The Matrons of Regal Bay Ch. 07


The Matrons of Regal Bay

Chapter 7

Natalya’s Tales — Part 2

Natalya Aleshinova stood in front of the dresser, gazing into the mirror mounted atop it at her image. She saw a mature woman who had just celebrated her 51st birthday the previous weekend, a woman who had mothered two children, both now adults. She looked at her reflection, from the short-cut raven-black hair that had been recently cut and styled, without a single grey hair in evidence, to the pale flesh of her face, age-lined at the edges of her eyes and mouth, her eyes still a brilliant steel-blue, her lips wide and subtle, and colored a deep rose. She wore a melon-colored loose-fitting sweater over a knee-length black skirt. Both hid the curves of her matronly figure, her widening hips and thickening thighs, her rounded rump, her swelling belly, and the heft of her massive breasts. Natalya reflected that her breasts were the first thing men were attracted to in her, from the time they began to grow when still a teen-ager in the old Soviet Union. She always thought her eyes were her best feature, and many men said as much, even though she knew better.

Natalya Vilkova had been born in a small village ten miles west of Kiev, in the Ukraine. At the time, her homeland was part of the greater Soviet Union, and her world consisted of a grey concrete block apartment building, the small three-room apartment her family lived in, and the small patch of naked ground that served as the playground for the children of the building, and a meeting place for the adults, when they weren’t working twelve hour days in the nearby factories. Natalya’s parents both worked for the power company, and by the time Natalya was of school age, they each worked a shift in the new nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. It was a rare day they the entire Vilkov family sat together over a meal.

Natalya was a young woman of only 21 when the accident happened. Her father had come home just hours before the alarms had sounded, but her mother was already on shift at the plant. “I want you to go to your aunt and uncle’s house, Natalya,” her father had insisted. Natalya was due at her own job in the city market, but all of that went out the window that afternoon. “You will stay with them until I come for you. I must go to the plant, to relieve your mother. I will work in her place until the dangers have passed.” Her father left her then, and she did as he told her. By that time, areas were already being evacuated. He went one way, driving his small car up the lane towards the power plant, and she rode her bike the other, towards her father’s brother’s home.

She never saw either of her parents again. Nor did she see her Uncle Ivan. He, too, worked at the power plant. Her Aunt Iliana was already packing suit cases and Natalya’s two young cousins Ekaterina and Stanic into a small station wagon. Natalya left her bike on the street and squeezed herself and her small bag in with them. Two hours later, Iliana pulled their car into a parking lot near the building where her parents lived, in Kiev. By then, the accident was finally being discussed on the news, but the enormity.

Iliana’s parents could never have supported so many in their small apartment, and Natalya realized very soon that she needed to work. She looked for a job, but it wasn’t until she agreed to work in one of the decadent night clubs did she begin to bring in money, for herself and her family.

“Ty prekrasno vyglyadish, moya malen’kava zyezda,” her husband said as he stepped up behind her, looking at her reflection as well. “You look beautiful, my little star.”

“Spasibo, moy geroy,” she replied. “Thank you, my hero.” His hands were gentle on her shoulders and she turned to kiss one, his left. She looked at his reflection in the mirror, and although Piotr was 17 years her senior, in her eyes he would always be the man who rescued her from the life she had been forced into. Piotr would always be her hero.

Natalya turned to face her husband and took his hands in hers. “I will miss you,” she told him for not the first time that morning. “I wish you would stay, at least for another week.”

“I do so wish that I could, malen’kava zyezda,” he replied, again using his pet-name for her. Little Star. Natalya knew that she had never fit that title. She had never been a little girl, even when she had first begun to dance for the men in the dimly-lit, smoke-filled rooms. By the time she had started, her breasts were far and away the largest of any of the girls she competed with for tips. It wasn’t until she had arrived in America, nearly twelve years later, that she finally found a brassiere that was comfortable and held the weight of her massive mammaries. Carrying 44-dd breasts around with her had taken its toll on Natalya’s back, and after two surgeries on her back, she’d come to accept the constant pain as a penance for her past sins. After all, she’d used those very same breasts to get ahead in the world, to help out her remaining family, and find a man willing to take her away from the sadness and gloom that was the crumbling Soviet Union.

Piotr kissed kartal escort her forehead and turned away. “I have meetings in Tokyo and Bangkok over the weekend,” he reminded her, “and I am due in Moscow Wednesday for a board meeting. You know my work, and the face I must present. I only wish you would agree to travel with me.”

“I have my own work, here, Piotr,” she responded. “I enjoy this work, as I enjoy this, our adopted home.”

“You could visit with your daughter,” he suggested.

“I could not go there, not anymore, and you know that well.” She went to the nightstand beside the large bed they rarely shared and retrieved a small package. “Here. Give this to Marina when you next see her. And tell her to call. I miss her very much.”

“I know you do.” Piotr took the package and asked, “What is it?”

“An outfit that I thought she might like. Something none of her rivals would have.”

“And when should I give this to her? You know that I do not approve of her choice in careers any more than you do.”

“Go to her when she between performances and give it to her. I doubt if you would be able to get to her at any other time.” Natalya dropped onto the end of the bed with a sigh. “I wish she had never went back to Moscow. I had no idea that she knew how I once lived, how I made a living when I was at her age.”

“We can be proud that she still has completed her college,” Piotr reminded her. “Someday, she will step away and have a future. She will teach children.”

“So long as she can step away on her own terms. I remember many of my friends who only stepped away after disease forced them to. Or when they had been wasted away by the drugs, and the men. I remember too many who only got out because they could no longer appeal to the men who were paying for their pleasures. Wasted women don’t make much money to live on, not in the skin trades.”

“Please, be still. Marina is not in the skin trades. She only dances, to make ends meet. Like many of her friends do.” Piotr was sure of himself, but Natalya knew otherwise. She’d seen the videos herself, across the internet. The things her only daughter did to “make ends meet” were all too much like the things Natalya had herself done, thirty years ago.

“Come,” Piotr said suddenly. “My car is here and I will drive you to your work. We will have a pleasant ride and a drink.”

“And how will I get home, this evening?” Natalya asked as she followed her husband from their bedroom through the house. He didn’t reply until they were standing inside the front door. It was slightly chilly outside, and he helped her with her coat before pulling his own on.

“Give Nicolas a call,” Piotr finally answered. “I am sure he will be free to come, now that I am leaving.”

“Don’t be that way, Piotr,” Natalya insisted. “Nico loves you very much. He’s just at that age when boys need to be free of their father’s control.”

“That boy is no longer a boy,” Piotr reminded her. “He is a man of 21 years, and should be firmly in control of his future. Instead, he plays golf or runs wild with his friends all hours. He needs to find his way and get on with his life.”

Piotr held open the big car’s door, allowing Natalya to slip in first. He pulled the door closed and signaled for the driver to pull away. “The Resort Clubhouse, Mikhail,” he told the driver, who responded with only a nod.

“Nico will find his way,” Natalya insisted, and let the issue drop. The drive was little more than five minutes long, and when Natalya slipped out of the car, Piotr gave her only a brief kiss on the cheek. Piotr had only been home for three weeks, and it would be nearly six weeks before she would see her husband again. In that time, Natalya had another man in her life who would see to her needs, quite willingly.

Her day was one of routine. A morning meeting with the staff of her department, going over the needs and requests of several of the Club’s members, followed by numerous phone calls, a luncheon with two of the Club’s more prominent couples to discuss a private 9-hole tournament, and then a brief meeting with Gloria Van Winkle, the Golf Club’s President and C.E.O. By the time Natalya was able to relax in her office she was indeed ready for a drink. She poured herself a shot of Grey Goose vodka from the bottle she kept in her office refrigerator and gulped it down in a single toss. She refilled the glass, a little closer to the top this time, and then settled in behind her desk to let the soothing alcohol warm her and relax her.

“Sleeping on the job, krasivaya mama?” Natalya, startled out of the nap she had fallen into, saw her son, Nico, standing before her, grinning wolfishly from the other side of her desk.

“It has been a long day, krasivyy yavlyayutsya,” she replied. They often used their Russian pet-names for each other. “Beautiful mother” and “Handsome son”. Between them, they were also coded references to the fact that they were secret lovers.

Nico found the bottle and poured his mother a fresh shot, as well as one for himself. “To hard work,” Nico toasted, and then maltepe escort bayan tossed the shot back like the seasoned pro he was, even though he was only 21 years old. His mother echoed his toast, and followed her son’s example. “Na Zdorovie!” they cheered together, and then slammed their glasses to the desktop.

“And to what do I own this pleasure, Nico?” Natalya asked of her son. “You seldom visit me here, at work.”

“To be honest, I was actually in the neighborhood,” her son grinned as he came around the desk to sit on the corner, facing his mother. “I thought that, since I’d not seen my beautiful mother in over a week, I’d stop in and check on her health.”

“Don’t bull-shit with me, Nico,” she replied. “You know full and well that you can visit any time you want. You just didn’t want to see your father, is all.”

“That, too,” he grinned. “I don’t have anything to say to the man, so why see him at all?”

“You father loves you very much, Nico. You should spend time with him. He is an old man, after all. It would be very nice of you.”

Nico took his mother’s hand in his before replying, “How can I ever have a conversation with him, all the while knowing that I am sleeping with his wife, taking care of her needs when he is away?”

“Nico!” Natalya gasped. “Your father is your father, and deserves your respect. Even if you are sleeping with his wife, who just happens to be your mother.”

“What do you think he would say if he would learn of our affair?” Nico asked his mother. “What would he say if he knew that you and I have been lovers for these years while he has been travelling the world, leaving you here alone.”

“I was never alone, Nico,” she smiled at her son. “Not with you here with me, to protect me and tend to my needs.” She reached up and pulled his mouth to hers. She kissed her son, only briefly, but warmly. When they again parted, she asked in a husky voice, “Now, really Nico, what have you come to my office for?”

Nico slipped from the corner of the desk then, and pulling his mother to her feet as well, he replied, “I’ve come to provide you, my loving mother, with an afternoon delight!”

“You have, have you?” she grinned back as she allowed Nico to guide her across the office to a low sofa that sat along the window wall. Outside, the golf course could be seen in the afternoon light from the third-floor office. Several pairs and foursomes could be seen playing a round, had either cared to look. Instead, hand in hand, Nico and Natalya settled to the floor on their knees facing each other on the rug that ran along the front of the sofa. They came together then, and kissed deeply, not as mother and son, but as long-familiar lovers.

By the time they broke off their kiss, both were panting for breath. “Did you lock the door?” Natalya asked. “Of course,” Nico replied as their lips again came together. Hands began to tug and pull at clothing, with Natalya pulling her son’s polo shirt up and off to reveal his smooth, hairless chest. Her hands brushed down his chest, to his belly, to find his jeans. As she began to tug at the belt he wore, Nico’s hands had pulled his mother’s black sweater top up into a bunch above her huge breasts. Beneath, her black bra held her heavy, 44 dd-cup tits. Their lips again broke away for him to remove her top and toss it aside. His hands went to her flesh as their lips again met.

Both mother and son were panting heavily with excitement as her hands pulled his jeans open and pushed them downward. His hands had found her skirt zipper at the small of her back and had it pulled down as well. Nico’s cock sprang free of his underwear and slapped against her slight belly before she found it with her hand. Her fingers wrapped around his manhood and began to pull and stroke its length. The head rubbed against her belly, just above the waistband of her panties, as his hands reached down her back to grab hold of her buttocks. She moaned into her son’s mouth her pleasure.

Nico next reached up and quickly popped the fastener of her bra to release her heavy breasts. Natalya sighed as her tits fell free, her nipples coming into contact with her son’s warm flesh as they dropped between their bodies. Her bra joined her sweeter then and her hands reached down to cup her son’s tight ass. Nico’s mouth went to her neck then, kissing and licking at her flesh. Lower still he went, to her shoulder and then her chest. Finally, Nico cupped his mother’s tits in each hand and brought each large, thick nipple to his mouth, when he gave each a lingering kiss.

“That feels so good, lyubovnik,” she sighed as Nico began to suck and gently chew upon her nipples, each in turn. For several minutes, Nico feasted upon his mother’s tit-flesh, kneading the globe of the breast not currently locked to his mouth. His mother’s nipples, surrounded by large, darkened areola, were thick nubs that begged to be sucked upon. Nico had always enjoyed having his mother’s nipples in his mouth, and couldn’t remember a time when he hadn’t been allowed this intimate pleasure.

AS Nico continued to feed escort pendik upon her breasts, Natalya managed to wiggle out of her skirt. She wore matching French-cut black panties, and she pushed her hand into her crotch to press a finger against her budding clitoris. It was already growing very sensitive, as were her nipples, and she longed to have Nico’s mouth latched upon it at it was upon her nipples. She rubbed at herself, feeling the heat build between her thighs as she did, moaning ever louder in her office. It wasn’t the first time those four walls had witnessed mother and son in such intimacy, nor would it be the last.

Nico let her nipples go free and began to kiss between them, and down across her belly. He paused to tickle her naval with the tip of his tongue, making her giggle passionately, before continuing downward. When his mouth reached the top of her panties she pulled her hand from her crotch and placed it on the back of her son’s head. She curled her fingers into his thick, dark hair as his fingers wrapped around the fabric at her hips. Nico pulled downward, and Natalya lifted her knees in succession until she was left fully nude before her son, once again.

Nico gave his mother a kiss, directly in the triangle of pubic fur she maintained, before leaning away to complete his own disrobing. She watched excitedly as her son’s manhood bounced and waved as he struggled out of his shoes, jeans, and underwear. She giggled slightly, seeing him struggling in his efforts to get naked. It always reminded her of the early years, when he and she had first become lovers. Yet, it wasn’t all that long ago. Just three years they had been making love. And yet Nico had grown to be such a wonderful lover in that short time. Natalya understood she was not her son’s only lover, not by a long stretch. In fact, she wasn’t his only lover currently in that building.

Natalya put those thoughts aside as whispered for her to turn around. She followed her son’s direction and purred as he began to kiss up and down her long spine, from between her shoulders to the top of her ass-crack. He kissed lightly across her two scars, reminders of the back surgeries she’d had in the past. His hands stroked her flesh, cupped her breasts, and squeezed her butt as he licked and nibbled on her warm skin. She watched over her shoulder as her son enjoyed himself.

Eventually, Nico rolled onto his back and began to pull her back. “Straddle me,” he told her, and she put her knees to the outside of his thighs. He continued to pull her back, and in moments she was above him, her crotch poised above his face and hers above his. She pulled his cock into her mouth as she lay across him, lowering her pussy to her son’s as she settled into the classic 69 with him.

Nico’s tongue was talented, and worked in and out of her folds with delightful flicks and swaps. His hands pulled her thighs wide and opened her vagina for his tongue to lance into her hole. He tickled the depths of her tunnel before sliding his tongue out and up, to bath her anus with saliva. He pushed a long finger against her asshole as his mouth latched onto her clit. He bit down gently, making her moan as he did, and shoved his middle finger into her ass to the second digit. He began to finger-fuck her while lapping away at the cream that began to flow from her slot.

Natalya matched her son’s excited oral attack with one of her own, bathing his cock in kisses and licks before slurping him deep into her mouth. His spongy knob banged against the back of her throat with each bob of her head into his hairy crotch. Her nose banged into his heavy scrotum and she sucked in his scent. Her moans vibrated his cock and made it leak its salty cream upon her tongue. She drank down his essence and sucked ever hard, hoping for more. Her heavy breasts slipped to either side of her son’s torso, cradling his body between them lovingly as she made love to his warm, familiar manhood with her lips and tongue.

Mother and son sucked and slurped at each other for more than ten minutes before Natalya looked back and said, “Oh, god, Nico. I need your cock inside me, now.” Even as she begged, she was moving her crotch away from his head. She crawled along his body and rose to crouch above his hips. Her pussy, dripping with his saliva, was pressing against his own saliva-coated spear, and with little help from Nico, other than to properly aim, Natalya dropped down her son’s length in a single, slippery plunge.

“Oooohhh, Nico!” she moaned as her son filled her up with hard, pulsing cock.

“Oooohhh, Mom!” Nico moaned beneath her as her fluttering pussy wrapped snuggly around his dick.

“Oooohhh, yeessss,” she growled as her orgasm began to quickly build while she began to work herself up and down upon her son’s cock-spike. Nico’s hands were on her butt, holding some of her weight, as she worked herself hard upon his cock, driving herself towards her climax quickly. Within that first minute of having her son inside her again, Natalya was peaking. “Oooohhh, yeessss!” she echoed. Her pussy fluttered and vibrated around Nico’s manhood as she climaxed, and her cream flooded out of her slit, covering her son’s balls and lower belly with slick juices. Still she bounced her hips, slapping her buttocks against his belly and her thighs to his as she rode out her orgasm, panting heavily with the aerobic effort.

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