The Never Ending Buffet Ch. 07


When I got home on Thursday Jennifer was waiting for me. As I went over to greet her she handed me a grocery bag from the rear of her car. She then got another and led me to my door.

“Sharon and Carla told me that if I intended to feed you I would have to provide the goods. There will be some shopping done this weekend to build up your available supplies. Everyone pitched in with ideas and Sharon even says that they have a small chest freezer that will fit in your kitchen.”

“You girls don’t have to do that Jennifer. I am quite capable of taking care of myself.”

“I know that you are Walter. But we feel that if we are going to be staying here with you from time to time, that you should not have to bear the total cost of it. We can stay here sometimes, can’t we?”

“I would like nothing more sweets; I have trouble believing how good it felt to have someone beside me when I woke up. Are you going to be there in the morning Jennifer?”

“I would like that Walter. How are you doing as far as our situation is concerned? Have you decided how you want to handle us, or if you do?”

“I have been talking to Sharon about it and I have decided that I am going to find various places and things to do with you, and when I present them, whoever wants to go and is available will go with me. Sometimes it will be only one, and sometimes all seven, maybe eight with Melissa along. I missed seeing her today, and I will not chance losing what I have with her.”

“That won’t happen, Walter. We all love her and several of the gals have children about her age. I understand that she and Carmelita are already friends and Leimomi’s girl has really taken to her as well. The ones we are going to have to watch out for are the boys. You know Sharon’s two, but Amy has a lazy kid at home who may try to cause trouble just to keep his mama to himself.”

“Well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. I’m glad that all of you have kind of adopted my niece; she has had it bad since she lost her mother; and then Jack dumped her when she came up pregnant. She told me that she was going to send guys to me for lessons before she slept with them; that should weed out some of the losers.

“On another subject, I have the first date set up with you in mind. How would you like to go dancing tomorrow night?”

“I would love it, and I am sure that I won’t be the only one who does. You may have to do that for all of us Walter. I know that Mary and Carla both love dancing, and their husbands never took them.”

“Good, I enjoy dancing, probably as much as they do.”

While we had been talking I had slipped into my old routine I used to have with my wife. I had been peeling and cutting up vegetables as she was working at the stove. I was also cleaning behind us as we worked. By the time everything was in the oven and on the stove you couldn’t tell that we had been doing anything.

Jennifer looked around, “Oh wow, do you do that all the time?”

“My wife trained me well I guess.”

While dinner cooked I reacquainted myself with Jennifer’s body. Making out was a lot of fun all by itself. One of the things you lose when you have been married for a long time is that wonder of making out; the thrill of first time discoveries of what gets her going. Jennifer would moan when I nibbled under her ears but when I licked the base of her throat I thought she was going to surge right off of the couch.

I kept an eye on the time, and when it was right I let go of Jennifer and got up to check the food. She made this questioning little moan and I chuckled; “got to eat if I’m going to keep this up honey. The way I’m feeling you might want some extra energy as well.”

Dinner was very good, and after the dishwasher was full we retired to the couch again. I sat down and held my arms out to Jennifer. She smiled and slipped the blouse up and off.

“There is no reason for you to go back over old ground Walter. You have seen me nude a couple of times already, I am ready for the next step already. Carla eskişehir escort says that sex with you is what every woman expects but almost never gets. Sharon said that you were the best she ever had. I thought I loved Julio, but he never actually satisfied me. I had to do that on my own.”

I did not go right to the point as I was having so much fun discovering Jennifer’s little idiosyncrasies. The backs of her knees and the bottoms of her feet were extremely sensitive and the rosebud of her ass set her off into fireworks the first time I pressed my tongue into it. I finally feasted on her womanhood and then I led a slightly bemused young woman to my bed. I didn’t need much preparation after what I had done in the living room, but she insisted on taking me into her very hot mouth.

“Julio said that only whores would do this, but some of the other girls described it as being more of a power trip than a sexual one, as long as you really cared for the man and it was voluntary not forced.” She dipped down and sucked me back in and bobbed up and down a few times. “Am I doing it right Walter?” She asked while looking up at me.

“A little less talking would be good dear, but I don’t think that there is any way to do it wrong unless teeth and pain are involved. It all feels good to me and I enjoy the pleased look on your face while you are down there. Are you ready for me now?”

Jennifer nodded and let go of me so I could climb up between her legs. Even as wet as she was, I had trouble getting in. This woman had never had a child, and it had been years since a man had been here.

“Go ahead Walter, it feels very good and you don’t have to worry. I had my doctor put in an IUD when I was dating after the divorce. I was afraid that some of the men would not take no for an answer.”

“Smart move in a lot of ways honey. Don’t be afraid to tell me when you are getting close. I can try to adjust a little bit to make it better for you.”

She did let me know, several times in fact. She even tried being on top, which her husband had never allowed, and she enjoyed that very much.

When we finally succumbed to sleep, Jennifer professed her undying love for me. This troubled me somewhat. Jennifer was young enough that she could start again with the right guy; I needed some help to find her one though. I figure that the other women will be interested in this project; women are never happier than when they are matchmaking.

Friday I again had breakfast made for me and was soundly kissed goodbye. By the time I got to work Sharon was all smiles and kissed me as well.

“You done good Walter. Jennifer is flying high and happier than I have ever known her to be. She also let me in on your idea for tonight. I wish that I could go, but my sister invited me over for dinner. If you actually enjoy dancing you can go ahead and plan to do it every couple of weeks. For tonight Mika is going along. She says that she hasn’t been dancing since the O’club in Seoul thirty years ago. Do you have anything else planned for this weekend?”

“Tomorrow I’m going out to Mary’s and spend some time with Melissa. I missed being with her yesterday. Sunday I was thinking about going down to Jordan Lake and walking around the trails, do you think I could persuade any of the ladies to accompany me?”

“You sly dog you, you figured out a way to get Amy to exercise. She loves flowers and plants and has been talking about nothing else this week but that she needed to lose some weight. She is afraid that you will be turned off by her flab. She has even been talking about joining a gym.”

“Tell her to hold off on that. If she is going to join so am I, we can keep each other company and help each other out. I can certainly stand to lose some of this spare tire. I’m surprised that none of you have said anything about it. Having some of you cook for me occasionally is not going to help either.”

“Do you mind Mika inviting herself along tonight? Did you intend it escort eskişehir just for Jennifer?”

“I’m glad that Mika can come. I don’t want to spend too much exclusive time with any one woman, especially Jennifer.”

“I guess I can understand that, but why Jennifer in particular?”

“Because she needs to find a young man who will appreciate her and then settle down properly. She was hurt and quit too soon on romance. I expect you others to help me find someone for her.”

“Will do Walter. Now that she knows that not all men are like the asshole she had, she might be amenable to trying again.”

When I got home there was a note on the table for me to get ready and to meet Jennifer at Mika’s at 6:30. At Mika’s house I was let in by Mika and shown to the dining room where Jennifer was setting the table for a romantic dinner.

“If you are indeed going to take us dancing, you need to be fed first. Where are we going later?”

“Believe it or not, the Ramada Inn has a very nice piano bar with dancing. The piano player does a lot of popular music and as yet there are not very many people going there. If it is as nice as I have heard, we will be going back often. I was told about it by a customer this week when we were talking while I installed an ice maker. She is a bartender there.”

Dinner was superb and we talked a lot. Our situation barely came up except for some plans for the future. Mika said that my Jordan lake hiking day would have Amy and Leimomi with me.

The Ramada Inn did have a very nice place for me to take my ladies. My new friend was at the bar and the piano player was as good as she had said. There were only four other couples at the bar and when I took each lady out to the dance floor the other women convinced their men to dance with them as well. Mika was a very good dancer and molded herself to me like a second skin. Jennifer was not nearly as good, but got better as the evening progressed. During one break she admitted that I was the first man she had ever danced with. She had learned by dancing with other girls. Both women were ecstatic; it would take days to get the smiles off their faces.

I met one of the other men in the restroom and he complained that with my example he had had to dance with his wife.

“Thanks a lot buddy, if you hadn’t been out there with that hot oriental babe and the chunky chick I might have been able to avoid dancing tonight.”

“Why would you want to avoid spending time with such a lovely woman as your wife wrapped up in your arms? I bet she will be more responsive than usual tonight, dancing seems to make women horny.”

“Yeah, you might be right at that. Hey, what gives with you being out with two babes?”

“They are very close friends and when I asked Jennifer out to dance Mika wanted to go too. I sure wasn’t going to say no. I am the luckiest guy around tonight.”

After a few more dances each my ladies decided that it was time to call it a night. I tipped the piano player and my bartender friend both well and we headed back to Mika’s. It’s a good thing that we had all come over in Mika’s Chrysler 300C so I could drive back. The strawberry margaritas packed a good punch and neither of my companions was up to getting behind a wheel.

When we got back to Mika’s condo Jennifer tried to leave.

“I’ll go home now Mika. Tonight should be your time with Walter, I had him last night.”

“No way Jenny; you are in no shape to drive. And I have a request for you. Would you let me watch when you two make love? Seeing him disappear into Sharon was the most exciting thing I have ever done.”

“I know what you mean; lying there beside her as Walter made love to her was so neat. I would like to see you and him as well Mika; would that be ok?”

“Oh boy, its orgy time at the Bonnet’s. Let’s get our man upstairs and naked Jenny, I can hardly wait.”

Both women were very excited and it was all they could do to wait for me to get a good eskişehir escort bayan taste before I was on my back and Mika was sliding on. Jennifer was watching from close up with her head on my belly. Jennifer reached down and rubbed Mika’s large clit as she descended onto me. Mika had the loosest pussy among these ladies that I had felt yet; she slid down smoothly and settled her warmth around my shaft. I was as hard as Chinese arithmetic and it was as if she were made for me. I could feel her clit against my pelvic bone when she settled all the way down.

Jennifer acted like she had an energy infusion. One hand was buried in her twat and the other kept getting in between Mika and me. After Mika started bouncing on my midsection Jennifer took to kissing first me and then Mika. I had both hands busy with their tits, one to each woman; and I had to keep from laughing at what they were saying. I don’t even think that they knew what they said. If they get this excited together I am amazed that they didn’t take it to the next step and take care of each other. I’m glad that they hadn’t, because then they wouldn’t have needed me.

Soon I felt Mika rising to a peak. The poor thing was getting too tired to finish on her own, so I rolled her over and took charge. Jennifer followed right along with her hand never leaving her crotch.

Mika’s orgasm was spectacular. I thought that she had gone wild the first time we were together, but that was just a warm-up. She kicked her feet up into the air then brought them back down in to my ass to spur me on. Both of her hands were on her tits squeezing them and pinching the nipples. She was bucking and jerking and all the while this loud screech was coming out of her.

Jennifer just sat back and watched in awe as I held on for dear life.

I had been hoping to hold out on coming with Mika but her excitement took me over the edge and I lost a load in the by now swampy middle of my Asian beauty.

“Oh God Walter, that is something that I have not felt for way too long. Are you going to be able to do anything for our dear Jennifer?”

I looked over at Jennifer, and she was lying down beside us with her legs spread and a smile on her face.

Easing over onto her I leaned down for a kiss. “I’m sorry darling, but I don’t think that I can do that again tonight; how about a repeat of our first meeting?”

“That sounds marvelous Walter.”

I slid on down and paid attention on the way to all the erogenous zones I had found last night. I finally settled in to the center and gave my full attention to the delightful pussy presented to me. Mika had recovered enough to give Jennifer’s tits some attention. All the excitement before had gotten her preset to 8 and it did not take long before she was announcing her first orgasm. I gave her a moment to recover, then began ramping up the action again. When I thought that she was about to go off again, I attacked her clit with my lips and tongue, and reached into her cunt with my finger and curled it around trying to find the G spot. From her reaction, I think that I did manage to find it.

I pulled away from Jennifer as she lay back, and I looked over at Mika. Of course the first thing I looked at was her pussy. I could see my cum dripping down onto her thigh.

“Look at that Jennifer; that well fucked and splooged pussy looks fantastic, doesn’t it?”

“Oh god, that is so sexy. Would you think the worse of me if I went after that Walter?”

“Not at all Jenny; that just looks too good to pass up. Here, let me go first.”

So saying I moved over and started at Mika’s knees. I pulled her legs as far apart as I could, and I shortly felt Jennifer on the other leg working her way up. When our heads bumped I reached in and took a good lick at the juncture, trying to catch some of what was leaking out. I backed up after a moment and Jennifer moved in. I nudged her aside in a short while and took another turn. Mika was really starting to get into it when I turned her back over to Jenny.

Mika was rolling her head back and forth and giving out with a bunch of words in what was probably Korean. I moved up and nibbled on her darling little tits as she arched her back and screamed out another orgasm. I hugged Mika to me and Jennifer had enough presence of mind to pull the covers up and snuggled into my back before we all fell asleep.

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