The Maroon Van Ch. 02


My new life had lead me to a new job, new studio apartment and my freedom. No more husband and no more kids. I was divorced and denied custody of my twin girls. They were better off with grandma and daddy. My mom had moved in with Dylan permanently to take care of the girls.

My ex had been an awful lover. I wanted thrill and passion in our sex life, all he wanted was to cum and go to sleep. A woman needs more than that, and this woman needs it bad.

I desired so much more, a hunger that crept deep down inside and hid from everyone. I was ignorant before to think that life had to be simple in order for it to be good.

Fuck staying in a loveless marriage just for the kids. I matter. Mother or not life is too short to be tied down to a standard norm.

Thoughts about Ian flooded in. I couldn’t get him off my mind. The way he fucked me, the way he held me down. But most of all the slaps he gave me across the face. No one had treated me that way. I had never been grabbed or manhandled in that way before. Three months had passed since that night and I still had the email where it all began.

It was 2 A.M. and I was restless. Thinking about Ian’s body made me hot. I was getting wet by the memories of that sweet savage night. I started to touch my body slowly. I grabbed a pillow and placed it on top of me. I caressed it and pretended that it was Ian. I took off my shorts and inserted my two fingers into my wet pit. It wasn’t as tight as I wanted to be, but having kids had stretched me out. No matter how many Kegels I did, it wasn’t the same.

Instead of wishing my pussy was tight, I figured why not go the other way. I’ve been working on fisting myself. So far I can insert half of my fist, but I wanted to try my whole fist tonight.

I reached for the lube that sat on my nightstand and greased up my entire left hand. I spread my legs as wide as I could and massaged my cunt. Using all my fingers pinched together I rimmed my loose hole. My entrance slowly started to open. I gently began to push in my hand; knuckles stopping just short of going in.

I felt the heat of my pussy, its’ smell intoxicated me. Lifting my fingers to my nose I inhaled its’ bitter-sweet stench. I rubbed my hand down my face, over my tits and grabbed my pussy in my fist. Grabbing it tightly thinking of Ian’s strong hands.

My other hand covered my mouth as I began to shove with all my might. Muffled screams echoed through the house as my knuckles tore through the last bit of tightness my pussy had left.

“Shut up and take it, you pathetic whore!” I could hear Ian’s voice in my ear. I could feel Ian’s hand on my mouth. I was taking my whole hand inside myself…

Heart seemed to stop beating at the exact moment I felt a small tear. Ecstasy and agony rose through my blood. Filling every vein with sensation. My toes curled and I couldn’t even make a sound. My hand…it was inside me. And I was going to come.

All of sudden my muscles spasmed and I couldn’t take the stretch anymore. I ripped my fist out and my pussy pulsed. I pushed back sending waves of pleasure through my skin.

I wrapped my legs around the body size pillow and began to thrust my hips into it. Juices were running down my hand.

My walls were squeezing and releasing my hand and it felt so good. I rammed it harder and with each thrust, my hand got deeper inside me. My hand felt thick and it was making me drip like a hose that wasn’t shut off the whole way.

I opened my mouth and let out a low moan. I had done it! I was fisting myself and I kept going. My hips bucked and my fist was going in and out of my pussy filling me with sensations I had never known.

I was riding a roller coaster of sensation but I just couldn’t get THERE. I was on the edge but my body wouldn’t let me explode. I knew what I needed.

I couldn’t get Ian off my mind. I wanted to be kidnapped again. I wanted the men from the red van all over me and I wanted to be tossed into that maroon van again. I picked up my phone and scrolled through my personal email file. There it was with its big black words: RED VAN

Those words had changed my life for the better and I wanted to go back. I started to type with one hand as the other explored a new dark depth inside me.


It’s the girl with the flabby stomach. Well, not so flabby anymore, I’ve been working out.

I want bursa eskort to be kidnapped again. Will you choose me again? I cannot stop thinking about your cock and the way you treated me. I have kept my hair short just the way you and your GF like it. I won’t wear any jewelry and I don’t have any piercings. My body has no tattoos and I will trim and cut my nails. And I know, no nail polish or makeup.

You will have me as bare as I can be. I wax and shave every week. I haven’t slept with anyone, I am still STD free. I’m also on the pill, so no worries there. Let me know if any of your instructions have changed.

Hope to see you soon! P.S I’m fisting myself for the first time as I write this email.”

The puddle between my thighs was getting bigger and bigger. My hand thrashing in and out of my growing darkness; pussy gaping between thrusts. My trembling fingers vibrated across the screen down to the send button.

A river exploded out of me as I clicked send. My orgasm shooting my hand out as my soul left my body in a tidal wave.

My heart was free, and I was ready to be destroyed…BY HIM.


Two days had passed. My nerve faded from me and anxiety coursed through my body. Will he reply? Maybe he won’t answer? maybe he won’t care? I didn’t know, but I was glad I had emailed him.

I looked at my phone every five minutes and felt like a high school girl waiting to hear from her crush. I continued my day, doing chores around my studio apartment.

It was 10 p.m when I heard my phone make a ding!

I looked at the screen and there was an email: REPLY FROM RED VAN

Oh god, oh god…my hands were shaking from excitement. I had trouble typing in my lock screen phone code. I held my breath and told myself to calm down. Maybe it was a rejection email so I had to stay cool. I opened the email and it read:

“Hello, flabby tummy girl,

Where and what time?


Dear mother of god…He does want me back! YES! YES! YES! I was so happy!

I replied back with my new address and the pickup time for tomorrow.

It was 6:58 P.M. and I locked my apartment door. This time I didn’t have a suitcase, just a small wallet that fits in my back pocket. Didn’t bother to bring my phone either. I wore skin tight white jeans, slip-on black shoes and a light fabric black hoodie that hugged my upper body. It exposed my braless breasts and it made me feel like a real slut. But I knew what I was, so why not show it to the world.

The word whore came to mind and yes I was one. I was no lady or a decent mother. I wanted to get pounded and then fucked again and again. This will be my rebirth into the real adult world. After this night, I want to start having one night stands and dance my way into the world of sex!

7 P.M The red van pulled up and three men came out wearing black ski masks and blue jumpsuits.

I was ready, but I wasn’t going down without a scream. That was the best part, the struggle. The tall meaty guys came at me and grabbed my body and hair. I screamed and started to kick around.

One of the men covered my screams with his hands and got behind me. “Shut up gash!”

I struggled even more and punched the second guy that came at me in the mouth. He made an angry grunt. “Oh, this bitch wants to play? You got it darling. Gag this twat!” He barked.

The guy behind me held my arms down, while the third man placed a gag ball in my mouth and tied it behind my head. It was uncomfortable and it stretched my mouth but it was sexy and provocative. My hole began to moisten and I wrestled to release my hands. The guy behind me restrained me tighter. The guy I punched approached me and grabbed my stomach.

“Look, it’s the chubby chick! Didn’t even recognize her.” He laughed. “Awww did you lose some weight?” He wiggled my pooch as he chuckled.

“Yeah, you’re right, it is the chubby one.” The third guy that had tied my gag replied. “Shit! Ian has so many bitches over that I lose count. And most of them are huge.”

“Yeah,” The guy behind me spoke. “What is it with big chicks wanting to get beaten up and fucked rough?”

“It’s because they can’t get normal dick. You know, someone that will love them and not just fuck them and leave them in the dust.” The guy I punched said. “They get what they can…I guess.”

“Yeah, bursa merkez escort cause Ian’s girl is smoking HOT! And dude, you can tell how much he loves her. Shit! There are no jelly rolls on his girl.” The guy that tied the gag on said as he placed a black hood over my head.

The black hood was more fear-inducing than the blindfold from last time. Darkness.

I couldn’t see anything but their words infuriated me. I wasn’t big! Yes, my stomach wasn’t flat, but it wasn’t huge either. Plus, I had been working out and yes, I had lost a lot of the pooch. My stomach was just a little plump like a belly dancer. The rest of my body was normal. And not just big women want to be treated this way; it varies from person to person.

“At least she’s trying, she did lose a little weight.” One of them said and they all laughed.

“Yeah, unlike other bitches that just get fatter and fatter.” the one behind me said. “And look, no bra.” He grabbed my breasts “This bitch wants it bad.” He pushed me into the other two men. “Come on don’t you want to touch some tits?”

“Let’s get this fatso in the van.” One of them said as he carried me and slammed me down on the hard metal floor of the van.

My knees broke the fall and they were in so much pain. I felt hands go inside my hoodie and I put my hands up and fought back. “Shit! Where are the zip ties?” He asked.

He zip tied my hands and fondled my breasts tugging hard on them.

“Stop!” One of them said. “Ian will kill you. Plus, if we touch the kidnapped bitches we won’t be allowed to fuck Ian’s girl.

So that was the price for these guys. They’ll do whatever Ian says as long as they fuck his girlfriend. Then again who am I to judge? The guy took his hands off my tits and placed his knee on my back. His weight hurt my back as he pushed on it. “Awww am I hurting you?” He mocked. He clasped my hood up and slammed my head down on the van’s floor.

That should have made me angry but it didn’t. I liked it. His knee on my back and the headache he just gave me made me cream my pants. I had no idea I was into this.

We drove about 20 mins and in all that time the guys had mocked my life and called me more names then I could ever imagine. Men can get very creative when it comes to insulting the female form or vagina. They didn’t know anything about my personal life, but they found ways to belittle me as a woman.

I didn’t care. They can curse at me all they want. This was part of the game; to be humiliated and treated like scum. I embraced it, in fact, it made me want Ian more. It felt like I had gone through hell just to get good hard dick.

We had finally arrived and the guys savagely took me out of the van. I was dragged from my legs until I got to the edge of the van and one of them held my midsection so I could stand up. “Come on chubby!” He pushed me on the ground.

I fell into the wet grass and the man shoved my face in the grass. The hood got wet and my nose smelled the dirt. “You like that, you horny twat!”

I growled through the ball gag. He pulled me up by my hair and my feet were no longer on the ground. “Can’t keep Ian waiting.”

I heard a door open. “Hey boss, we’re here! Where do you want this hag?”

“Take her to the bathroom, she’s clear.” A young man’s voice said.

Oh, my goodness was that Ian? Oh, I couldn’t wait to get him inside me. It sounded like him.

“Come on pooch let’s get you in the shower.” One of them said. We walked upstairs and they ushered me into the bathroom. “Have a good fuck, fuck face!” He cut my zip ties before he left and took my hood off.

I removed the gag ball and asked. “Wait, may I keep the zip ties? You know, as a souvenir?”

“Wow, you must be a real freak. I like it…” He winked at me. “Sure keep the gag as well. What do I care, we have tons anyway.” He walked out and closed the bathroom door.

The small bathroom looked exactly the same. An unopened box of bar soap sat at the edge of the tub. I removed my clothing and stuffed the zip ties and gag ball into my jean pockets. I folded my clothes neatly and placed them on the small short roundtable that was next to the toilet. I was extremely nervous after my shower but I pushed myself and turned the knob. I walked out naked and entered the third door down the hall as bursa ucuz escort before.

The girlfriend was seated at the corner of the room. A black hood covered her face and she wore the same red bikini. “Please don’t look at me. I am here to watch and not the other way around.”

I immediately turned my gaze from her to the bed. “Sorry.”

“The safe word is terminate. Are you ready?” She asked through the hood.

I nodded yes.

“You may begin.” She yelled.

Ian stormed into the bedroom. He wore nothing but a clear plastic mask that made his face obscured. His dick was already hard and I was flung to the bed. He got on top of me and slapped me hard across the face. “MORE!” I shouted.

“Shut up! You don’t get to talk.” Ian shouted. “Get on all fours NOW!”

I got on my knees and hands. The girlfriend raised a fist in the air. “Yes, ma’am!” Ian punched me in the stomach causing me to cough and moan in pain. But I didn’t move I kept my stance. He pulled my hair and shoved his dick into my hole. “Damn girl, you are soaking. Ah, shit! Your gaping cunt is so loose…mmmm girl, fisting yourself while you wrote me an email…dirty! But I loved it!”

Yesssssss, every thrust felt like I was being devirginized. It hurt but fuck it felt good. Ian’s huge thick cock was deep inside me tapping my cervix with every push. He pulled out and turned me around he spread my legs wide and told me to stay still. The girlfriend raised a fist again. Ian punched me in the face and busted my bottom lip. Blood dripped out and I endured the pain. Why? Because I liked it.

I was made for pain and pleasure. Ian slapped me across my face. “Have you had enough?” he asked.

“NEVER!” I yelled and spat some blood on the floor. “Come on fuck me up in all sense of the word.”

“Beautiful!” He said and I could tell that he smiled under the mask. “I think, I love you.” He laughed.

The girlfriend raised two fists in the air. Ian punched me in the face again and kicked me in the stomach. I howled in agony. But I could take it. It felt good to be put in my place I loved every minute of it.

The girlfriend raised one finger and Ian climbed on top of me and entered my pussy again. He wrapped his hands around my neck and began to choke me. “Who do you want?” He pressed tighter. Who do you want?”

My throat was tight and I managed to say: “Y-you!”

“How bad do you want my dick inside you?” He asked as he strangled me.

My consciousness was slipping away and I could barely see. But his words kept me alert. “Yesss…really b-bad…”

He sucked on my bloody lip momentarily and then turned me around. I laid on my stomach as he defiled my anus. The first thrust hurt but I managed to relax my back-door and let him ravish my insides. He began to choke me again and his grip tightened as his entire dick filled me. I felt his balls flapping behind me and I closed my eyes.

His stabbing stick made my whole body reject everything I had been and I was being reborn into a new person. Between his hands choking me and his lust consuming me, I felt the need to cum. I was running out of oxygen but tiny pins of satisfaction coursed through my body.

Pleasure ate me up as I released myself. My pussy juice ran down my legs. “You bitch!” He screamed. “You are not supposed to cum before me.” He thrusted harder and choked me until I could feel no more.


I opened my eyes to an ice pack on my face. I sat up and took the ice pack off. My face was in a lot of pain. My naked body had bruises all over and my neck was sore. I stood up to find a note taped to the bedroom door.

“Flabby tummy girl,

We had lots of fun with you, but you passed out after you came. I busted a nut inside your poop shoot. You are welcome back anytime. It’s up to you when you want to come back until then take care of your face! Hahaha

Ian ”

My stuff was on the chair that the girlfriend sat on. I got dressed and headed downstairs. There was one guy in a ski mask waiting beside the front door. He had the black hood in his hands.

“You ready?”


We drove in silence until he stopped the car. He took the hood off and said. “Have a good one.”

“Thanks.” Was all I could say. I grasped my elbow hugging myself with on hand. Being left all alone as he drove off.

I was left with a different need than before. I had been beaten and fucked hard and yet I wanted more. I was deprived of something, but I just didn’t know what. Was I falling for Ian? No, that wasn’t it.

I wanted my own bitch. Someone else needed to feel the way I do and I am going to make someone FEEL IT.

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