparently.” Ian threw in.

With a sort of comedic eye roll, Feles introduced himself to both new guests at the table. Cassiel looked at him suspiciously, it wasn’t hard to feel the steady pulse of a demonic aura hidden beneath the cute sun kissed face he was sporting. “Forgive mister pouty pants over here, he’s still upset that I got to spend more time with his hot moms then he did.”

Ian just looked away, still attempting to hide his deepening red cheeks.

“So the feelings are still there. At least to a point.” The Angel boy thought.

“Clearly you don’t know how to take a joke.” Feles continued, “If it makes you feel any better, there are plenty of ridiculously hot women here. More than enough to go around, so I’m not gonna be stealing your moms from you any time soon Norman Bates.” That one even caused Peter to laugh. Ian could see the humor in the jab, but was still in defensive mode and didn’t want to admit that he found it funny.

“That is very true.” Peter said sticking his fork into the salad, “There are many beautiful women at our school, just not many that are interested in the likes of us.”

Cassiel looked to him, “Well maybe if you bought a piece of a cow and put some meat on those bones you’d have better luck with ladies’ skinny!”

Peter quickly shook his head, “Absolutely not, I know many people that are attracted to slim body types and my diet is helping save the diminishing population of Earth’s precious creatures. Just wait, you guys will come to see things my way soon. Going green is the way to the future.”

“Oh Jesus…” Feles face palmed. And Cassiel sympathetically put his hand out to pat Peter’s leg.

“That kind of talk…really doesn’t make you sound sexy honey.” He said.

Feles then leaned forward, “Hey but you wanna know who is sexy!”

“I swear if you say my Mom again I will…I will flush every toilet in the school while you shower.” Ian threatened.

This earned him an un-intimidated look, “You just love thinking about me in the shower don’t you?”

“UGH!” Ian groaned, you couldn’t win with this guy.

“But anyway, before I was so rudely interrupted. Have you guys seen Ms. Carter?”

Peter perked up, “The biology teacher?”

Feles bit his lip, “Mhmm, oh yeah. Big Momma right? She’s like what, 6’1, or 6’2? God, I’d love a night with her.”

Ian knew who they were talking about, as he actually had that class with that teacher, plus he had seen her in passing. Ms. Carter was a tall black woman who was gorgeous in every üvey anne porno sense of the word, she always carried a yard stick as she walked around the classroom surely fulfilling every boys naughty Teacher sexual fantasy. She always referred to Ian as Mr. Adams too, his last name. But she only did that with him, he didn’t know what yet, but that was something that stuck out to him about her.

Now though it was Peter’s turn to become bashful, “Yes she is uh, ‘ahem’ very pretty.” He cleared his throat.

“You like the big black ones Petey?” Feles teased.

Meanwhile Cassiel just silently observed the conversation, nodding and smiling at appropriate points but still taking a glance at Ian every now and again. It seemed to be a typical boys’ conversation discussing the attractiveness of their teachers and what they’d do for a night with them. Ian also remained pretty quiet, that didn’t stop Feles from teasing and occasionally dropping a subtle flirt or hint with him that seemed to for the most part go over the boys’ head.

“What are you up to Neko…” Cassiel thought, he clearly was trying to get under Ian’s skin. Turning the conversation sexual as often as it allowed, and the way is aura seemed to just tantalizingly flirt with Ian’s dormant one. Just barely dipping into it with the tips of his power with an ever so slight arm nudge, or brush of their fingers on the table. Cassiel knew that Neko demons could be insatiable horny beasts when they were in heat, but was it a mating season for them? He didn’t think so, so why would he be trying so hard to get them all worked up. He even shared a few under the table nudges to Cassiels leg, seeming to be interested in enticing him too.

Time went on and eventually the twenty-minute lunch period was up and the bell rang signaling for all students to come back inside for the remaining classes.

Ian had hardly touched his food having been so damn distracted with Feles. He had never met someone like him before, earlier he was debating on cussing the boy out for doing some possibly inappropriate ‘things’ with his Moms. Then throughout lunch he kept making small puns and jokes that lightened the mood and softened Ian’s fuming rage to a very small simmer. Then on top of that, it felt like he was flirting with him again!

Every other minute, Feles would adjust his seat and scoot a little closer to Ian, up until their hips practically touched. His hand kept “accidentally” bumping into his own when he had to reach for something on the table. Only offering a very fake, ‘oops’, as explanation. But on top of all that, Feles must’ve had some type of cologne on as well because he smelt fantastic. Making it even more difficult for Ian to remember what he was so mad about in the first place, he smelt like freaking candy.

He did his best to shake off the mix of emotions he was feeling from the entire encounter, and replaced his uneaten snacks into the brown paper bag. Planning on eating them when he got home, as the group of boys and one “girl,” got up from the picnic table and started back towards the double door entrance to the school.

But before they made it far however, Ian felt a hand grab his shoulder. “Hey wait Ian.” Cassie took hold of him and was looking off to the far side of the building. “Look.” He pointed to where he was looking at and Ian followed his gesture to see what appeared to be a group of three women, not students, cornering a younger girl up against the school. “Who is that?”

Ian shook his head, “Um, I don’t know.” The women looked to be dressed in a bunch of denim and dark leather, and seemed to be much taller then the girl they surrounded and herded to the wall. She by the way, did not look to be pleased with the situation.

Cassiel focused his attention on the group of girls, with his divine sight he could tell that the student being crowded around was young, a freshman most likely, only fourteen or so years old. And the three women did not feel human. Living in Shelter for so long Cassiel got a sense for being able to detect when a demoness was near, and his radar was going off. However, this didn’t feel like any stereotypical demon, or Sister. This felt different, something else, something new.

Without another word, Cassiel darted off towards the group trying to drag the girl behind the building. Leaving Ian a bit baffled, “Wha- Cassie wait!” He then took off following after.

“Hey? What the Hell are they doing?” Feles said to Peter, hearing the other two take off around the school. “C’mon!” He reached out and grabbed the other boys hand and dragged him alongside him effortlessly. Peter only being about ninety pounds made it unbelievably easy to do.

“What? Wait! We’re gonna be late for class!” Peter protested followed by whispering out a worried cuss in German as he was yanked by his scrawny arm along with the others.

Up against the brick wall, a tiny high school girl clutched her lunch bag to her chest tightly as these big strange women üvey erkek kardeş porno just huddled around her. “Listen I…I…you can have all my money, please I just wanna go back to class.”

One of the women in a leather jacket reached up to stroke the girls long black hair, “Aww honey we don’t want your money, we just wanna get to know you a little better.” She finished with a chuckle.

“Yeah like what’s such a pretty little thing like you doing eating your lunch way out here by yourself hmm?” The one to her left said closing the few inches of distance between them, looking down on her since she was practically a full foot taller.

Her lip quivered, “I-I…don’t have any friends this lunch p-period…please I-”

“Oh you poor thing.” The women all gave fake sympathetic sounds, “Well we could be your friends, we’re new in town and we’d looooove to have a cutie like you show us around…” The student flinched as she felt a hand from all three of them start to reach out and stroke along her arms. One tried to slip under the bag she squeezed tightly to her front, but when she wouldn’t budge the hand instead took hold of her bag and in a quick jerking motion ripped it away from her grasp.

“Ah!” The student squealed, her arms as well jerked apart from the sudden show of impressive strength from her captor. Who then took this opportunity to take a firm hold of one of her still developing breasts. “No! No, don’t touch me! I’ll scream!” She gasped at the feeling of another hand diving down below to start sliding up her skirt.

“Oh relaaax cutie pie, we’re just trying to be your friends.”

“Yeah give us a chance.” To the right, the woman’s head dipped into the nape of her neck and nipped, earning another cute squeak from her. Suddenly another hand grasped her chin and the fingernails dug into her sensitive skin lightly, her feet were lifted up off the ground in her grasp. “And don’t fucking threaten to scream on us, or we’ll just have to put something in that mouth to get it to keep quiet.”

She tried to bat away the molesting girls, but her wrists were very quickly snatched and pinned to the wall. The hand under her skirt traveled up her smooth thigh until it rested against her panty clad mound. She gasped sharply, “No! No! Please don’t! Please, I’m begging you!”

The one in front of her bit her lip, “Mmm…I like you begging.” She grabbed at the girls’ pussy, feeling a dampness just beneath the thin fabric undies. She closed her eyes tightly, “Oh? You’re getting wet, ha…Hey, ever been with another girl before sweetie? No? Hmph, how about three at once?” The trio cackled at that as they continued fondling her, pulling and undoing the buttons on her white blouse, just barely catching a glimpse at the adorable pink floral bra below.

“HEY!” Cassiel shouted out rushing up behind the biker girls. Now that he was close enough, he could identify the designed ‘Den Mother’s’, gang symbol on the back of their jackets and put two and two together. “Leave her alone.”

Ian quickly got behind Cassie and took in the view of the whole situation. Legitimately shocked that a group of full grown women appeared to be molesting a high school girl. Feles and Peter also followed soon after, Peter voicing his reluctance the entire way.

The one closest to the peered over her shoulder at the students, spotting the small purple haired ‘girl’ in the front with her hands balled up into fists.

“This doesn’t concern you munchkins, run along back to class now.” She said with a flick of her dirty blonde ponytail.

“Let her go.” Cassiel said firmer this time, taking a step forward. Ian actually reached out and put his own hand on Cassie’s shoulder as this happened.

Seeing as this group was trying to take advantage of a young girl, it made him nervous about Cassie wanting to get involved despite how brave she was.

The apparent leader let out a groan and turned away from her victim, removing her hand from between her legs to face Cassiel head on.

With that the other two released their grips on the girl as well, literally dropping her back onto her feet. She didn’t waste any time and immediately bolted away from her tormentors and out of there, nearly abandoning her lunch bag but managing to scramble for it and then hightailing it back inside without another word.

Ian was thankful that the girl was okay but now was worried as her molesters’ attention had now been turned onto them as they approached.

“Why such a buzz kill sweetie? We were just trying to have a little…” She stopped abruptly, her boots also halting mid-step in the grass. Her face seemed to go from aggravated about being interrupted, to…surprised.

Cassiel stared down the incoming creature allowing his eyes to flare their bright radiant white. Now up close and personal, he could tell what they were, seeing right through the lower-class magic that disguised them. He almost wished he could flare out his wings and chase them off right now but he couldn’t risk such exposure to Ian and the others. So he tried to instead enforce a subtle show of power with this standoff. “I think it’d be best if you three left the school grounds.” Cassiel said quietly, but his lips then mouthed another phrase unseen by the boys behind him and directed it at the one creature closest to him. ‘She-Wolf.’

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