The Mysterious Village of St. Sienna Ch. 02


The mysterious legend of the village of St Sienna. pt 2

At 47 years old Frank Walters had been looking for ways to connect with his 25 year old step son. Perhaps because they weren’t blood relatives there had always been a disconnect between the step-father and Albert.

It was Albert’s mother Anne who suggested it and avid reader she had come across the legend in an old book about unusual locations in western Europe that had elements of the coven witches occult or female-based mysticism.

Locking in the arrangements she had an interesting conversation with one Jennifer Renault. Coming away from the discussion if what Jennifer said was true the woman thought it could be a way to better her relationship with both her son and husband.

Anne Walters next spoke with her son’s fiancée Colleen who agreed it would make for an interesting development and one she would welcome in an effort to hold sway in the power dynamic of their upcoming marriage.

“How do we know they’ll take the ‘secret’ passage-way?”

Anne replied.

“Jennifer said they all do find it…there is only one path when climbing…above the cliffs have too much of an overhang…even the most experience hikers can’t scale that. Once they get through the crevice they find a stream of fresh water that is too good to pass up.”

Colleen replied.

“Ahhh…I see…then their destiny is sealed…so it’s a roll of the dice but if they do hike they’ll likely make their way to the village of St. Sienna.”

“Yes…Don’t worry they’ll hike you know how macho my Frank is…as Dr Carl Jung put it…that what is not brought to us through consciousness comes to us through fate…Jennifer and her friends in the village will keep an eye out for them…Frank will be instructed to let me know they’ve arrived before they make the hike. “

Flying over from the states he thought hiking partially up a mountain before heading to Italy would present a fun challenge and perhaps drawing them closer through the shared experience.

The travel arrangements set up by the mother would have them ostensibly visiting Florence and Venice and back to Monaco for a little gambling… That is if they even did leave the village.

The flight landed in Lyon the car ride to the outskirts of Geneve had them taking a bus ride to the foothills of the mountain range that had the village of Sienna a third of the way up.

The man knew little of the legend of the village that time left behind. Even if he did it was likely he never would have believed that a coven witch put a spell on any male that was there during the transition to the fall season.

Backpacks in place the two began to make the trek. The trees and shrubbery mingled with the rough terrain the higher they went up. Two hours in Frank could feel the effects of not working out recently. Albert sitting on a stump of stone looked at the step-father as he too took heavy breaths.

“Say we’re almost out of water…you want the last sip?”

“You finish it off…that woman at our hotel said to look for an opening…some kind of crevice…we go through there and we’ll find fresh water in a stream…let’s keep hiking and find this thing otherwise we should try and find a clearing to lay out our sleeping bags before sundown…with dusk approaching it will get dark soon.”

Another hour of strenuous hiking Frank saw the crevice he’d been told to look for between the high rocks. Looking through it he thought he saw what looked like a small collection of buildings in the far-off distance. Taking a few steps in he heard the sound of water running in a stream.

Frank spoke

“Hey …over here…we may have found it.”

Walking over Albert gave a look to see the height of the crevice with its opening looking wide enough surrounded by massive sized boulders. Above the crevice he saw the terrain jut out. Stepping in a few feet he thought he spotted chimney smoke yet wasn’t sure.

“Did you see how high the mountain gets…we’ll never be able to climb it plus that woman said we have to be on the lookout for mountain lions the higher up we get…It looks like we can slip through this opening?…I think I saw some smoke…maybe it’s a cabin. It’s in the far background…if that’s what it is it’s looks a ways off.”

“Let’s go through and camp once we get to the other side…maybe we can even fish the stream…fresh water sounds real good right about now.”

“Sure dad…it’s kind of scary on this side…I got the feeling some animal was tracking us.”

Frank was pleased it wasn’t often he was addressed as ‘dad’. Making their way through the porno narrow passageway the two set up their sleeping bags pleased to discover a small stream nearby.

The morning sun peeked thru the partial clouds enough to wake Albert as the young lad of 25 moved around inside the bag. He hadn’t remembered it feeling so full of room. The urge to pee overcoming him he slithered out of the camping staple.

A slight chill in the air figuring no one would see him only wearing his boxer shorts and t-shirt he darted down the small slope to make his way to the stream. The terrain a little uneven he felt an unusual bounce to his chest as he moved.

Still waking up Albert had always worn his hair kind of long yet that too felt odd. The more he thought about it as he jogged to the water front the more it seemed strange. The appealing look of the water convinced him he could hop in a let the underwear hang-dry if the creek wasn’t too cold.

The oversized shirt hanging loosely a quick toe dip had him liking the temperature enough to wade in. Up to his waist he slipped the undies down and off desperate to pee giving them a toss. A little further out he lifted the t-shirt off throwing it towards the shoreline where it landed next to the boxer shorts.

Taking the rubber band off freeing his hair Albert was up to his neck in water. He settled with his arms on the water top as he felt the warmness of the urine leaving his body.

“Ahhhh yes…hands free…nice not to have to hold my cock this morning…that feels wonderful…nothing like a good wiz in the morning I always say.”

A brief dip under he lifted up and turned to playfully backstroke. The stream helping Albert to float he pushed his hands letting the water flow past as he half swam on his back naked.

Once more dipping his head fully under after he’d stopped he felt a buoyancy to his chest that seemed unusual. On his back he pushed off with his legs as his hair remained floating below the water line his head tilted up looking at the sun creeping higher stealing the spotlight from the disappearing darkness.

The first things to show were the pointed nipples a slight sway to his body as he paddled the water he lifted his chest even higher until the twin globes lifted out.

“Those look pretty…Wait…What?…this can’t be…somethings not right.”

A moment of panic he dived under the water coming up a good ten feet closer to shore. A delicate look to them his arms held up thin and free of much muscle they moved to his shapely flared hips resting at the thin waistline.

“Ohhh my goodness…I have breasts…they’re bigger than my girlfriends…what would my fiancée Colleen say if she saw me like this…they look so pretty…god I’ve always wondered what they’d feel like…but not like this…not here …not now.”

His thighs feeling thicker and more-shapely he could feel his butt cheeks move as though on their own sloshing his way towards the shoreline.

“Please no please no…tell me it’s still there.”

He couldn’t look …he didn’t want to look…he had to wait until he was out of the stream and had a good stare. His hair fell along the back it was long enough he let his hands collect it before dropping it in behind.

Pulling his hands forward he saw how thin his arms now were and the pretty look of his fingers. Near the waters-edge he ran on his tip toes it felt so girlish the way he did it. Albert was left with little choice covering his breasts just seemed natural as he made his way out of the water finally standing on the sandy ground.

Arms up his hands clutching at the pair of large breasts not really able to cover all of them the words came out in a soft voice.

“I have a vagina…there is a pussy between my legs.”

He looked around as though there might be some kind of mirror or something that could be used as a reflection. Spinning his feet remaining in place he felt a hint of joy many a woman might have at being naked in the woods or at a beach.

“I must be a good 40 pounds lighter…I feel so light…so much weaker…Oh my goodness these feel amazing.”

He spotted a large boulder further down near the creek. Reaching it his hands lifted as he spun letting his bottom rest on the cold smooth stone that was starting to get warmer from the rays of the sun.

Pointing his pretty toes he easily spread the shapely legs to closely examine. The middle finger dipping down as the others lifted up out of play he slid it along the slit like appearance of the pussy lips.

Unconsciously he tilted his head to the side enjoying the feeling of the long japon porno hair as it crossed onto his shoulders.

Time stood still once more he slid the finger until it effortlessly slipped into the vagina bringing a little wetness out as he pulled the finger back. Something inside gave him the urge to lick it.

The voice gentle and soft he could feel his emotions risings.

“Hmmm that tastes nice…I love the aroma…”

Both hands slipped along his smooth body until they scooped his milky breasts. As he moved them up and down he turned his wrists letting his thumbs and fingers pull both nipples outward.

Malleable in their feel the way the breasts moved back to their contour was feeling like such a turn on. He couldn’t help himself he gave off a wiggle just to see them move before finishing with another nipple tweak.

“Oh dear me …that’s feels sooo lovely…look at how hard I can get them to be…eewww are they sensitive.”

A burst of emotions hit him Albert lay back the need to cry upon him he let the tears flow his chest lifting and falling the harder he cried.

The step dad kicked the sleeping bag away after he slithered out of it. His hand lifting to touch he thought unusual when he couldn’t feel the normal morning roughness of his facial hair. Both hands came up to move his hair back as he made his way to the stream.

A check inside his briefs found the typical morning stiffness as he removed them. His hand gave off a few strokes to his cock before he decided to wade into the stream to relieve himself. At an even 6′ he’d always felt tall yet patting his stomach as he stood after dunking into the water he thought it should have more of a rounded belly there.

Once more he slipped under the water of the stream enjoying the clean feeling it gave him. A look along the shoreline he first saw the small pile of clothing before seeing what looked to be a young maiden totally naked a few yards down. The smaller head immediately began to take over for the larger one atop his shoulders.

Like any adult male he awoke thinking about one of three things…money sex or power. This time it was sex with a hint of power. Somehow he seemed lighter as he sloshed his way to where sand met shore. The muscles on his arm felt sore as he lifted to move his hair back.

“Say little lady…you lost or something…what brings you here so early in the morning.”

Remaining silent Albert could see he hadn’t recognized him for his altered appearance. The closer he drew near the more Frank became aroused. The tilt of the smooth stoned boulder had Albert sliding up a touch with his feet off the ground. Crossing his legs his instinct was to cover his vagina with one hand while the other went to the sumptuous breasts.

Seeing his approach Albert saw the hair on Frank’s chest was gone and he noticed the man didn’t seem as beefy looking as he remembered. He felt both frightened and excited when he saw Frank unconsciously stroking his dick. Seeing it get hard ignited something within him.

“Hey little darling…you look old enough…you ever been with a real man before.”

How many women had heard that line before? Likely too many to count. Frank got a good look the pretty thing had a scared yet erotic appearance on her face. Legs together the young woman dropped her hands as she felt herself slip a little on the boulder. Trying to catch herself her arms drew back revealing the lusciousness of her milky breasts.

Albert dropped his eyes to stare at the hard cock he could feel the urge to touch it …to feel it…to have it captured in the warmth of his pussy. He began to wonder …what would it feel like to have it pulsating within him.

Caught up in his lust a few feet away Frank still hadn’t recognized his son in law in his feminine appearance. Yet Albert could see he too wasn’t the same man. His features were beginning to alter in the new daylight.

The lovely thing decided he had to know. He wanted to experience being made love to as a woman. He thought if he was in his stepfathers position he’d likely try to do the same thing. Guys are guys most will try to fuck anything that moves.

Like a melodic siren-song the urge to entice surged inside Albert. As Frank neared his head turned slightly showing off his lengthening hair. The step-son noticed the smooth face the man seemed to be losing his gruff male appearance.

A delightful feminine pose on the boulder Albert pouted his lips before spreading his legs while giving off a jiggle to his breasts. The reptilian brain lying just below the surface Frank assertively lezbiyen porno put his arms on either side as he moved to kiss Albert. The feminine beauty slipped her feet to the sand after the kiss.

Frank thought something was amiss. He thought he should be taller yet wasn’t as her hands pulled him in for another kiss. Her breasts felt so soft brushing up against his smooth skin. Dropping to her knees her hand cupped his balls as her lips slipped onto the hard cock.

“Ohhh fuck that feels nice babe.”

It didn’t come out in manly voice instead it almost sounded girlish. Albert figured it out enjoying the tactile feel of a cock in his mouth he surmised Frank was in the middle of crossing over. His hands ran along the legs as he sucked. There should have been hair on them yet none was there.

Lifting them up his hands roamed around Franks butt with his head bobbing back and forth on the stiff dick. The twin globes of his bottom were soft not firmed muscles like most male’s whenever they clenched.

Inside his mind he thought…’oh he’s becoming like me…he’s turning into a woman right in front of me’.

Albert decided to have a little fun with it. As only a woman can do he slithered back up catlike to stand on both feet.

“Give me that big cock…fuck me like a rugged man should…make me feel like a woman…I want to squeal with delight.”

It sounded so sexy the way Albert said it. Frank tried to lift Albert up on the slope of the boulder yet found it strange he didn’t have the strength. She looked to be light as a feather but he couldn’t do it. Albert shaking his butt moved to sit with spread legs on the boulder.

His elbows back on the smooth stone his breasts swaying Albert watched Frank guide the cock inside his pussy.

“Oh you’re such a big strong man…and I’m just a helpless girly plaything…”

“Baby you’re beautiful.”

“You like beauty huh?…oh that cock feels nice…you must enjoy having one…I think everyone should experience beauty…it feels nice being a pretty woman…”

“Yea…right darling I’m sure it does.”

Biting her lip just accepting it Albert let Frank do the heavy lifting of the fucking. A look of cuteness to his face he watched as Frank’s breasts began to expand. In front of Albert’s eyes the man’s areolas grew larger as the nipples took to increasing in length.

“Ohhh just like that…can you imagine being a female like me…think of all the pretty things you’d have to wear…all the lovely lingerie.”

Albert put her hands on Frank’s waist pleased to see it was shrinking acquiring a feminine look and feel.

“Yes right sweetie…pretty undies …pretty clothing…damn this pussy feels nice.”

Just then Franks chest had a growth spurt. Shaking his head he felt longer hair swaying around on either side. A quick motion he pushed it back as Albert drew his body next to his not wanting Frank to discover just yet he’d had womanly breasts developing…no…he needed to feel the warm sperm.

Having already accepting what he’d become Albert continued to toy with the man.

“Come on now…breed me…give me that big fat dick…let me feel you drop your load inside me…yessss that’s it I love how your balls slam against my pussy…uhhh…are you man enough to spurt inside me…or would you rather make love like a couple of lesbian women…think how pretty you’d feel with a pair of lovely breasts.”

His cock close to pulsating the incongruent nature of the words turned Frank on. Albert pressed her soft fingers to Franks arm she could tell they were reducing in strength and appearance as his body grew a little smaller. As if to urge him on to conclusion Albert gave off a few fanny spanks in back.

Their bodies moving as one the headwinds of his orgasm nearing its peak suddenly Frank spurted out his cream. Albert felt himself being caught up in a crescendo of the final act. The warmness of the semen seemed to fill his whole body making its way to his heart.

“Ohhh yesssss I love being bred…wooooo I feel so much like a woman the way that cream moves inside my body…please let it all out…yesssss fill me up.”

His breath heaving he couldn’t remember feeling so exhausted after a fucking. His face buried in Alberts shoulder Frank enjoyed being held in the soft gentle comforting arms as they lowered to the sand.

“That’s it baby …very good, very good…let’s just lie here and hold each other …close your eyes and relax…so pretty …everything is going to be just fine …yessss what a nice feeling it is to feel so feminine…let’s just lie on the warm beach.”

Frank too tired to respond listened to the words as his eyes closed with Alberts body pressed to his as the two hugged on the sandy ground. Albert moved on top feeling the cock start to shrink on its retreat as it left his vagina.

End of part 2 …

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