The Neighbor


I live in a middle class neighborhood in a small Midwestern town. I graduated high school and I was eighteen. Now for most guys this means more freedom, but not for me. I had very little money and needed to save for college the next fall. I had a job at a local video store but I usually spent the weekends mowing the lawn for my family. This was boring but I didn’t mind, since my parents were going to help pay for my college.

Now I have this neighbor who is one of the sexiest women i have ever met. She always told me what a sexy voice I had. I always got an immediate hard on when she said that.

Her voice to me was like an aphrodisiac. She would yell across the lawn when I was doing yard work to say hello. This was something I always looked forward to.

Now one day I noticed she was all alone at home, her husband had left for a long hunting vacation. I had just finished moving some things around the garage for my brother when she popped her head in our garage window. She smiled and asked ” Matt will you help me move a cabinet in güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri my bedroom so I can clean around it?” Now whether she knew it or not I could never say no to her. I replied “Sure thing” MY heart raced and I walked over to her house. Now I entered her door and my eyes followed her sexy body. She was a rock solid woman who had the body of a goddess. She was wearing cut off shorts that left very little to my horny imagination. My eyes scanned farther up her body leaving behind her round and firm butt, and I saw that she was wearing a cut off shirt that barely covered her ample breasts. She walked me into her bedroom and We both lifted the cabinet and she asked me to stay until she was finished. This didn’t seem strange since she would have to move it back anyway. So I sat down and watched her bend over and sway her butt in the air as she vacuumed and dusted. My eyes were glued to her ass. She caught me and only smiled. After that I tried not to look, but when I did I noticed that her ass was moving even güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri faster. My cock started to stir in my pants. When she was finished I moved the cabinet back and started to head for the door when she asked “Matt where are you going?”

I didn’t know what to say so I simply shrugged. She then patted her bed and asked me to sit down. I complied but left a distance between us.

Then she began, “Matt I know your eighteen and I know that you are a normal young man. I’m a woman and I am normal too. We both have impulses, and I see the way you look at me.” I was shocked, the words came out of her mouth so fast I just sat there. She moved her hand up my thigh and I reacted by sliding my hand on her round ass. She moaned lightly and kissed me passionately. Our tongues slid across each other as they explored our mouths. My hand undid my pants and slid them off as she slid her tight jeans off. Her hands moved down my chest and started to massage my thighs and moving towards my now hard cock. She took güvenilir bahis şirketleri my cock in her hand and guided it to her mouth. Her tongue slid up and down my cock making my shudder each time.

Then she took my whole 8 inches in her mouth and played with my balls. She did this for until I couldn’t take it anymore. I moaned that I was going to cum and she simply went deeper on me. I exploded my load in her mouth as she swallowed each drop with intense hunger.

Next I slide her bra off as my tongue slid around her already hard nipples. She moaned loudly as my other hand kneaded her breasts. I slid my hands down into her wet panties. She moaned but then said “Save that hot pussy for your cock. I don’t need your fingers baby, your big hot cock is enough for me. I need your strong dick in me, fuck me like I know you can.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I slid my cock towards her pussy and teased it by touching it lightly then I plunged the whole cock into her. I held it there for a moment and then started pumping hard into her. I continued this hard motion as I kissed her breasts and grabbed her ass. I felt her back tighten and her pussy start to spasm as MY cock started to tingle. We orgasmed together as we screamed.

From that point on I made a habit of helping my neighbor when her husband was away. I’ve never been disappointed.

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